Visit to the Spa with mature fuck buddy


Visit to the Spa with mature fuck buddyVisit to the Spa with mature fuck buddyI don’t know how many of you have been to a naturist spa that also has playrooms for swingers. My friend and I go every few months to relax in the saunas and Jacuzzis and she also likes to have the men look at her naked. The clientele is a mix from those just using the naturist spa area. There are the guys you don’t pay attention to naked women, women in bathing costume bottoms and topless. Then there are the guys and couples there looking for sex, and the single guys are easy to spot as they often have a semi hard on, will have ‘strange’ hand action in the Jacuzzi as they adjust their cocks and these guys will ‘patrol’ around the spa and go into the play areas watching out for any action. My friend found the latter type of guys off putting to start with, but has now got used to them and often teases them. The last time there was amazing. When we arrived the place was quite empty and we were the only couple there, and there was a group of three women together in the saunas who were clearly there just for the sauna. There was about 10 single guys in the spa, a few of them sat outside the sauna waiting to see what glimpses they could catch of the three women.As we walked through the spa to the showers we caught the attention of most of the guys. We removed our towels and showered and my friend, V, commented that she was aware of many eyes watching istanbul escort her. We left the showers, carrying our towels so the guys could see our full nakedness and V picked up a few followers as we went to the Jacuzzi. We sat in the Jacuzzi for about 5 minutes and by the time we were ready to leave 5 guys had join us in the Jacuzzi. As V stood up to get out her pussy was at eye level to all the guys so she deliberately moved slowly so they all got a good view, especially the guy nearest the steps out as as V bent over. She got her towel and dried herself off in front of all the guys, paying particular attention to her breasts. We went to the drinks area and got cups of tea each. We sat and chatted, both being naked, and V said she was really enjoying teasing the guys. I asked her how far she wanted to go, and she told me wasn’t sure at the moment. So we finished our drinks and went back to the spa area. Again she picked up a group of followers as we entered the sauna. We sat on the top bench and quickly the spaces on the lower bench opposite us were quickly taken. I could see V was enjoying the attention and the guys sat opposite were getting a good view of her pussy each time she opened her legs. One guy could not hide his hard on under his towel and V whispered to me that it seemed one guy was enjoying the view, and as she finished her sentence she opened avcılar escort her legs very wide showing off her pussy lips. When the heat became too much for us we left the sauna and went to the showers. As we washed V said she was getting very turned on by the attention and needed some relief. So we decided to go to the playrooms. V went by herself as I needed to go back to the lockers to get some condoms just in case she decided she wanted to play with any of the guys. When I got to the play rooms I was surprised to find V already lying on one of the mattresses playing with her pussy with 2 guys standing in the doorway watching. I went into the room and asked V if she wanted privacy or for me to leave the door open. She wanted the door left open.She carried on playing with her pussy so I started to suck on her nipples, which quickly hardened, as did my cock. She started to stroke my cock so I positioned myself so that I could lick her pussy. Soon we were in the 69 position and when I looked towards the door there were several guys there stroking their cocks. I beckoned them in so they could get a better view. Soon there was a row of guys along the wall watching, and one of them had moved forward so that he could carress V’s tits. As I repositioned I could see that V was also stroking his cock. I decided to stop my playing and moved away, hoping V would invite the guys to join her. V sat up şirinevler escort and asked why I had stopped. I pointed to the guys in the room and said that I thought they might want a better view of her body as they were all clearly excited by what they could see. V sat on the edge of the bed and signalled the guys to come closer. Soon their hands were all over her breasts and she was at the right height to suck on the guys cock. On didn’t last too long and shot his cum over her face and breasts, so I passed V a towel to clean off his mess. V then lied down again and one of the guys started to lick her pussy as she sucked on another guy. I asked V if she wanted them to fuck her and when she said yes I got the condoms out for the guys to use. The guys took it in turns to fuck her and be sucked by her, and I waited patiently for my turn. Eventually V had received two cum shots over her face and two over her belly as guys had pulled out, removed their condoms and sprayed their juices. Another 2 guys had cum inside her, in their condoms. By this stage a few of the guys had left but the others remained watching her. I mounted her bareback and fucked her hard, but what I had watched meant I couldn’t hold out very long and was soon emptied my balls deep inside her. The guys who had remained could see my cum ooze out as I withdrew my cock. To V’s suprise one of the guys knelt down and started to lick her pussy clean, and he brought her to a shuddering noisy orgasm. V got up after a few minutes and we went to the showers to clean up. She got a few funny looks as she walked to the shower area, and I am not sure whether this was the sight of cum on her or he noise she had made as she orgasmed. [][/image]

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