Used by a Bi Couple


Used by a Bi CoupleI arrived at the couple’s house and we headed right upstairs. As soon as I wasin the bedroom I put down the bag of bondage equipment and strippedcompletely naked except for a black spandex G-string. The woman was Dom andher boyfriend was sub. As soon as I was stripped I would turn around and shewould put me in restraints. A thick leather posture collar would go around myneck and be locked on, then cuffs would be locked on my wrists. These would be locked togetherand also to a chain that hung down from the back of the collar. She wouldlastly use a big silk scarf to blindfold me so I was completely helpless. Iwould be moved over to the end of the bed then ordered to stay there. I couldhear them undressing as I stood there, being in helpless bondage would makemy cock get very hard. When she was finished undressing I could hear her geton the bed, and then I would feel her slowly stroke my cock through thespandex. When I was really horny and started to moan she would order me tokneel down at the edge of the bed and order her boyfriend to sit in front ofme and lay back on the bed. She would sit in a chair to the side so she couldget a good view and order me to start slow sucking his cock so he bursa escort would behorny but not cum. As I was going down on him I could hear her playing withherself and even smell her sex as she watched the show I was providing forher. She would have me keep sucking him until she got herself off then haveme stop. She would then order me to stand up and turn towards her. She wouldreach out and grab my cock and pull me over in front of her. She wouldattach a cock and ball harness to me that was hooked up to a hand held tensunit. Then she would have me kneel down and start to lick her pussy. As I wasgoing down on her she would start to turn up the current on the tens unit. Atfirst it was just a nice gentle buzzing in my balls but as she got moreexcited she liked to keep turning up the current. Soon the pulses werecausing me to buck my hips and pull at my chained wrists as I kept my faceburied between her thighs. She would turn the current up and down so I neverknew if the next jolt would be pleasure or pain. As she began to cum sheloved to see me in pain. So as her orgasm hit her she would turn up the powerso I would scream into Her pussy and collapse to the floor at her feet. I wouldrelax for a second as the bursa escort bayan current cut out then the next jolt would hit and every muscle would tense up again. She would just leave me on the floor while she recoveredfor a few minutes. Then I would be led over to a padded saw horse and laiddown on it. My collar was then locked to a chain on the front. My ankles were placed in cuffs and chained down. A strap went over my back and locked to hold me steady so my ass was exposed on one end and my mouth was available on the other. My hands were unchained so I could stroke as well as suck his cock. With everything secured with locks I was totally helpless. She would then put on her strap on harness and lube up my ass. She would have her boyfriend stand in front of the horseand have me suck his cock as she slid the dildo in my ass. She would start tofuck me and told me she would stop as soon as I made him cum also I hadto swallow every drop. It was hard to concentrate on sucking him with herramming her big rubber cock in my ass so it would usually take me a while toget him off. She would usually cum at least once from fucking me and by thetime I got him off my ass would be good and sore. After this she would escort bursa just leave me strapped to the horse while she took a little break and had a drink. But she would turn the tens back on and leaveit running just enough to drive me nuts but not enough to let me cum. Thisway she had a nice little show to watch as she sat sipping her drink. I wouldbe strapped down tight twisting and moaning in my bondage, cum dripping fromthe head of my cock, humping my hips trying to get over the edge. But shewould just sit there and chuckle and ask me if her little slut was horny. Once she finished her drink she would be ready to be entertained again. She would sit back in her chair and have herboyfriend unlock me from the horse. Then she would tell him it was his turn for his reward. He would be allowed to fuck my ass until he came. She then ordered me to suck him to hardnessagain. Once his cock was good and hard she would have him go behind me to fuck me, so she could watch while she played with herself. As she did this she would pick up the tens unit and start toplay with the current with one hand while she pleasured herself with theother. I would be getting fucked in the ass as electricity shot through mycock and balls. When he finally reached orgasm and came in my ass she wouldcontinue to play with the current and make me lick her until She came.After this I would be released and allowed to dress and leave until shewished to use me again.

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