True story


True storyShe was no good for him, he used to think. Destroyed his motivation for life, kind of scary, Now none of that seemed to matter any more. She was the only woman he knew who could get into it as much as him. Hey.Hey.I’m coming over. When?Now. I’m in the car. I’ll be there in five.Wait.I’m coming. Be naked, Butt plug in your ass. Clips on your nipples. Tight enough that it hurts a little. Oh. Oh. I was studying. I was…Be on your bed. I want to hear a vibrator on your clit when I walk in the door.Well I have to…Naked. Now. Butt plug. Clips. Vibrator. Do it.Okay.Good. He walked in the door and heard the hum in the bedroom. He walked through the kitchen into her room. She was kneeling on the bed, face down, ass up. The blue butt plug was in her ass. The big glass one. She was using the brown vibe, the one with the little soft tip that oscillated. She wasn’t moving much while she held it on her clit, but her breathing was already heavy.Did you fuck anybody today? He asked.No. Just myself. This morning when I woke up. Again after breakfast. Last week I fucked a guy, but all he wanted was to come. He came fast and I didn’t even come. Soon as he was done he left. You’re a slut and he’s an asshole.She laughed. True, and true, she said.He took off his clothes. He bent over and kissed her ass cheeks, licking around the base of the butt plug. Mmm, she said.He slapped her hard on the ass. Mmm, she said.That’s for fucking that guy last week.He slapped her again on the ass. Mmm, she said.That’s for not fucking anybody this morning.You wanted me to…? Just fuck your clit, he said.She bursa escort did. Mmm. Mmm she said.He pulled the butt plug out, just until the thickest part came out, and then slid it back in two or three timesOh. Oh. Oh, she said.He took her free hand and put it on the butt plug. She slid it in and out, catching her breath every time the head of it came out. She kept the vibrator going on her clit.He came around to the head of the bed and sat with his legs spread out just in front of her face. He reached over to the bedside table, got the Astroglide, put some on his cock and stroked it, just below her face. Baby, she said. I love to see that. Stroke it for me. He did. They did that for a while. She was closer to coming now, breathing harder.He continued to stroke his cock and she kept her eyes fixed on it while she fucked her ass and her clit. He touched her mouth with one finger. What’s this, he asked.It’s your mouth, she said. You can do anything you want to it. When?Always, she said.When you’re asleep?Specially when I’m asleep. Wake me up with your cock down my throat. Come in it. I’ll drink it down and go back to sleep.He reached under her and pulled on the little chain of the nipple clamps.Oh. Mmm. Oh. She squirmed. Are you going to fuck me now? she asked.Thinking about it, yeah.Please.Please what?Please fuck me now. I need your cock in my pussy. I need it bad. Please. Please.He came around behind her and slid into her. She was swollen and dripping wet and he slid all the way in one motion. OHH, she said. She pumped back and forth against him. OHH, OHH, OHH. She kept bursa escort bayan the vibrator going on her clit. He pulled the butt plug in and out. I’m gonna come, she said. She did. Uhhh. Ahh. Umm. And she started sobbing.Where did that come from? He asked.Are you really here? Are you gonna run away again?This was the first time in five years she admitted that it hurt when he left her. He had a dozen times or more. No, I give up. I’m yours if you still want me. Do you?Yes. Yes. She said.Are you mine? he asked.Yes I’m yours, she said. Tell me about it.My mouth is yours. My ass is yours. My pussy is yours. My tits are yours. My hands are yours. How bout your heart?Yeah, that too.How bout your soul?Yeah, that too, she said.I’m yours too, he said. My cock, my mouth, my hands, my heart.How about your ass? she asked.Yeah, my ass too.How about your soul? she askedI’m thinking about it. Yeah, I think so. My soul too.I want you in my ass right now, she said. She was still on her knees.He pulled out of her pussy, stroked his cock a few times with his hand, and put some gel from the bedside table on it.Use lots, she said.I know, he said. He pulled the butt plug out of her and squeezed a blob of the gel onto her ass and worked some of it inside her.Wait, he said. He reached down below the little table into the drawers he had got her for the toys he had given her. He picked the biggest glass dildo and put it in her hand.He held her hips with both hands and slid the head of his cock into her ass. Ohh, Ohh, she said.He slowly slid it all the way in. Her ass was already stretched escort bursa open from the butt plug.Fuck me, she said. Fuck me deep in my ass.He did. Ohh. Ohh. Ohh.Fuck your pussy with the dildo while I fuck your ass,K, she said. She slid it in and moved it in and out, alternating with his cock in her ass.It’s his cock, he said.Who?That guy you fucked last week.Which one? She said.Really?No, there was just that one. What was his name?I don’t want to…What’s his name?I don’t….He pulled out of her ass and held the head of his cock against her assholeCome on, she said.He pushed it slightly against her, but didn’t enter. Then he pulled back away again.Ohh. Ohh. Come on!What was his n….John. It was John, she said.Good, he said. He slid back inside her ass.Oh, thank you, thank you, she said.Fuck John while I fuck your asshole, he said. You want that, right? Two cocks in you?Yeah, you know I do. John, I love your cock. Fuck me. All the way deep in my cunt, she said.You know what? He said, That turned me on more than anything today. Fuck us. Fuck us both. She slid the whole length of the thick glass dildo in and out of her pussy while he fucked her ass. OHH. OHH OHH. OHH. I’m coming. Comingggg. Mmmm, she moaned.She slumped forward onto the bed. He slid in and out of her ass a few more times. Shhh, she said. He stopped. He lay down on top of her as he slowly slid his still hard cock out of her. He stroked her hair. He kissed her neck. She rolled over and kissed him. Slowly, deeply. She was crying and smiling at the same time.I love you, he said. I know, she said. I love you too. You’re not going to leave me?No, he said. No, I’m not. Hey, you wanna find another guy to fuck together with me, for real?Yeah, she said. Two. I need one in my mouth too.I love you, he said. We’ll really do it. Soon, okay,Yes, she said. I love you.

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