Unexpected pleasure


Unexpected pleasureI was falling asleep, at this stage where the reality and dream are perfectly mixed, just before the deep sleep. Then all of a sudden I felt a cold hand on my mouth to stifle any sound of protest. Is it a dream or real? Is it my husband? He used to surprise me every now and then. Right now I didn’t want to know. The feeling of being taken by stranger in my own bed is amazing, wanted to give myself away to this wonderful adventure.His grasp was strong enough to make me feel uncomfortable but the more I struggled to escape, the harder he squeezed me to surrender. I didn’t fight much, laid down on my belly, waiting patiently for inevitable. His cock was thrusting my tight lips, but they didn’t want to cooperate. My body was not open for such attack, yet still unable to stop it. After some long moments of fight, he forced the door to meet lovely warm juices, spilling around his stiff cock, welcoming him against my intention. I couldn’t hide my excitement any longer. Together with his moves my body started indulging in spasm of an intense orgasm, only to realize that this is just a mere beginning of some great pleasure. My body was shamelessly asking for more, for a deep and fast penetration, moaning from ecstasy – staying gagged I could not give him any hints. But he didn’t want me to speak, he wanted to take the control over my body. And so he did. My body and my mind are not aligned in many cases. If he let me open my mouth, I would most probably beg him to stop, even though that would not be a desired answer from my pussy. Let the body speak up! That was an amazing speech, with lots of squirts pushed by his skillful esenler escort cock.I was completely defeated, but not fully satisfied yet. My wish was to turn on my back, to make him fucking me until the ultimate squirt. He didn’t understand this idea, quite in opposite, this attempt got crashed by a stronger grasp. And then he whispered: Is your asshole in a good shape? I want to fuck you now. Nooooooo!!!!!! I tried to beg him to change his mind. Helplessly. He was indifferent to my protests. I tried to escape, fighting immensely, but it only resulted in stronger squeeze. I could not breath! But the more I struggled, the less air I had, he didn’t understand it however, in fact he didn’t care! I was the one, who had to surrender, and I did, because I could not hold it any longer. I started crying, having finally understood what is going to happen. He reached for the pussy juices to spread them over the asshole, but then I tightened buttocks, seeing it as the last rescue. He started laughing, truly enjoying this form of protest – the tighter my buttonhole was, the more pleasure in forcing it! I also understood the situation, but couldn’t give up easily. Giving him satisfaction? At least he really had to fight for it. Yet I knew, who is going to win. Isn’t that the victim never gives up any hope? Calling for help was useless but maybe he will be too tired, unable to make his plan. Finding no cooperation from my side, he gave up with lubricating the tight entrance and rushed to force it with his cock. I knew that it would be better for me to open up, relax the sphincters, then the pain bahçeşehir escort won’t be that intense. But I couldn’t give him such satisfaction! Against myself… Stupid me… He got ready and still, like a lion ready to run after his prey. His body was ready to attack. His voice as well – he started laughing at me, showing his power. He gave me only one advice, to put my hand under the belly and to start caressing my pussy. What an advice! Of course I’m not going to please him with obedience! He didn’t wait much, in one move his cock forced mercilessly the tight, unprepared asshole, making me groaning from tremendous pain. I was helplessly trying to throw him off my back. That gave him huge satisfaction. Does it hurt? Great. What did I tell you about your hand? Where should it be now? He finally defeated me, I didn’t have any argument, I deeply hated him. There was no other choice, but surrendering and trying to avoid, or at least to minimize the pain. I swallowed my pride and started touching my pussy. Then I noticed lovely juices down there – while I was struggling to stop him, my pussy welcomed the opportunity, clearly unhappy with prior resistance. I no longer felt any pain, just the deep delight, surprisingly taking me to the wonderful orgasm. I didn’t want it, but could neither stop, nor hide my reaction. He noticed it and speeded up with the penetration. Our bodies got tied in the b**stly dance, taking us both to the top. I was murmuring through the tears how much I hate him and how much I hate his sperm, which would unavoidable end up inside my ass. In response he began başakşehir escort considering to make good use of his slut and start offering the possibility of such anal **** to paying customers, because I simply seem to love it. Oooh how I hated him!!! Such a disrespect! Go away and don’t ever dare to come back! When he finished, spurting a huge shot of thick semen into my anus, I turned back with anger, not looking at him, wanting him to disappear right now.Degraded, humiliated, abused in my own bed, I contemplated the immensity of my orgasms. No matter how much I hated him, I couldn’t neglect how his treatment excited me. I always dreamed about the real ****. And so it happened! I should be rather happy and satisfied.Few minutes later my husband arrived, asking how was it to have my long awaited lover. Maybe it was a dream? Or maybe it was my husband? Such a mess in my mind. I bursted in complaints, forbidding to ever open the door for this bastard. Then my husband offered to caress my pussy, while I was telling him what happened. It helped me to digest the whole adventure in slow motion, and to realize that my deepest dream has been indeed made true! This time it was very realistic, uncontrolled, unexpected… Then I suggested my husband: You should brutally fuck my ass too. That would complete the picture of anal ****. I didn’t have to insist any further. On my back with the legs high up, he forced this soft ass with his throbbing cock and started fucking me like an a****l. I did follow his heat with delightful orgasms. It was amazing to be so full to the brim, greatly fucked at the highest speed, to the point when my swollen cunt started squirting, pouring sweet, warm pussy squirts all over his body. We reached the climax together, tightly embraced, fully satisfied.My husband smiled and remarked: If that’s the sex we are having after the night visit of your hated lover, I will keep the door open for him forever, no matter what is your opinion about his attitude.

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