The naughty sisters….more


The naughty sisters….moreMe and laura have been making lots of money with are little slut debbie and she loves every minute of it, guys just using her as their own little fuck toy, I tell them I have something special planned and both laura and debbie smile, debbie is already going to put her school uniform on so I go over to laura and give her cunt a good fingering while we wait for debbie, she comes back down dressed and ready as im still pounding away at laura sweet little cunt, debbie comes over and starts to tease her sisters tits making her moan louder, she kisses her deeply her tongue exploring her mouth as I keep pushing my fingers in deeper and faster till laura screams out as she cums, her pussy juices dripping down her thighs, debbie like a good little sister licks it clean smiling at laura as she does, thats a good start now lets get going I tell them, we get in the car and drive down to are local rugby club, laura and debbie teasing each other all the way, I just love how they cant keep their hands istanbul escort of each other, we arrive and they are both a little flushed from all the kissing and fingering they have been doing but quickly straiten there clothes and we get out the car, I tell them were if for a long day and they both just smile, we go down to the changing rooms and we can hear the game going on outside, I tell them they both get to be sluts today, laura loves the idea of being a slut just like her little sister, I tell them to wait and I will be right back, the sit down and start to caress each other wondering what I have planned, they dont have to wait long as I return with both teams, over twenty guys all big and strong they look huge to the girls their big smiles loving what they will be doing soon, the guys head to the showers and tell them to follow, laura and debbie strip of and head in, the hot water feels so good and the site of all those well hung guys makes them avcılar escort both smile and tingle all over, the guys waste no time putting the to work rubbing their cocks going from one guy to the next, they pass them around getting them all hard making them suck and lick each cock, they all head out and start to take turns fucking laura and debbie, spit roasting them both thrusting into their pussys and mouth making them take ever inch of their throbbing cocks, they try to out do each other taking the cock deeper into their mouths, debbie smiles at laura watch this she says, she gets one of the guys to lay on the floor and start to ride him reverse cow girl, then tell another guy to stick his cock into her pussy aswel, laura look on as she see her little sister taking two huge cocks in her tight little pussy and loving ever minute of it, the guys thrust in and out of her making her scream and moan with pleasure, laura starts taking them in her pussy and ass at the same time, then tell şirinevler escort three more guys to join in, taking one in each hand and one in her mouth, the guys are loving these sister thrusting into every hole over and over pounding and hard and fast as they want, laura and debbie moaning and screaming there bodies loving being used, there bodies start to tighten and there breathing getting faster till they scream out and cum, the guys just keep going they bend them over and face each other and tell them to kiss and they take turns fucking them from behind, thrusting into their pussies over and over till they cum again, both laura and debbie are trembling, and the guys make them knee together and kiss and touch each other, as they start to wank and cum all over them both, load after load of hot sticky spunk hits laura and debbie, they moan as they keep kissing and fingering each other dripping wet cunts, the guys keep shooting their loads going over their faces and dripping down their tits, they moan out and they make each other cum and slide to the floor breath heavy and the guys just keep cuming, till there all spent and laura and debbie are totally covered, they lay there smiling at each other, see its good being a slut says debbie laura just smiles thinking what will I be planning now I have two hot naughty sluts.

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