What Happened That Summer Ch. 02

Big Tits

Regardless of what my brain was screaming at me, I just had to know.

“Yes, you can take me. But for heaven’s sake, go very slowly. I’ve never had anything as large as you inside me.”

Claudio bent to kiss me lustily before I flopped back.

Starting his rubbing up and down my slit again, he asked, “Large what?”


“It’s not a penis, dear Jill, it’s a cock, a hard throbbing cock and it wants to go into your delicious pussy and fuck you until you cum again, hopefully several more times.”

My husband and I almost never talk dirty when we make love. Up until then I didn’t even like the word pussy when referring to my genitals. But while they sounded rude and harsh to my ears, Claudio’s words had a very erotic effect on me.

“Put it in me, Claudio, now!”

“Not until you say the words.”

I was exasperated. That rubbing was getting me close to cumming again. “What words?”

“Tell me what you want me to do.”

“I want you to make love to me.”

“No. ‘Making love’ is not what we’re going to do. Making love is polite. I don’t think we’re being polite this evening, do you?”

“All right then. I want you to fuck me.”

He was still grinning down infuriatingly. “With what?”

“With your fat cock.”

“And where do you want me to put my fat cock?”

If he wanted to play games, I’d give him games! “I want your fat cock in my pussy RIGHT NOW!”

“That’s better.”

“Just go slowly. It’s very big and I’m a little nervous.”

“Don’t worry. You’re very, very wet. And besides,” he added, kissing the tip of my nose, “you’re going to do it.”

“You want me on top?”

“No. I want you just as you are, but I want you to push yourself onto me.”

I was puzzled. “How?”

“Simple. I’ll line my cock up with the opening of your pussy, then you wrap your legs around mine and pull yourself up. I’ll just stay where I am. You can put as much or as little of my cock into you as you want, and if it hurts, just let go of my waist with your legs. You’ll drop back down.”

“Can’t you just stick it in?”

“Sure, but this way you’re in control of everything. Now scrunch up farther on the bed so you can push against me with your hands on the bar behind you.

We shifted around a bit to line things up: me wiggling up and Claudio sliding down a bit.

Suddenly, I could again feel him right at my opening. I raised my head to look down between our bodies. His cock looked fatter than ever, capped by its massive head. I thought of the phrase “rampant cock” that I’d once read in an erotic novel. This was most definitely a rampant cock — and pretty damned intimidating, too!

Claudio was as good as his word. He let me do it all. Wrapping my legs around the back of his, I took a deep breath, then pulled with my legs and pushed with my hands against the bar above my head. His large hands supporting my ass felt wonderful.

I could feel the pressure of the head of his cock pushing against me, but nothing happened. I relaxed, took another breath and pulled much harder with my legs but my opening again held.

Relax, I told myself. You can do this.

I pushed and pulled again, but it still wouldn’t go in, so with a grunt I pushed harder than ever. Finally my opening expanded and that huge head just popped inside. The pressure I felt was intense. My eyes just about crossed.

“Jeez, it feels like a baseball bat!”

“Stay still and relax. You’ll adjust.”

I looked up at him. “Like all your other women?”

“Honestly, there haven’t been that many. I’m picky about who I take to bed.”

It hurt, but in a sort of good way, and I realized that was mostly because I was so concerned it might hurt that I’d tensed up. Concentrating on my breathing, I willed myself to just relax and let this happen. I wanted this. It was too late to stop now because the damage was already done. My pussy was hanging off the cock of another man.

Using my legs, I wiggled around a bit causing no more of his thick shaft to go in, but making what was in there move around a bit and get more lubed up. The head of his cock was also rubbing against something that felt incredible, so I wiggled around a lot more!

I was ready to try taking in another inch or two. Tightening my legs against his, I pulled Claudio’s butt down towards me and was rewarded by more cock slipping into me. I did this a few more times, and when I stuck my head up to look between our bodies, I saw that about half of him was inside me. Some more push/pull got another inch in. Already he was way farther inside than David had ever been — and he’s not really what you would call small.

“Wait,” I gasped. “My legs are getting tired.”

“Do you want me to take over?”

“As long as you do it very slowly. You’re huge!”

“And you feel absolutely incredible, Jill. We shifted around some more, but I kept him inside me. When we were comfortable again, he said, “Just tell me when you’re ready for more.”

We continued to make out and within a minute, I signaled gölbaşı escort Claudio by tugging on his hips. He pushed a bit more inside me.

Over the next few minutes, I manipulated Claudio with my hands on his hips, sliding him out and in, gradually working more and more of his cock into me. There was now nearly no pain as I relaxed and stretched open to receive him. It crossed my mind that I might be changed forever down there and my husband would immediately know what I’d done, but I couldn’t have stopped at that point for the world.

We continued French kissing while I “encunted” him, both of us moaning at the deliciousness of what it felt like.

I broke the kiss and we both looked down. I still had two more inches of his cock to go.

“How big is that thing?” I asked.

“Nine and a half inches, but tonight I’ll bet it’s closer to ten you have me so excited.”

When our groins finally touched, all I could think was, Oh. My. God. There was this enormous pressure inside me. I was completely full. As Claudio’s big balls rested against my ass, I can honestly say I had never been that turned on in my life. I felt stupidly proud I’d taken all of him in! And it felt absolutely incredible, far better than I could have imagined. Any woman who claims that size doesn’t matter is either lying or has never enjoyed a huge cock.

Releasing my grip on Claudio’s waist, I pulled his face down towards mine and kissed him lustily con brio. Then I turned his head, whispering into his ear, “Take me.”

His cock swelled even more at my words. I cannot imagine anything feeling as good as that thing did. Claudio dropped down until he was resting on his elbows. I wrapped my legs around his again.

He ravished me with kisses as I soaked in the glory of having that monster cock inside me, pulsing with each beat of Claudio’s heart. If I hunched my hips a bit and rocked with my wide open legs, I could rub my clit against it deliciously.

“That feels nice,” Claudio sighed. “I knew you would be a responsive lover.”

I opened my eyes. “Why?”

“Because of the way you play music. It has such passion and generosity.”

“How do you know so much?”

“Later, my dove. Later.”

With that he slid his cock nearly all the way out, then gently forward again. The tremendous enjoyment those long, slow movements gave me was truly mind-boggling. I felt stuffed and he was touching places inside that quickly had me squirming enthusiastically underneath him. Every time he slid that monster forward, it pulled down on my clit, his shaft rubbing against it gently, and that effect alone had my arousal going right through the roof in no time.

Inside, too, something was happening. That upward turn at the end of Claudio’s cock caused its mushroom head to rub against the roof of my vagina, giving me a sensation I hadn’t experienced before. Whatever it was, I wanted more of it!

Claudio rose onto his arms again. His face was now red with arousal, too. Beads of sweat stood on his forehead.

“God, Jill, I’ve never had someone whose pussy felt as good as yours does.” He stopped thrusting and slid down a bit and rose until he was kneeling between my legs. “Put your heels against my shoulders.”

He had to take his cock out for me to do this and I suddenly felt incredibly empty. I did what he asked as he rose up on his knees and again held my ass in his hands. I actually gasped as he pushed his cock slowly into me. Once fully in, he made it twitch excitingly inside me.

“Now when I’m pulling out of you, tighten your pussy and resist. When I push in, relax. Okay?”

I grinned. “Can’t we just fuck?”

“Trust me. This will send you to the moon. Ready?”

He pulled back slowly and I tightened around him for all I was worth. The effect was electrifying. I could instantly feel the head of his cock as it pressed into that spot even more.

When he was almost out of me, he stopped. “Now relax.”

I did and he responded by ramming his cock into me while tilting my rear end, angling my pelvis down causing my back arched slightly. The jolt as our bodies crashed together sent corresponding jolts arcing from my tingling clit. I actually saw stars!

“Sweet Jesus,” I moaned.

He smiled. “Again?”

“Yes, please!”

I grabbed onto the bar behind my head again to give me better control to resist his onslaught. Within a few ins and outs (equally earth-shattering), we had a nice rhythm set up. Using my heels on Claudio’s shoulders and my hands on the bar, I could angle myself in such a way that his cock could touch all the places inside me demanding to feel the kiss of such a marvelous example of man-flesh. It eventually worked best for him to not move much and just support my ass, allowing me to impale myself to my satisfaction.

To say I was completely caught up in the moment and in heat is a major understatement.

“Oh…oh…oh…,” I groaned with each of my thrusts.

“Don’t go too fast, Jill. Let it build slowly,” he urged.

I keçiören escort tried to listen to him, honest, but I was going out of control. With that massive cock rubbing just right inside of me, I knew I was going to be able to orgasm, something I’d never been able to do with Davy, no matter how much I wanted to. I was on a mission.

My breath came in ragged gasps. Claudio rose up higher up on his knees dragging me with him. He was tall enough that it felt as if I was fucking uphill. He took over and rammed into me with a vengeance. I did my best to keep gripping his cock, but my arousal, rising to heights I’d never before felt took over and I relaxed, letting him do the work, to completely use me for his enjoyment.

My next orgasm burst on me with the force of a pile driver. I completely lost control. Claudio says I thrashed around so much he could barely hold on to me. The waves of pleasure seemed to last forever as my pulsing cunt gripped his cock with such force he could barely keep moving. My brain spun out somewhere into the universe and when I eventually opened my eyes, I could barely get them to focus.

“We’re all wet,” I said as I felt the dampness between us, running down my butt and my back which was still elevated. “What happened? Did you cum?”

Claudio smirked. “No. That’s you. You squirted.”

“I what?”

“Squirted. Women sometimes do that if they’re really turned on when they cum.” He thrust his cock into me playfully a few times. “I’ve seen it before.”

“Is that why you held my body up the way you did? I could feel your cock even better like that.”


He moved so he was once again over me. We kissed for a bit, hungrily. His cock was still rock hard.

“You are a lovely fuck, Jill. Now I want to finish. Can you stand some more?”

“Yes, but be gentle. I’m getting a little sore.”

Claudio basically just rocked his hips now as we fucked more in the usual missionary position. I spread my legs wide and gripped his delightfully muscular butt with both hands, pulling him into me. It didn’t take long for us to build up our tempo and force, soreness or no soreness. (I didn’t really notice at the time.)

The friction of his cock still felt delicious and again there were signs of another orgasm beginning to build inside me. Claudio was lost in his own sensations as he took his pleasure in me, and I watched his furrowed face with interest as he concentrated.

His speed picked up as well as the force of his thrusting.

“I’m close,” he gasped. “I’m going to cum soon. Should I pull out?”

“Absolutely not. I want to feel it inside me,” I groaned back.

I made it there first, and while not as intense as the previous one, my orgasm was still pretty damn fine. Claudio stayed with me and then with one mighty thrust he held himself tightly against me and I could feel his cock swell, pulsing over and over, as he flooded me with his hot seed. His eyes were closed as he lost himself in pleasure. My pussy was still spasming with the aftershocks of my orgasm.

Claudio is not one of those lovers who collapses on a girl when they’re finished, squishing them breathless, but he did collapse next to me on the bed and we lay there panting and drenched in sweat.

Finally, he let out a long sigh. “That was the best ever. You are a real wild woman, Jill.”

Suddenly, guilt crashed in on me. What had I just done? What had I been thinking? One thought stuck out above all others: have I just ruined my life by giving in to temptation?

I didn’t want to start crying in front of Claudio. It wasn’t his fault that I’d let this happen. He made it clear all the way through that this was my decision alone.

“I should get back to my own room,” I said as I got off the bed.

A river of semen ran down the inside of my legs and dripped onto the floor, making me feel even worse. Cupping my hand, I went into the small washroom and cleaned up as best I could.

“Are you okay, Jill?” Claudio asked as he came up behind me, holding me by the shoulders.

“Yeah…sure. I’m fine. Just feeling a little strange, that’s all.”

I could feel his rising erection poking my rear end and that brought a knot to my stomach, almost making me turn around to kiss him. But since I’d had my passion and horniness slacked from what I’d just experienced, I found the strength to resist.

As I quickly got dressed, Claudio watched silently, sitting on the bed.

“I promise I won’t tell anyone. This will remain between us. I also want you to know how honoured I feel that you allowed me to make love to you. God! You were extraordinary! May I see you again tomorrow?”

I turned and looked at him. “I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Moving to the door, I stopped with my hand on the knob. “This has to remain our little secret, you promise?”

I blew him a kiss and left. Thank the Lord, no one was in the corridor. At this late hour, there would have been no doubt as to what had been going on ankara escort in Claudio’s room.

Back in my room, I stripped, slipped on a robe and walked down the hall to take a shower (semen was still leaking from me). Horrible thoughts completely overwhelmed my brain and I began crying as the water ran over my body. It had been an incredible experience, one that would be impossible to forget. But I had been stupid, stupid, STUPID to give in! I vowed to be strong, resist further temptations, lock away what had just happened, and pray to God that no one ever found out. I hoped I could trust Claudio, but had someone else seen us? Could news ever get back to David? And what would happen then?

My crotch was throbbing from the pounding it had taken and I felt rather bowlegged as I walked back to my room againr. At least I was no longer leaking semen.

My roommate, Karen, rolled over as I entered. “Where did you wander off to?” she asked sleepily.

“I just took a shower. I was all sweaty from dancing.”

“No, I meant earlier this evening.”

“I was, ah, outside with a few people, just talking.”

“I saw you dancing with Claudio. That was quite a show.”

My laugh was a bit forced. “I think I had too much to drink.”

“You should fuck him, you know. One of the guys was telling me Claudio is really hung.”


“Just a thought. You are a long way from home.”

Karen had a steady boyfriend back home, but over the course of the summer had been to bed with at least two guys I knew about. She had a real amoral streak. Apparently, so did I.

Without bothering to put on my sleeping t-shirt, I slipped into bed. That wasn’t normal, either, but I didn’t give a damn. Pretty soon my roommate was breathing deeply so I knew she was asleep.

In the dark, guilt still attacked me from all sides. If David ever found out, that would probably be the end of our marriage. He’s never been one of those ultra jealous guys, but I had been so far out of bounds to not even be on the playing field any more. God! What had I been thinking?

The throbbing in my poor crotch also didn’t help. And then another thought hit me. I might not be able to avoid keeping this from my husband. My vagina had been thoroughly stretched from the girth of Claudio’s cock. Hopefully, the damn thing would shrink back to its usual size, otherwise David would know immediately.

If I dreamed anything that night, I don’t remember it.

The next morning, not unexpectedly, I was still besieged by guilt, and my crotch didn’t let me forget it through the morning’s rehearsals and a sectional. Claudio came up to me at lunch, but I’m afraid I was a little brusque with him because of the conflict raging inside me. What was I going to say to David if he asked why I was so loose? He wasn’t stupid. He’d know I cheated on him. He’d have to.

On the other hand, Claudio had sent me to the moon. I had been completely and thoroughly taken, and even just the slightest thought of what we’d done and how it had felt was enough to make me wet and tingly. I hated myself for that, but I just couldn’t help it.

That night, I stayed in my room, not wanting to tempt fate. The next morning at breakfast, I could tell even from across the room that Claudio was hurt and confused by my standoffishness. If anyone was talking about us, I didn’t get an inkling. That afternoon, as I left rehearsal, I made sure I said to Karen within earshot of Claudio that I was going out for a walk in the garden. Karen looked at me as if she suddenly suspected something but told me she’d take my cello and music back to the room.

Claudio’s first words when he found me sitting alone on a bench were, “I’m so sorry you’re upset. May I sit and talk with you?”

I nodded.

“I know you’re feeling guilty, and a lot of it’s my fault, I’m afraid. You’re married. I shouldn’t have come on to you…but I just couldn’t resist even though I knew it was a bad idea. I also want to tell you that I can’t get our evening together out of my mind. Believe me, it’s been very difficult not to walk around with a permanent erection.”

I glanced down and he had the start of one right then.

“Claudio, it was a wonderful evening, and I’ve been thinking of it, too. And you’re right. I do feel very guilty and disloyal, but…”

“But what?”

I turned to face him. “I’ve also stayed away because I was afraid if I let you get close, I won’t be able to stop myself, guilt or no guilt.”

His face was serious. “Do you want me to leave, then?”

It would have been so simple to say yes, and keep my problems from getting any worse. Somehow, though, I just couldn’t make my mouth say the word. We sat silently.

“Jill, what are you thinking?” Claudio finally asked.

“Don’t ask me to tell you.”


“I was thinking how nice it would feel if you kissed me.”

Fifteen minutes later in a very far corner of the grounds in a thicket of bushes, Claudio had me bent over, arms holding a small tree as he took me from behind. This time I engulfed him much more easily. Both of us had our jeans off, and I’d removed my bra so he could pull on my nipples as we fucked, but with our sneakers and tops on, I’m sure we looked rather comical. It felt infinitely sexy being taken outdoors and partially clothed.

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