Used at School 7


Used at School 7After about half and hour the girls were making too much noise for David to get to sleep so he got up and grabbed a couple of ball gags from the cabinet and went into their room and switched the light back on and he walked straight up to Olivia who had just orgasmed and he placed the ball gag into her mouth and fastened it behind her head and then went over to Claire and did the same with her. He then switched the light off one last time and went to bed.The next MorningDavid woke his usual sort of time and slowly got up try to stretch and wake himself fully before slowly walking to the girls room. He opened the door and as he looked in he could see the girl’s were still awake and they looked so tired and used, their bodies covered in sweat and cum and the machines were still working their pussies really hard and deep. David walked over to Olivia first and turned the machine off and Olivia gave out a little moan of relief as she felt the dildo’s pull out of her abused holes but it was not over for her. David started playing about with the machine moving bits around and changing the angle of one of the dildo’s and he then moved the machine closer to her again this time she could feel both dildo’s pressing against the entrance to her not so tight ass hole and she started to sake with fear and as she felt both dildo’s start to penetrate her she gave out a muffled scream through her ball gag and tears ran out of her eyes and down her cheeks as she felt every inch of the two dildo’s disappear inside her. David went a grabbed a camera and came back and took a few pictures of his two slut’s before he got on to Olivia’s bed and got on top of her and he quickly worked his cock into her well lubed pussy and he started to fuck her hard and deep making sure he pulled all the way out of her before pushing all the way back in increasing the speed with every thrust. Claire looked over and watched her friend getting pounded by her Master and new that it would be happening to her next. As the machine continued to fuck her holes she started to get close to her next orgasm and David noticed this and just as she was about to peak he turned the machine off and continued to fuck Olivia for a couple of minutes before turning the machine back on and watching her waiting to see when she was about to cum and it did not take long for her orgasm to build up once more and again just as she was about to cum he switched the machine off. Claire looked at him and tried to beg him to let her cum but he had no intention of letting her cum yet. He continued this until he was about to cum inside Olivia and he looked over at Claire and told her she could cum now and he let the Machine do it’s work and as he started to fill Olivia’s pussy with his cum he watched as the two girls bodies lost control and started to buck and shake as they came.David got up and switch the machines off and moved them off the bed’s and he untied the girls one at a time and each one of them struggled to moved through the pain in their muscles from being tied for so long.David went back into his room and grabbed the remote controlled vibrator’s and a spare set that he had used on Olivia when she was in school and he came back into the girl’s room and he got on to Claire’s bed first this time and he worked the vibrator’s into her holes and then did the same to Olivia and again kayseri escort he left the room for a few minutes before coming back, this time he had some little patches almost like plasters in his hand and he walked over to Claire and he started placing them in different spots around her body and then did the Same to Olivia.”Right girls these vibrator’s are going to be in you all day while you are at school and you both know what that mean don’t you? You can see I have put these little patches over your body and you might be wandering what they are. Well the are muscle stimulators which give you little shocks when I want them too which are controlled by this remote. Now I have sorted out your school clothes with something a bit different. Like last time you wont be wearing a bra and you will both be wearing short skirts and black suspenders and suspender belts but this time you will be wearing diapers under some sexy black silk panties. The reason for this is you are going to be made to cum a lot while in class and you have a lot of my cum inside you and we don’t want anyone seeing lot’s of wet seats and wet patches on your skirts now do we? Now going and get cleaned up and get dressed and I shall take you to school”Both the girls looked at each other a little worried about what everyone would think if they both got caught wearing diapers as well as the sexy panties and suspenders, but they new they had to do as they were ordered and they got on with getting washed and dressed ready for school. They headed down stairs where they found their Master waiting for them.”Good, how does it feel wearing them diapers girl’s?””I feel so embarrassed Master” Replied Olivia”Good, that is what I wanted. Oh yes and I forgot to tell you, you are not aloud to take off your diapers unless told to by me. That means if you want to pee then you will wet yourself’s. Understand?””Yes Master” replied the two girlsThe three of them headed outside to the car and David drove the girl’s to school. The girls were sitting in the back of the car and David kept watching them through the rear view mirror and he noticed that the were started to drop off to sleep so he grabbed the two remotes and turned them both on to the half setting. This woke the girls up as they felt their muscle tensing up as well as the vibrations inside their pussies and asses. David watched the girls as their bodies started to buck and move about as an orgasm built up inside them and there must have been something about the muscle stimulators but to the girls it felt like their orgasm started from their toes and worked it’s way to their pussies and it just drove them wild and they both came in the back of the car.David was amazed as it was only on the half setting so he could not wait to see what full power would be like. David pulled up outside the school gates and turned the car off. He then turned round to look at the girls who were still not fully over their orgasm’s yet.”right girls enjoy your day at school, I shall pop in to see you from time to time so make sure your phones are on and when I text you I expect you to get to me straight away””Thank you Master” they both replied before getting out of the car and heading for class. They sat down at the same desk and got on with their work expecting their Master to turn the Vibrators and stimulator on at any moment but they went through the first class with ease and without him turning anything on. They got into their next class and sat down and Olivia bent over to grab a book out of her bag when she suddenly felt the vibrators being turned on, first in her ass and then closely followed by the one in her pussy and she nearly fell off her seat as she felt the vibrations intensifying and then she felt the stimulators round her breast get turned on and she tried to act like she was still looking for her book even though it was hard to concentrate and not let out any moan’s of pleasure just incase someone heard her. Claire noticed that Olivia was taking her time and she asked he if she was ok and all Olivia could do was nod as her orgasm swept through her body and she braced herself against the table as she shook and struggled to catch her breath. The vibrators switch off as well as the stimulators and she could finally sit up and try to get back to work. She could feel the wetness in her diaper and she found it to be quite a turn on for her and she did not know what to think. Should she feel dirty and humiliated or should she feel something else.She did not say anything to Claire as she was not sure what she would think, so she just concentrated on her work for a few minutes until she felt the vibrations building inside her again, she could not believe that it was happening to her again and so soon after the last one and as soon as she had cum she got a text come through on her phone.”Right slave I hope you have enjoyed your little orgasm’s? I want you to leave the class and come to the new gym and I will be waiting for you”She texted him back saying she was on her way and she made some excuse to her teacher and left and ran to the new gym. Now what I should tell you is that the gym is still a work in progress and still has builders working in there from time to time. When Olivia got to the gym she found her Master standing outside waiting for her. “Hello Master” she said as she got close to him. “Hello Slave” he replied.”Glad you got here quick as you have got a lot to do so follow me and we shall get started”They both went into the gym and she could hear the workers down one end on the gym working away and she felt herself getting a bit nervous thinking what was going to happen.”Right slave remove all your school clothes just leaving you suspender belt and suspenders on, oh yes and leave your diaper on to for now.””Yes Master” she replied as she started to undress in front of him.”Good Girl. Now wait here”He walked down to where the workers were and was gone for a few minutes before he came back with a box in his hand. He grabbed Olivia’s hand and lead her over to one of the wall’s that had a wooden beam running along it about three feet off the ground. He placed the box on the ground and opened it and pulled out this black saddle type thing with one dildo and a round ball type thing in the middle of it and a power lead. He placed it against the wall and ordered Olivia remove her diaper and to sit on it so the dildo was in her ass and the round ball was pressed against her pussy. He then grabbed one of her arms and placed it so it was running along the wooden beam and he tied it in place before grabbing her other arm and running that along the beam like the other and again tied it in place so her arms were stretched out either side of her making herpush her chest out. He then plugged in the lead and then turned it on and she felt the vibrations building through the saddle and through the dildo and the ball. David stood up and got his cock out and he ordered her to open her mouth which she did without hesitation and he started to fuck her mouth making take his full length deep down her throat making her gag. She could not swallow her serliver she it started to dribble out of her mouth and down her breast and down to her pussy. Soon Olivia was cumming and she squirted all over the saddle and David started to cum deep down her throat before pulling out and squirting the last few drops over her breast. He then put his cock away and he left her there for a few minutes before coming back with a bag. He pulled out two lengths of string and a load of clothes pegs. He then moved up close to Olivia and dropped to his knees in front of her and he clipped on of the pegs to her skin about three inches above her right breast and just to one side, he then tied one of the lengths of string to the peg and let it dangle down her side and he grabbed another fifteen pegs and clipped each one to her skin along the length of the string. She had three pegs above her breast and twelve underneath running down to her hips and he repeated it on her left side and as her next orgasm started to build he pulled on the right side length of string pulling all the pegs off that side making her moan out loud in pleasure and pain and as she started to squirt he pulled on the other length of string pulling the rest of the pegs off her. He then turned the power up on the saddle and left her there and he walked down to the builders and invited them up to join in on the fun. Olivia did not know that they had been watching her all the time and she new what she was going to have to do to these builders. The youngest guy was in his late thirties and the oldest was in his early sixties and there were ten of them and she was going to have to suck each one of their old cocks and swallow their cum. She also new that she was going to have to put up with seeing them every day until they finished the gym and knowing that when they look at her they know what she looks like naked and tied up and she thought she would not be able to do it but it was too late as the first guy started to work his cock into her mouth and the placed his hands on either side of her head and he started to fuck her mouth hard and fast before cumming inside her. She sucked every guy and swallowed their cum and she thought that would be it but she was wrong. She had cum so many times she had lost count and she was getting very weak but four of the men stood in front of her and started wanking their cocksand one by one they started squirting their cum over her breast and face and each one of the guys did this before going back to work. David then untied Olivia and he ordered her to stand and he then collect as much of the cum as he could and he rubbed it over her pussy and continued to rub her until she squirted one last time. He ordered her to get dressed and go back to class. Olivia walked over to her clothes and slowly got dressed and then left the gym and headed for her next class only stopping off at the toilets to clean herself up a bit. When she got into class she went and joined Claire and she told her what she had been through as the class went on and Claire wandered what would happen to her.To be continued

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