The Mirror Ch. 02


Chapter 2: His Turn

“Vicki,” screamed five-year-old Billy, “hurry up with the dishes!”

“William, I told you not to call me that!”

“Vicki, Vicki, Vicki!”

“Mother!” Seven-year-old Victoria was going through her “formal” stage, where everything is serious and nicknames are for children.

“Vicki, ignore him. You know he’s just trying to make you mad.”

“Mother, my name is Victoria. It says so on my birth certificate.” They had recently updated the scrapbooks and Vicki had taken quite an interest in her birth certificate. She’d been telling everybody the exact time of her birth and how big she was. She’d also begun insisting that people call her Victoria, much to her parents’ and friends’ annoyance.

“And why doesn’t he have to help with the dishes? It’s not fair.”

“Victoria,” Cindy said, exasperated, “you know that Billy isn’t big enough to reach the sink. He helps carry the dishes from the table to the counter. All you have to do is rinse and fill the dishwasher. Your dad already scrubbed the pans.”

“Yes I did,” said Jeff, walking up behind Cindy and hugging her. “Now finish the dishes so you kids can watch the movie.” Biting Cindy’s neck gently, he whispered, “and Mom and Dad can go play.”

“Jeff,” Cindy giggled, “stop that.” But she didn’t really mean it. She loved the way he teased her.

“It’s still not fair,” pouted Vicki, turning back to the sink and rinsing the few remaining dishes.

The latest crisis averted, Cindy turned to Jeff. “Get everything set up while I make sure Dee Dee has a fresh diaper.” Jeff smiled, nibbled her lip quickly, put the popcorn in the microwave, and headed to the family room.

“Ready for the movie, big guy?” Jeff walked over to the entertainment center to select a movie.

Billy was squirming in Jeff’s recliner, excited about having the seat of honor for the movie. “Yeah! What are we gonna watch?”

“How about,” Jeff said, turning around quickly and holding up the kids’ favorite movie, “Monsters!”

Two-year-old Dee Dee, who was in the process of wrapping her arms around Cindy’s neck, screeched, “Kitty!” and let loose in her diaper.

Cindy laughed. “Thanks, Jeff.”

“Hey, at least we know she won’t have to go for a while.”

“Dad,” said Vicki as she walked into the room, “why do we always have to watch baby movies?” Vicki insisted on formality with everybody but Jeff, who was still “Daddy” when nobody else was around. She even liked him to call her Vicki when it was just the two of them.

“Victoria, it’s not a baby movie. Your mother and I like it just as much as you do.” Just then the microwave beeped. “Can you help me with the popcorn and juice?”

Jeff and Vicki returned to the kitchen while Cindy headed to the bathroom again with Dee Dee. Seven years of diaper changing, she thought, had to be more than enough for anybody. She loved her children, but she was happy she didn’t have any more. She couldn’t complain, though, as she got to stay home with the kids and Jeff always helped out when he could. She smiled to herself as she thought of how good he was as a father.

“Vicki,” Jeff said in the kitchen. “You have to learn how to ignore Billy’s teasing. Whenever you get mad, you’re doing exactly what he wants. If you stop paying attention to him, he’ll stop. Besides, he’s always known you as ‘Vicki.’ Making him call you ‘Victoria’ just confuses him.”

“I know, Daddy, but sometimes he’s such a little brat.” Vicki brought the two popcorn bowls over so that Jeff could fill them. “I’ll try to be better.”

“That’s my girl,” Jeff said. “Now let’s start the movie.”

Jeff and Vicki returned from the kitchen just as Cindy was returning with Dee Dee. Jeff handed a bowl to Billy. “You be quiet and watch the movie. No teasing your sisters or I’ll send you to bed before the movie’s over.”

“Okay, Dad. I’ll be good.”

Vicki sat down on the couch, popcorn bowl in her lap, next to where Cindy was placing Dee Dee. Jeff turned off the lights and joined Cindy on the love seat positioned between and slightly behind the couch and recliner. “Just like old times,” he whispered, wrapping one arm around her back and turning to kiss her lightly. “Wanna fool around?”

“Jeff!” She giggled and returned the kiss, snuggling up to him and watching the screen. As the opening credits rolled, she reflected on the last three weeks. Ever since The Mirror Incident (that’s how she thought of it, complete with capital letters) her sex life with Jeff had been anything but ordinary. Getting up in the morning now was a pleasure. She’d get the kids out of bed and make it back to the bathroom in time to watch and sometimes even help him finish his shower. More than once he took her right there, bent over the bathroom sink before getting dressed for work. The first time that happened, Vicki had walked into the bedroom and almost caught them at it. Cindy was careful to lock the bedroom door now.

Since The Mirror Incident, Cindy and Jeff had made love almost every night, enjoying each other like canlı bahis they did when they were first going out. Rather than the lights off bedtime quickie that had become their staple, they spent hours with the lights on, exploring one another as they hadn’t done in years. They still had to keep quiet to avoid waking the children, but they didn’t have to be completely silent.

Jeff had called right before lunch the day before, saying that he was on his way home and would be taking the afternoon off. With Vicki and Billy off at school and Dee Dee down for a nap, she’d changed into the same blue negligee and robe that had started The Mirror Incident, and met him at the door. Jeff took one look at her and pushed her against the wall, lifting her legs up around his waist and kissing her deeply as she fumbled with his belt and zipper. With his pants and underwear around his ankles, her hand around his firm shaft guided him to her entrance. Breaking their kiss and looking deep into each other’s eyes, he smoothly penetrated her, sinking to the hilt in one long slow stroke.

It was the most urgent lovemaking that Cindy could remember. Her legs wrapped around his waist, heels at his back pulling him in as he thrust furiously. He tore open the negligee, reaching for her breasts and lowering his mouth to her nipple. Licking, sucking, biting the way she loved, his hands supported her breasts, massaging as she moaned in appreciation. Her hands wrapped around him, fingernails digging into his back as she tightened her muscles around his thrusting member, pleasure building so quickly that it took them both by surprise. With a final thrust, Jeff lifted his mouth from her nipples, groaning incoherently and locking his mouth over hers in a deep probing kiss as her orgasm overtook her and he exploded deep inside.

It was a clutching, grabbing, screaming climax, breaking their kiss and yelling out their pleasure before slumping to the ground, coming to rest with her straddling him, his softening cock slipping out of her. They held each other in their post-coital bliss, kissing softly and catching their breath until they heard Dee Dee stir in the other room, wakened by their lovemaking sounds.

Jolted out of her reverie by Jeff pulling her with him as he leaned back in the love seat, Cindy shivered in anticipation at the tender kiss he placed on her temple. Sighing contentedly, she relaxed to watch the show.

Jeff was ecstatic about the new sexual energy that had developed in their relationship since that weekend afternoon in front of the mirror. What had been a mostly boring and predictable sex life had become more exciting than anything he had dreamed of. Whatever the cause– familiarity, job stress, or parental duties–their desire for each other had waned and he had resigned himself to the infrequent lights-out roll in the sack. But now, with Cindy at least as excited about sex as he was, their lovemaking had taken on a new flavor: an experimental air and an intensity that was totally new to him. He’d also become able to overlook or laugh at Cindy’s quirks that used to annoy him, and he’d noticed that she was much less critical recently, as well.

After a while, Cindy shifted and Jeff’s hand came to rest covering her breast. She reached to push it down, but he kept his hand there. “Jeff, the kids,” she whispered urgently. “Can’t you wait until later?”

“Honey, they’re watching the movie. Even if they looked this way they wouldn’t be able to see anything.” He was right. The kids were completely engrossed in the movie. She relaxed again against Jeff, enjoying the feel of his body and of his hand cupping her breast lightly. She jumped a little and shivered with pleasure when his fingers brushed over her nipple.


“Shhhhh. Watch the show.”

They sat holding one another, watching the movie and keeping an eye on the kids as the story unfolded. Jeff’s hand would be still for a while and then he’d move his fingers or squeeze gently. She turned to face him, putting the movie out of her mind. They kissed lightly, then more urgently as her nipple hardened under his touch. It was like high school again, making out in the back row of the movie theater, seeing how far they could go without being caught. She pushed one hand under his shirt to feel his skin, lightly raking her fingernails over his chest and stomach.

Cindy was a little surprised at how excited she was. She’d always liked the way Jeff touched her, but having to be quiet to avoid alerting the children to their activities–the danger of being discovered–added an unexpected thrill.

Jeff’s hands moved freely over her body as they sank into the love seat, kissing deeply. From time to time they’d pause to catch their breath, and Jeff would look up to check on the progress of the movie and to ensure that the kids were watching the TV and not their parents. Dee Dee, predictably, fell asleep within the first 30 minutes. Billy and Vicki, as usual, couldn’t tear their eyes from the screen.

Cindy placed her hand in Jeff’s bahis siteleri lap, applying a little pressure to see if he was as aroused as she was. “Is that for me?”

“You know it is,” he whispered in her ear. “Just as soon as the movie’s over.” Jeff dropped his hand to her lap and lightly scratched her inner thigh under the shorts. Cindy clamped her legs together, trapping his hand.

“Not so fast, lover. Unless you’re planning on putting the kids to bed early.”

“No,” he said, pinching her nipple and kissing her to hide the gasp. “I think you need to wait a little longer.”

She chuckled. “Tease.”

“Uh huh.”

Momentarily satisfied, Jeff and Cindy sat back in the couch, holding each other with their heads together, watching the movie. Their hands weren’t still, though, continuing to explore the other’s body, or pausing to apply light pressure in those spots that all long-time lovers discover about each other. A small touch there accompanied by a nip on the ear or a nibble on the neck would bring memories flooding back, increasing the arousal of both.

Halfway through the movie, Cindy turned to Jeff and kissed him hard on the mouth. “Right back, honey. I need to pee,” she giggled.

“Hurry back,” Jeff said, taking the opportunity to shift in his seat to get more comfortable. He then reached into his shorts and adjusted his erection, which had become increasingly uncomfortable as he and Cindy continued to play. He smiled to himself and glanced at the TV to catch up on the movie’s progress. He was looking forward to getting the kids in bed so that he and Cindy could finish what they were starting here.

Billy stirred when he saw Cindy walk back into the room. “Mom, can I have more juice?”

“Me, too, Mother. And William, it’s ‘may I'”, said Vicki.

“Vicki, Vicki, Vicki,” responded Billy, sticking out his tongue at her. Vicki, surprisingly, ignored him and held her cup up to Cindy.

“Kids. If you don’t be quiet I’ll turn off the movie right now,” said Jeff.

Vicki looked over. “Sorry, Daddy.”

Cindy went to the kitchen for more juice and returned to the living room, passing out the cups and returning to sit next to Jeff. As she sat down, his hand slipped under the tail of her shirt to feel her warm soft skin. She put her hand on his as he caressed her stomach. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Just trying to feel up the most beautiful woman in the world,” he whispered.

“Oh,” she said, turning her body to lie against him. “Then don’t let me stop you.” She released his hand and dropped her hand to his lap again.

Cindy reached under the leg of Jeff’s shorts, scratching his inner thigh with her fingernails. Jeff continued to caress her stomach, fingers lightly touching. She giggled when he poked his finger into her navel and then lightly circled it. Her fingers were making their way slowly up his leg and she smiled at the tension she could feel in his body.

As she reached the top of his leg, Cindy pressed herself against Jeff’s body and she kissed him, just a little brush across the lips at first and then a deep, probing kiss as she cupped her hand, lightly squeezing his balls through the tight fabric of his briefs. Jeff moaned his approval, returning the kiss thirstily and moving his hand up to caress her breast. He grunted in surprise when he discovered that she had removed her bra, and he wrapped his fingers around her protruding nipple. Cindy gasped, tightening her hold on him and arching her back.

It was Cindy’s turn to moan as Jeff explored her breasts, his fingers moving slowly over her soft skin, pausing to cup his hand and feel the weight, massaging gently and rolling her nipple between his fingers. She always lost her train of thought when he touched her that way, as though he was studying new territory. He’d move his hand slightly, press just so, and listen for her reaction before moving again. She knew from experience that his full attention was on her: her body pressing to his, the feel of her breasts in his hand, the reaction of her nipples to his fingers, and the taste of her kiss in his mouth. He responded to the lightest subtle shift of her body, placing his hand exactly where she wanted it. She broke the kiss and nuzzled his neck, pulling at his ear lobe with her lips and whispering her encouragement.

Struggling in their awkward position, checking on the kids again, Jeff reached down with his other hand and tickled the inside of Cindy’s thigh. “Yes,” she whispered in his ear, “touch me. I want you to feel how excited I am.” She then slid her hand further up the leg of his shorts, feeling the hard outline of his erection trapped between his stomach and his briefs. As Jeff’s fingers moved quickly under the leg of her shorts, Cindy found the small wet spot at the head of his cock and she smiled to herself.

Jeff got another surprise when he reached the top of Cindy’s leg and found that, not only had she removed her bra when she went to the bathroom, but her panties as well. He felt the thick curls of her pubic bahis şirketleri hair and her soft wet folds. She bit his ear lobe and purred into his ear when one finger separated her lips and slid slowly up to circle her clit. She thrust her pelvis forward, trapping his hand and moving side to side.

Her hand gripped and released his shaft in time with her movements, and her breathing increased. When Jeff turned his hand and slipped first one and then two fingers into her slick warm opening, she hissed in his ear, careful to be quiet so as not to disturb the children watching the movie. “Jeff, I’m so close,” she whispered, continuing to thrust against his hand, taking his fingers as deep as she could and squeezing them tight. The heel of his hand rubbed against her clit as she thrust.

Jeff held her as best he could, one hand on her breast, fingers toying with her nipple. The other hand was trapped between her legs, his fingers wriggling inside of her. Cindy kissed him urgently, mashing her lips against his and plunging her tongue into his mouth, stifling a cry in her throat and squeezing his shaft in her hand. With one final thrust, she buried his fingers deep and clenched around them, her body shaking. She bit her lip and whimpered in his ear, overcome with the intense pleasure of the moment.

Finished, she slumped against him, kissing his neck. Removing his hands, Jeff wrapped his arms around his wife and held her close, kissing the top of her head. “Thank you, sweetheart,” she said, her fingers tightening again around his hard shaft.

They held each other quietly, enjoying the closeness and kissing softly from time to time. Jeff kept an eye on the children and tried not to groan out loud when Cindy would stroke him through his briefs or tighten her grip and then release. “You’re such a tease,” he said, leaning down to kiss her forehead again.

“I know, darling. But you love it.”

Jeff chuckled softly and then gently pushed her away as the final credits began to roll. Dee Dee, of course, was fast asleep with her head in Vicki’s lap, and Billy was struggling to keep his eyes open in the big chair. Vicki, too, was barely awake. She smiled sleepily at Jeff as he stood and picked Dee Dee out of Vicki’s lap. “I’ll put Dee Dee down,” he said, hurrying out of the room. He didn’t need his children seeing the tent in his shorts when the lights came back on.

While Jeff cleaned up Dee Dee and changed her diaper, he could hear Cindy getting Vicki and Billy ready for bed. They were tired enough that they didn’t even have the energy to fight her instructions to brush their teeth, or to bicker with each other about the placement of the toothpaste tube, the strength of the water, or who’s splashing who with what. Bedtime, like almost any other time with three kids around, was usually chaotic. But tonight it was pleasant, and Jeff smiled as he finished with Dee Dee. “Good night, sweetie,” he said, kissing her and placing her gently in her crib. Dee Dee just smiled sleepily and rolled over to her side, curling up with her favorite blanket.

Passing Cindy in the hallway, Jeff ran his hand up her leg and patted her butt softly. Pausing to kiss her neck he whispered, “don’t be too long, love,” then hurried away before she could respond.

Cindy smiled, watching Jeff head towards the bedroom. She didn’t know exactly what was in store, but she was definitely looking forward to it. Five minutes later, Vicki and Billy were tucked into their beds, and Cindy went through the house turning off the lights, quickly straightening the living room, and making sure that the house was locked up for the night. She paused in the hallway outside her bedroom, listening to the quiet and reflecting on how fortunate she was to have such a wonderful family.

And then her mind turned to the possibilities that lay behind the closed bedroom door. Hand on doorknob, she turned, pushed, and walked in.

The first thing Cindy noticed when she entered the room was the smell of candles: a faint odor of sulfur from the match that Jeff had used to light them, and the sweet aroma of lavender; which Jeff knows is one of her favorite fragrances. Four candles sat on the headboard, their flickering flames causing light to jump and dance on the near wall, and their reflection in the mirror at the foot of the bed filling the room with a soft glow.

Jeff sat at the end of the bed naked, feet on the floor, looking into the mirror as his hand absently stroked his half-hard penis. He jerked his head up quickly when Cindy entered the room, a look of complete surprise on his face. He stopped stroking, pulled his hand away quickly and stuttered, “I uhhhh…”

“You what?” Cindy asked, as she entered the room fully, knocking the door with her hip to close it. Feeling for the handle, she pushed the lock and smiled over at Jeff. “You were … going to give me a show?” She faced him fully and smiled, raising her eyebrows and dropping her eyes to look into his lap.”

“Cindy, I don’t know if … I mean, it’s … I..” Jeff was obviously uncomfortable at the prospect of what Cindy had in mind. It showed not only in his incoherent speech, but also in the nervous twitch of his eyes, the way his shoulders slumped, and his inability to meet her gaze.

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