We Finally Meet, in the Coffee Shop


We Finally Meet, in the Coffee Shop*** Please do not use this story as your own or I’ll be forced to find you and expose you for the fraud you are! *** We have decided to meet. Just to talk, though our discussions via email and phone and chat have been saturated with sexual innuendos. I’m walking into that COZY coffee shop to see you for the first time. Wow, the anticipation is building. And we have a cozy place in a corner. Where there is a bench seat, but only on one side of the table (which has a floor length tablecloth on it) so we have to sit next to one another. That works, right? And we hug and peck each other on the cheek….like we are old friends. Well we are friends….I have an above-the-knee pencil skirt that buttons (small buttons) down the front and a jacket/blazer, so that you can see my camisole just at the V in my jacket’s neckline. I have on nylons and heels.And we get to talking, and soon I cross my leg. That is the first that you notice what I am most lovingly showing you – as my skirt creeps up my leg – you can see the tops of the stockings and you realize these are not pantyhose! I see you looking, glancing, and decide to give you a little more to look at, and show you the spot where the stocking meets my leg, and the garter. Hmmmm. You have no idea what is coming next, you figure that this is just the style of nylons I like to wear.Then, since the lights are rather dim, and since we are almost alone in this coffee shop, and since I don’t care who else is there (in terms of the wait staff), I want to show you my camisole. So I make some comment about being a bit warm and start to unbutton my jacket. You’re talking, and then you stop – because you see that it is not a camisole that I have on – it’s something much anadolu yakası escort more….. sexy. My breasts, which you had noticed before as large, round and well-supported, are almost bursting out of my lingerie. And it becomes apparent to you that this lingerie is the same color as the garters, so you realize that this is…..well, who knows? Maybe I just like to match my lingerie and my garter belt.That lingerie, it’s a corset, and you are soon to find that out when I start unbuttoning the lower buttons of my skirt. After all I am just trying to get comfortable – my jacket is unbuttoned and my buttoned skirt is a bit too tight for me to cross my legs comfortably. It’s all about comfort.What a tease I am being, and I know it, but I pretend that I don’t know that I am having any effect on you. After all, we’re just friends meeting for coffee, right? So as I unbutton about 5 of the 20 or so buttons on my skirt, you can see more and more. And you realize, after I uncross my legs and cross them the other way, that I have no panties on. Nothing. What you see is a beautiful pussy. And it is calling your name.We sit closer and closer, just getting comfy. And then I put my hand on your leg, in fun as I am laughing about something you said, but I leave it there. Now you are catching on to my intentions (which you suspected all along, of course – you are NO dummy). So your hand goes on my leg, and you rub my leg and the stockings, and you have never felt clothing so smooth and sexy in your life. Who knew clothing could be sexy and functional?! And you are looking at the tops of my breasts, which only you can see, because i still have my jacket on-over my shoulders.As you start rubbing ataşehir escort my leg, getting closer and closer to my feminine parts, I slip off my shoes – for comfort, of course. And one of my feet starts rubbing your leg, just under one pant leg. Mmmmmm. That feeling is making you crazy. What am I trying to do to you? And I look so calm and in control, how can I be, you wonder?!You can’t resist any longer. None of the wait staff is around, and you don’t much care. After all, there is a sizable table in front of us, blocking our lower bodies from the view of anyone. (they have to have these special coffee shops somewhere, right?) Your hand is rubbing my leg and it moves up, farther and farther, until it’s hitting the garters. Hmmm, interesting, these things.More interesting is the fact that you can nearly feel my pussy – you can feel the heat coming from me. You finally touch me, and I gasp. Because I’m not playing a game with you any longer, I am into you seriously. I want you to play with me and I unbutton a few more buttons on my skirt to give you generous access. And you welcome that access. Your fingers start touching me, feeling the soft, smoothness of my femininity. I unbutton a bit more so that I can prop one leg up on your leg, so that you have a full view and easy access to my pussy.And you can see that my pussy, my lips, are wet and waiting for you. You can see them glistening. And the garters stretch to each side as my legs move apart for you. My stockings – you can still feel them on your forearm, and you don’t want to lose contact with them – they feel so good – so sexy. No piece of clothing has ever felt this good, especially when you are so sexually charged, so hot and hard, that ümraniye escort you want every piece of clothing on both of us OFF. But no, you want those stockings to stay on – you are loving those.As your fingers begin to play with me, to spread my lips and look at my glistening pussy, you can see that I am so wet, so hot for you. You can see my clit, and you play with it. You are crazy with wanting me – we are in a coffee shop, for goodness sake, and what are we doing?And as you play, and as I softly moan in agreement with your technique, you start to look at my breasts, and decide they aren’t getting the attention they deserve. I notice your roaming eyes, and I take my blazer off and throw it over one shoulder – that shoulder is the one facing the rest of the room. I unbutton the rest of my skirt and you get an almost full view of my corset, and you are amazed. So beautiful I am in this garment, so beautifully it hugs my curves and pushes up my breasts (what little it covers of them). In fact, you can see my nipples!You reach over, still playing with my clit, and you kiss my nipple. Tenderly. And you notice that this lingerie, this corset, has a little gift for you, as it opens in the front. So you begin to unfasten it, from the top down, and you uncover more of me and more of my breasts. You can see them, but no one else can, so you take your free hand and take my breast in your hand and bring it up to your lips, your tongue. Oh, the pleasure you are giving me.And yet you are still playing with my clit, my inner lips, and now you are pushing and pulling your finger in and out of me, and I am mad with desire and the need to be with you. But I am relaxed because you feel so good and you do what you do so well, that I don’t need to be tense – I just know that I don’t need to try to cum, that you will do that for me. You play a little longer, with my breast, with my pussy and I tell you, softly, that I am ready for you, that you are taking me over the edge, into that oblivion known as an orgasm….to be continued…Copywrite LMSC – all rights reserved

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