1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 09


continued from chapter 08…….

Jo awoke first, her mind a bit foggy and confused as she slowly climbed from the depths of a deep sleep. She quietly slipped from Tess’ sex-messed bed, her sis and Jean cuddled together under the covers, their breathing slow and steady.

Finished with her morning rituals, Jo silently padded downstairs,and finding the fixings to make coffee, Jo started the coffee maker and waited for it to do its thing.

Jo slipped onto the back deck of the house, cup of java in her hand, the smell of the freshly made coffee completing the wake-up that her body and mind needed to feel, enjoying the solitude of the morning.

“Hey, sis,” Jo heard Tess’ voice say after hearing the screened patio door sliding open, “thanks for making coffee, forgot to set it up last night.”

“We both had other things on our mind last night,” Jo joked with Tess, smiling as Tess joined her to bask in the morning sunlight of the day, on the deck.

They were silent for quite a while, were Tess and Jo, sipping their morning caffine fix, just being next to each other enough, for now, at least.

“I outed myself to the ‘rents’,” Jo dropped out of nowhere, the revelation causing Tess to spew her mouthful of coffee into the coolish morning air, the sunlight catching the fine cloud of sprayed liquid.

“You fucking did what?” Tess almost screamed, facing Jo when doing so.

“Outed myself. Needed to do it; not for them as much as for me,” Jo clarified to the step-sis that she so adored.

“Fuck!” Tess exclaimed, her mind unable to fully grasp the gravity at the moment, “Did they freak?”, she probed further.

“Actually, no, they didn’t,” Jo explained, “They said that they sorta’ had a inkling for a few years,” adding, “And, now don’t fucking freak out on me, hear? They kinda’ figure that you might have something along those lines to share with them as well, at some point, when you’re comfortable enough to do so.”

“What?….How?….” Tess babbled, still unable to get her mind wrapped around the fact that their parents had a clue.

“They didn’t explain that,” Jo said further, “didn’t say what tipped them off, but hell, Tess, we both know that they’re not dummies,” Jo proclaimed.

True enough, Tess conceded silently; both were doctors, he, of literature at the University near their hometown, she, a GP with a well-known group in the city they called home.

“Well, fuck, that should make Thanksgiving a day to remember,” Tess proclaimed as she thought of her trip home for that holiday in a few weeks.

“Hang in there, baby,” Jo consoled Tess, rubbing her hand through Tess’ bed-tousled head of hair and smiling afterwards.

“Got no choice, now,” Tess said with some reluctance, “Well, the genie’s out of the bottle now so I might as well get use to it. How ’bout you and the Army? Are you going to out yourself to them as well?” Tess asked further, curious as to how Jo planned to deal with her lesbianism in the Service.

“Fuck no! ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ is bullshit!” Jo averred, “I’m going to keep my head down, stay safe and not rock the boat. I’m no crusader for Lesbian and Gay rights, Tess; I’m going to do my time and stay in the closet, that’s what I’m going to do about that.”

“Probably the smart thing to do,” Tess said, agreeing, but thinking about her visit to the ‘rents for Thanksgiving and now dreading what she knew she wouldn’t be able to avoid, a confrontation with her parents about her sexuality.

“Do they know about us? About you and me?” Tess questioned further, worried now, that they might.

“If they do, baby, they didn’t say or hint that they did and I sure as fuck didn’t tell ’em,” Jo replied.

“Okay. Well, mums the word from me, you know that, right?” Tess assured her Jo.

“Yeah, baby, I know that you have my back, and I, yours, always,” Jo answered.

Offering a fist-bump to Jo, Tess smiled at her sister-lover, nodding the truth of what Jo had just said.

“Whoever made the coffee, I love you; it’s delicious,” Jean’s voice cried out from the kitchen, opening the patio slider to join the sibs on the deck with her own mug of java-goodness.

“That would be me and I do believe that you paid in advance, sweetie, last night,” Jo responded with a smile to Jean.

“Seems like I still owe you both,” Jean answered, “Last night was fucking fantastic; you two are dynamite as a team,” she said further and meaning every word of it, “And one of you, or both of you, gave my titties hickies!”

“We aim to please,” Jo replied with a smile to the house-mate.

“Boy, and do you ever,” Jean agreed, “my pussy’s still tingling.”

“Not a bad thing, Jean,” Tess teasingly responded.

“Oh no, its definitely not a bad thing,” Jean agreed.

“So, what’s the game plan for today?” Jo asked, changing the subject.

“Whatever you want it to be,” Tess replied, “Hang out, take a drive out to the lake, go shopping, whatever, your choice.”

“Wouldn’t mind a bit of shopping,” Jo mused to the other two, “there’s a few things I still need to get before school istanbul escort and deployment.”

“Shopping it is, then. Jean, want to join us?” Tess responded/asked.

“Yeah, I’d like to but I need to be back by four, if that’s not going to present you guys with a problem,” Jean answered, “I have a date tonight and I’ll need to get ready. And, by the way, I’ll crash at the party house tonight, so you’ll have the house to yourselves.”

“Not a problem, baby, we’ll be back in plenty of time for your date, okay?” Tess assured her house-mate.

“Good. Well, I’ll jump into the shower first since I take the longest; see you in a bit,” Jean said, jumping up and going into the house to do just that.

Whew, Jean thought to herself as she climbed the stairs, at least Tess didn’t ask who I had a date with, thank God. Who Tess had a date with was one of the known Butch-babes of the campus, Naomi, a mocha-toned, hard-core, stud-butch, that Jean had seen a few times since their hourse party of a few months ago. When Naomi asked, no, told her, that she was coming to the house party with her that Saturday night, she also let Jean know, in no uncertain terms, that she, Jean, would be sleeping over at Naomi’s place and that, possibly, Jean would have other Butch-babes to play with after she did her, Naomi.

Okay, was Jean’s one-word answer of acceptance, already getting horny at the thought of a gang-fuck with a bunch of dykes. Game on! was Jean’s thoughts of the matter, pure and simple. Getting Jean even hornier, she thought about the fact that the Butch-babes were either Afro-American or Asian, both a turn-on for Jean.

The truth was that, for Jean, they had pussies for her to eat and that, in and of itself, was enough to get Jean horny.

So much for ‘The Talk’ with Becks and Tess.

The girls were all ready and in Willie’s SUV, driving to one of the area Malls by eleven, laughing, joking, enjoying the company of each other, glad to be alive on this fine, Saturday morning.

Two or three hours of window-wishing, clothes-trying-on, and just plain looking was enough for the three of them. Jo found the items that she needed, and by three that afternoon, they were done, including a light lunch at a bistro near the mall, and back at the house.

“Thanks you guys, that was soooo much fun,” Jean exclaimed excitedly after entering the house.

“Better say our goodbyes, now, sweetie,” Jo said as she walked to hug Jean, “I’ll be outta’ here early in the morning before you get back from your date,” taking Jean into a warm embrace and then giving her a sweet, tender kiss afterwards.

“Really enjoyed last night,” Jean reiterated to her house-mate’s sis, her brow leaning against Jo’s brow, her arms around Jo’s neck.

“Fun for me too, sweetie; need to do that again sometime,” Jo replied.

“Anytime, Jo, anytime,” Jean answered and with a hint of sadness, Jean hustled up the stairs to get ready for her date.

“She’s really a sweet chick,” Jo said to Tess as they watched Jean climb the stairs.

“Yeah, baby, she really is. Can’t help but want to protect her from herself, though,” Tess commented, walking into the living room and turning on the CD player for some soothing sounds to fill the house.

“I get that,” Jo agreed, joining Tess on the large couch, laying herself out, her head on Tess’ legs, her feet elevated on the couch arm at her feet.

“So, me and you tonight, huh sis? Anything special you want to do?” Jo asked as she lifted a hand to stroke through Tess’ hair as Jo stared up at the ceiling, admiring the old-world embossed ceiling tiles of the Victorian house that Tess called home.

“Seriously? Unless there’s something special you want to see or do, I’d just as soon stay in, maybe grill some burgers and just veg with you, if that’s okay.” Tess answered, moving her hand to fondle her step-sis’ ‘girls’ through Jo’s cotton tee, not so much for the carnal thrill as it was for the intimacy of the moment with Jo.

“Early dinner? Six’ish? Showers? And, a lovely evening with you? That’d work for me,” Jo replied, her eyes looking upward to her beautiful baby-sis’s face, her inside quaking a bit as Tess absent-mindedly fondled her tits.

“Me too, sweetie, me too,” Tess agreed, her voice soft, tender, her eyes misting at the sight of her darling Jo laying on her lap.

Suddenly rising from her reclined position to sit upright, Jo said, “We better head to the market for what I need to cook for tonight, baby; I’m so close to ripping your clothes off of you right now that we need to get out in public before I do.”

“I’d let you,” Tess joked back but, of course, she wasn’t joking in the least.

“How does Guacamole and Bacon Burgers sound to you for tonight?” Jo asked as she checked their spice rack for what they had.

“And Swiss, don’t forget the Swiss,” Tess replied excitedly, “It’s been forever since I’ve had your delicious Guac-Burgers, yummmmies.”

“Done, let’s hit the market,” Jo said.

The trip to the market for the fixings for their avcılar escort dinner that night was done relatively quickly, Jo and Tess laughing, joking with each other, no doubt, to the casual observer, enjoying the company of each other immensely.

Back at Tess’ house, they went to work with the preparations for their meal that night, Jo handling the bulk of the food-prep, taking particular care to season the burger concoction ‘just so’, making sure it would be to Tess’ liking. More than anything, Jo wanted this night, of all nights, to be perfect for her Tess, her baby step-sis that she simply adored.

“Your date’s here,” Tess called up to Jean when they heard the honking horn sounded from the driveway.

Jean came bouncing down the stairs, looking good, really, really good, both Tess and Jo thought when she dashed into the kitchen to retrieve her backpack packed with her overnight things.

Wearing a tight, tit-hugging sweater, the bulge of her breasts were begging to be touched through the vee of the blouse, her jeans painted onto her ass with a brush, it appeared.

“Wow!” Jo said, whistling afterwards, “You look good enough to eat, baby.”

Smiling, Jean almost blushed at the compliment and reaching with her lips towards Jo, she gave Jo one last kiss of goodbye, and rushed towards the front door.

“Anytime you’d like, Jo, anytime you’d like,” and with a wave to them both, Jean was gone from the house, the silence after the door closed, almost deafening.

“She meant that, just so that you know,” Tess remarked to her sis.

“Oh, yeah, I know she did,” Jo replied smilingly as she finished her messy task of hand-mixing the ground chuck with the seasonings, egg and bread-crumbs of their meal for that night, “And, any other night, I’d probably thrown her to the floor for a quick fuck, but not tonight, tonight is all about you and me, baby.”

Tess’ heart swelled with happiness at hearing her sweet Jo saying that.

In truth, their relationship, while too ‘kinky’ for most to handle, wasn’t as incestuous as one might think it to be. After all, they shared no bloodlines, no common gene pool, and for those reasons alone, they could’ve been complete strangers had they not been raised together since their parents had married. But the sibs wouldn’t have cared even if they were blood-related; the attraction was there, undeniably, it was there, and they would’ve have become lovers in any event.

After finishing her mixing of the dinner goodies, Jo made perfect patties, covering them with a sheet of wax paper to chill in the fridge while she and Jean colluded to make the Guacamole mix that would be the topping, along with freshly sliced sheets of Swiss cheese and grilled strips of bacon.

“Pour us some wine, sweetie, and I’ll clean up my mess, will ya’?” Jo asked as she began the cleanup process.

“Just like the first time, huh?” Tess joked as she poured them both a glass of the Cab that Jo had bought at the market, “Gonna’ get me drunk on wine and take advantage of me, are you?” laughing as she handed Jo her glass.

“Worked, didn’t it?” Jo joked back but, of course, it was truth that she spoke.

“Yeah, it did,” Tess admitted as she and Jo clinked the edge of their glass on each other’s, “And you’ve never heard me complain, have you?” sipping from her glass afterwards.

Jo silently sipped from her own glass, her face somewhat serious as she appeared to be weighing something to say.

“Ever regret that I did that? You know, seduce you like I did that night? Taking your ‘cherry’ like that?” Jo’s eyes now searching Tess’ face for a tell, for a clue of Tess’ feelings about that first night when they had made love as teenagers.

“Never. Not once,” Tess replied leaning against the counter near Jo, her eyes hard on Jo’s when she answered.

“Good. Me either,” Jo responded, “I would do it again, given the chance.”

“And, I’d let you, just so that you know,” Tess said in agreement.

“Ever been with a guy?” Jo asked suddenly, taking Tess by the hand to walk into the living room when Tess returned from the deck where she had fired up the gas grill to warm for a bit before beginning the cooking of their burgers.

“You know I have; I told you about Brian Whatshisface when I was a junior,” Tess answered as she fell into the couch lazily, laying her head onto the sofa’s cushioned back-support.

“Yeah, but that was only one. Tried any others?” Jo pressed Tess to answer.

“One or two, you know, as a ‘check’ of whether or not I preferred gals to guys,” Tess admitted, sipping her wine.

“And?” Jo pressed further.

“Not my thing,” Tess said in answer. “Funny, isn’t it, that I like being fucked with a cock-like dildo but the real thing? Not so much,” lifting her arm to put around Jo as Jo leaned into Tess’ shoulder, laying her head near Tess’ boob.

“Yeah, me too,” Jo admitted, adding, “Remember that guy I dated when I was a senior, the football stud?”


“I was fucking him but really didn’t like it at all; Sorta’ made up my mind for şirinevler escort me that I preferred playing with the ladies instead,” Jo said, chuckling afterwards.

“Still in touch with Allison?” Tess asked as her hand lazily stroked up and down her sis’ arm. Allison was Jo’s BFF in High School, the one that introduced Jo to gal/gal sex and the third in Tess’ first-ever threesome, along with her sis.

“Of course, we still keep in touch,” Jo replied with a smile, the pleasant memories of Allison’s touches and kisses crowding into her mind, now.

“She’s living in London, going to school and still involved with Stacy, that chick she met when they were in college. They’re talking about getting ‘married’ now, so it’s pretty serous for them,” Jo said further to the question.

“Good! Good for them,” Tess said with honest gladness in her heart for Allison and her lover, “I hope they’re able to do that if they’re that much in love with each other.”

They were silent for a bit, each sipping their wine, Tess’ fingers now brushing across her step-sis’ girls, playfully pinching Jo’s now-hard nipples through the thin cotton material of Jo’s tee.

“Tess?” Jo said, her voice soft, almost a whisper.

“Yeah, baby?” Tess replied, her voice dreamy, her head laying against the back of the couch, her eyes closed, enjoying the moment, the feel of Jo’s body leaning against hers.

“I’m in love with you,” Jo answered, “Just so you know.”

“I love you too, baby, you know that,” Tess answered, a little confused by Jo’s statement.

“No. You didn’t hear me. I’m IN love with you, as in, if I could have your babies, I would,” Jo clarified for her Tess.

The eight-hundred pound gorilla was now in the house.

Tess didn’t answer right away, her mind processing, carefully, the enormity of Jo’s declaration. For her part, Jo almost stopped breathing, fearing that her oh-so-truthful declaration of love, ‘that’ kind of love for Tess, might have been a mistake, might have been best left unsaid.

“I’ve thought that a time or two myself,” Tess admitted, her voice serious, and thoughtful, “Always thought I was just being ‘weird’, not really sure if I felt that way, you know, honestly felt that way.”

“And, I’ve always asked myself,” Tess continued in way of explanation, “If you and I had met, as perfect strangers, never having known each other, would the attraction still be the same?”

“And?” Jo prompted, sitting upright now, facing Tess, the gravity of this moment weighing heavy on them both.

“And, I think it would be; I think I would still be drawn to you, that the attaction is real, and that we’d still have wound up as lovers, that’s what I think,” Tess said to Jo, their faces both serious, no joking between the sibs, now.

“And,” Tess said further, “At the end of the day, I’m in love with you as well; think I have been all of my life, and wishing in so many ways that we weren’t step-sibs, that we were strangers, free to act upon that love without worrying about the outside world labeling us as ‘incestuous freaks’.”

“Doesn’t mean we can’t,” Jo said, “I mean, after I get back from deployment, providing I survive deployment.”

There. The two-ton elephant has joined the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the house, both in the room, now.

Knowing that Jo was going to be in harm’s way had been weighing heavily upon both of the sibs since it had been first brought up. The cruel truth was that Jo had to survive deployment in a war-zone, had to trust that the powers that be would let her survive and have a life to come back to after serving her country.

“All the more reason for you to keep your head down and your ass alive,” Tess said to Jo, “Come back home and we can figure ‘us’ out after that,” Tess concluded, sounding more like the older sibling now.

“Just wanted you to know how I felt, that’s all,” Jo said, ending the discussion, for now.

“And, now, you know how I feel,” Tess agreed, “Come home to me, Jo, we’ll figure it out then,” Tess said again, her voice betraying her deep love for her step-sis.

They kissed a long, soft, sweet kiss of commitment, nothing else needing to be said in that tender moment.

“Let’s get cooking, babygirl, I’m hungry,” Jo said brightly, breaking the seriousness of the moment.

“Me too,” Tess agreed, rising from the couch to follow Jo into the kitchen and tending to the salad making while Jo happily placed the patties onto the now-hot grill, the patties about to be the best fucking burgers in the world.

The meal was to die for, as good as Tess remembered Jo’s burgers to be, each bite keeping a smile on both of their faces. Finishing quickly, they cleaned up the dregs of their meal quickly, both wanting the evening to speed along so that they could get to what they both wanted to do, needed to do with each other, both desperately longing to make love to the other.

“Join me in the shower?” Jo asked as, with Tess’ hand in hers, they walked upstairs together.

“Yeah, been a while,” Tess answered truthfully.

Showering together was a part of their foreplay, had been so since becoming teen-aged lovers living in the same house. When alone in the house, when the ‘rents were out with friends, or away on weekend visits leaving the girls alone, Jo and Tess made showering together a part of their sex-play, never questioning why since the first time that they had done so.

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