Trilling Sex With Husband Boss Son


Trilling Sex With Husband Boss SondeletedMe Nikla from Chennai, married at age 22 now 25 my name was Raja Working in one private construction for past 8 years 33 (now),our life went very peacefully, we lived in separate house, we had a decent sex life but we decided to have c***d after 2 to 3 years my husband main aim to start his own construction company bad luck still working in same company as chief Engineer,It was one fine Sunday started with new excitement because i got message from my old close friend she invited me for her marriage, i said this happy news to my husband but he didn’t react again and again i called suddenly he asked ya what i asked what happen Raja why you soooo dull anything happen, he said nothing you carry on i want to go out, I feel something bad because of his dullness, but after some times i ignore it and in evening he came i asked in Sunday where did you went, again and again i asked what happen Raja finally he opened his mouth and said that he lost 4 lakes rupees from office account, he MD saying that he going to complain in police and my husband got small permission from his boss by using boss son, want to hand over amount within 2 weeks he want to hand over full amount . he said something happen in accounts only he will try his best to solve otherwise, we want to pay i said do not worry all will be fine, before 5 months only we kept most of my gold for buying lands for my husband’s construction company and it’s also share only so we can’t get money from there after one week he said he can’t night he didn’t sleep i woke at 1 o clock and asked Raja do not worry sleep, talk with Boss son and ask one more week, for that he asking you Chitra i shocked, yes he asking you for one night if i agree means he will give 4 lakes and he will solve all problem and saying also he will money for new construction company as loan…i asked what you thing Raja, he said i don not now and i do have any ways to escape from this hell i said give time Raja i want to convince myself, he said ok .. next day i think lot at last i felt one cinema wordings while rapping i better to enjoy it rater doing some stupid things, I said ok to Raja, and he Informed it to Boss son Deepak, it was one Friday evening 6 pm my husband asked in low voice shall we go i said ok bursa escort we reached a guest house near EGR in 7.30 pm, Deepak welcomed as to guest house it can’t imagine it not looks like a guest house it’s like palace, he gave some juice to drink, and he said do not worry Raja I solved your problem i paid my own money to company for purchase and informed to my father you are safe now one small bad news you can’t continue your job like that he told, my husband face become somewhat fine, he Deepak came near to me and said you are looking sexy in this red sari.I do not know the word makes me so horny my husband up to now didn’t anything like that and invite us to bedroom and he stated to kiss me i said please nooo suddenly he shouted what is this your problem are got so saying nooo vaa i said sorry its very strange to me, after that kindly he said do not worry i will be 100 % secret ok and he started to kiss me. his hug was really very strong Deepak was really very handsome boy, white color little brown in hair looking really awesome, i felt vet shy because another one boy hugging me in front of my husband, slowly i watched my husband he was looking as only, suddenly Deepak removed my sari and touched my Boobs and slowly he stared to press its was a heaven feeling, with in a second he tired my jacket i was amazed i do not know reason but i loved that moment tearing my dress but still its i feel very shy, rarely only me and my husband will do sex in light’s on but doing sex in light with other boy how??….he removed my bra also i was in half nude he said vow what a boobs started to kiss my boobs he kissed miss butt and sucking i feel some shocking vibration in my body and my shyness went some mount, Deepak said to my husband if you feel un comfortable means go and wait in hall otherwise type this document in system better you start type system was in same room only, but Raja wants to faced towards wall so i got little bit relax, then Deepak started to kiss my boobs and i become more horny now he started to unbutton his shirt he said to remove his phat i started to remove his underwear had huge bulge and he signal to remove that also i removed with one hand i want sooo cute Dig in white color first time i seeing Dig other than my husband and it’s also some want big, bursa escort bayan my husband’s dig was really very black, but Deepak dig was completely pure white and his ball are in rose color.I really liked it; he told to suck first time going to suck dig, started to suck that time suddenly my husband turned and watched with surprise i went on sucking after 3 min he took out and removed my all dress and make me full nude he smelled my panty and said vowwww nice smell, came front and started to suck my pussy ohhhhh i went to heaven i forgot all and started to give sound mmmm ahhhh ……………… i forgot my husband, shyness and i tightly hold bed sheet he licked my pussy for long first time i reached orgasm by sucking i felt really very happy but having little guilty because of having this and all in other person but my mind telling to enjoy …he order me do stand in doggy style i realized he going to fuck me and why starting with doggy style i hate doggy style reason i do not know but i hate …. he came back insert his finger in my ass hole and he smelled it and said mmmmm vow and he inserted his penis in my ass hole i shocked and said ahhhhhhhhhhh in high tone my husband asked what happen Deepak said nothing you carry onnn man … i said no plss you do regular sex, keep clam baby and enjoy it will be new to you and he went on, little bit only went on he tried lot but i felt only pain not any feeling its hurt me lot for 5 min and then he sit on chair on asked me to come and sit on dick i went and sit oh my god his entire 7 inch dick went it to my pussy now i feel great feeling along with pain with a second i started to move my hip and its makes sound like takkk takkk takkk while body touching ….my husband turned and watched and didn’t said anything and he went out now i am complete free …. i moved very fast Deepak asked are you enjoying baby i didn’t said anything thing but i said inside me i am enjoying due to fast moving my boobs bounced very fast to stopped it; he holds my boobs with my hand, then he shifted the position he took me in two hands and started to fuck in standing position which i had never imagine before ….i started to give more sound ahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm phaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhh… i hugged Deepak very tight; he realized that me going to cum finally i had my escort bursa second cum and he asked can we do ass hole sex i said nooo plsssss … he asked to suck now i sucked his penis with full joy….. And he said to turn and started to fuck this time he was very fast and rood….. and within a 3 min he chummed inside i was enjoying first adventure sex ….after that he asked coffee i went to dress hey baby go in nude night time no one will watch goooo.. i went and put…. for 15 we both chat in nude i talked in very low voice my husband came and said shall we go Deepak it very late now .Deepak said me also saying same only stay night and go my morning ok …..My husband also said ok and Deepa gave 1000 rs and said brought some food to eat..Raja went Deepak said suck me Chitra i went his cute Dig become more cute it’s become small i smiled and kept in mouth with a min it becomes to original length and he begged me for ass sex and i said ok but i feeling pain plss try to do something to avoid it he brought oil can na applied oil in dig and my ass hole he tried lot to insert but it not went fully with in a second i felled like hell and said i do not have interest in this sex pls leave it and he said want to try something different then he kept his penis between my ass crack and moved fast and cummed, with it my husband came with food we took our food in nude Deepak said i will give my entire money for your wife please forgive me if you angry on me .. Raja didn’t said anything … Deepak asked for next round of sex he invited my husband also for sex but he said no it’s ok….. And we both went to bedroom…. he smocked for a while and kissed me i loved smoke smell….. i had small fear weather i going to pregnant become of Deepak but i ignored and started to enjoy third fuck this time he changed position for every 5 or 6 stocks i amazed how he knowing these much positions this time he asked to suck dick for cum i sucked for 5 min he said baby plssss drink all cummmm plsss i drink all and Deepak become veryy happy and hugged and kissed me all over me ……and sleep in nude after 2 hours sleep, i awake and searched for dress my jacket was in two piece and went to hall were my husband sleeping and sat near him i was sleepless i do not now weather i want to enjoy it are feel shame, morning husband called me i sleep in chair itself shall we go i asked dress to cover jacket got tore Deepak said wait and, he gave one jeans and tops wear said i brought it for my girlfriend its ok you are more special than her

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