What I Did Last Night!


What I Did Last Night!What I Did Last Night.I dressed up for hours last night! Black nylons, heels, a red and black baske/corset. Wig (cheap halloween type). I got my dummy (lover) down from it’s hiding spot in my garage rafters. Attached my homemade dildo. Made that a few years ago with a large condom inserted into a 1.5 in plastic pipe, then filled with pure silicone caulk. Took Months to Dry. Dummy body is some stiff foam attached around a wood frame that hold the dildo. Even has foam legs and but covered with black nylons of course.I lubed my ass and propped the dummy like he was sitting. I got on his lap and gyrated back and worth slowly working that big anadolu yakası escort cock into me ass. I was soon loving it and rocking and rotating my hips back and forth as I held unto his torso and dreamed of kissing him while I rode. Then layed on my back cleaned and re-lubed he mounted me slowly entering as I wrapped my legs around him. I layed back splayed open as I used my hands on his torso to stroke into me with long slow eight in thrust. Occationally wrapping my nylons covered legs around him. Loving the feeling of him sliding along the insides of my thighs. Moaning and loving the feel of him sliding ataşehir escort so deeply in and out of me. Moving my hips so his big cock angles into my prostrate with each stroke I feel myself getting closer. my man clit is soft but oozing like crazy. I guide him further back so no each stroke pops out of my man pussy then back in and slides all the way in bouncing over my prostrate with each stroke. Glad the windows are shut of my neighbors would here me screaming to fuck me with the big cock! holding him close with my legs. the nylons on nylons on my thighs has me in extasy. An occational rub of nylons against my manclit sends ümraniye escort shivers through my body. My cock is still mostly soft and I feel the heat build in my abdoman. Waves of pleasure washing over me. There are muscles spasming inside my ass like mini orgasm. This must very similiar to what women feel. Time stops as these waves keeps washing over me. Then the cum starts to just oozz from my manclit. I thrust until the waves slowly cease. How long it last it hard to say. Was it 30 seconds or 5 minutes. These prostate induce orgasm and NOTHING like how I come during sex with my wife or even masterbation. I lay there a while and relaxed. Exhausted I clean up and crash back into bed sore but knowing I was well fucked and looking forward to the next time. I’m dreaming of someday having the same things with a real cock. One that I have suck and swallow the cum from at least twice before getting it hard so it can give me the long slow fuck I yearn for! Hope you enjoyed!

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