work colleague

work colleagueThis happened 15 years ago for real and now i want to share it. I worked at a care home and had a girlfriend at the time but was interested in men but was not out and discreet. I worked with a gay guy who i got on with really well. He had a partner and they lived together. I was 37 and my work colleague was about 40 and his partner 52. One day we had training together and as we finished early we went the pub and had about 4 pints very quickly. He told me about the volatile relationship he had with partner and was quite obviously coming onto me and i was embarrassed. He asked me back his for a drink and he did say i know u arent gay and got a girlfriend but theres no harm in coming for a whisky or 2 as a friend? I said course not. I genuinely thought it was very kind of him and thought theres no harm. We got a taxi to his and went in. I asked where Andy his partner was and he said out at pub so i sat down and he got me a drink. They were both named Andy. He continued to pour his heart out and then came the bombshell. He knew I was crazy about my girlfriend at that time and he knew it and said thats how he feels about me. I went very red and said nothing. Andy just said zonguldak escort sorry I know you arent that way inclined and we didnt talk about it. We had a few whiskys and he said they had a spare room and I could stay if i wanted but he would phone partner first to see if it was ok. I heard him say no problem i can have spare room. I was a bit nervous but excited too if honest. Andy who was my work colleague is about 40 as i said average height ok looking slim with tattoos on arms and ear and nose piercings. I was very tipsy now and when he went toilet I noticed a couple of gay porn DVDs on coffee table.When he came back I asked if I could go to spare room as very tired. He apologised and said so sorry for keeping you up. He showed me to room which had a big double bed. I asked wat time his partner will be in. “Fuck knows and i dont care” he said. We both said goodnight. i got naked and got in bed. I was worried my girlfriend would find out about this but I thought it was all innocent. I was half asleep and it must have been about 3am when i heard my door go and the bed cover pulled back. I was shaking. It was my work colleague. He whispered my name and asked if i was awake. escort zonguldak I said yeah whats up?Andy said Sorry i cant resist you. I have fancied you for ages. My partner will probably stay out. Andy leaned forward as i turned my head and our lips met . I opened my mouth and our tongues touched. I got an instant hard on. I couldnt believe it. I was french kissing my work colleague. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock which was like iron. I started wanking him and I felt a big metal ring in his bellend. I liked that alot. He was quite hairy too. We kissed for ages and i was really turned on. He run his hands over my bottom which sent him crazy as my arse is really naturally smooth. He kneeled by my head and put his pierced dick in my mouth. I didnt want to stop. I wanted sex with him. His balls i massaged and his pubes were all in my face. He told me I was a good cocksucker. He was in charge to be honest i did what i was told. He lay on his back and asked me to sit on his face. He spread my cheeks and started rimming my ass which felt amazing and nearly made me cum. We were in a 69 for ages. He made me eat out his ass and i sucked his cock again which is about zonguldak escort bayan 8 inches uncut with a prince albert in it. He asked if he could fuck me and i said i not done it before and he just said relax it will be fine. He told me get on all fours then i felt this cold stuff on my asshole which I knew was lube and i could hear him putting on a condom. It was dark in room but as our eyes got used to it I we could see each other. I stuck my ass out and he fingered my arse then slid his cock in slowly. He was groaning already. He said he had wanted my ass for months lol. He began to fuck me with his balls slapping on my bottom and even though it hurt a bit i felt really horny and enjoyed being his bottom. He told me i had a fucking great arse and his cock was the hardest its ever been. I knew he was close to coming. He pulled out told me to lie on my back and wanked his cock right by my open mouth and nose. It was lighter now and i could see his big metal ring in his bellend. It suddenly dawned on me that he was going cum in my mouth. He shouted out as hot cum shot onto my tongue and i felt it hit my face and hair and nose. He never stopped cumming. It was all around my mouth and i even leaned forward and licked cum off his prince albert. I realised i was his bitch for a good hour and I loved it. He said sorry as he got up and I said nothing. I slept til 6am and crept out of the house. My life was never the same again. More to come

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