Watching Désirée Ch. 04


‘You look happy.’ Marshall said when Désirée walked into the lounge the next evening. ‘I take it it went well as I would expect with your intelligence.’

She nodded and beamed. ‘Although I’m not convinced I got everything right, I’m pretty sure I got a good score.’

He handed her a mug of chocolate milk. ‘I’m not going to jinx it by congratulating you already, but I’m happy for you. Well done.’

‘Thank you.’ she said and smiled softly at him. ‘You did help me with studying, and with my nervousness.’

He smiled back at her. ‘I’m sure helping with studying wasn’t needed with your smarts. As for that other thing, I just got lucky at that time to have the solution handed to me.’

‘Still,’ she said and gave him a kiss on his cheek. ‘thank you for caring.’

‘Wow.’ he said with a little grin. ‘Maybe I should start caring more.’

She drank her chocolate milk and handed her mug back to him. ‘I think the rest of the girls here would get jealous.’ she chuckled and went for the dressing room.

Marshall had chosen a light blue wide ribbon to tie Désirée up this time. She watched him while he wrapped the ribbon around her chest and she couldn’t suppress the fantasy about him from the night before. His hands touching her body sent little sparks across her skin. She felt her nipples harden and the tingling inside her pussy get worse. His careful touch only seemed to make her more sensitive to his presence and her heart was beating faster.

Marshall thought Désirée seemed a little meeker while tying her up this time. He felt an erection start in his pants and got güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a little nervous, something he hadn’t experienced before. He glanced at her face and was glad she was looking sideways while he was busy wrapping her breasts with the ribbon and wondered if her skin had always felt this warm. Chastising himself for staring at her gently heaving chest he concentrated on his job and tied the ribbon in a large bow behind her back and a smaller one in the side of her neck.

The light tightness of the ribbon around her neck felt good and she loved what he had done. She smiled softly when he gave her one last look to check her bindings.

He grinned at her, thinking she looked absolutely cute. ‘Now, that’s adorable.’ he said.

She batted her eyelashes and stuck out her lower lip. ‘Can I pway now?’

He laughed. ‘Yes, you can.’ he said and walked to the door. ‘I’ll fetch your first playmate.’

Her first customer seemed to be another office worker and got hard quickly when he saw her, remarking how cute she looked. She almost couldn’t wait for him to enter her when she had been wanting to get fucked from the moment Marshall had touched her. She felt relief when the man slid his larger than average dick deep inside her. She watched him enjoy her tight and wet pussy and her thoughts veered toward Marshall watching her. Her arousal intensified instantly and she looked at the camera from where he would be watching her, hoping he would see her pleasure while she got fucked.

Marshall did see it and tried to dismiss his own growing arousal from güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri watching Désirée’s eyes filled with desire and satisfaction by concentrating on the other monitors, but his eyes kept returning to hers while it seemed like she was looking directly at him.

After her first customer was done he walked in to clean her up. Her face was flushed red with the afterglow of her pleasure and she wanted to look at him, but quickly looked away. She smiled softly but he avoided looking at her eyes while he sat down and wiped her hot mound gently.

‘Was it satisfying?’ he asked.

She nodded. ‘Yeah.’ she said, thinking about telling him why, but thought better of it.

He made sure she was clean when he stood up again and saw her eyes were resting on the bulge in his pants. He figured he’d better play it down before she got the wrong idea. ‘Even I have those moments where biology gets the better of me.’ he said with a little grin. ‘It doesn’t last and distracts me, thankfully.’

She looked up at him, giving him an understanding nod and smile. ‘It wouldn’t be very professional, walking around with a constant erection.’

He nodded. ‘I’ll get your next in line.’ he said and left the room.


Marshall was glad he could get himself under control most of the time and that Désirée didn’t mention it any further during the shift. He untied her at the end and she met up with the other girls in the dressing room.

‘You look a little different today.’ asked Melissa. ‘Did anything happen?’

Fran gave Désirée a nudge. ‘Or güvenilir bahis şirketleri did you fall for a customer?’ she asked. ‘I see a little crush in the air.’

Désirée chuckled and shook her head. ‘I know better than to fall for any guy in this job.’ she said. ‘It’ll only end in heartbreak.’ She resigned in knowing she’d never have any real relationship. That was the price to pay in exchange for satisfying her addiction.

After a little more small talk she went home trying to sleep, but she couldn’t before masturbating and fantasising about Marshall watching her while she got fucked by many men again, then get fucked by him after all men were done.

She sighed when she reached her squirming climax, partly in satisfaction, partly in shame for using him for masturbation, partly because she had to keep this a secret. She told herself it probably would be a temporary fantasy and be replaced with something else later and clung to her pillow until she fell asleep.

Marshall tried going to sleep after a stiff drink but Désirée’s face kept coming back into his mind, her look of desire and happiness making his erection close to aching hard. He grabbed his dick and stroked it, thinking of her while man after man plunged their dicks into her insatiable pussy, bringing her the pleasure she needed so much, then finishing her off by taking her last. The pressure in his dick and balls had never before come so quick and he released a big wad of seed up to his chin with a deep groan.

He stared up at the ceiling while his heart beat fast and he tried to control his heavy breathing. He hadn’t felt this urge in a long time and it bothered him. He didn’t want Désirée to find out about it because she might just think he’d just take advantage of her because of her addiction to sex. With a groan in frustration he got up from his bed to take a cool shower before trying to get back to sleep.

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