160 MRS BRIDGES AND THE SILVER MASTER 160 MRS BRIDGES AND THE SILVER MASTERThose of you that know me will know, that I am known at home as the Silver Master, I live near Dover in Kent, in the UK, it`s an old farm ½ mile from the village, though not a working farm it works as a place of solace for some of my patients, I being a registered consultant in sexual mental anguish.That really means I`m what is locally known as a shrink! However, the twist is that I am a sadist myself and I have a hidden dungeon that I use for my work, and to make my living with certain group of private patients.I am a single man and my home is looked after by a very discrete, very kindly older middle aged lady known as Mrs Bridges, she is a superb cook and a wonderful housekeeper and brilliantly tight lipped, which I respect greatly. Her husband is my gardener/ handyman, he is older by a few years and keeps things in good order for me.If the patients come to visit, the good lady keeps a very low profile and she never normally meets my patients, partly for her own safety partly for discression but mainly to calm some of the more volatile subjects. However, if the subject is one of my more ‘special’ clients and staying overnight or longer, my cook has time off, though she leaves food to satisfy my subject and myself, me not being a great cook.Some visitor though are just that, visitors, these my lovely cook treats as guests and cooks for us all to a very high standard.Sarah, had recently visited, and I had had a wonderful sadistic adventure for which I had been paid handsomely. Mrs bridges having had the days off. Anyway, things had returned to what passes as normal on the following Monday and I was sitting at breakfast when the good lady appeared, I do get my own breakfast usually, I`m not that bad.!She doesn’t drive and when her hubby, old Joe is not working, she walks to work a steady ¾ of a mile each way rain or hail and today under a stout raincoat and an umbrella it was rain.Joe had a major heart surgery problem and has been in hospital since christmas, she doesn’t drive , each evening either her sister or myself would take my her in to visit him. Tonight, was to be my turn.She cleared some plates and I realised she was hovering, she clearly wanted to talk, which was in her case unusual. I offered her coffee, and she sat with me at my request and then after a little probing she began to talk. I began by calling her Alice, professionally we stick to Mrs Bridges, but it I thought may have prompted her to chat more.I was right and I realised she wanted to talk in a near professional way. She went around the subject so I will condense it a lot and explain that basically she had not slept with her Joe for the last two years, he was willing she was willing in fact eager, but with this heart thing she was so desperately worried she would lose him she had pretended to not want sex in any form. Now in just a few months he was going to be fit enough and she wanted to know how she was going to do a U turn. I made a few suggestions as to that and thought that would be the end of it but she went on; that she had never been without sex for such a long time before and she told me of her youth. Over a fresh pot of coffee, this staid matron poured forth what I thought was her whole sexual life story, fortunately I had no appointments and it was fascinating and bloody Horney with a capital H believe me. So interesting that I asked if I could take notes and use her as an anonymous subjectShe was flattered and said she “was just a village girl that had enjoyed life and that you would not be interested, you being only specialised in sexual things.” She really surprised me by saying that; ”she had often fantasised, that perhaps I would like to treat her as one of my patients that come here, like that Sarah lass what came last week.”I asked if she” knew why and how I had treated ‘Sarah’ ?” she smiled and said “she was sure she didn’t know the half of it but that her brother in law had been one of the six in the pub, and he had told her of the marks all over the girl`s body and it had turned her on big style”I grinned and said that “she had needed punishing for her past life, and had requested that I did that, and the pub thing was to do with humiliation and it had been her idea.”She glanced at the clock and said blushing she “should be sorting dinner and that I wouldn’t want to be doing with an old bird like her, me being a professional man and all!” To which I said that,” today we will have a sandwich for dinner and this evening after we have been to visit Joe, I will take you out for a meal, you deserve it mature lady or no”, but that she must tell me all of her fantasies and together today, as I have nothing on, we can explore your past and perhaps who knows we may fulfil one or two?” she looked a little flustered, so I said “you seem to still enjoy the thought of a sex life so why not tell me all the grisly details and I would use a spurious name for the notes so you could not be recognised and we will treat you like any other of my ladies!” to which she agreed though she was a little red. So, then I asked “if she really still had fantasised about being treated as a patient by coming into my consulting room and laying on the couch perhaps even be treated as some of the women are and to be ravaged by a randy shrink.” To which she nodded enthusiastically and said, “Yeh something like that, but it`s always been you I`m afraid, not some other faceless shrink”Flattered; I asked about Joe and would she not feel we would be cheating on him? But she said that theirs had been an open marriage and that “she had had quite a few casual lovers over the years and that if Joe was always kept informed he was a happy chap his philosophy was were only here once and enjoy if no-one is damaged, though she had not strayed this last few years giving due deference to his heart!”I said “then so be it Alice, you come to my room at 11 and I will be more than happy to treat you, as a patient, a friend and perhaps even as a lover.!”She went off grinning, to wash up and make some sandwiches for lunch for the fridge, while I walked those dammed dogs once more and fetched some veg in for tomorrow, a job Joe would normally do, my mind on my matronly cook.The jobs done I spent a while sorting my room back to its office format, and still tidying up from the session with Sarah, and prompt at 11 she appeared with coffee. I gave her a patient form, marked it ‘pre-paid [fee paid in full] l and she made it out as any other patient using the name Pamela Thompson, purely fictitious of course but if it made her happy. for simplicity and for completeness she filled in the whole form accurately, height weight age sizes eye colour all that sort of stuff We decided that if it was to be a taped or filmed interview she would answer to Pam, and she said “she wanted me to ask any mortal thing I wished.”Then she asked if “I could film it all for Joe when he came home as it would buck him up a treat” which in reply I flipped a switch and did, from then.I asked her” Pam why had you come?” and she said it had been her fantasy since she had known me, and wanted to fulfil it.So next I asked her to lie on the couch, which she did. Then I asked her “to describe in detail her most intimate and recurring fantasy!” she blushed to her roots, then said “she was embarrassed to explain her fantasy as it included me!” So I offered to hypnotise her, which she said “she would love to try but no funny business mind, if there`s to be any of that I want to be wide awake!” We laughed, and I promised, then it took about five minutes to have her in the trance.My mature cook lay on my couch, her skirt a red tartan to below her knees, her top a mushroom pullover tight over her prominent and obviously stiffly held breasts in a strong and deep bra and her stockings a tan but thicker than most, her arms at her sides, head back semi-comatose. I usually ask the subjects name and that would have been Alice Bridges, which we were not in need of so this time I began “Pam, are you comfortable now?” she said she was I asked her date of birth, canlı bahis which she gave, then her bra size which she gave as 44dd without hesitation, so I knew I was on a winner. I sat back in my chair and asked her to tell me her two most recurring fantasies, and listened amazed as the words tumbled from her.She said that she fancied the doctor she worked for, he was tall and bearded, and he treated nutty women who needed sex, or were frightened of sex, or desired pain for sex, or treatment to enjoy sex or, I cut in and I moved her on a little. “Tell me about your favourite fantasy” “Well I am ushered into his consulting room he stands me in the middle and makes me take my clothes off watching every piece revealing all I have, he says not a word twirling his finger so I turn, till he`s seen every tiny crease, every fatty tyre, every crevice and every scar.”“He makes me bend so he can see my cleft and my arse, he studies me, makes me lift the jugs by my nipples so he can see how high they go, then he has me over this couch hard, despite my bladder being full to busting, it`s painful, and I`m desperate to hold my water which makes it more intense.”“He licks my used fanny and I can hold it no more, cumming and squirting into his beard, but it`s not enough and he has me again face down in the wet puddle, this time up my chuff, I`m screaming but its lovely”. She began muttering to herself so I moved her on once more to the second fantasy, again she smiled then began once more; “I`ve come to work with no knickers or girdle, he pops into my kitchen and fingers me, no chat, no warning he just fingers me, Joe appears and it makes no odds he just carries on with his hand up my skirt fingering me, talking to Joe about the garden, the dogs, fencing, whatever, it`s like I am just there for both of them, if were in the garden it’s the same, walking the dogs, fetching fruit from the orchard , he just has me by hand wherever he fancies!” She stopped, and there was silence, so I asked if there was more, she said “she had a wish that if she was good she would begiven a treat, and if she was a bad girl she would be punished and hard.” Then again there was a long pause, and she said “just like miss Sarah, properly marked”. She then went quiet, and I soon brought her out of her trance. She sat up and blinked, then said “I near dozed off sir I am sorry.” She remembered nothingI told her to stand up which she did, I then told her that “I had read her mind and knew of her fantasies, she looked shocked and blushed, I did not mention hypnosis and she didn’t ask, just I presume thinking it was my job and it was something I could do!Anyway, I said that “recently she had had a fantasy about me and that if she wanted to enact it I was happy to oblige but other than on her films which she would control, details would never leave this house and she could rely on my discression.” She still blushing said she would like to comply and please she would, love to be one of my subjects.“In here,” I said, “we shall be Pam and Eddy, and we will be informal, is that acceptable?” she said it was so I explained that I would be in charge and she must comply with every detail and command instantly and that she would find me a hard master. She quietly said” yes sir, sorry I mean, yes Eddy!”I asked if her was bladder was full, and blushing she said it was and would I like her to go and use the toilet, which I refused, saying “no you need to learn to control yourself.” I then added “one drip on my floor Pam and I will whip your arse hard.” “Now take of your clothes and do it slowly I want to have a good look at your body” she stared at me for just a moment, realising I really did know her inner thoughts, then slowly she removed the mushroom top. What lay under it was for her age magnificent,Her bra was a deep one in white, the sort of thing that was appropriate for a mature lady and well filled, but the belly below it was trim, not slack or flabby which was a surprise, and a nice surprise at that.She bent to her stockings, raised her skirt and unclipped each suspender from the tan nylons, then each in turn slid down her legs, True she had varicose veins, long hours standing at kitchen stoves in service had seen to that, but her legs though substantial, were shapely.Her flat shoes and her stockings went on the chair with the top and then she began to release her skirt, the tartan unwound in the style of a kilt, her face as red as the material as she watched me perving at her intensely. She stood almost naked in front of her employer, about to divest herself of her last few items of clothing, her armour against the world.She wore now just a white girdle, oldish and well used, but shapely and not frumpy, her bra and her knickers. She rolled it down, and it fell down her legs so she could step from it. Her knickers were white as well, damp now at the crutch but snowy white, as was the rest, a woman that had pride in her clothing,The hair on her head was a rich reddish brown, I was about to see her true colour, but she was reluctant to part with these last items I could tell, but I waited saying nothing letting her make the final decision.She must have stood like that perhaps a full minute, and then suddenly she made up her mind and reached for her bra clip, those white retaining straps fell slack, then the shoulder slumped and the thin shoulder straps fell, her big capable left hand supporting the redundant white froth for just a second while the right dealt with the loose strap, swapping hands before reluctantly removing the redundant support.Her hands dropped and those magnificent breasts fell into view, nipples, brown and stiff, areola`s a good 2” in diameter the pendulous naked pink breasts, adding to her magnificence, as she studied my face for some sign of disgust or perhaps disapproval or even approval. She got a smile and a nod of approval, the knickers were slid down the legs, leaning forward to remove them her breasts swung out unfettered and until she straightened up I had only eyes for them, I tore my eyes to her pubic area, her hair sparse now but blond, her labia deep, pink and wet but her clitorises size amazed me, the thing was a good inch and a half long and in all ways looked like a miniature prick. I personally had never seen one so long or as prominent.I looked up to find her hazel eyes fixed on mine defying me to say something about her protruding sex. She stood tall her at her full height a proud mature woman, not in the first flush of youth it`s true, but magnificent in a sensual and proud mature sort of way. I twirled my finger and she in turn slowly revolved, her back erect, and her backside perhaps larger than she would like, and deeper than in her youth no doubt, but I could see it absorbing punishment in quantity. I told her to “bend”, which she did, somewhat red faced as I studied her labia puffy and wet, with that monster clit in view, and her puckered brown anal ring showing, the final indignityShe waited a moment stood and then turned back to face me, waiting my verdict.I told her to;” pinch hold of those nipples,” which she did, I then told her to “hold them up and stretch them,” and that too she did, and without hesitation, revealing a little redness in the under crease`s, no doubt the usual sweaty rash most bigger women endure regardless of the use of talc. “Drop”, I commanded and the pair fell back with a quiet slap. “Pam, (I desperately wished to call her by her own name but just managed to avert it) I am honoured to accept you as a patient, your body is for its age magnificent and I have wondered about it for the whole time you have been known to me, it will be my pleasure to use it for my own sexual joy and I hope you gain some enjoyment from the experience.Her face broke into a smile, showing she was relieved, muttering “thank you” and looking perhaps a little apprehensive as she was still I knew desperate for the toilet.“Go bend over that couch end, and take a grip of the sides, you have me in need.” She said she was desperate for the toilet but I told her “she would need hold her water as I needed her now, not soon,” She turned bahis siteleri to the couch and did as she was bid with a sort of don’t tell me I didn’t warn you sort of look.My fly was quickly open sliding my full length into her in one single push, she groaned, and I began my ride, urgent hard and rapid, deep into this wonderful sexual woman. I`ve only six and a bit inches, but it felt like 12, she was warm wet and silky, and she accommodated me like fingers in a glove, my god that woman was willing, it was just sublime, Sarah was my last woman, and she is a good 17 or 18 years or more, younger, lovely and fantastic at pleasing me, but she had youth and experience on her side, for her age this lady had something you can`t bottle, I don’t know what special trick it was even now, but she milked me, her internal muscles twitching in unison, it was an experience that I have never enjoyed before with any woman and I was soon pumping my seed deep into her body. We slid apart but I couldn’t just walk away, I kissed her slime filled sex-lips, licked at my own spend, sucked on that tiny prick-like clit and wallowed in this wondrous woman. Suddenly she began to spray me, her bladder control gone as she came and pissed like a waterfall, my beard and clothing soaked in seconds, hot and smelly, and I revelled in that t woman`s water, surprising myself as I had never thought in terms of savouring urine before in this way. I threw her to the floor on her knees down in her own puddle on the polished lino and within seconds I was forcing my turgid prick into her tight anal cavity, lubricated with her own slippery wetness, she groaned, then as my prickhead forced its way into her body she screamed, together we began another dance, and within just a short time I was pumping her full of my seed , not so much this time , I`m not that young , but it was enough to make her feel and enjoy the sensation with a joyous groan as she came once more.We lay exhausted in her wet pool, me still on her back, coming down from this high that we all strive for. Soon we rolled apart, both damp and stinking of piss, and to spare her blushes I scooped her up and led her to our bathroom, stripping off my wet clothing while she ran the shower, together we showered slowly finding one another`s soapy bodies with exploring hands. The warm water revitalising old bodies, we dried one another with the big fluffy towels she always left for me.Together we laughed perhaps with a tinge of embarrassment, and I left her to go find some dry clothes. Dressed I returned to my consulting room, where I found her dressed in a tidy blue suit she had fetched with her to go visiting and mopping up, I left her to her task and brewed a pot of coffee. Calling my erstwhile lover as soon as she had finished her taskWe sat in the lounge, together, both with broad smiles, her with a twinkle in her eye I had not noticed before. I said from tomorrow on, Alice, you will not wear knickers in my presence, and I will enjoy you whenever and wherever I wish within these grounds, do you understand. She nodded enthusiastically, with a cheese eating grin, and said, ”what about Joe?” To which I said, “will he complain then, you said he liked to know everything?” She said as he would be getting the benefit she reckoned he would be more than happy. Well later the trip to the old lad`s bedside passed without incident, as it happened I knew the staff nurse on duty so Alice went in alone to start and I stood chatting for a while as she`s a nice lass and I`m always hopeful. Anyway, I went in plonked the old lad with some g****s as you do, and sat chatting, while Alice popped to the toilet. When he said suddenly, that “I am worried about Alice, she lets on to k** me she`s gone off sex, but I bet its cos of my heart, not wanting to over excite me, I often wished she`d take another lover, but she says she`s content, I don’t know what I`m going to do now, as I will be fit as a flea again when I get home, and if she has gone off sex I shall be well stuck!” I quietly asked “if he would like me to chat to her, and as I am a specialist in the field, would he like me to sort her out?” the old boy jumped at it nodding furiously, so I added, I might have to do some therapy, perhaps even sleep with her myself, would that be ok?” he gave me his blessing and we heard her coming back! She sat down and I shook my head at her as if to say don’t mention the sex subject, and bless the woman she caught on straight away, wittering on about some family rubbish, till with relief the bell sounded, and we left. I took Alice to a nice pub I know of that is on the road to Deal, the next town along the coast, we had a fine meal and over the sweet I explained what had been said, she chuckled and then thanked me for the meal, saying I was a crafty sod and kissing me then we drove home, me dropping her at her place on the way. Before she got out I suggested that she came and stayed over, she said that “though she was `tempted’ she said “there was the neighbours to consider and the chickens to feed!” such is life here in the country.Next day she arrived as usual as I returned from walking the dogs, together we sat and had breakfast.“Miss Sarah had some marks, was she whipped?” she asked, I explained that I couldn’t discuss another patients case and she reddened a little apologising. “Ah Yeh sorry I was just going to ask if you reckoned on doing that to me?” I said “only if you think you would like and need to be punished” and she then smiled, slow and with a blush “I`ve never been punished before, that old teacher at school, he gave me the slipper once and he got a stiffee, dirty old git.” She went on, “I want to try all sorts of things afore I dies, many of the things that miss Sarah has tried, she seems to find it gets her off and that’s what I want to try all sorts, I`ve been had up hill and down dale but they were all bloody missionaries, nearest I got to something a bit kinky was the old vicar, and he just wanted me to hold un while he had a pee, I wasn`t above 16 then .”“look,” I said “I know you can keep a secret, but I don’t want even Joe knowing this, so say if you don’t want me to share this.” She said no-one wouldn’t hear it from her, so I said look “OK, we have a fort-night till Joe is home, time to enjoy some of the kinks you want to try and then still recover before he knows or suspects if that’s what you want to do. I fetched one of my books, Thurgood’s encyclopaedia of kinks and perversions it’s a huge tome of a thing, but it covers most of the known perversions in this world, though folks always find variations. “Sit you in the armchair, here`s some paper strips, use them as bookmarks, mark the ones you want to try, and I will return in an hour, I`ve paperwork to do, and a call or two to sort, when I return we will discuss the kinks you want to try and we shall see as my work today will be done, oh and we will eat together as we did last time.”Her grin was as wide as a Cheshire cat, “thanks Eddy” I knew you would understand.Well it was over an hour before I returned, her face was a little flushed, and she asked if she could “take the book home tonight as she hadn’t finished by half!” I laughed and agreed; “but let`s see what you’ve got so far!”She had picked out whipping, paddling and needles, then she asked about b********y, did women really use pigs, goats, horses, and dogs, I explained that they did and together we scanned the pages dealing with the subject. I could see she was interested, but said “well we should save that till last both my dogs are studs so that’s no problem, and as some of these others leave mark`s on a lady`s body and we agreed to get you better before joe re-appears better them first!” she nodded and said “she was ready anytime I felt she was ready and she would be in my hands.”I put the book down told her to stand and ran my hand up her leg checking she had done as I said and worn no knickers. Her wet sex slithered over my fingers and I smiled. “Take off your top,” she didn’t hesitate the white blouse was off in a trice, her bare breasts swinging in a most provoking way, that I could not bahis şirketleri prevent my hands from fondling.“Come with me and you will have pain suffering and the finest climax I can provide, by tonight you will not lay comfortably in bed, your body I warn you will be marked and your skin will be on fire, you will have lash-marks and bruise`s but you will have come like you never have before”.“If, however you sit down and refuse my offer of pain and suffering, we shall just have just ordinary missionary sex in my bed. This is your moment; your decision. I will return in a moment” and with that I slipped away for a Pee.I`ll admit I had a struggle to pee, the bloody thing was so stiff so it was a few minutes till I returned to find her stood, still topless and without shoes or stockings her face was a little apprehensive, but her eyes sparkled and she looked defiant.“Right then, decision made!” she looked towards me expectantly, “what I am about to show you Alice is my secret room, in it you can give yourself to me and you can let your imagination run riot, not a mortal soul can hear you and no one can help you once you have surrendered to me your lovely body. You will show your trust in me by coming with me and I warn you there will be pain such as you have not endured in years, but I promise you faithfully there will be no permanent damage and you will orgasm like I doubt you have ever before oh and you can scream all you wish, but that will be my pleasure.”This woman my cook, my half-dressed friend and old enough to be my mother stood for a moment thinking then she said in a quiet voice, “will you be naked too please?” I replied in a rather surprised way “if you wish me too!” she slowly unzipped her skirt dropping it to her feet. “I do, if it`s going to hurt me as much as you say, I can at least watch the effect on you and enjoy your frustration. Will I be bound?” I said she would, and she smiled saying simply “I am glad”“Firstly, though Alice, I must blindfold you, and until we are in the room you will not be able to see, but I will reveal all to you inside.” She stood patiently while to allow me to wrap her head in a silken eyeless hood. I took her hand and together we walked steadily to the garage at the further end of the house, me doing my guide dog imitation. I opened the cupboard and led her inside, flipping on the spotlights and reclosing the inner doors I said she could remove the hood, stripping off my clothes as she did so. She gazed about her in awe and shock. Saying she “had had no idea that my equipment was so extensive or that she had ever imagined such a place existed under her nose”.She tottered to the rack, looked at it and shuddered, she looked at the whipping stool, the crucifixes, the pillory, and finally the horse, looking at me with a quizzical eye and asking how it functioned. To which I smiled sweetly and said she “would find out later!”I took her to the whip rack, and she stood mouth open eyeing the leatherwear as I fitted her cuffs, “pick three of those and I will beat you with each in turn, so you may experience the different lashes.”Her hand went amongst the leather, caressing the tails, and checking in her mind what pain she imagined they would inflict. “you know them and me best Eddy, so will you please pick for me and then do whatever it is you wish to me I am yours and I trust you, because at this moment I can`t trust myself!”I lead her to the lift as if in a daze she stepped up onto the block then raised her wrists to the ropes end to assist me to attach her cuffs, I smiled at her, then kissed her on the lips, she returned the kiss with fervour, and I raised her hands a way above her, not enough to lift her, but enough to secure her and her to know she was totally helpless, without her being able to avoid the strokes, stood as she was on the block, a 12” cube on which she knew that to step aside would make her fall from this simple but effective security item.She looked at me as I selected the first tool, asking me to explain the effect each would have on her body.My first choice was a leather strap, 3” wide, heavy and pliant. “this will sting, it will leave the skin red, it will leave you screaming, and it will be applied first to every part of your external skin from neck to thigh.I lay it on the rack to one side in plain view of my victim, “now this I said will cause persistent pain, it’s a soft tailed cat, its used persistently and it becomes painful slowly, I will even use this between your legs, but as you will be riding the horse soon I won`t persist with that”. She nodded her understanding, then her eyes caught the last tool, a single tail bull whip. “This will be used to spur you on, on the horse a full six strokes..”“After you finish on there, regardless of your condition I`m going to screw you, hard. Your sex will be numb, your back bloody and perhaps your tits too.”“Walking will be painful but until I am satisfied you will have no mercy. Do you understand?” She said she did, “if it`s all too much and you can`t cope your safe word is ‘poppy’ say that and it all stops instantly, again a nod, this time with a smile!” She looked deep into my soul her eyes liquid pools and she said “I want to try it eddy, I want to be yours and I want to excite you with my screams. So do it and do it now.! The leather belt struck her backside as an answer, splat, splat, splat, regular steady stinging strokes legs, belly, backside, tits she began to glow, her face pink, with the effort to not scream, I shrugged, her silence she knew would earn her a second coat of strokes, a second reddening of the already stinging skin. I gave her a dozen new strokes, slightly harder this time.Tears fell, I took up the soft tail, gentle strokes persistent, a rain of light strikes ,breasts, shoulders back, legs backside belly and round again, her head shaking, side to side eyes wild nostrils flaring, knowing the pain had hardly begun, quietly at first her moan began, slowly oh so slowly the decibels rose, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, I caught the rope around her left ankle, quickly flicking the thing over a cleat, holding her leg up and wide open, she knew I was going to strike at her open sex, there was no way she could stop me, I went behind her, striking up between the legs, those big solid legs, the soft leather slapping against the soft dark skin ,this time she screamed, not a light moan not a squeak but a full throated, hard on the ears piercing scream.A shudder ran through her and she hopped on the one leg swinging on her wrists, twisting trying to hide herself from the stinging stokes, three times I struck and each time her cry echoed round our hidden cave, loud and terrible, I fetched the horse rolled it under her raised leg settling it against her other leg nestling the top edge into her labia, parting the lips releasing the raised leg settling her gently her face suddenly realising what was to happen, as I lowered her full weight onto her softest tissue. Her eyes looked upward to the rope, which I adjusted to keep her still but to provide no support.A long slow moan began from deep inside her body her body weight now crushing the labia, and the clit Her teeth were gripping her lip pain tearing through her body knowing she was to be struck 6 times with the big whip I quickly struck one , two , three, four the cuts making her move a little with each lash, pain worsening with, every tiny move, five, and then the sixth, quickly I released her helped her down she could not stand, lay her on the floor cold stone under her back as I mounted the bruised and painful sex of my weeping cook, her arms wrapped around me urging me on deep into her. Her voice; begging me to fill her, flood her guts bring her to climax, together we suddenly came perfectly together, the erotic effect just too much for us both.We lay together laughing hysterically she unable to easily move, her back glad of the cool stones, on the hot welt`s. how long we lay I couldn’t say, I dressed as did she after I had sprayed her with antiseptic spray, and fetched her clothes.I fitted her hood and led her from the chamber slowly and in some pain I have no doubt. I loaded her in the car and dropped her at her home, I would be visiting Joe on my own tonight. As we parted she thanked me on her doorstep, clutching the book I had lent her, and smiling wickedly..

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