Used by My Friends


Used by My FriendsIt had been a week since I’d been in the store room. I’d taken off 2 shifts so I wouldn’t have to see Cliff. I couldn’t bear the thought of seeing him and knowing what he must be thinking of me. How could I have let him humiliate me like that?As much as I hated him for doing that to me, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I was so constantly turned on by the mere thought of him cumin on my face that I was soaking wet all the time. The day I went back to work he was supposed to be off, so I felt ok about being there. He hadn’t called or texted me in the last few days so I was pretty sure he was going to either have left it alone or been done with me. That thought was ok, but I really didn’t like it. In my own mind, I wanted him to violate me again, and not just use my mouth this time.I worked my shift and my boss Suzan asked me to go for a drink with her after we were done so I said ok.We went up to the Wings place by work and were talking and drinking for about an hour, when I got a text. It was Cliff.He apologized for not calling or texting the last few days and said he’d been busy with his girlfriend and couldn’t slip away to say thanks. But that I was still on his mind.I didn’t know how to answer him, but for some reason, probably the alcohol I texted back that I couldn’t stop thinking about him either. I hit send and wanted to take it back right away. But it was too late.He texted back that he wasn’t doing anything at the moment, did I want to meet him someplace? Before I even thought it through, I sent that I was out with Sue at the Wings place.He sent back that he’d be there in about 10 minutes.The butterflies started in my stomach and I wanted to throw up. How could I be so stupid? What was I going to say to him when he got there? I ordered to double shots of tequila and slammed them. Then another of whiskey. Sue asked me what was wrong? I told her that Cliff was coming there . She didn’t see what the problem was. He’d been out for drinks with us before…My head started to spin a bit faster and I explained to her what had happened the other day in the store room. She looked a little shocked but didn’t call me down for what I’d done. What she did kind of shocked me.. She asked me what it was like??I grinned and said the first thing that came to mind.. BIG.She smiled and said she’d always wondered what he was like. I pulled out my phone and showed her the pic he’d taken.She stared at it for a minute and looked at me and said, Damn! He really is huge.She’d barely gotten that out of her mouth when we saw Cliff walk in with a couple of his friends. This was something I wasn’t expecting. But I was more than a little excited to see him. I didn’t know the guys he was with though and neither did Sue.They came over to our table and sat down and introduced themselves and we all started talking. They kept buying Sue and me drinks for the next hour, till the bar closed. Then offered to take us to get something to eat. Sue said she had to get home and asked if I’d be ok? I told her I would text her when I got home. I was planning on leaving about the same time as her too, when Cliff asked me if I’d rather go back to his place for something to eat? I knew I was way too drunk to drive and was going to call my husband to come pick me up. This suggestion for some reason sounded like a better idea than that, not to mention it would save a lot of questioning from his as to why I’d spent so much money on alcohol. Then I’d have to explain that I canlı bahis şirketleri didn’t pay for it and he’d want to know who did and blah blah blah. I told him ok, sure but that I couldn’t be out too late either. Because Joe and the k**s were still home and I was only coming out for a drink with Sue. He said he’d make sure and take care of me and get me home after I’d finished. This made me feel better and by this time I’d gotten to know his friends too. Suzan was feeling reluctant to leave, she was really having fun too, but finally got up and left.The rest of us left at the same time walking her out to her car. When she’d gone I got into Cliffs truck and he drove me back to his house. I remembered about his girlfriend as we pulled up and asked him about her. He said it was ok, she wasn’t here and would be gone for the next couple of days so she wouldn’t even know I’d been there.I wasn’t quite sure how to take that, but after a moment it didn’t matter. His friends pulled up behind us and I was kind of surprised and asked him. Did you know they were going to be coming over too?He said yeah, that he’d invited them to come with him. He laughed and winked when he said it, but I didn’t quite get the joke. He has a bit of a quirky sense of humor sometimes, so I just laughed with him like I understood what he was talking about.We went inside with his friends and sat in the living room. I found myself sitting on the couch between his friend Dave and James and for as big as the couch was the three of us were crowded pretty closely. I’m not a small woman and the two guys on either side of me were not only several inches taller than me but they were built like linebackers. We were all laughing and talking in just a few minutes and the alcohol finally caught up with me. I seemed to be watching myself sitting there talking and laughing. It didn’t help there was a huge mirror on the wall across from us and I couldn’t keep from looking at it.I don’t remember what we were talking about other than I was laughing and having a really good time and that I was starting to get very hot and sweating because of the body heat from the guys sitting next to me.Someone commented that I looked really hot and I said I was feeling it and that I was making a puddle where I was sitting because of it. Thinking back on it now, I realize how it sounded and why it caused the reaction in them that it did. First James then Dave reached down between my legs and felt my pussy through my pants. I didn’t know what to think, let alone say or do. I was so stunned by them doing this that I just let them feel me. Any other time I’d have screamed and ran away, but I was drunk and watching them do this to me in the mirror and it really excited me. It was like watching a porn and being able to feel it. I’d never had two guys playing with me before and it got me wet almost instantly.Dave said, yeah she’s wet as hell all right. I leaned back on the couch and spread my legs a bit more and let them do anything they wanted. I pretended to close my eyes and put my hands behind my head to support it. But I kept watching the mirror though the cracks of my eyes. Cliff walked around behind the couch and reached down and pulled my tank top up and off. This was going to be more than I was prepared for and I got really nervous and said something but didn’t finish because suddenly my bra was being taken off and both guys started sucking and biting my nipples.Have you ever had a nipple orgasm? I did canlı kaçak iddaa right then. My hands moved from behind my head down to what I thought was my sides but I realized they were full of very hard very large cocks and I was massaging and squeezing them. Both guys unzipped their pants and let me pull their cocks out and stroke them. A few moments later Cliffs other friend was between my legs undoing my pants and pulling them down and off. I felt fingers go under my panties and start playing with my pussy and my clit. Then there were fingers inside me.I got pulled forward more off the couch so that I was halfway off it with just my head against the back. I could see in the mirror still and was looking down and saw that Dave and James were both fingering my pussy. Then I felt fingers playing with my asshole. This scared me more than a little, I had the feeling these guys were going to do me in every hole they wanted to and not give me any choice in the matter.The next few minutes were a blinding orgasm. I can’t even describe how big it was. I thought I was going to pass out. The next thing I remember was being pulled up and set down on my knees and having a huge black cock forced into my mouth. I looked up to see all four guys standing around me looking down and stroking their cocks expectantly. I took turns sucking each of them and stroking the others with both of my hands. This went on for a while and they were all rock hard and saying they wanted more of me by the time I got pulled up.Cliff was behind me and he bent me over and plunged his huge cock into my pussy. I expected it to hurt a lot more than it did. He’s the biggest I’ve ever had inside me. But I was so wet at that point that he slid in easily. He laughed and said this white girl is more than ready and willing to take a lot of cock in her. James said, give it to her in that big ass and let see if we can make her squeal for us. Cliff laughed again and asked me if I’d like that? I actually said yeah I would. He told me to tell him to fuck my ass. I looked into the mirror and told him to shove that big black cock of his in my ass and make me squeal…. Please???This was so erotic, I couldn’t believe I was actually saying that. Especially in a room full of guys that I didn’t know. Cliff pulled his cock out of my pussy and I felt the tip pushing against my asshole, then there was an explosion of pain as he penetrated me. I let out what was more of a squeal than a scream, which made all the guys laugh. Before I could make any more sound someone grabbed me by the hair on the sides of my head and shoved his cock into my mouth. I heard him say, that should quiet our little piggy down a bit.After that they all took turns on me, first having me suck their cocks then violating my ass or pussy till I couldn’t stay standing. Then James sat on the couch and told me to straddle him and sit down. As I did this he positioned his cock. The moment I sat down I felt his cock plunge deep in my ass. I hadn’t been expecting that and let out a whimper. Before I could do anything else he told Dave to fuck my pussy now. He didn’t even hesitate. Now I had two huge black cocks pumping both my holes. I thought they were going to tear me in half! I started to orgasm and the more I did, the more I was grinding on their cocks. That only made them fuck me harder in turn making me orgasm more.They stopped long enough to pull out of me and trade me off to the other two guys and it started all over again. They canlı kaçak bahis stopped again and when I was traded this time they turned me around so that I was facing Cliff as he fucked my pussy and his other friend, I keep trying to remember his name, but anyway, he started fucking me in the ass again. James stood up on the couch and grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock back into my mouth. Dave climbed up on the other side of me and pulled my hand over to his cock and had me stroke him while watching me getting fucked in the ass and pussy and my mouth. I could see the two in front of me looking at the mirror and grinning . They were saying something but I couldn’t hear what because the blood was rushing so loudly in my ears and the sound of my own moaning was too loud.I couldn’t concentrate at all on anything for what seemed like hours, I kept getting fucked but traded off several times sucking James then the other guy. Then I heard Cliff grunt and say I’m cumin in that white pussy of yours and I felt his load deep inside of me, Dave groaned and said ah yeah, how bout a load of nigga cum up that big white ass of yours?That must have done it, because James and the other guy grabbed my hair and jerked my head back and stroked themselves off the rest of the way and both of them came on my face and in my mouth.I could hear them both laughing as they did that and saying that I really was the kind of white girl who loved getting gang fucked by nigga’s. This was gonna be a great video.That brought me up short. What video? I tried to open my eyes and see them, but my face was covered with so much of their jizz that I couldn’t. I started to ask what they were talking about when someone shoved something in my face and told me to wipe it off, because they were done and I needed to clean up.I started wiping my face off and swallowed the cum in my mouth and was finally able to open my eyes and see them. I felt Dave pull out of my ass and then I got up off of Cliff. I couldn’t stand up so I sort of flopped down on the couch next to him and finished wiping the jizz off my neck and chest.Cliff asked me if I was ok?I didn’t quite know how to answer him. My ass was on fire and my pussy ached and my jaw had been stretched to the point I thought it was dislocated. I couldn’t move my legs and my arms were rubber. I had never orgasmed so much in my entire life, combined. And now I was sitting on a couch totally naked after having been gangbanged by four brothers. Making me a white Ho like they’d called me. I felt totally humiliated and ashamed and violated and at the same time I was totally turned on by that fact. That made it worse and I wanted more and never wanted to see any of them again. I couldn’t decide what, at the moment I just wanted to run away and hide in my house. But then they all started to help me get my clothes back together and even helped me put them back on.I wanted to hate them and now they were being so nice to me and talking to me like I was a good friend and just being so damn polite! What was all the fat white girl crap all about?? I got finished dressing and Cliff even went into the kitchen and made us all something to eat. I was afraid to talk to the guys around me or ask them what had just happened. It might have just been in my imagination except for the fact that I hurt all over and wasn’t able to sit because my ass was still on fire.After I finished eating I had Cliff drive me home and that’s when I looked at my watch. Oh my God! It was almost 5 in the morning. How was I gonna explain why I was getting home so late!? He parked out in front of my house and kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my breast and said, I’ll send you the disk tomorrow. good night. and then he drove away.

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