174 Autumn island pt3


174 Autumn island pt3174 Autumn island pt3[pt 2 https://xhamster.com/stories/168-autumn-island-pt-2-647858]I found myself leaving my beloved island for the mainland, we locked up, then set out in ‘Jenny’ our link with ‘civilisation’ and were soon on the dock handing her over to the harbour-master for safe keeping for a fort-night. The taxi took an hour of old macs crazy driving to get us to the station and the train took the strain with two changes and some long dragging hours getting us to our old town, and the hustle and bustle of traffic, fumes, noise and folk. We immediately knew we were doing the right thing for us, as we felt like aliens…Autumns place was detached and on the edge of the city, after the clean air of our island it still felt cramped and fetid, we slept the day away tired from the trip, ate from her tin supply, then we started to pack and sort.It took 3 days, we ate in pubs, and café`s and I bought a van, a tidy Luton bodied ford, which I knew Tam at the local garage would buy at journeys end. We shifted stuff to charity shops, we visited the local tip a few times and sold a few bits at the local antiques shop. Finally, we began loading the old van! Leaving the mattress to sleep on her old pine table and a couple of chairs. The estate agent called on that last Friday, vacant possession by Monday and we would drop the keys in as we left town. Saturday came and the Master arrived as we had asked, he had a room at the hotel and we went to meet him, over drinks we explained our going away, we didn’t enlighten him where, but did explain the position about the empty house and my need to be taught to use needles, quickly and efficiently, as we were going somewhere remote and far from folk… He was a sensible soul and promised to be with us at 11 on the Sunday, though he would charge a bit extra for the training I noted… We said our goodnights though Autumn stayed to chat for a moment and then we trotted off back to the empty house. Autumn was nervy, she knew tomorrow a man would come secure her and use her as a pincushion to show me how to go on, and though she desperately needed the mental relief, she had been so busy that week that she had had few moments to think of the coming ordeal. Now it was here, she clung to me in a limpet like fashion, and we slept fitfully, breakfast was toast, and hot-sweet tea, the toaster and kettle being our last items bar her table and the three chairs left and by 11 she was a bag of jangling nerves as the door knocker heralded the master`s arrival. She answered the door, I sat on a chair in the room that had been living room as she fetched in the master. Now I`m no homo-centred male but the man was awesome, 5ft 10,ish, leather clad, tight shirt, a fit, no fat all muscle chap and an air of command that went with a firm handshake! “You’re the pupil I take it?” he asked, with just the ghost of a smile, I said I was!He asked Autumn the score. She explained that we were going to be living overseas, and that she would not be able to receive his treatment as he would not be able to reach us, and that she knew as he did what she was like and would need. He asked if we had any kit and I said; “no but money was no object and we would get whatever things he thought best for us!” at that he smiled and said “he had brought some second-hand kit in the car as he had thought that might be the case from what my lady had said!” as he was re-equipping he said, he “had a tens machine and a Hitachi vibe with changeable heads, some clamps, straps wristlets, and a cat of nine tails all for sale,” we fetched it all in and haggled for a while but eventually I bought the lot for a sensible sum which included that days training session and a bit for goodwill. All this time Autumn had sat on the second chair, brewing coffee and trying not to get too nervy, if that was possible, knowing she would soon be strapped to the old pine table she sat at and screaming in unbelievable pain, I doubt I could have sat brewing coffee for my would-be torturer. We sat and drank the coffee and filled in his disclaimers, the conversation then moved to discussing her frame of mind, what she had’ enjoyed’ if that’s the right word, over the sessions that he had conducted (the correct term I would have thought was more which parts had eased her mind best–but we will live with enjoyed!) she said that the pulses from the tens machine were the most memorable, and needles were high on the list too.He said that was “OK and that he thought perhaps today, as it was the last session together he would go through the whole spectrum as a demo, including the cat, a hot-wax session, needles and that tens machine then perhaps if I had no objections he would finish with a full-blooded fuck!” I said that I “had no objections if that was what Autumn wanted,” to which she nodded her head in approval though she seemed more nervous than ever now.He went using a safe word, how important it or a sign was if she could not speak, we agreed on a word not in normal use and a sign, which I must say she has never used since, though she knows it well it seems like a point of honour to endure.He told her to strip which as she was only in her tracksuit and the lightest of underclothes was soon accomplished. after she had removed all her clothing I was then asked to place my submissive lady on the table, face down and secured by just her wrists. This was soon done, and I saw He had two identical plastic bags, from the first of which he withdrew a shiny plastic and chrome bullet shaped probe with thin white wires attached. It was about the diameter of her smallest dildo and about two inches long. He gripped her hips in a strong grip, peering at her womanhood and appraising her. He searched for her anal opening then spread gel and with his strong finger`s. She knowing what was coming, took a big gulp of air and held her breath, and within milli-seconds he was inside her puckered asshole and he was forcing a finger through her sphincter muscles forcing the wet gel inside, he then started to push that bullet shaped metal probe deep inside her bowels, it slipped inside leaving a light wire trailing from her, dangling against her leg, no doubt tickling her, though she had too much going on to care. Her asshole hadn’t put up too much resistance it was like she was sucking it deep up into her guts.“Is that good my dear?” he askedshe quickly replied, “It feels okay sir” “Good” he said “as there is another one as well you know!”He leaned down in front of her and slowly but deliberately started to penetrate her vagina first with his finger then his second probe. Once the bullet shaped probe had overcome the initial muscle rejection he continued to push it as deep, and as far into her as his finger could reach, right up deep into her body with his finger until it could go no further and it was then he moved away and asked again how it felt?She said” it was not uncomfortable but a long way up in my body!”, to which he laughed and said in a quiet and menacing voice; “you once called me a bastard for this procedure, so this time you can wait and be you sure, that this time I will be one and much, much worse than it`s ever been before!”He then lightly took the cat to her upper back, legs and backside. Flick, flick, flick. istanbul escort Her skin reddened and now that the “treatment” had begun her nerves seemed to have reduced, a soft smile hovered around her lovely face, as he passed to me the now warm handled whip, I tried desperately to use the unfamiliar weighted cat of nine tails in the same manner, but found that my Flicking motion was no-where near as efficient or light as his. He smiled at my heavy-handed swipes, Autumn twitching and groaning as I struck her at his instruction time and again, her backside red and raw looking, the knots at the nine wicked lash ends fetching flecks of blood to the skin surface, with every stroke, though to my surprise, she had yet not made more than a few slight groans. He stopped my ministrations, and Passed me a candle, which he lit then took my wrist, explaining as he did, how far from the skin to hold it, and where to aim, which I thought I already knew, but this man was an artist, he listened to her whimpers, adjusted the height to make the splashes just that bit more hot and painful, working with her vocal sounds to adjust that wrist fractionally to cause more-noisy pain. That sadistic smile returned, the sound working like some form of strange aphrodisiac to him. Her back was fairly well covered with dots of red candle-wax when he snuffed the flame, in little piles the wax, cooling now, as he said that “usually he would have removed them but today he felt she would appreciate the little extra discomfort of the little pimples of wax between her skin and that old table top as she wriggles and writhed about in the throes of the tens machine`s pulses again reminding her that they would be hard and painful”. He had me release our patient victim helped her up then lay her tenderly down on her back, her legs dangling over beside the bottom table legs. With deft hands he secured, a strap tight over her belly her arms secured to that strap by short wristlets, her ankle`s tied to the table legs and finally from the other legs a ratchet strap in a wrap round her neck and across her throat, he explained that “he wanted her not to be able to sit up or see what was coming next and this was the easiest way,” he then overtightened this last straps just a little, causing her some restriction of her breath, saying that some folk use plastic bags to restrict breath but he found this simpler and easier to release.Her face pink now and unable to move even a little she lay knowing of the pain to come but unable to stop or even influence the process in any way, except using the safe word or sign, which I knew, was to her unthinkable.He gave me a pair of latex gloves then he donned his own saying “always be ultra clean when penetrating skin or all sorts of unwanted infections can be transmitted and that would never do!” grinning he said, “we don’t want to hurt her do we!” Smiling at his little joke, he removed from his bag two needles, each about 4” long, new bagged and sterile, he gave me one and told me to open the packing not touching the metal, which I did, he was doing the same, he motioned me to her right side.He then he took her nearest breast in his gloved hand, lined the needle under the areola, and without more ado pushed the tip through the skin lining the thing up to force the long steel pin up through the soft tissue, she began to whimper, he hesitated, the weight of her lovely sac held up from her body by just by the sharp point, telling me to attempt to do the same. My fumbling as I did his bidding made the job a lot less slick but she began to shriek as I managed to raise my target breast from her body. Heartrending, echoing and pain-filled the sound of her scream rattled around the empty room, she had asked me especially before he arrived if I believed I could keep going, despite what she knew would be her terrible screams, it was now that, that question was tested and I freely admit it was a near thing I knew it was her wish, her release, so I managed against all my instincts, but it was a trial to hear my lover scream.He was now forcing that long steel invader up through the tender meat of my beloved autumn`s fabulous breast, I held my ground, and my breath, but with difficulty it must be said, as the top skin of her breast began to rise in a miniature boil like mountain then oh so slowly that point slowly burst through the skin and the needle was fully embedded. Her scream reduced to a sob as his eyes bored into me and he waited to see if I could complete my sadistic stroke, I knew it was now or never, I began to raise the breast and the needle began its journey, I imagined, even felt, as much as saw, that tip slipping deeper and deeper through the meat, the soft tissue parting as the point forced its way between the nerves and the tiny blood vessels of my beloveds lovely body, her scream began again, slowly oh so slowly the tiny mountain of skin appeared, then the first glint of the point, her final scream and it was to my immense relief, over. He applauded me, I felt a million dollars, and a traitor all in one. He magicked another pair of the steel horrors from his bag, placing the second pack into my hand, in seconds this time, the thing was uncovered the bag falling to the floor. Her breast, the breast my breast, my target and my joy again in the palm of my hand as I it must be said eagerly, waiting for his nod to begin hurting my lover once more! He placed his pointed barb against her areola once more, this time facing me. the thing began its journey from left of the soft pouch towards me. Again, she began once more to scream, this time without the aid of gravity. god help me I had begun to enjoy the sound of her pain, and perhaps her enjoyment, her venting of her stress, so without being told I began my own penetration of her meaty hanger, it took more physical energy forcing the long needle through the solid but soft materiel of her lovely breast her screams loud and pathetic to hear. It was soon done, my second steel pin embedded by my own volition through the lovely body.I stood back tears were running from her eyes, her face red now, her finger-nails digging into her palms, pain flooding through her body.Again, the magic of appearing needles, these when I got mine, where only perhaps an inch or so long and thinner by far. I looked askance of my instructor and he pinched playfully at her nipple, then from the tip of her nub in towards the lovely body, he pushed the thin metal point deep into the tip of that lovely nipple, her shriek rose a full decibel, he dropped her needle filled udder to her chest, standing back and watching me, expectant and eager, waiting me doing the same to the nipple I had so much loved to kiss, suck and caress.I took aim, the breast soft in my palm, here was the pinkest softest nipple I had ever sucked on, here in my grasp, I was about to place a steel invader deep into it and there was nothing she could do about it, power strange and wicked power, surged through me, the thought struck me that she could not see, l leant forward and showed her expectant face, the needle, she blinked, still groaning from the last invasion, it was my permission, all I needed to add to her agony, the point slowly entered the pink and zonguldak escort hyper sensitive tip of the tender nipple, just before it reached its full extent I felt the tip graze one of the other metal invaders heard her scream hit a new high-point and saw his thumbs up with the corner of my eye, my concentration being on the inflicting of this extra pain.We stood back and surveyed the lovely body for a long moment, my poor old cock was oh so stiff, stiffer than I can ever remember and I knew at that moment, we would walk this path many times and not just for her benefit.He drew my attention to the tens machine, behind us her still secure body still whimpered as it slowly became accustomed to the pain in her magnificent breasts. He released the strap at her throat, which allowed her to breath better and her head to move she could sit up a little and her eyes began to follow our ministrations.He approached the tens machine, remarking like a salesman that “there`s a book with it but it`s quite straight forward really!”He lifted the TENs machine on to a chair which he put next to her secured feetThe thin white wires from each of the inserted probes he plugged into the front panel of the machine. He unravelled the mains power cable and plugged it into some sort of transformer or adapter before it went into a power socket on the wall, it took some moments, and I have no doubt that, as she had endured this discipline before, her mind was racing as she awaited the terrifying pulses she knew were to come.He walked around the table and told her to relax and take deep slow breaths. I could see she quickly began to do that and I could see the needles in her delicate and sensitive tits, just moving very slightly glittering as they caught the light of the single un-dressed bulb as she breathed. She later told me that was the worst moment though it felt rather good having endured such a painful procedure in her breasts and nipples, and the feeling of being “filled” up by both the probes as well knowing (as I later found, she had arranged) that he had promised a longer and heavier session, was really exciting but frightening for her and though try as she would she couldn’t get her mind to relax the thought of what was to come turned her legs to jelly and her brain to mush. As the TENs machine came to life Mike leaned down and selected a programme of settings using the L.c.d screen on the front of the machine. “Okay My girl, this is what we talked about?” she grunted in reply and I saw him run his fingers gently up and down the sensitive inside of her fleshy thighs giving her I suppose a false sense of his caring. Still with his hand on her inner thigh he reached over with his other hand and I knew for him, his main pleasure was about to begin, I wasn’t so sure about mine.The ‘on’ button was flicked and with its click the procedure started. I sensed rather than felt that first pulse like a sort of tingling vibration deep inside her bodyHe bent down and selected something then moved towards her placing his warm still gloved hand, flat on her abdomen. she lay there waiting… it was an exquisite torture for her, just knowing what would happen at any second at her master`s whim.A huge wave of electrical energy coursed through her whole body…. she would have jumped completely up off the table as her tortured body went into an uncontrollable seizure had the straps not retained her… that electric shock coursed through her nervous system and her back immediately arched so she was pivoting on her shoulder blades… he pressed down of her abdomen holding her down as her arms and body thrashed against the table top, her eyes were wide open in absolute terror and pain. Then it was as suddenly over and her body heaved, trying desperately to fill her lungs with life giving oxygen.She sank to the table in complete collapse it let her get used to that feeling, for a few seconds it lulled her into a false sense of security before with a smile that told me how much he loved his work he activated that anal probe! It was like her being fucked by some hideous monster forcing a massive bolt of pain into her grasping bowel. An unnatural scream was being forced from her throat filling the whole room as she gripped the belly strap her knuckles white. Just as quickly the torture again subsided and my poor abused Autumn sank heavily back into the timber of the table, she was gasping like a fish out of water as her chest was heaving and filling…. “My God that was powerful…” I had never seen anything like it before. Although the pain had subsided I knew with cast iron certainty that another wave of torment would soon be on its way. She lay, her face her angelic tear stained smile as he replaced the strap across her throat “I don’t want you banging your brains out my dear” he smiled at her, as she lay gasping for her wits, then to me he said “I usually try to use different pulse strength`s each time but normally with a set gap between pulses, then she knows roughly when its coming, just not what`s coming now, if it’s a new girl, ten minutes, will exhaust her beyond reason, some sleep after this stuff for 12 hours!” he asked her “was that was not correct?” she nodded her agreement wide eyed, “with this one it`s not her first time and she knows she`s really going to suffer because this time it being my last time with her, she has asked me to show her no mercy, I am going to be doing just that, partly for me and mostly for her, but it`s also so you can see her limits, her needs, it`s what she wants and has asked for!”He looked down at the pale face and said, “do you want a gag, she nodded as best she could, while he went to find it in his bag she whispered to me, “I`ve told him …as long as he wants, please don’t stop him, I need it and I love you”My mouth must have gaped. He returned and showed her the rubber ball gag saying “before it gets to its worse I will fit this, but let`s enjoy your screams a bit first!”He showed me how to set the dials, “you choose the pulse time” he said showing me how “that’s the ‘on’ dial and this is the ‘off’” I looked at the dials knowing what the probes deep in my lovely Autumn would do just what they were built for, I chose the minimum settings of 5 seconds on and 10 off, he laughed saying “I told her that’s what you would pick, and she said that I no doubt would make it a good 5 second blast if she knew me, she usually has 7 or 8 seconds now” he muttered as he spun the dials “we will start with low pulses and work up, using alternate starting points, first from the front and then the back,” He re-spun one dial then another till finally ready, he said, “she said you are to start the process, I`ve set it for 10 minutes at maximum!” he made sure she heard that, then he began to pack his kit leaving ours to be collected together after it was all over.He lent over her asking “do you want the needles out now or will you have him, do it?” She told him I could do it as I would need to learn some-time, then to my surprise she thanked him. He said “While the thing is running, I`m going to fuck you and fill you before I leave, but then I`m away, I hate goodbyes you have been fantastic over our time together and I will miss you, he kissed her passionately, escort bayan she lay quietly waiting.Their eyes silently bored into me, and I knew it was time to begin. My hand shook as I pressed the ‘on’ button, as I knew I must, to keep the faith so to speak.The next ten long what minutes seemed like hours, and were for me the longest of my life, he had set it to beginning gently if that’s the word, the to increase with each pulse, randomly pulsing from either probe.Her eyes slowly widened and I knew the gentlest of pulses were running through that narrow membrane twix her probes, her face showed it was tender, even deep and well within her normal vibrator limits, fun I fact, enjoyable. She even smiled as it stopped, we waited each mentally counting the ten seconds, this time it was slightly more of a pulse, three four five, I saw him eased the centre belly strap, again we all counted, eight nine ten wow, this time, her hips rose from the table, it was spectacular 3, 4, 5, her hips dropped back, he stood himself between my lover`s legs, unzipping himself as up went her hips once again accompanied by a loud groan, it was getting harder to watch. Her hips dropped and he placed his stiff penis against that wire leading deep into her body, I knew he would soon be filling her, I suspect I felt like a cuckold, It took all my strength not to hit him, knowing what was about to happen and at the one time loving and loathing the act, her body convulsed once more, he waited as I did, and as it relaxed this time he slid into her, placing his hand on her pubic bone, he held her hips hard down in place, as the next pulse hit and I know not if he felt the actual pulse, but he began to thrust with a look of sublime enjoyment on his face. I don’t know why, but I stood unable to take my eyes from the conjoined pair, I knew she was in immense pain, but that he was filling her with his seed and they were both as high as two people can be, how many pulses it took I know not, each hit just a tad harder, each egging him on just that bit more. With a loud roar he climaxed, she too making noises like I had never heard before. The pulse passed, and he removed himself, letting her loose, just as the next pulse hit, she screamed, he then placed the gag in her open jaws, she bit down on it laying waiting for the next pulse, cum dribbling from her open sex, I never saw him leave, my eyes were fixed on my lovely Autumn in her throws of passion and pain. I had no idea how many more of these terrible pulses were to come, I stood mesmerised, his seed dribbling from her open gap as she thrashed her hips about in a vain automaticall attempt to get her body away from the all- powerful pulse deep in her back passage or her belly, gag or no gag she screamed pitifully, and I was rooted to the spot, I suspect I climaxed involuntarily, I couldn’t tell you, the scene that was my lover and her beloved tens machine was so intense I had no idea of what was going on The needles in her fantastic breasts glittered in the lamplight, sparklers in soft pink flesh, her head throwing itself from side to side now, her back arched in agony, her teeth biting deep into the gag. Suddenly it was over, it took a time to realise it was finished, silence fell, as she collapsed, I hauled the plug from the wall socket and the ball from her aching jaw. She lay for a while getting herself together, whispering that I was to remove the needles before she was released as she would not be able to cope otherwise.Slowly with trembling hands I slowly withdrew the needles my long ones first, then his. She began whimpering, as each was removed, finally, when she just had the two small ones left, she asked for release and to leave them embedded. I left her to release the first the top strap. I know not how long it took. She kissed me and thanked me for not interfering and allowing her the pain she had so desperately needed. I was astounded, her legs, by now they had been secured for a longish time she stood, on wobbly legs, and I helped her to our mattress, together we lay together on the soft panel, I removed his final needle but she stopped me removing mine, then asked me to mount her before she, no doubt for me, slowly told me of the whole thing from her point of view. It was her way of unwinding and mine of reliving the most erotic moment of my life so far.She said that waiting was always a terrible ordeal, but she loved to know when and what was to happen.The first stage the whip was bad enough and the hot drips over the tiny bloody holes she described as “oh so sublime if painful, it strangely relaxed her!” she said.She went on; “He had fitted the probes and I knew what that meant, but strangely I had forgotten the needles.”“He had me turn over and as I lay down flat with my head resting on the table my spine and shoulders were literally aching from the hard and unforgiving whipping and the wax. Thoughts were running through my head and I was wondering if ever in this tables long history, had some other poor victim laid down in exactly this position, I knew I always had, my mind wandering and hoping I would be strapped on this table many times in the years to come!”“Those needles were something else and we need to do that again, you need the practise and I often need that pain, perhaps we can leave them in on the island for a while longer.”She said his voice “had frightened her over again when he told her she was going to suffer and that she had arranged the final tens game and had asked for him to leave before the end, she too hated goodbyes and this was to the old way of life.”When the tens had shown me what it could do she said “my face was a picture, though her real torment when it started, began as a tingling which started deep in her ass, quickly turning into a sort of pulsing deep inside her, a lot deeper than any man has ever been and within seconds it was joined by a similar sensation deep in her cunt, the electric current seemed to flow between the two probes via her muscles. It started as a sort of convulsion between the two probes.” I could imagine that fierce current trying to jump across the thin membrane of flesh deep inside her and we both thought it was absolutely, bloody amazing“Slowly each pulse built up power” she said ”I can’t describe the pleasure and pain it was giving me, I was being fucked from the inside I was cumming hard and in great uncontrolled whacks of pain, groans left my lips in tune with my cunt exploding in pleasure-waves! my whole body convulsing uncontrollably. I literally lost count of the number of orgasms that were racking my body, my brain overloaded I could feel my stomach muscles rippling, I felt my master put his palm down flat onto my mons holding me down tight as I was squirming and bucking on the that hard table against my bonds, then I felt him insert himself into my cunt, pushing that dammed probe against my cervix. I felt him cum, flooding me and making the pulses so much more conductive and painful, I felt him withdraw and release me and him gaging me then the next pulse hit and involuntarily my hips came up free to arch my back once more, Oh, My God that last few pain shots were incredible. Suddenly it was over the waves of pleasure instantly stopped, its relentless pulsing well, strangely my body wanted more, you think you knew what was to come, but until you experience this machine you really have no idea of what’s it’s capable of.”By then I had filled her body once more, and as I slowly drifted off to sleep as I watched her slowly remove that last small needle.

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