Wife Taken for Breeding and Milking


Wife Taken for Breeding and MilkingWe had been married just a little over a year. My 24-year-old bride and I were living in south Texas for work. My wife Tammy was becoming more beautiful every day. She had a small 5’4” frame with very nice natural 36C boobs, with big dark areolas and huge nipples, her milky complexation, and bright red hair, sexy body, sweet ass and wonderful legs. Plane and simple Tammy was hot and turned heads where ever she went. I’m Jake ex special forces snipper. I had to muster out when after a parachute malfunction and bad landing on what would be my last jump. So, I apply to the FBI got accepted went thru their training and became an FBI Sniper.I told Tammy with my job if anything ever happened to me, I didn’t want her moaning over me for years, but to go out find a man and get on with her life. She told me if anything were to happen to her she did not want to be artificially kept alive that I should also go out find a woman and get on with my life. It was our first anniversary and I was taking her out for cocktails a romantic dinner, dancing then finishing off the night in bed! We stopped off at a new bar for cocktails we both ordered a drink then BLACK Slowly the fog in my head started to clear, I could hear voices sounded like they were speaking in Spanish and pain severe pain in my side. Then Tammy I hear Tammy she is moaning then crying out in pleasure, I have to get to her I try to move but I’m tied to the bed. The pain in my side is getting worse. I hear someone say hey boss the gringo is awake. I see a dark-skinned man with a cigar hanging out of his mouth and says welcome to the Diaz Cartel Harvest and Breeding Center Mr. FBI. That pain in your side is from were we removed your k**ney, other than a few pints of blood that’s all we took from you as you’re an FBI Agent, so we are going to let you live. We are arranging for your transportation back to the US. I said my wife, he says well she will be staying with us she has a really sweet little pussy, you have only been here 12 hours and she has made me 5 grand already, between the meth, coke, and ex we are feeding her she is a fucking machine. We can normally get a week out of them before they crash, give them 2 days to sleep dope them back up and they are good for another week. We will keep her fucking until she gives birth, we get 120 grand for the babies, and 200 dollars a gallon for human milk. She will be back earning a week after she pops. We normally get 7 babies out of them before they can’t breed anymore and wind up like the pig food next to you. I look over there is a woman cut open from her throat to her pussy, they had removed and sold her eyes, lungs, heart, liver, and k**neys. Tammy cry’s out FUCK YES FUCK MY PUSSY HARD YOU MEXICAN BASTARD GIVE ME YOUR CUM. I say I’ll kill everyone of you bastards! He says sweet dreams Mr. FBI BLACK.I wake up again a week later in the ICU unit at a hospital in New Mexico. I hear someone say get the Doctor he’s waking up! As I come to, I struggle and try to get up I have to find Tammy, the nurses and attendants hold me down and tie my arms and legs. The Doctor comes in and says Agent Dunn please calm down or I’ll have to put you back under. I say where am I he tells me I’m in Albuquerque New Mexico City Hospital. I ask how long have I been here he says four days, I ask how did I get there he says Rail Road Police found you tied and bound and u*********s in an empty box car. It’s only because of your excellent condition you lived. We had to give you three pints of blood to stabilize you before we could operate on you, we had to cut you open properly clean up the sight where your k**ney was removed and properly sew you back up. You had a very nasty infection that we finally got on top of last night when your fever broke. I say thank you now get me disconnected I gota get out of here and find my wife. The doctor says slow down there slugger, you have at least another week in here and another three months recovery at home before you will even be able to drive or walk any distance. He said your boss is flying in and be here this evening, he said he was bringing the team with him.A few hours I later was dozing, and I hear a familiar voice call Jake are you awake, I open my eyes and say Dan help me they have Tammy, Dan is my boss he asks who has Tammy, I say the Diaz Cartel. Dan asks why were you and Tammy in Mexico, said we weren’t, we must have been taken there. Then I explained to him about going out to dinner for our anniversary stopping at the new bar for a cocktail and the next thing I knew I woke up in what I was told was the Diaz Cartel Harvest and Breeding Center, that they were already whoring her out to get her pregnet and sell the baby and her breast milk. That when they can’t get them pregnet any more they harvest their organs and feed whats left to their pigs. Dan said the team was set up in a conference room down the hall. I asked Dan for a replacement phone, credentials, and gun. He said I’ll have a phone, for you in an hour, credentials will take a day and the gun I have to get an ok from the Doc. As soon as I got my phone, I called my friend Tom Born my best man and ex Special Forces Team member now CIA officer. He was in my room in 3 hours, I told him what had happened and what I knew. He was on the phone had our whole Special Forces Team transferred to a black opts base in New Mexico on the border with Mexico. The Team Members that were actually in my wedding party made a special visit to the owner of the bar in South Texas where we were a*****ed and convinced him to give them the location of the facility where Tammy was being held. Just after dark that evening three unmarked black opts choppers crossed the border out of New Mexico into Mexico, they landed just outside of a hog farming facility in Mexico. Ten Cartel members were killed in the raid, Tammy and 23 other a*****ed young women were rescued.Late that night Tom came to see me, I could see he didn’t look happy, I asked if he had news, he told me about the raid he said they had rescued 24 a*****ed US women and Tammy was one of them. I said thank you Tom, when can I see her, Tom said Jake the Tammy you married is dead, the d**gs they fed those girls fried her brains, she has no idea who she actually is. She can’t speak, or see or hear they have just about every STD known, the only thing she knows is she wants to do is fuck, they won’t their keep clothes on. They have tried to have sex with every man they see so they have all been put in restraints. Most of them are pregnet, one girl had only been there two days we were able to question her, she said they particularly cruel to Tammy they called her the FBI cunt. She said after a man would finish with her, they would pull her out of bed sit her on the toilet stick a garden hose in her pussy flush her out, dry her off give her a shot of d**gs and have her back fucking in five minutes. She said the whole time she was there she was never more than five minutes without a cock in her 24 hours a day, never saw them let her eat or sleep but they would give her water. I asked is Tammy pregnet Tom says yes, I say I want her to have an abortion she not having some Mexican Bastard! Tom says there is a problem her pairents have filed a court order to prevent her from having an abortion, they want a grandc***d, a part of her to have and love. One year later on Jake and Tammy’s anniversary f******n masked heavily armed men entered a restaurant in Mexico where Pablo Diaz and his family were having dinner, his body guards were quickly dispatched. Standing in front the booth where he his wife and three young daughters sat, I pulled off my mask and said one year ago my wife and I were celebrating our anniversary in a setting much like this, your people d**ged us then took us to your hog farm they removed and sold my k**ney, repeatedly d**ged and whored out my wife till her brain was fried, she can’t talk, she is blind, has no sense of time or place, basically she is a non-feeling vegetable, oh also as a result of your use of her she has had a bastard baby. Diaz says it was a mistake when my men learned who you were, they should have released you unharmed how can I make this up to you, money, woman, virgins! I can get you and your men anything you want. I say why don’t we start with these four females sitting here in this booth at least one of them should be a virgin and look here I just happen to have your d**g cocktail that turns women into wanton whores, drag them out here let’s get this party started get four tables, have all the men here in the restaurant strip nude bring me the man with the biggest cock we are going to give the youngest one here to him. Giselle, Diaz’s wife yells out stop you can’t they are only four, six and seven!Diaz yells WAIT I’ll give you anything you want! I say fine I want my k**ney back and my wife back untouched the way she was before you k**naped us a year ago. So whats it going to be are you going to give me what I want, no I didn’t so, but I’ll tell you what I’ll let you choose which one goes first, he says the little one, his fashion model wife Giselle says you sick son of a bitch, you would just take our innocent baby and let her be fucked to death. He says I never thought that one was mine anyway. She reaches down grabs the side arm off the man next her and puts a 9mm round dead in the center of Diaz’s forehead, she is grabbed by three men and canlı bahis she easily gave up the 9mm auto. I walk over to her and say well you seamed to have ruined all our fun but believe me you and your daughters were never in any danger. She says I know that, no man would seek out revenge on the person that killed his innocent wife, by killing an innocent wife and c***dern. I say ok wrap it up we are out of here, she grabs my arm and says what about us, if you leave us here, we are dead and it won’t be fast like that bastard, I agreed then say ok we are taking them with us we will put her in the safe house in LA. We board the choppers two head back to New Mexico, while ours heads to a friend’s ranch in south Texas. We landed just outside the ranch house Giselle, her three k**s, six of my men and I disembark, I tell my men to set up a secured perimeter and I escort the women inside I show Giselle to my buddy’s daughters bed room that, fortunately it has a en-suite. In the dressers and closets we find clothes that would fit the girls, Giselle asked if it would be ok if she got the girls cleaned up and borrowed some PJ’s for the k**s, I said of course, when she was done to come out and we could talk. I went into my room stashed my gear, took a shower, changed into a fresh T-Shirt and pair of cargo shorts. When I walked out of my room Giselle was curled up sitting in the hall quietly crying in her hands so the c***dern will not hear her. I reached down picked her up in my arms she was shaking like a leaf, I carried her over to the sofa sat her down, but she would not let go of me she kept her face buried in my chest crying. I try to tell her it’s ok she is safe no one knows where she or her c***dern were. She blurted out I killed him I took a life I’ll go to hell. I tell her she crushed a cock roach that would have just a soon killed her and her c***dern if were to his advantage. She sat up looked me in the eyes like I was crazy but knew what I said was true. She asked where we are, she could tell by the direction we took we did not head to LA. I said we were some place, no were near LA, that I had said that because I knew her husband’s men would be looking for her, so I said that to send them on a wild goose chase. I asked her if her c***dern were ok she said they were shook up but will be ok and only Tina the youngest was hers the other two were from his first wife, and he was right Tina was not his c***d, actually she had never slept with him. He black mailed her into marring her to legitimize himself among the upper class in Mexico. That she was no more than one of his positions like the paintings and sculptures he owned.Giselle curled up in my lap put her head on my chest and said this can’t be a good day for you and she was sorry for the pain her husband had caused me. Then she took me totally by susprise, she reached up put her arms around my neck pulled her face to mine and kissed me a deep loving then a passionate kiss. I looked down at her and kissed her back than stood up picked her up carried her into my bedroom layed her on my bed took off my T-Shirt , Giselle sat on the edge of the bed unbuttoned my shorts looked up at me smiled and unzipped my shorts and pushed them down, my cock sprung up I was excited this was the first woman I had been near in a year and she wasn’t just any woman she was an international supper model, she stood up pulled her little black dress off, in front of me was a pair of the most perfect boobs I had ever seen, and when she reached down and slid down her pantys and stepped out of them, suddenly I was in the presence of a goddess! I looked down at my wedding ring she held my hand and ring said your wife would want this for you, I knew she was right, and pulled her to me kissed her a deep passionate kiss, she kneeled in front of me slid my cock in her mouth, it was like sliding my cock into hot liquid silk, I didn’t last long next thing I know I’m filling her mouth with a years’ worth of cum that she is swallowing as fast as I am feeding it to her, when I finally finish she stands up puts her arms around my neck and buries her tongue in my mouth, I can taste my cum in her mouth but it just excites me even more, she puts her hands on my sholders and pushes me down kneeling in front of her. Giselle sits on the bed spreads her legs wide and pulls my face to her sweet bald pussy, she was so hot and so wet, I took the tip of my tongue traced the out line of her lips watching them swell and slowly open exposing her inner lips and her erect clit, there is a stream of her sweet nectar flowing out of her. I take my tongue and lick her from her sweet little pink star to just below her rapidly swelling clit. She is pulling my face tighter against her pussy she moans arches her back and I suck her clit into my mouth, and she yells out OH MY GOD YES BABY and wraps her legs around my head, squirts and covers my face and chest in her hot sweet juice. As she lays there panting I pick her up lay her in the middle of the bed she smiles up at me spreads her legs reaches down catches my cock and places its head at the opening of her pussy and says please make love to me take me make me yours, I slowly push forward, she closes her eyes, she has a look of anticipation on her face as I slowly continue to slide my cock into her hot wet pussy, I feel my balls touch her ass cheeks, she says please be gentle and pulls me tight to her, I slowly start to pump my cock into her she feels so good she instantly matched my movements we are in perfect harmony, we start to increase the speed of our love making to a point we are totally lost in our passion. I feel her pussy tightly grip my cock she digs her nails into my back wraps her long legs around mine and yells out YES JAKE YES BABY I’M ALL YOURS! My cock explodes inside her I don’t think I will ever stop pumping more and more cum in her, she is crying out in pleasure the whole time. I finally stop hold her in my arms and we kiss a deep loving kiss. Then she says OH SHIT I say what wrong she says please go check the girls make sure we didn’t disturb them I need the toilet fast, she runs into our en suit, and I checked the girls they are sound asleep. I walk back in our room and into the bathroom Giselle is still on the toilet and says no man is susposed to have this much cum after having already cuming once. I say I’m sorry, but her pussy was sucking the cum out of my balls, she says WHAT! What is todays date I say the 15th she puts her face in her hands and says shit I’m in trouble! She grabs some TP wipes herself, gets up turns away from me and starts to go towards the bed room, I grab her turn her to me and ask whats wrong, she says nothing it’s not your fought you didn’t know, it’s not my intention to bind you up. I ask you what do you mean she says nothing, it’s been a long day lets go to bed, I take her hand and pull her into the shower and say lets get cleaned up I’m kind of sticky from the shower you gave me earlier, she blushes, as we wash each other she seems to relax when we are almost finished I pull her into my arms and say what aren’t you telling me, is it Tina’s father, she says no baby please don’t be mad at me but I’m ovulating and after you filled me with enough cum to impregnate me and every woman in the US I can almost feel the baby growing inside my womb! I say and that is bad because, she says baby I am not trying to saddle you with a baby. I laugh and say you don’t want to give one of the things I want more than anything in the world a baby to love! She asks what are the other things you want, I look her in the eyes and say YOU GISELLE! A tear runs down her cheek she throws her arms around my neck and we kiss a deep loving kiss and says I Love You, I say I Love You too. We walk out of the shower dry each other off, walk into the bed room and she says we gota change the sheets there is enough DNA on them to impregnate any woman just walking past this bed! We get the fresh sheets as Giselle is bent over the bed removing the old sheets I stood behind her grabbed her hips slid my cock between her legs her head came up I could see her face in the mirror she had a big smile then when I started to enter her, her eyes closed as I pushed forward reached around and rubbed her clit as I continued to pump my cock in and out of her hot wet pussy she says yes baby yes I feel her body shutter and her pussy clamp down on my cock and start pumping another huge load into her womb. She stands up turns her head and kiss as I slide my hands up her body and cup her breast and roll her nipples, she shutters in another orgasum and says OH DAMN and runs back to the toilet and yells back get those sheets off. I say yes mam she laughs, and you keep this up you better be prepared to father a litter of k**s. When she comes back in, I have the bed made, a t-shirt and sweat shorts on and a grin on my face. She says well my pantys are soaked can I have one of your t-shirts to wear I say of course and tomorrow we will get you some new clothes they might not be designer but, she kisses me and says Walmart will be fine. I am staring at her she says what I say your even beautiful in a t-shirt. She blushes takes my hand and pulls me out of the bed room I ask her where we are going she says you have to learn if your going to be a parent the last thing you do before you go to bed you check the c***dern to make sure they are ok. We went in Tina had kicked her covers off bahis siteleri I tucked her back in Giselle checked the other two and we went back into our room she put her arms around my neck kissed me a long loving kiss and said I have waited my whole life to do that with the man I love. I sit her down on the bed and say I need to know about Tina’s father. Giselle looks at me and says he was the c***dren’s teacher, he was from the US. Pablo made him take a blood test before he started, he said to make sure he didn’t bring any disease into our house. Once Pablo found out I was pregnet and knew it wasn’t his, he put two and two together and told one of his men to take him to the farm and I never saw him again. Pablo didn’t want any witnesses around to prove Tina was not his. We climbed into bed I spooned her up against me, she said my god your still hard, I say it will be there in the morning. I kissed the back of her neck and said sleep tight I Love You, she hugged my arm and said I Love You two!Several hours later I woke up for a head call once done I went in and checked the girls, they were fine, when I got in back in bed, she asked are the girls ok I said yes, they are fine. She hugged me a bit tighter and we went back to sleep. The next morning, we were awakened by three young girls jumping into our bed laughing, giggling and climbing under the covers between us forcing us apart. Tina was next to me staring in my face and said Momma is this my Daddy, I answer for her and say yes Tina I’m your Daddy, Tina wraps her little arms around my neck and says I Love You Daddy I look over at Giselle with tears in my eyes and she is crying also. Sara the seven-year-old says Aunt G where are we. I say we are on a ranch with cows, horses, and chickens and goats, the girls get all excited and ask if they can feed the a****ls and pet them, I say of course and if your good girls I’m going to take you all to Disney World tomorrow! Giselle looks at me with concern I say what, she says you got a lot to learn, they are going to be wired all day and we will never get them to sleep tonight. I say ok everyone up get washed up brush your teeth get dressed. Giselle gets an evil smile and says ok Daddy is going to get you all cleaned up and fixed your hair and dressed while I fix breakfast! I say what, wait, Tina grabs my hand and pulls me back into the girl’s room and says come on Daddy! Fifteen minutes later I bring the girls in the kitchen with shiny faces clean hands they were all wearing jeans, shirts with t-shirts under, clean pantys, I had pulled their hair back in a pony tail, and they are all wearing socks and cowgirl boots. Giselle turns looks at the girls and says I’m impressed, and I say, and the beds are made too! Oh, and I had three younger sisters growing up with my single Mom. She smiles I say we are going to need to get both you and the girls’ clothes and shoes. She says fortunately I wore a little black dress last night so I can wear that shopping, I say we need to feed the six guys outside too. Then I say I gota go check in with my bosses I got a lot of explaining to do to them. Oh and we can relax a bit there is a bird over head no one can get any way where near us with out lots of notice. You got the girls for a while she says yes, I’ll bring you in a plate you gota eat OJ ok I say yes. She gives me a kiss and says thank you, and we need to talk about Sara and Dana’s Mother she lives in the US and has been trying to get them back working with the State Department. I ask how that will affect Tina, she says, it will be hard on her they have been together her whole life. I call my boss Dan he yells WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE? I say Sir he says I gave you a week off because of the anniversary of your loss, and a restaurant in Mexico gets raided by f******n black operatives, where Pablo Diaz and his wife and three young girls are eating, Diaz winds up dead his wife and c***dern are k**naped, I say rescued, Dan says don’t say anything I don’t want to know, where are you wait no don’t tell me, I got the State Department all over my ass because one of the operatives took their hood off and the witnesses described you to a tee but fortunately there are no pictures, we got FBI, Local Police, Homeland all searching LA because that’s where the raiders said they were taking the family, my guess they are barking up the wrong tree, any way you have been temporally assigned to a special CIA, DEA task force call Tom he will fill you in and Jake you have been thru a lot if you need anything call me and watch your back these cartels are really dangerous. Giselle brings me a plate of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, she says didn’t know what you wanted so I gave you a bit of everything. She sets the plate down and I pull her into my lap and say all I need is right here in my lap and I kiss her she breaks our kiss and has a big smile on her face and says oh I forgot to tell you the best contraceptive is c***dern, sorry about your morning wood! I laugh and say you did plenty last night she says you mean we did plenty last night. I say oh the State Department, and Dana and Sara’s Mom are looking for them we are going to have to get them back to their Mom in the next few days maybe as soon as tomorrow at Disney World. I said I have to call my new boss now and I will know more soon. She says ok let me go check the k**s let me know. I call Tom on a secured line and he says how’s everything I say good but we need to get clothes for Giselle and the k**s, he says we have to get the two oldest girls back to their Mother tomorrow, I say I promosed I would take the k**s to Disney World tomorrow, he says smart the k**s can have the time of their life and reunite with their Mother. Tom said a chopper is going to take you to a black base near here you will put on a jet and flown to a private airport in Salisbury, Md. You will be able to do your shopping at a mall there once done you will be taken back to the air port and flown to Orlando then a Limo will take you to Disney you will be put in an adjoining suite with the girl’s mother this evening, the reunion will take place there. You will have three days to enjoy the park, so is there anything you want to tell me Daddy? I say splitting up those three girls is going to be tuff on them he says well it’s going to up to you and your future wife to make it up to her. I say is there anything you don’t know, he says I still haven’t gotten into Area 51 but it’s only a matter of time. I walk back in they are all outside feeding the goats I walk up next to her put my arm around her and say we gota get ready to go, she says whats wrong I know you well enough already something is wrong. I say tonight we will be sleeping in a suite in a hotel in Disney World with an adjoining suite, Sara and Dana’s Mom will be in the adjoining suite. We will have three days in the park with the girls, and we will go our separate ways. Giselle pulls me close to her and says they need to be with their Mom, I say but what about Tina she says your really getting this parent thing down fast, honey we will just have to take it one day at a time. I hear a chopper in the distance I say our ride is coming let’s get inside and get ready to go you need to change. I’ll watch the girls while you do. The day was a whirlwind of shopping and traveling I was surprised how happy Giselle was with shopping in normal stores but of course we did spend some time in VS she said that was for me. The flight down to Orlando was quiet, the girls were worn out and rapidly fell asleep. I saw Giselle looking down at them and a tear run down her cheek. She had been Mother to Dana and Sara for the past five years.There was a knock-on Debra Parkers door in Atlanta, GA. She recognizes her State Department Contact, Alice Wagner, but not the other four men with her. Alice said we need you to rapidly pack a bag for at least five days, we don’t have time for questions and answers right now, we need to get you to a safe location. Debra was put on a plane flown to Orlando, whisked into a blacked-out limo then unloaded in the underground garage and directly into an elevator and taken up to the suite. Once in the suite Deb asked Alice where are we, Alice opened the curtins and all of Disney World comes into view below her. Half an hour before Alice arrived, we were notified, with a bit of a frown on her face Giselle quietly wakes up Sara and Dana and takes them out of the bed they were shareing with Tina. Giselle got them up awake cleaned up and dressed then she told them in a few minutes their Mom was going to be here for them. Next door Deb asks why are we here? Alice says this is Disney World where dreams come true, she nods her head, one of the guards knocks on the adjoining door and it fly’s open Dana and Sara come running into the room yelling Mommy, Mommy Deb falls to her knees with her arms open carrying her eyes out as she wraps her girls in her loving arms, Alice says in the morning when you’re ready call my cell there are some people you need to meet. Deb shakes her head but just can’t talk right now she was too busy loving her girls. Next door Giselle is in bed crying her eyes out I went in and got Tina and brought her into bed with us, Giselle gathers her into her arms and pulls me in with them she says thank you, you always know what I need I Love You and we all fell asleep.The next morning Alice gets a call from Deb saying she is up, and the girls bahis şirketleri are all excited about Disney World. Alice comes in and says to the girls why don’t you go wake up Aunt G, Tina and Uncle Jake. The girls go running thru the adjoining door Alice sits down and holds Dedra’s hand and says there are some things you need to know. Next door is Giselle and Jake Dunn, Alice says Giselle has raised your girls the past five years and has always let your girls know you were alive, and you wanted to be with them. Jake lead the team that rescued your girls Giselle and Tina who is Giselle’s daugther. One other thing you should know Jake and Giselle have become very close but it’s very complicated for them. So, are you ready to meet them, Deb says I have never met a Super Model what do I say, Alice laughs and says she is a normal Mom talk to her about Mom things Deb says like what, Alice says I don’t know I’m not a Mom, they laugh? Another thing Tina is four and has been raised as a sister to your girls so there is going to be some separation anxiety with the girls. The last thing you all have three days here I would hope you would choice to spend it with Tina, Jake and Giselle but that’s totally up to you. Next door Sara and Dana jump in bed snuggling under the sheets yelling Tina, Tina our Mom is here. Giselle and I wake up smiling the girls are back! Giselle and I and the girls get up Alice yells in knock, knock is ok for us to come in Giselle says yes please come in. Deb walks in Alice introduces them Deb and Giselle hug, then hold hands Deb says thank you for taking care of my girls, Alice told me how you kept reminding them of me and the girls said every night you would show them my picture and have them say good night to me. Jake thank you so much for getting my girls back and taking such good care of them. Then she whispers in Giselle’s ear I understand you and Jake have become very close, I can see why he’s quite a hunk! Giselle whispers back and he’s great in bed too! They separate laugh, Deb kneels down and says hello Tina I’m your Aunt Deb are you ready to go see Disney World all the girls yelled yes, yes! I say let’s get dressed get some breakfast and go see Micky and Minnie Mouse!They spend the next three days in the park. The separation for the girls was somewhat painful, adding to this I had to take a separate plane to Huston to visit Tammy in the Nursing Home and her parients. I got there first was holding Tammy’s hand and crying my eyes out, I felt a hand on my back it was my Mother-In-Law I stood Jane my MIL held me in her arms, Harry my FIL shakes my hand, I say she looks so normal, so beautiful it’s just like she’s sleeping. Jane says we have come to the realization with the Doctors that she is no longer here with us. The d**gs have been particularly brutal on her, taking her mind and sole leaving a living breathing body that is an empty shell. Harry said I’m sorry Jake about insisting the baby be allowed to be born, but we felt it was a way to keep Tammy alive but we gave it our last name so you would not have any responsibility for her. I said once I understood your reasoning, I dropped my objections. Harry says I understand that bastard Pablo Diaz was killed in a raid by unknown assailants that was thought to be maybe be CIA you know anything about that, I say I never told you this but I lead the raid and saw him killed, I would have done it someone beat me to it. The reason I asked you both to meet me here is because I have met someone, I really love and plan to marry but that means I need to devorce Tammy, at that I broke down crying, Jane takes me in her arms as I say but I love Tammy so much. Jane says Jake you have to face facts she is gone you need to go on and have a life raise a family with our blessing! If there is anything, we can do to help let us know.A month later the devorce had just come thru, we were in CIA headquarters Giselle was relating to the CIA and DEA officials everything she knew about the cartel then she reached down took off her shoes swung open the heels and removed two thumb drives from each heel and told them these were down loads from each of the four computers in the cartels operations room, in the compound they lived in. Just then I see her eyes get really big she grabs a trash can and barfs. Tom says Jake you better get her to the infirmary, and she can rejoin us when she is able. I took her to the infirmary, and they said they would check her out and call me. I passed the Chaplin and say hey padre hang around I might need you, he laughs and says sure Jake. I went back to the meeting Tom told the info Giselle gave them is a gold mine there is everything including CIA, FBI, and DEA agents that they were paying off it was so big the directors of each of the agency’s were on their way here looks like they are going to put together an inter-agency taskforce to bring in the dirty agents and it looks like your going to be taped to head that taskforce. I say I thought only Supervisors headed taskforces, he said congratulations. The door opens the Directors of the three agencies walk in they are briefed on the information that was being discovered and that there were more than a few agents and officials from the three agencies found to be on the cartel’s payroll. They stated they were recommending an inner agency task force be put together to investigate the validity of the information obtained and apprehensions of any guilty parties. The FBI Director asks who will head this taskforce Tom says we have one agent that worked with all three agencies is an ex special forces sniper with four purple hearts, headed the team that rescued Giselle Diaz Pablo’s wife and three little c***dern. Also, it’s important to Note that Giselle was coerced into marrying him thru his death threats to her pairents once married she became a prisoner in his compound. The agent we are recommending has a very personal stake in this investigation he and his wife were k**naped from south Texas by Diaz Cartel members, taken to Mexico his k**ney was removed and sold and his wife was d**ged and whored out by them. He was put on in a rail car headed back to the US found in New Mexico hospitalized and eventually recovered. His wife was rescued a few weeks later but by that time she was infected with every STD known, her brain was fried, and she was pregnet. She is now a vegetable living in a nursing home. His wife is unable to speak, see, hear and has no sense of time or place. Tom then says I’ed like to interduce you to Jake Dunn, I stood up the FBI Director says who are you employed by son, I say you Sir, but I am presently on loan to the CIA and DEA. Just then Giselle walks in sits beside Jake and hands him a piece of paper, he opens it up it says twins! Tom says gentlemen I would like to interduce you to Giselle, she stands up the FBI director says it’s a pleasure to meet you, you are a true heroine, Jake we can have no secrets in a situation like this hand me that note you have in your hand please. I hand it to him he opens it up smiles and goes on to say you know Jake after an injury like you experienced most people would have retired at full pay, your continued dedication to service, the fact that you have worked and are highly regarded by all three agencies and it is obvious that you work fast and get positive results, I would recommend you be made head of this taskforce, the other directors quickly agreed. The FBI Director says it looks like your it Jake and congratulations on this other matter. I say thank you Sir, then the Director says I think we are through here, I want everyone to exit and give Jake and Giselle the room alone. The FBI Director hung back to shake both their hands and hands the note back to me I hope this is a happy event Giselle moves next to me holds my hand and says very. He says very well I expect an inventation and Jake after this mess is cleared up, I want you back at the FBI as my Special Assistant in the field.He walks out and says I’m locking the door and ordering this door not be opened till you two are done. Giselle wraps her arms around my neck gives me a deep loving kiss and I say I love you with all my heart and sole and if you will have me, I want to marry you have you as my wife and Tina as my Daugther and of course our presents in your belly! Unknown to Jake, Giselle contacted Tammy’s pairents and made arraignments to visit them at the nursing home to meet them and have then interduce her to their daugther. They met one afternoon Harry and Jane took Giselle in to see Tammy. Upon seeing her Giselle says my god she is beautiful no wonder Jake loves her so. Jane says to her you need to get Jake to forget her, she is gone. Jane then says please take care of Jake he is the kindest, gentlest, most loving man we have ever met, we are so proud to have him as our Son-In-Law. Giselle says I love him with all my heart and soul, he is everything you said before plus he is brave and has been a loving father to my four-year-old daugther, and I’m sure he will be just as loving to our twins I am carrying! Three weeks later Jake and Giselle were married on a beach in the Bahamas, Jake’s Mom, Debra, Sara and Dana and Tammy’s pairents Jane and Harry were all flown in by Giselle’s parients, they are Billionaires who knew, also in attendance were the Jake’s thirteen Special Forces team members his bosses Tom and Don and of course the FBI Director. In six months, later Jake’s Task Force had completed its work 24 people were indicted and convicted in on various charges. Seven and a half months later Giselle gave birth to twins, one boy Jake Jr and a girl that Giselle insisted be named Tammy!

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