The Scandalous Stewardess


The Scandalous Stewardess”The Scandalous Stewardess”Chapter 2It was six o’clock. The sun was brilliant but low in the Decembersky as Trish and Randy settled down in the big bed in the attractivebungalow which Trish had rented at French Leave. They had bothundressed immediately, Trish still eager for the loving only her brothercould give her. Her climax in the MG had only made her more eager forlove making, and she hungered for the youth’s trim, sun-tanned body, forhis young mouth and his mammoth cock. She never grew tired of making itwith Randy. The i****tuous nature of their affair made it more excitingfor both of them.For Randy, there was no woman who could hold a candle to Trish in bed–and he had taken her advice and fucked as many women as he could. There were chicks of all sizes and shapes, chicks of all ages. ButTrishled the pack by a country mile. He surveyed her boldly. What abod! She was lying wantonly on the bed, her long, tanned legs spread wide in a tantalizing pose, exposing the softly palpitating lips of her cunt tohis prurient gaze. There were no patches of white to mar the evenexpanse of tawny shin; Trish sunbathed in the buff. Her firm,voluptuous breasts stood like matched mountains demanding conquest,their berry-sized crests already hard and quivering with anticipation.They began to kiss, filling each other’s mouths with their wet tongues. His hot hands were on her breasts, stroking them, pinching thenipples between his thumb and forefinger. She arched her back, offeringhim her luscious breasts to do with as he pleased. She was alreadymoaning and squirming on the bed, her hand clutching her brother’s stiffcock and reaching below to stroke his hairy balls. With the other hand,she caressed his rippling back flesh and tickled the back of his neckbeneath his thick, shaggy blonde hair with the delicate tips of herbrightly lacquered nails. Goosebumps rose on his flesh and he shiveredinvoluntarily with pleasure as he bent down to take her pouting nippleinto his mouth, sucking it gently at first, and then puffing a generousportion of warm flesh into his oral siphon.”Oh God, baby! Oh Randy! Baby I’ve missed you so much. Let mesuck your cock, baby. I’m starved for your cock. I’m thirsty for yourcum.The blonde youth’s cock leapt into full hardness at her lasciviouswords; she never failed to make him rock-hard and compliant to her everydemand in bed. Her wish was his command, and he got nothing but thefullest pleasure in return for his obeisance to his horny sister.”Lie back, my baby, and let your ever-lovin’ sis suck your sweetmeat until your delicious hot cum scalds my lips and tongue and throat.”Randy wasted no time in doing as she asked. He turned over and layon his back with his legs spread apart, anticipating the expertcock-sucking he was going to get from his beautiful sexpot sister. Trish was fantastic. She could almost fuck you off verbally, using allthe right words to make a guy heat up until he could almost cum frombeing “talked off.”Trish kneeled between her brother’s legs, letting her soft blonde hair cascade over her face to brush across Randy’s jutting cock, which stood upright like a truncheon from his loins. He sucked in his breathas she waved her head back and forth across his man-meat and his muscledbronze thighs. Then she scooted forward, until her pneumatic breastswere cradling his prick in the hot cleavage, and she massaged his cockwith the warm globes of flesh. This drove him crazy too. He lovedevery moment of the delicious agonizing pleasure, for the sperm wasbuilding up in his balls already, and he could hardly wait until herlips were fastened tightly around his cock and she was sucking his cumout as though it were a vanilla malt. He’s meeting me at the airport. He works for the Pan Am radar installation on the island.Trish drew back and took his cock in her hand. She began to strokeit gently, teasingly, letting her fingers trace delicate patterns downthe length of his sex-flesh and around his straining balls. Randy couldhardly stand it anymore. He groaned with pleasure as her tauntingmanipulations sent shivers of electric delight up and down his body. Then she lifted the heavy sac of his testicles and slid her fingerbeneath them, to toy with the puckered ring of his anus, driving him toeven greater heights of anticipation. Finally he could wait no longer. Almost pleadingly, he cried out to her, “Oh Trish, baby. C’mon-suck itnow. Suck it!””Yes, baby. Yes, darling. I’m going to suck it now. I’m going toput it in my mouth and suck and suck until you shoot that load ofprecious cum down my throat!” And she bent down immediately andfastened her soft, moist lips around his cock, kissing theblood-engorged head lightly at first, and then letting her tongue slideout between her lips to probe the tiny slit in his cockhead, drinkingaway the clear lubricating ooze that was to her as nectar is to a bee. She mewled and purred with delight as she savored the taste of herbrother’s cock juices on her taste buds. Randy fastened his hands inher hair and urged his pelvis upward, driving his cock deep into the warm grotto of her mouth.Trish opened her jaws to give him free passage to fuck up insideher throat and then, like a Venus Fly Trap, she closed her coral lipsover his hardness and gripped his cock tightly.Her fiery tongue licked circles of molten lava along the undersideof his shaft, and she began to suck him lovingly, eliciting groans ofpleasure from the youth, who was writhing sensuously on the bed as shesucked him and stroked his burgeoning balls with her free hand.Her sucking was accomplished and rhythmical now, as she confidentlylicked and sucked her brother’s cock, knowing–as only the skillfulfemale lover knows-that she would soon make him cum, and at the momentshe wanted him to.Randy lifted his head to watch her convoluted lips working hungrilyon his cock. The sight of her sucking izmir escort him never ceased to increase hisarousal and his loins tense and jerked upward into her face, all thefleshy expanse disappearing with each forward thrust, except for a smallstretch of it that glistened with her wet saliva.Trish sucked wantonly, her mind consumed by her mouth’soccupation. She felt she had been born for this; to make love, to givepleasure with her body and to receive it with her body. She flashed onthe remembered image of Peter Knight standing so straight and dignifiedat the air field. She allowed herself to imagine that it was his cockshe was sucking off. What a beautiful cock he must have, and how sweethis cum must be! She would taste it, all right. She would for damnedsure! And as she thought of Peter Knight, she sucked her brother’s cockwith even more verve and determination, her breasts dancing wildly belowher pumping head, bringing Randy closer and closer to his longed-forrelease.”Suck it, SUCK IT OFF!” Randy urged, as he dropped his head back onthe pillow and closed his eyes. For a moment, he pretended it was thetender lips and tongue of Davie Knight that were ministering to hiscarnal needs, that it was the pretty teenager who was sucking him off. Despite the square getup she was wearing, he had found her a superlooking k** with good boobs and legs. There was something innocentlysexy about her that she probably wasn’t even aware of. She might bescrewed up about sex with the kind of life she must have lived, hut hewasn’t so sure. From his experience, those sheltered little schoolgirlsusually turned out to be the wildest numbers on the block, once they hadgotten laid. Geezus, it would really be a helluva hayride to get thattender young piece, shoot his boiling cum down her throat, into hersweet virgin cunt, maybe even her asshole . . . Trish just had to comethrough this time–he knew for sure now that he really wanted thatKnight chick!The impassioned blonde slaved over him, her body glistening fromtiny droplets of sweat. The pressure was building in Randy’s balls, sheknew. She had sucked him off so many times since that first night whenshe crept into his bedroom and crawled under the sheet and placed hisyoung cock into her mouth while he was still fast asleep. By the timehe was fully awake, he was too far gone to protest, though he had beentotally shocked to find his sister sucking him off. But there had beena growing attraction between them for a long time, and he had oftenjerked off at night, cumming into a wad of Kleenex while havingfantasies about his older sister.Randy forget about Davie Knight. He was consumed by thoughts ofhis impending orgasm, and of the hot-blooded female who was blowing himso beautifully, so perfectly, so much better than any other woman coulddo. Trish was the best, the absolute best at everything inbed–sucking, fucking, you name it. He drove his cock into her mouthharder and harder, pumping his loins against her face like a wild manuntil she gave a protesting mumble–which only spurred him to morefrenzied bucking in his desire for the final release of semen in hisscrotum.And then–“Ba-by . . . ohhh, baaa-byyy . . . I’m goring to . . .The first fiery eruption of cum took place and he was seized withan epileptic trembling throughout his body as the torrent of white-hotfire shot through the length of his cock.”. . . CUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMM. Ahhhhhhgggghh! Suuuuuuuccckh meeeeeeee!”He was gasping, his lips were drawn back against his teeth and hisbrow was furrowed as though he were in agony. His prick began a suddenwild, convulsive jerking that flooded Trish’s madly sucking mouth withtorrent after torrent of burning semen, bloating her cheeks and forcingher to swallow desperately to keep from choking. She was crooningexcitedly and ticking his testicles with the tips of her fingers as shecontinued to suck and swallow without letup.Finally, with one last groan and convulsive shudder as the lovely blonde stewardess drank the juices of his passion, Randy spiked thefinal drops of his seed into her mouth.Trish continued to nibble gently at the fleshy instrument longafter Randy’s body lay spent and motionless except for an occasionalaftershock from his quaking orgasm. She always loved the way hecame–powerfully, explosively, and his climax went on and on. With someguys, you’d never know they had crossed the finish line if you didn’thave something to mop afterwards!At last, when she knew she milked every last drop of semen from hisballs for the time being, and when his rod began to lose some of itshardness, Trish crawled up and kissed her brother on the mouth. Randythrew a heavy arm over her and sighed a sigh of total fulfillment.”That was . . . the greatest. The best,” he said thickly. “Nobodydoes it as good as you. The best.”Trish smiled broadly. She agreed completely. “Rest a while,love. Then I’ll give you a chance to nibble on my pussy. And if you doit well, if you really eat my pussy until you make me cum all over yourwonderful mouth and tongue, then . . . then, maybe, I’ll tell you justhow you’re going to get into little Davie Knight’s sweet box!”At these words, Randy suddenly found himself alert. His well-satisfied cock began to lurch into hardness again.”Tell me!” he demanded.”Patience, love. You might not be able to take it on an empty stomach,” she teased.Randy grinned. “Yeah, you’re right. I think I’ll have a bite toeat first.” And with that he went straight to his task, licking andsucking his sister’s pussy until she did indeed cum all over his mouth.* * *Peter Knight looked across the candlelit table at his daughter. Hecouldn’t get over how much she had changed since he had left theluxurious condominium on Park Avenue and moved to the Bahamas. Daviehad always been a pretty little girl, even as a youngster. But now! Now she grown into a real beauty. She was wearing a floor-length dress,a izmir escort bayan cotton print that was very girlish, and yet it delineated her trimwaist and her generous young breasts in a most provocative way. Evenher bare arms were lovely. Her large, hazel eyes glowed softly in thecandlelight and seemed almost golden.He was suddenly aware of the silence and the fact that he had beenstaring at his daughter. He cleared his throat. “How’s school thisyear, darling?” he asked her in a somewhat forma tone. (School was thelast thing on his mind, but it would get Davie to talking.)She wrinkled her nose, closed her small fist and made a “thumbsdown” gesture with her hand. “Terrible. The worst.””You’re keeping your grades up, aren’t you?” he asked earnestly. (Davie was always a good student. Bright as hell.)”Oh, sure . . . it’s not that difficult–though the nuns throw as much at us as they can. The idle brain is the devil’s workshop, don’tyou know! It’s just that.”Just what, sweetheart? Tell me,” he urged, reaching across the table and taking her hand in his.”Oh, Daddy, It’s a horrible place!” she blurted . “They treat uslike c***dren–or inmates! It’s a prison. I absolutely hate it there. I always have.””I never realized that, Davie. You don’t say too much about it inyour letters.””I know I didn’t want to worry you or anything. I wanted you to think I was happy . . . so you wouldn’t feel bad about being so faraway,” she stated simply, as only an innocent can do.Peter Knight was genuinely touched. This was his beloved daughterspeaking, the one person in the whole world he really loved. She washis daughter, and she was expressing concern for his needs, for hiswelfare. He had left her and gone off, free as the wind, to pursue hisdream.God, he never realized how much he had failed her! He had thoughtof his own selfish needs, rationalizing that Davie would be better inNew York with her mother and her school friends–something solid todepend upon. Sure, that was part of it. But he hadn’t allowed himselfto consider that maybe Davie would be happier with him. After all, whatwould he do with a teenage girl in the house? How could he have anyaction with a k** around?He thought ruefully how little action he had had in the past threeyears. Guests were out, as a rule. Bad business. The help–likewise. Most of the women employees were married, and all were Bahamian blacks. He wasn’t about to “go native” to that degree! So he usually hoppedover to Nassau when he had to get laid. Those excursions were rarelyrewarding. But then, how much can you say for a one night stand ever? He’d just as soon jerk oft as fuck a woman he didn’t give a damn about. With Davie here before him now he realized how very much he did loveher, and how much of a void there had been in his life–how much largerthat void would be after she went back to New York.Covering his thoughts with an understanding smile, he sorted the subject with another question. “And how’s your mother, Davie?”The lovely teen sighed heavily. “Mother is mother–as always.” Then pausing, she admitted, “I hate her guts.”Knight was surprised by his daughter’s frank and negativestatement. “Now, honey, you know you don’t mean that!” he protested.”I know I do mean it, Daddy,” she insisted, looking at him steadilywith her innocent thick-lashed eyes. “She’s a . . . a bitch! A cold,selfish bitch! Sometimes I wish–I know I shouldn’t say this . . .Promise you won’t tell–I wish she were dead!””Davie! Words like that are not very pretty coming from a younggirl like yourself. Besides, your mother is your mother, and you knowshe loves you very much. She’s trying to do what’s best for you,darling.”Not for a moment did Peter Knight have the conviction off hiswords. He knew Francine was a bitch; knew she was cold andcalculating. He did feel that she loved Davie–in her own way. But healso knew that his selfish society wife never really wanted to have ac***d, that she had always resented Davie–now, probably more than ever,since she was becoming a beautiful young woman and therefore, a threat! Damn! He was a rotten bastard himself for leaving his precious daughterwith that–bitch!”Do you call what’s best having me raised by nurse-maids and housekeepers? Do you call what’s best keeping boys away from me becauseshe’s afraid I might do something to spoil her reputation? She doesn’ttrust me, you know. Do you call what’s best running around with airylittle fairies; having them in the house all the time; sleeping withthem?” Tears were beginning to well up in Davie’s eyes. Her hand wastrembling. “She does, you know. My mother sleeps with homosexuals! I’ve seen her!”Peter Knight was shocked and outraged. He never expected to hear what came from the lips of his naive young daughter. Rage began to burnin his chest as he thought of Davie being sullied by witnessing hermother in bed–and with a faggot! It made him feel nauseous. “You . … you saw your mother with a man?””Oh, I wouldn’t call him that! And it wasn’t just one–there weretwo of them . . .” she sobbed.”WHAT??? But . . . but I . . .” He was at a loss for words, unwilling to voice the question. He didn’t have to.”One day I came home early from school. I had just gotten thecurse and had these terrible cramps, so I got to go home. Thehousekeeper was out. I was on the way to my room and I heard all thesenoises coming from Mother’s bedroom; mostly men’s voices, although therewere other sounds, too. It was so strange . . . I couldn’t imagine whatwas going on, but it all seemed kind of violent. So I tiptoed down thehall. The bedroom door was open, so I just sort of looked in.She drew a deep breath. The tears were rolling down her cheeks andher young body was shaking with emotion. “There were these two fairieson the bed and they were . . . doing it, the way they do it . . . onebehind the other one. And the one in front . . . well, there was escort izmir mymother, lying on her back, and her head was between his legs–the one infront–and she was . . . she had his thing in her mouth and she wasdoing it to him with her mouth!””You saw that? You saw that? Oh my God! Oh my poor darlinggirl!” he said, rising from his chair and coming over to kneel besideher and hug her to his broad chest. He was almost as overcome withemotion as she was. She sobbed into his jacket and he stroked her silkyhair, smelling again the clean, untainted fragrance of wild grassesnewly mown. “Davie, my darling Davie, I’m so sorry, darling. So very,very sorry!” he said to her, the anguish apparent in his voice.She went on, compelled to complete the gruesome story, which hadlain on her chest like a millstone. She had kept her secret to herself,too ashamed to tell her friends. There was no one she could confide in,until now. “They didn’t see me. The guys had their backs to the door. And my mother well, naturally she couldn’t see anyone butthat person. He’s her decorator, Lewis. I didn’t know the other one. I ran to myroom and stayed there the rest of the day. Oh Daddy, it was so awful,so sick! And all this time, I can’t even have a party at the house withboys! I can’t go to a dance or a movie or anything unless there’s agrownup along! Yet she sends me to this school, so she can say, ‘Mydaughter goes to this very proper, very fashionable lah-dee-dah schoolfor rich girls.’ Hah! If she only knew what went on there!”Now Peter Knight had another source of concern. “What are youtaking about, Davie?””Daddy, you wouldn’t believe it. Practically all the girls smoke dope, and some even push it! I’ve done it myself–smoked it a fewtimes. They call you a square if you don’t. And some of my friendsdrink. Are you shocked, Daddy, to find out that your little girl knowshow to drink and smoke dope? I don’t really dig it that much. But Ihave to go along with it. Otherwise I won’t have any friends at all! But that’s not the worst. There are other things you’d be shocked,Daddy, you really would be.”He was already as shocked as he ever expected to be. Now, her laststatement had hinted of a thing he couldn’t bear to face. Not hislittle girl. Not Davie. He gave her an incredulous and wounded look itconveyed his thoughts.”Don’t worry, Daddy I’m not talking about boys–although there’s alot of that with some of the girls. It’s worse than that, in a way. Doyou know what I’m taking about?”One apprehension exited only to be followed close on the heels by another one. His mind was racing. He felt a terrible queasiness in thepit of his stomach.”You don’t mean . . .?” He couldn’t say it.”Slumber parties. I didn’t want to go when I found out what was going on–what was expected of me. But they gave me a really hardtime. Called me names and made fun of me. So I . . . finally had to goalong. But I don’t like myself for being weak. I guess in some ways,that makes me just about as rotten a person as my mother . . .”No, Davie, no!” he defended. His jaw was clenched but there was compassion in his eyes. Compassion, pain and great love. He blamed himself for his daughter’s debasement. If only he had stayed in NewYork . . . if only he hadn’t run away to the solace of an islandparadise . . . But he knew all too well the futility of the ‘if only”game–and it was a game. Now his task was to rescue Davie from thesordid existence her mother had exposed her to. Curse that bitch! Hewould see to it that his precious daughter was freed from her mother’sclutches if it was the last thing he did–even if it meant sellingFrench Leave and moving to another part of the country . . . or toanother part of the world!But how? Davie was still a minor, and in her mother’s custody. Yet he knew perfectly well that if she wanted to live with him no judgein the world would send a truant officer to drag her back to hermother. Still, Francine was vindictive–hadn’t she kept Davie fromseeing him for three long years? And she had money. Next to fear,money was The Great Persuader. She might hound him to the ends of theearth, just to make him suffer. What could he do that would keepFrancine off his back and Davie in his life for as long as she wanted,until she was ready to go off on her own? He suddenly realized that hehadn’t asked his daughter if she would, in fact, like to remain withhim. Unless she did, his efforts would all be in vain.He produced a handkerchief from his pocket and began to dab his daughter’s eyes very gently. God, she was lovely. It sickened himafresh to recall the details of her mother’s perverted display. Whatthe hell had gone haywire with Francine? He always felt she preferredno sex to any kind of lovemaking at all! But then, that was with him. How could she have turned on to faggots atthis stage in life!”Davie . . . sweetheart,” he said softly. “Tell me something. I want you to be completely honest, darling. Don’t say anything you don’tmean–not even to spare my feelings. I’ve got to know the absolutetruth, OK?”She looked at him so earnestly, so ingenuously that he was embarrassed at having asked for her honesty. “Sure, Daddy I’ll levelwith you,” she answered, managing a small but endearing smile.”Darling, do you think you could be happy living with me–I mean, living with me for a long, long time; not just these next ten days?”She broke into an excited smile and threw her arms around his neck,almost knocking him off balance as he kneeled on the floor. “Oh, Daddy,do you mean it? Can I stay with you, forever? Oh yes! Yes, I want tobe with you, Daddy. I love you so much! You’re the only person in thewhole world I love. Don’t send me back there, Daddy. Please, pleasedon’t make me go back!”Peter Knight hugged his daughter tightly as he kissed her forehead,her eyes, her cheeks. Nothing in the world could have made him happierat that moment. “Don’t worry, darling, I won’t. It’s all going to workout, Davie. Everything’s going to be fine–just fine!”She drew back from him, a quizzical look on her beautiful face. “That’s funny . . .””Funny?” He was puzzled.”Yeah. Trish said the same thing . . .”

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