Window Measurments


Window MeasurmentsI’m getting quotes done for the windows in the house, and the sales rep that comes round is a late 30’s early 40’s woman. She has her black hair tied back, a thin loose and fairly low cut blouse with a tight pinstripe skirt, mid thigh length. She has cream coloured high heels that have seen better days and either tights or stockings. She looks utterably fuckable.So usual double glazing bullshit for a while and then she goes to measure up the windows. I follow her around, checking out her ass all the time trying to work out if she’s got a thong on or not, and imagining pulling up that skirt to find out. She says something and I have to snap back to reality. She’s caught me looking. ” I said, shall we go upstairs now? To measure.”Luckily she’s laughing, and she leads the way up, knowing the attention she’s getting. I’m drinking in the view and wishing the skirt was looser. When she gets to the bathroom she has to lean across the bath to get to the window, and her ass and tits are stuck out as she reaches. She cant get far enough, and kicks off her heels to put one foot on the edge of the bath and raise herself up, straddling the bath by standing on it’s edges. As she moved her skirt up I could see a bit more thigh and knew she was wearing holdup stockings. istanbul escort “Great View isn’t it?” she says. I agree wholeheartedly.”so, you going to be a gentleman and help me down?” But of course. She grabs my shoulder and balances on one edge of the bath, then I lift her down, and she quite deliberately slides against me as I do so. Lots of eye contact, a cheeky smile and she’s away. “Let me just work all this up” she calls over her shoulder as she’s going back downstairs again. I’m just wearing loose jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, so my erection is obvious. Well, nothing I can do, she knows what she’s doing to me so why try to hide it? I follow like a puppy again. A puppy with a stubby lead.In the living room she really takes the piss out of me. I’m on the couch and she’s on the floor in front of me, legs curled under herself. I make no attempt to hide my appreciation of her form as she works. She finishes, and stretches her arms back and up. I can see her nipples have gone hard in the blouse. She rests both hands on the floor behind her, and raises one leg, forming a triangle up her skirt. What looks like a white lace thong is on show. Her skin above the holdup stockings is white and avcılar escort inviting. “What if your wife were to walk in right now?” Well, what i’d like to happen in that situation is for her to straddle your face and grind her cunt in your mouth. But she’s frigid so that wont happen. She considers what I’ve just said, leans forward. and takes my cock out of my pants. “Must have a bit of a backlog then, mustn’t you” she says slowly jerking the shaft up and down. She takes it between her lips, gently clamps the tip with her teeth, and works her tongue all over the head. After a bit of this I’m way too close to coming. I gently grab her ponytail, and pull her head up to kiss her. I sit on the edge of the couch with her between my legs. I caress her breasts and pinch her nipples through her bra. She loosens the top buttons of her blouse allowing better access, and I loosen the bra at the back, letting it fall forward and freeing her perky tits. She has hard big nipples and I suck hard on them. She’s moved her hand from my cock to my balls, gently massaging them. I break off from nipple sucking and tell her to go deeper. She runs her hand right down as I move off the couch, and pushes a finger right in me. My back is now against şirinevler escort the couch as she fingers me, Jogging bottoms around my ankles. I reach up her skirt and start to slap her pussy through the lace of her thong. This gets a little yelp every time, and soon the light slaps start to sound wet. I stop slapping and work aside her gusset to dip my finger in her soaking cunt. Sticky and wet, it inflames me even more and i start to finger fuck her hard. She pulls away from my ass and grabs both of my shoulders as she comes, head thrown back in a silent scream.”Right, now i need a cock in me you fucker” she says as she gets up. She unzips the skirt and steps out of it, pulls of her thong, leaving her standing there in her stockings, blouse and disarrayed bra. Her shaved pussy is glistening wet and her stomach heaving. She looks magnificent. I stand up and go to her. We kiss as I move against her, my hands cupping her ass. I bend down slightly to place my penis at the mouth of her opening then push up. She raises her legs off the ground and grinds down on my cock. Wrapping her legs around me, she fucks me so hard I can barely stand. In fact I cant stand anymore and have to sit on the edge of the sofa again. I start to thrust back into her as hard as she impales herself on me. Faster and faster until rhythm is lost between us and I’m just slamming up into her as hard and fast as I can. Legs still wrapped around me she’s doing her silent scream again as I come in her. I has been months and I feel like I’m never going to stop.She sits up, my softening cock still in her. “So wanna eat me out?”How can I say no?

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