The Voice Over – BBBBTS


The Voice Over – BBBBTSBuck’s Big Boob Bed Time Stories..The Voice over….I am always looking for ways to meet, hot voluptuous women. I love bigger women with curves. A nice perfect hour glass figure. I had a great idea last week. I would take a few weeks off, from my regular job. I would put up some help wanted posters around town. I rented a small office, near my house. I put in a big oak desk. A big brown leather chair to sit in. A big brown leather couch and two fake plants in my office. A small computer chair, with no back in front of my desk. A reading lamp, phone and some note pads on my desk. I placed my laptop in the center of my desk. I had a small waiting room, adjoining my new office. I put three small chairs and a coffee table in there. I put a sticker on the outside door. B.K Film Studio.The next day, I got my first phone call. “B.K Film Studio, Mr. Kelly speaking. How may I help you?” I said. There was a pause. “My name Claire. I saw your poster on a pole near my house. I was wondering what you were looking for. Your poster just said “Now hiring…No experience needed. Will train. Looking for Actresses for voice over roles.” What is a voice over role?” said Claire. “I’m looking for Actress to help in my films. I have to go back in and edit my films. I might use a different voice for the Actress in the movie. I also shoot lots of cartoons, and 3D animation. I need to dub in a voice for a character in the movie.” I said. “That sounds fun. Can anyone apply?” she said. “Yes! Just come down to my office. I can text you directions.” I said. “Thank you.” said Claire. I hung up the phone.The rest of the day. I took a few more phone calls. I went and got some sexy outfits for them to wear. Some heels to try on. I even bought some sex toys for them to use as props. I have then suck on a big fake cock, pretending they were the cartoon character in the movie. Maybe use a vibrator on there pussy, like the character in the movie. The best sound. Was real sound. Not them faking it. I was just hoping one of these ladies on the phone would be hot enough to seduce in my office. Maybe she be hot enough. I would put her on the web, with her own website and makes lots of money. I crossed my fingers. I then went home to take a long cold shower.The next day. I walked to my new office. I had a pair of tan khakis on. A simple black golf shirt, with my name on the upper right pocket. A wore some simple black shoes on my feet. I left my underwear and socks in my dresser. I opened the door at 10am. About five minute later. There was a knock at the front door. I opened it up. There was a very tall, skinny girl outside. I invited her right into my office. I had a script from a old movie on my desk. I asked her to read a few lines. I was not interested in her. She was not my type. But I thanked her for coming in. I took her resume and put it in my desk. I then walked her to the door. There was another girl waiting outside. She was a medium height, and medium weight. She had no curves on her body. She followed me in. Read the same script. I took her resume and walked her out.An hour passed before I got three women who came in at the same time. There were all fake skinny blondes from the valley. They were going to community college for acting. They read there lines great. They had great resumes. But I was not attracted to them. I thanked them and walked them out. A few minutes later an older lady showed up. She was in her mid sixties. She was very nice, but she felt like someone grand mother. I smiled as she read the script. I then helped her to the front door. I waved as she walked down the street.Had my devious plan failed. Were any thick, sexy women going to come to my office? I went back to my office. I put my feet on my desk. An hour later, there was a knock at the front door. I had my finger crossed. I opened the door. It was a guy asking for directions. I pointed across the street. A few minutes later another knock. It was an older lady. She had a nice big ass. But nothing on top. Plus she would not stop talking. I had to rush her out the front door. I no sooner got rid of her, then another loud mouth came into the office. She was like a bad nightmare from the Jersey Shore. Big hair, Big mouth, Big nose. I just pointed her to the door.I looked down at my watch. It was close to 6pm. I had wasted the whole day. I was tired from all the rejects. I got up to put the close sign on the front door. I was about ready to go home for the night. I reached for the door knob. “Knock! Knock!” I slowly opened the door. “I’m sorry were closed.” I said. ‘Oh! I rushed as fast as I could.” said a female voice. I then looked up. “Wait! Mmmm…” was all I could say. I was at a lost for words. The woman standing just outside the door, was making my jaw drop. She was about 5ft 7, with long dark auburn hair. She was wearing a pair of super tight faded denim jeans. The ones with no pockets on the front or the back. She was wearing small gold tear drop earrings. She had on a tight, purple turtle neck sweater. Her gold necklace pendant sat high on her sweater. Right between two large breast, that were stuffed inside her sweater.She had a big gold belt wrapped around her big hips, and thin waist. I saw she was wearing some 4inch purple high heels. Her jeans stopped just below her heel. She had dark cherry red lips, to match her nail polish. Her long finger nails were just manicured. She tilted her head to the side. “Am I to late, young man?” she said. “No! Come on in. Your my last interview for tonight. Let me put this sign on the door. Please come in. My name Buck Kelly. Call me Buck. Welcome to my Film Studio.” I said. “I’m Claire. I called yesterday about the job.” she said.I held the door open. She walked passed me. I could smell her sweet perfume. Her heels clicked on the wooden floor, as she walked into the waiting room. I put the closed sign on the outside of the door. I then closed the door, locking it behind me. I pointed to my office. Her tight jeans cupped her big ass from behind. I was not sure she was wearing any underwear. She had to be at least in a thong. I checked the front of my tan khakis. I pulled down the back of my black shirt. I smiled as she sat down in front of my desk. I shut the door behind me. I walked around and sat in my big brown leather chair.”Thanks for coming in. I’m glad you found my small studio. I was worried my directions might get you lost.” I said. “Thank you. I’m sorry, I’m kinda of late. I wanted to get my nails done, and hair, before I came in today. I had to wait for my husband to get home. He only works 4 hours a week. You have such a nice place. Can you explain the job again?” said Claire. “No problem. I understand. It’s a pretty easy job. I give you a script for a movie. You read the lines into a microphone. I will push record. Then we dub your voice over the person in the movie.” I said. “Oh that does sound easy. How long does it take?” she said. “Sometimes a few minutes. But it could take all day. Depends on how many parts, I might need you to dub over for a movie or movies.” I said.”Oh! You would let me know the night before. How long you would need me? I understand it would vary for day to day. Then I could tell my husband. I see your nodding your head “Yes!” That’s nice. How much would this job pay?” said Claire. “Ah! What really matters… It would vary also. But anywhere from hundred to a thousand a day. The better you get, the more money you would be paid.” I said. “Oh that is allot. Mmmm…Before we go any farther. Is this all on the up and up. I mean, is this your studio. Do you have other actors in your company.” she said. I bite my lower lip. “Yes! My studio been here for quite some time. I have other actors across the country. I have a Beverly Hills office also. Maybe later, I will take you there. But first. Please read.” I said.I handed her the basic script, I had everyone so far read. My cock was bursting to get out my pants. Claire had crossed her legs. Her jeans dropped down, showing off some skin. Her big sweater was moving up and down as she read the script. I just smiled as she read each word. She was very good. She could speak very well. But it helped she had major curves and I was super horny for her. I kept listening to her as she tried to act out a scene. I read the male lines to her. She giggled and smiled as we finished the scene.”Oh that was very good Claire. I can tell your going to be a star at this. I’ve had other voice over actors move on in front of the camera. I have a sneaky suspicion you could be next. Before we go any further. I know your married. Are you Ok with acting out a love scene. Using your voice in a sexy way. Also keep in mind. Sometimes the scenes maybe graphic. I don’t turn down movies, if I think an actress can do the role. Plus there usually more money in those scenes.” I said. “Thank you for asking Mr. Kelly. I do not have any hangups when it comes to those type of scenes. You will get your money worth.” said Claire. “Thank you for being honest. Any problem with wearing a costume. Sometimes its easier to get into a acting role by dressing as the character.” I said. “No problem. What ever you think is best. Just let me know. As long as you have something that will fit me. I am a big girl.” giggled Claire.”Ok! Then I like to offer you the job. I see by the smile, you accept. Thank you Claire. Now I just need you to fill out this paperwork and sign the bottom. I know some of the question, might seem personal. I just need to know everything about my actors/actresses to put them in the right role.” I said. She smiled. She then reached up to take the paperwork from my hand. I just kept watching her. She had such a amazing body. I could not wait to read her paperwork”All done?” I said. “Thank you. When do I start? What should I wear for my first day?” she said. “Is tomorrow to soon. Ok! How about 9 to 5 tomorrow. Wear something business casual. Maybe a skirt and white blouse. Your first scene tomorrow will be as a boss, in a small office. You have to discipline a worker. Thank you Claire. Let me walk you out. Good night!!” I said. I held the door open as Claire walked down the street. She turned to give me a wave, good night.I quickly locked the door to the studio. I walked back to my office. It was going to be another long cold shower, when I got home. I started to read my fake paperwork. Claire Hugges was 31 years old. She was married when she turned 21. She was 5ft 7. Her measurements were 48GGG 34inch waist and 42 inch ass. I gulped as she had not had sex for more than two years. Was she being totally honest? Was her husband a nut job? He must be. I put her paper work on my desk. I then left to go home.I wore some dark black jeans, a white button down collared shirt. I put on a loose fitted purple tie. A had a feeling Claire favorite color was purple. I put on some white low cut shoes. I wore some super tight white cotton boxer briefs, under my tight jeans. I left my socks in my dresser. I reapplied some cologne as I got in my SUV. I made it to my fake studio around 8am. I walked inside my office. I checked my watch canlı bahis as I set up today voice over session with Claire.Just before 9am, there was a knock at the front door. I walked casually toward the door. I did not want to let Claire know how excited I was for her to be here this morning. I slowly opened the door. “Good Morning!” I said. Fuck it was one of the skinny chicks from yesterday. “Sir! Is your phone broke? You never called me yesterday. To tell me I had the job.” she said. “That’s because you do not have the job. Thank you for stopping bye yesterday. But the part has been filled. There my star now.” I said. I pointed to a taxi across the street. Claire was just getting out the back seat. “Her! You picked her. What does she have, that I don’t have?” she said. “Class! Now go….Hi! Claire. Good Morning.” I said. The skinny chick walked away mad.”Good Morning Mr. Kelly. How are you?” she said. I wish I could tell her I was feeling faint. I was super horny or that fact I wanted to fuck her right on the street corner. My cock was rock hard. My hands were sweating. She was so hot. Better than yesterday. She had on a short black skirt that fit tight around her thick thighs. She was wearing some black flats on her small feet. She was wearing a super tight white button down shirt. I could see a huge black bra underneath the thin white material. Her fingernails were the same as yesterday and she had just applied some fresh red lipstick. I saw she was wearing a purple and gold chain around her neck. Some big purple and gold hoop earrings on her ear lopes. A purple broach pinned to her blouse, over her huge left breast.I smiled. “Good! How are you?” I said. She smiled.I opened my front door to my fake studio. I closed the door behind us. I put the closed sign on the door. I did not want anybody to disturb us. “Right through the waiting room. To my office. Just like yesterday. How was your night?” I said. She slowly strutted into my office and sat across from my desk. “Oh! Everything was great. My husband was so proud of me, getting a job. He had big doubts. He thinks you might be blind and tone deaf from my interview. I’m not sure what he is talking about. He uses big words, for such a little man.” she giggled. I just smiled and starred at her from behind. Her little black skirt rode up her huge white thighs. The back zipper on her skirt, look like it might explode. From her big ass.”So what am I reading today? Mr. Kelly.” she said. “Just Buck! Mmmm.. Your reading for a new movie. It comes out this fall. Your character is a newly appointed manager for a small office. The first female boss for the company. You have a young male worker who you over hear talking dirty on the phone. You bring him to your office. To discipline him. He then brushes his hand on your character breast, he says by accident. You think otherwise and fire him. I will play the worker your going to fire. Will just role play through the scene.” I said. “Sounds fun. I never fired anybody. How my outfit? I tried to dress like you said. I just could not find any heels to wear with the outfit.” said Claire. I smiled. “The outfit is just perfect. You smell great, also. I have some heels that would be perfect on you for this scene.” I said.Claire smiled. I opened my lower drawer in my desk. I had a few sets of heels in my drawer. I pulled out some sexy black 6inch pumps, with two gold straps at the top. “Oh! Those are very nice. Could you help me put them on?” said Claire. I had to be some what professional. I walked around my desk. She put her left foot in my hands. I slowly slid the black heel on her foot. I then tied the gold strap around her ankle. Her red toe nails sparkled as I put on the other heel to her right foot. She then put her feet on the floor. She put her small hand on my arm to keep her balance. She was so top heavy. If not for her big ass, she might have fallen over.I then reached into my top drawer of my desk. I pulled out the script. I had copied the lines from a porn movie. I left out the good parts. “First will read it. Act our way through the script. Then we will read it again with the recorder on. Ok? I will sit out in the waiting room. You call me in your office. From the top. Action!!!” I said. “Young man. Come into my office.” said Claire. I stood up and walked into my office. Claire pointed to her seat in front of my desk. “Sit right there mister.” she said. I sat down and turned toward her. She then walked in front of me. “Do you know why I called you into my office?” she said. I smiled. “No! Why did you “Boss!” I said. She smiled. “I heard you on the phone just now. We do not talk like that in my office. I maybe new. But you will not use that language in the presence of a woman. Do you understand?” she said.I smiled again. “No! I don’t understand.” I said. “Psst! Stomp your foot, make a angry voice.” I whispered. Claire smiled again. “Listen Mister! Stomp! Stomp! I don’t approve of that language.” she said. “Ok! Don’t get mad Boss. I’m just a guy. It the way guys talk to each other. Relax!” I said. “Don’t tell me to relax. That kind of talk end today. Mister! Now stand up.” she said in a very strong tone.I looked at the script. I was now to stand up and touch her big left breast and make a look like an accident. I stood up and looked at Claire. She smiled. I gently put my hand on her left breast. I got a big handful as she moved to the right. It felt like my hand was on there for an hour. But it was just there for a second. “What are you doing? Young Man. Get you big hand off my breast.” she yelled. “Its an accident. I have a medical condition. Powerful women make me go crazy. It was an accident.” I said. “That was no accident. Your fired. Now get out of my office. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” said Claire. I could feel her her nipple get hard as I removed my hand from the front of her breast.I smiled. “Cut!” I said She giggled. “That was fun.” she said. “That was really good Claire. You are a natural at this. Now lets replay it, over again. This time stomp your foot harder. Then yell at me. That was good.” I said. I reached into my desk to get out a big microphone. I plugged into a small digital recorder. “The mic can pick up your voice anywhere in the room. Just talk, like you where. Don’t be shy. Just go for it. Action!” I said. I reached down to hit record. We went over the same steps as before. Claire stomped her foot very hard. Her whole body shook. My cock grew another inch watching her. I then cupped her big left breast again. She waited a few extra seconds before she screamed and fired me again. She then pushed me out into the waiting room. Slamming the door behind me. “Cut!!!” I said.I opened my door to come back into my office. I hit stop on the recorder. I then replayed the scene for Claire. She smiled as she heard herself for the first time. “I told you were good. Are you ready for the next scene?” I said. “Yes! Buck! What is it?” she said. I smiled. “This time your a loving Mom. You surprise your son, in his room. He is watching a dirty website on the family computer. You are shocked. You cover his eyes with your hands. But secretly your are turned on by what he is watching.” I said. “Oh that sounds very naughty. My character is so naughty.” said Claire. I smile.I put my laptop on my desk. “I will be looking at a naughty site. Then you walk up behind me. Lean down and look at the site. Act surprise, then mad at your son. Then finally cover my eyes and raise your voice like your getting excited from watching the site. Are you Ok with this. Mmmm. Have you ever seen an adult web site?” I said. “Sounds fun. No! I never seen any adults sites. My husband will not let me on our computer. He spends allot of time on our computer, however. This is so fun.” said Claire. “I think I will just hit record. We will start from the top. Action!” I said.I clicked on a naughty bbw site. I clicked on a pic. The picture was a girl giving a guy a blow job. A second later I felt Claire hands on my shoulders. “WHAT are you doing? Son! OMG! Look away….My son’s looking at porn. Oh dear me!!” said Claire. “Mom! You forgot to knock. It’s not what you think. I’m a young man. I have needs…” I said. Claire gasped as I moved the mouse up on the screen. I clicked on a short movie. “Yes! Yes! Faster baby!” the girl in the video said. Claire quickly put her hands on my face, covering my eyes. I then felt her large breast on my head. Her left nipple was rubbing on the back of my neck. I could see through her small fingers. The bodacious girl on the video was getting fucked hard from behind. I kept waiting for Claire to ask me to stop. She was breathing heavy. I then felt her right nipple get hard on my shoulder. She shifted her weight on my upper body. A few seconds later the video stopped. “Ok! Young man….Go downstairs. I can’t wait to your Dad gets home, to punish you. Now move it…” she said.”Cut!” I said. I then felt Claire move off my shoulders. She walked around the side of my desk. “That was perfect. Your really a natural at this.” I said. She had a big smile on her face. “That was so fun. I never seen anything like that before. That woman on the computer was so big. She had such big curves. That young man was lusting after her. I did not think men, preferred big women.” said Claire. I smiled. “The curvier the better. There are tons of websites just like this. You have lots of admirers.” I said with a big smile.”What next?” said Claire. “Next scene….Your looking for a fitness trainer, to give you a workout at home. He shows up at your front door. Then he makes you do all these different exercise. Your character thinks he up to no good. He keeps touching you inappropriately. You have to throw him out the front door.” I said. “Sounds fun. I’m liking these scenes Buck. Should I change? Might be hard to exercise in these outfit.” said Claire. “Yes! Here try this on. I will go outside and change in the waiting room. Come and get me when your ready. Your doing a great job.” I said. I then turned to walk out into the waiting room. I took my costume with me.I slipped on my small skin tight black Lycra bike shorts. They hugged my small ass, and big cock. My 9 3/4 inch cock was tucked just inside the skin tight shorts. I put on my small tight black tank top. It showed off my muscles. I then waited for about twenty minutes for Claire to call me back into my office. I was very excited to see her.”Buck! I’m ready…” said Claire. I opened my door to my office. “Well silly…How do I look?” she said. I almost fell back into the waiting room. She was stunning. She had pulled her long white socks just below her knee. She had slipped on some 2inch wooden platform shoes. She had slipped on some small tight black shorts. Her big ass cheeks hung out the back. The front showed off her big camel toe. I gulped as her small workout shirt barely covered her huge breast. She had stuffed her large breast into a big black sports bra. I was not sure the bra was made to contain such a huge amount of flesh. “Mmmmm….You look great.” I said.I watched her eyes get big as she saw what I was bahis siteleri wearing. Her eyes went right for my erect cock. I then turned to walk out the door to my office. “Ok! Hit the record button. I’ll knock on the door. You answer the door. Will just role play the scene. Later I will dub in your voice to the scene. Pretty easy.” I said. She smiled. I then closed the door.”Knock! Knock! “Good afternoon young man. You must be my trainer. Please come in.” said Claire. “Thank you. I love your house.” I said. “Thank you. Please follow me to my home gym. Right this way.” said Claire. I smiled as we walked into my office. “Any great workout. Always starts with stretching. Put your feet apart. About shoulder length. Now lean down to each side, and touch your toes. That is perfect. Your doing a great job.” I said. I stood there watching as Claire bent over touching her toes. Her huge breast almost fell out each time she bent over. “Ok! Now stick out your arms. Move back and forth. That is nice. Ok stop. Now put your hands together and press really hard. Breath in….Breath out…that not bad.” I said.”Am I doing it right?” said Claire. “Here let me help. I walked behind her. I reached around her waist. I put my hand on hers, just in front of her huge breast. The back of my hand brushed against her hard nipples. She sighed in my arms. I rubbed my hard cock on her big ass. Only the thin material from my shorts and her shorts. Kept us from touching, skin on skin. She let out a small moan. My cock moved again. “That better. Now press again. Can you feel your upper body getting a workout?” I said. “I can feel that and something else, Trainer Buck.” she giggled. “Next put your feet together. Now bend at the waist. Slowly come back up. Arch your back. Now do that again. Just perfect.” I said. Claire ass expanded her tight shorts. I got to see more of her ass, from underneath. I put my big hands on her thighs. Keeping them straight.”Now the hard part. Some sit ups. Lie on the floor. Arch your knees. I will hold your ankles. Now try sitting up. Oh! That is nice.” I said. Claire moved her legs apart. Her whole body shook as she tried to do one sit up. Her breast were so heavy, they almost fell out the side of her tight shirt. Her sports bra was over stuffed. I smiled after she did one sit up. “One more for your trainer…Oh that is very good.” I said. Her small shorts rode up her camel toe. I almost lost my grip on her ankles. “Now lie on your side. Raise your leg up. Now down. Now up.. Then down…That is very good. Can you feel the burn?” I said. Claire smiled. I put my big hands on her calves. I then ran my hand up her leg. She giggled. “I can feel something.” she giggled.”Now its time for some push ups. Here let me help. Arch your back. Now go down as far as you can go.” I said. Claire smiled as she bent her elbows. Her huge breast touched the ground. Her elbows barely bent. I then crouched down on my knees in front of her. I could see directly into her massive cleavage. She looked up to see my hard cock inside my Lycra shorts. I smiled. “Maybe just a little lower….Now push back up.. That was nice. Ok! Twenty more!!! Just k**ding!!!” I said. Claire face turned red. She then smiled when I told her I was k**ding. “Let me help you up.” I said. She grabbed my hand. I then pulled her into my arms. She put her hands around my neck. I put my hands on her big ass.”What? Are you doing Trainer Buck??? You had your hands all over me, since you arrived. You need to leave. Move it mister. I know your a sick young man. Such a big pervert touching me like that. I’m a lady. Now there the door. Out mister!!!!” yelled Claire. I walked out my office door. She then slammed my office door. I was so turn on. I had to see how far I could really push her. It was now or never. “Cut! That a wrap.” I yelled. I then walked back into my office.”That was really great Claire. No script. No anything. You were great. I knew you would be perfect for this job. Let me check my email, on my lap top. Before we go any further. I just want to check something. Have a seat. Relax a little. Would you like a drink or anything. “No! But thanks. Your a great actor too Buck! You know just how to treat a lady. My husband should take a lesson. Thank you.” she said. I sat at my computer. I kept looking over the lap top. My eyes were checking out her hard nipples under the thin material. God she was hot. I put my right hand on the front of my shorts. I shifted my hard cock inside.”Oh! Here something. Are you ready? It’s a big part….Oh! Maybe not. I’m not sure if your ready…” I said. “What is it? Buck tell me.” she said. I looked at the screen. “I just got an email from a big director. He needs to cut this movie tomorrow. He needs a quick voice over for one scene.” I said. “Yes! Yes! Go ahead..” said Claire. “Well!! His actor will not do it. It’s a little naughty. Ok! Maybe a little bigger than naughty.” I said. “What? I can do it Buck. I’m ready for anything. I’ve been warming up all day. My best its yet to come.” she said. “Ok! But don’t say I did not warn you.” I smiled. “I’ll do anything…” said Claire.”Ok!” I said. “What the scene?” said Claire. “Your a sexy young wife. You come home to find that your husband having an affair, with your sister. Your so distraught. That you drive to a seedy motel. Once there you leave the door to your room open. You sit on the edge of the bed. Wearing just your robe. The first male to come into your room. You have revenge sex with him. You let him do what ever he wants to you.” I said. “Wow! That is some scene.” said Claire. “They also sent us the movie. Just the one scene, where to do. Will watch it after we both get into character. You will say what she is saying in the film. I will do the same as the male actor.” I said. “Do you think I can do it?” said Claire. “Your a star. You will do it. It’s acting….” I said in a low voice.Claire giggled. “Your the boss. You know what good for me. I’m so excited. My head spinning. It’s been so fun today. Do I get a new costume?” she said. “Yes! I have just the perfect one for you. Will use the couch over there as the bed. You can sit on the edge of the cushion. I’ll leave my door open. Then I will walk in. Will get into the moment. Then we can see the film they shot today. Will use some props, if there a real sex scene. I don’t think its that kind of movie. But the director does push the envelope in his movies.” I said. Claire smiled as I left her outfit on the desk. It was just a white see through robe. It would look great on her skin. The small belt would barely fit around her midsection. I knew I would able to get a sneak peek of her sexy body.I walked out and closed the door to my office. I was so close. My hands were sweating. My mind was racing. Was she actually going to watch the movie. Would she get excited and turned on? Would she want the real thing and not the props in my desk? She had put down it been two years since she had sex. I crossed my fingers as I put on my costume. It was just a pair of swim trunks and a big white towel. I was coming back from the motel pool. I had on pair of super small shorts. They just showed off my hard cock and small ass from behind. I knew Claire would not be able to resist. I put the white cotton towel around my broad shoulders. I flexed my abs.”Ok! I’m ready.” said Claire. I opened the door to walk into my office. Claire was sitting on the edge of my couch. I almost fell over my desk. I walked right into it. She was stunning. She had just the white see through robe on. The belt was to small. So she left it off. It was on the floor next to the couch. She took off the sports bar and put her huge black bra back on. It looks so off with the white robe, it made it more sexier. She was wearing some 6inch white platform heels. I could not wait until she stood up. “Ok! Are you ready Claire? Your costume looks great on you. I will leave the door open, then walk in on you. Then will go to the computer and act out the scene. 1, 2, 3, Action!I came walking into my office. “Oh! I’m sorry. I saw the door open. I thought this room was empty.” I said. “Hi! Why don’t you shut the door and come here. Let me see what your hiding in that small bathing suit.” said Claire. I smiled. I walked over in front of Claire. I put my hands down to help her up. She smiled. “Such a gentleman. You have such nice hands. All your nails are perfect.” she said. I smiled. I walked her over in front of my desk. I turned my laptop around. She sat in the small chair. I hit play on the screen with the mouse.I was standing just behind her left shoulder. I looked down the front of her white robe. Her breast were so big and full. She was breathing heavier than before. She moved her legs closed. She arched her back. I turned my head to the computer screen. I could see the jilted wife finding her husband cheating on her with her sister. Claire made a low sound. She then smiled as the woman yelled at her husband. Then drove to a seedy hotel. The woman was allot smaller than Claire. She had curves, but not even close when it came to Claire. I smiled. The woman enter her small room. She started to undress in front of the camera. She took off her work clothes. Then her tight bra. She then pulled down her panties. Her pussy was fully shaved. Claire kept watching. She was breathing heavier.Then the woman put on her white robe. She went to sit on the bed. She then watched as a young man walked passed her room. He then came back in front of her room. He was wearing a small swim suit. “Oh! I’m sorry. I saw the door open. I thought this room was empty.” he said. “Hi! Why don’t you shut the door and come here. Let me see what your hiding in that small bathing suit.” said the female actress. Claire giggled. We had just said the same lines. He walked over in front of the cheated on wife. She reached into his bathing suit. The camera work was from behind. Then the bathing suit fell on the floor. His naked ass was on the camera. Claire smiled as she kept watching.The camera man walked in closer. You could now see the jilted wife sucking on the actor medium size penis. He put his hands on her blonde hair. The actor then lowered his hands down to touch her exposed breast. He pinched her big nipples. This caused Claire to let out a soft moan. I heard her heels move on the floor next to my desk. She had moved her legs open. I walked over to my desk. I then hit the pause button on the movie. “Here! Use this as your prop. Do what she is doing.” I said. I handed Claire a big six inch nude colored fake cock. She smiled as she put the fake cock to her big red lips.I hit play on the movie. I return to stand behind Claire again. She kept swirling her tongue around the big fat tip of the fake cock. She then put the fake cock in her mouth. She could only get a little in before she gagged. I could tell she had never sucked a cock before. “Relax your throat. Don’t use your teeth. All I can hear is the plastic of the cock in your mouth.” I said. A few minutes into the movie. The actor reached down to pull open the actresses robe. He then pulled her breast up to his hard cock. güvenilir bahis He started to tit fuck her. Claire moaned. I hit the pause button. “What is she doing? Do men really like that? My husband hates my big breast. He finds them disgusting.” said Claire. “Yes! Men do enjoy big breast. Yours are much better than hers. Relax and do what she does. Spit on the cock. Now put it between your breast. Do what she does..” I said.My hard cock strained against my small bathing suit. The soft material rubbed on my cock. I looked down to see the fake cock between Claire huge breast. I could not see the tip. Claire kept looking down at her breast. All I could hear was the plastic of the fake cock, rubbing on her skin. “Make him a little bit more wet. That’s good. Now try again.” I said. She spit on the fake cock. Then put it back inside her large cleavage. I could still hear the hard plastic between her breast. “Try to moan, when she moans.” I pointed to the actress on the screen. Claire smiled then moaned very loud. God this was hot.Next the cheated on wife got on the edge of the bed. She put her hands on the bed. Her ass was in front of the actor. He gently put his cock into her pussy. He started to fuck her doggy style. I saw Claire face. I paused the movie. “You can have sex that way. I usually lie on my back. My husband rolls on me. Then he rolls off a few seconds later. Can I do that?” Claire pointed to the screen. “Just go over to the couch. Take off your robe. Now do what she is doing. That is just perfect. Look over your shoulder. Nice!” I said. I looked down at her huge ass. She was wearing a pair of large black granny panties. They covered most of her ass. Some fell out the side. She tried to reach around with her fake cock, to rub her covered pussy. Her huge breast blocked her hands and her arms. The back of her black bra, had already lost one metal clasp. The four others looked like they might go next.She finally touched her panties with the fake cock. Her face turned red. She then smiled. I was standing there with my mouth open. She giggled as she got up and walked passed me. She sat in front of the computer. She began to moan again, with the actress in the movie. I moved back over her shoulder. Her robe was on the couch. I could see her great big ass expanded on the hard chair. She had the fake cock in her right hand. She then rubbed the fake cock on her bra. I looked at the computer screen. The actor had pulled his cock out of the actress and was rubbing her breast, with it. He then started to grunt. I grunted. Claire moaned with the actress. Then a second later the actor began to shoot a small load on the actress face. He dribbled a small amount on her lips and breast. She scooped the small amount on her finger. She then licked it. “Yummy!” said the actress. A second later the movie ended with the actress winking into the camera.Claire looked at me. “Wow! That was some movie. Guys like to do that to women. Shoot on them. I’ve never seen that before. I never tasted it.” she moaned. I smiled. “That was really good Claire. I say it was almost perfect. If not for one big thing.” I said. “What? What? Tell me..” she said. “I’m not sure the director will like your performance. There was allot of fake sounds. It did not sound as good as when you did the other noises.” I said. “You mean me? I’m fake or this big plastic penis is fake sounding.” she said. I smiled. “Two things…The fake penis sounds bad. You could hear the plastic squeak, in every scene. Plus! You never had sex like the actors in the movie. It would be hard for him to judge your voice over. Plus you seem a little nervous.” I said.”Hmmm… You do bring up some good points. I was nervous watching the movie. I never knew sex could be like that. Maybe we could role play the scene, more in depth, this time. Then turn on the mike and see how I sound.” she said. “Ok! I think we can go more in depth. Just do what the actress in the movie did. I will play the male actor. Just relax. Enjoy what your doing. It’s for the movies. We want it to be good. I will leave the door open and walk in. Sit over on the couch again. You can leave your robe off. Action!!!” I said. I hit record on the machine.”Oh! I’m sorry. I saw the door open. I thought this room was empty.” I said. “Hi! Why don’t you shut the door and come here. Let me see what your hiding in that small bathing suit.” said Claire. She motion with her index finger. I walked over in front of Claire. She gently put her left hand on my hard abs. She ran her right hand down my leg. She smiled when she saw my cock move farther down my leg. She then gently put her left hand inside my swim trunks. She touched the tip of my penis with her long red nails. I smiled as she put both her hands inside my swim suit. She ran her hands around my waist, making my swim trunks fall to the floor.Claire eyes got real big…..”Oh! God! Your so big. Your so much bigger, than my husband or the actor in the movie. Mmmmph.” she said as she put her lips around my hard cock. All 9 3/4 inches bounced in front of her lips. She put both her hands around my cock. She started to jack my cock with her small hands. She pulled my cock out of her greedy mouth. A big wad of saliva fell out onto her big black bra. She then started to lick my huge naked balls. She was getting very good at sucking my cock. She got about half down her throat before she spit me out. Her eyes teared up a few times, from her mouth expanding as far as she could. I put my hands on her sexy auburn hair. I then started to fuck her mouth. She gagged again and spit me out.I then reached down to touch her bra covered breast. She moaned as I put my hands on her back. I quickly pulled open the large metal clasp keeping her bra on. I heard a big whoosh!!!! The front of her bra hit my knees at it exploded off her huge breast. She moaned as I grabbed the front of her huge aerloes. Her big fat nipples were hard in my palms. I pulled on her nipples as I brought her big breast around my cock. She then spit on my cock as I shoved my cock in her cleavage. It was so warm. I bent my knees and began to fuck her breast. She gave the best titty fuck, I ever had. She moaned. I moaned for the first time. My cock felt like it was on fire between her breast. I looked down. Her legs were wide open. She tried to put her hand inside her big panties. She could not get inside.After twenty more minutes of fucking her breast. I pulled my cock out to slap her face with it. She grunted as she rubbed the outside of her panties. Next I helped Claire off the couch. I spun her to the side. I pulled down her wet panties, around her ankles. She kicked then under the couch. I grabbed her huge breast with my left hand. I put my right hand on her big naked ass. My hard cock poked her side. She started to kiss me with I felt her up. I dropped my right hand under her amazing ass. I was fingering her pussy as she moaned in my mouth. She orgasm really quick and fell face first into the couch. Her ass was sticking straight up. Her breast fell to the side on the cushion. Her face was pushed into the back of the seat cushion.I turned to see the movie on the computer. The actor was fucking the actress from behind. I quickly rubbed my cock and then got behind Claire. She moaned again. “What was that? My legs gave out on me. I never felt that before.” she said. “You had an orgasm. How does this feel?” I said. I pushed the tip of my cock into her wet pussy. Her pussy was very warm. I could feel some of her hot juices on the side of my cock. I got an inch inside her before her tight pussy pushed my cock out. I grabbed her hips, forcing my cock back in. She gasped. I then push another inch. She moaned. Another inch. She screamed. Finally after a few minutes, she took all my cock in her pussy. She collapsed on the couch. I just kept fucking her harder and faster. Until she orgasm again for the 2nd time on my cock. She had her first three orgasm in her life. In less than 30 minutes.I grabbed Claire around her hips. I pulled her off the couch. My cock was still her her pussy as I walked her over to the front of my desk. She grabbed the edge of the desk. The big mic was in her face. I started to fuck her very hard. Her whole body shook as she moaned into the mic. She was moaning very loud as I slapped her big ass with both of my hands. I kept slapping her ass as she screamed into the mic.A minute later I sat in the small chair in front of the computer. I pushed on her hips and grabbed her long auburn hair. She fell right down on my cock. She started to bounce up and down on my cock as she moaned louder. I reached around to fondle her huge breast. She put her hands on my desk, to steady herself as I bounced her on my cock. I was close to cumming. Her pussy was sucking my cock, from every angle. I heard her moan very loud. She tossed her hair back into my face. Her whole body was on mine. I just kept pounding her pussy with my cock and tugging on her breast.A few minutes later, I looked at the computer screen. The movie had been over for some time. Claire was still moaning and bouncing on my cock. I slowed her down. Then she stood up. She quickly sat in the chair. I put my wet cock, with her juices, in her mouth. She started to swirl her tongue around my cock. I grabbed her auburn hair and jammed my cock as far as she could take it. A second later, I pulled out. She opened her mouth. I aimed my cock at her mouth. Then it happened. I watched as one huge white shot, after white shot hit her mouth. Some hit her face, her chin. Her forehead. She screamed….”Does it ever stop. Its so much..” said Claire. I smiled as she put my wet cock back in her mouth. She licked me clean.A few minutes later I pulled her big breast, toward her mouth. She cleaned them off next. She scooped up a big load in her finger. “Yummy!” giggled Claire. I smiled. I then took everything off my desk. I put Claire on my desk. With her legs wide open. I started to eat her juicy pussy. She orgasm really quick, then tossed her head back to enjoy her 2nd orgasm by my tongue. A few minutes later I stood up and placed my cock on her pussy lips. She moved her hips, forcing my cock in her tight pussy. I grabbed her ankles and put her heels over my shoulders. I started to fuck her very hard. I pushed her breast into her face. She licked her left nipple, I licked her right nipple. I spent the rest of the day and most of the evening fucking Claire in every position imaginable. Before she left to go home.A week later:”Yes! Yes! Yes! Mmmm…Go to Hot Claire.cum …” moaned Claire. I smiled as she had two large fake cocks in her pussy and asshole. “Cut!” I said. I clicked paused on the camera. I then reached down to take out both fake cocks. “Action!” I placed my hard cock in her mouth and hit record on the camera. I was filming her first video for her new website. “The Casting Couch.” I was directing and starring in it. Claire told her husband she be working late for the next few months while we shot the movie. He was mad at first, until her got her first check. I’m not sure if we will use another girl, who starts Monday. To do the voice over. She filled out a application. I could not get pass the first line… “Measurements 56HH 36W 56Ass….” before I called her. I had her drop the phone between her breast. I heard a echo…”Your hired.”Love,Buckxoox

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