Three turns into a four


Three turns into a fourI meet a new bee at work, she had grabed my balls by mistake or so she says! Looking back it was the perfect meet and greet! We talked at work for few day just bullshiting and flirting with eachother. Me playing with her breasts and ass while she rubbed my cock and balls! She was not a shy one and she was a bbw plus size all the way! She asked when we could hook up and if she could bring her friend Beth? Her name was Kelly! In the back of my head I was scared as hell never did I think about having sex with two ladies it just happened! The night started off great skipped eating went straight to rubbing, kissing and grabbing each other bodies! I guess everyone has that dream of a three way I just never was thinking it was going to be me! I’m a big guy and having Kelly and her friend Beth ther was a fucking turn on! We bilecik escort started with a shower together and playing with each other, I never had that much soap on my cock but they had made it hard, I was sucking their boobs and rubbing Kelly’s clit! She was fingering Beth, they both wanted to eat some pussy and suck my balls while jacking me almost to the edge! We got out of my big bath/shower and ran into my bedroom, they took turns eating pussy! Mmmmm I watched for what seemed to be forever but it made me even harder. One of them yelled aren’t you going to join and the other pulled at my cock! My cock was being sucked really good from both them and my balls felt so good hitting their chins! They both had slammed me down on the bed for the ride of my life. Beth was on my face and Kelly was on my dick bolu escort both had each others boobs playing with them! Then the doorbell rings!Kelly had forgotten to tell us that her other friend was stopping by with pizza and clothes,so Kelly could stay the night! Beth asked me if Kelly grabbed my cock at work and I said with a smile it was a mistake! Beth then says no it wasn’t, we wanted to have sex with you for months.She tells me that I went into bar to have few drinks with friends and that my guy friends had been assholes “they like skinny”! I don’t have a good memory when I’m bar hopping but this time I’m remained the friends went and I was buying drinks for them all night! Long story short Kelly’s friend Kim was also a horny bbw!At this time my dicks doing jumping jacks and in the back of my head I aydın escort still can’t believe it but its really happening! We are all super horny and we start taking Kim’s clothes off, I start finger her ass hole, Beth licking her pussy and Kelly motor boating Kim’s juggs! I say to Kim welcome to the party and then all are on the floor with my cock and balls slamming against their chins all taking turns! Pre cum on all lips they keeped me hard all night! Now I saw it in porns and in magazines but to see it in person, three fine plus size bent over to be fuck hard was fucking awesome! Kelly wanted it first then Kim,Beth was last! Slamming my cock in pussys all night long was the best and slapping asses I’m reminded being nice always pay then some! I never cum so much all three got me more then once and I don’t know how but each time they would start fucking each other! So don’t be a dick head you may just get lucky and then some comes to mind! Me and Kelly called off the next day. Beth and Kim already passme out on the bed! Kelly wanted more of me,we 69 and that’s how we woke up! I still see the girls but Kelly is my fwb.

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