2035 – The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 06

Big Dicks

Rebecca agreed with Patrick & decided I was not going to cum until she returned from Paris. The anguish that lay ahead of me was near intolerable. I lasted ok at the start of the week but as Sunday loomed with no promise of release my hornyness grew to new heights.

Any contact Rebecca allowed me to have became my focus of pleasure. I threw myself into her pleasure more and more. Oral sex was one thing but I got off just making her happy and seemed to be super submissive to my wife, always obedient and always willing to do whatever she asked. That usually meant unsexual things like all the chores around the house. All unsexual bar the laundry which had caused me my greatest anguish. As I sorted the laundry out every day without fail every day as I sorted out the clothes my mind was really on her panties. I’d seek out her used knickers and put them to my face. There I stood in the back kitchen with her panties to my face trying to breathe in her aroma especially around the crotch area. Then I’d rub the panties against my balls and imprisoned member. It was a charade in truth that did me only harm. It was self-inflicted teasing by me on me about my wife. Why did I do this?

Patrick informed us that he and my wife would fly out on Thursday and return Sunday. So without release that would be 14 days without my penis escaping its cage.

The Wednesday night before she left was different. Rebecca decided to cook for me and we enjoyed a lovely romantic meal followed by wine and chat in front of the fire. As we made our way to bed, Rebecca remarked she hadn’t given my desert. She asked me to give her two minutes in the bedroom alone and then I was to knock. Was she going to release me before she left? Excitedly I waited the prescribed time, knocked and entered. Rebecca was lying on her belly stretched out on the bed. Desert was in front of me. She had taken a can of sweet cream and had covered her ass in it and placed some fruit on top.

“Hey honey. Look it’s your fave desert…strawberries and cream.”

Her ass to me was always white, sweet and creamy but tonight something to savour and by Christ I did. I licked her butt for it was worth licking every nook and cranny that had that creamy goodness. She let out the odd murmur but in truth this was her way of saying she loved me and was willing to let her husband have his desert and eat it. With my cock encased in its prison, licking the cream off her ass was electrifying my canlı bahis body and mind. God I loved Rebecca and her ass.

The next morning was tough. I hated to think of that brute not just fucking her in Paris but worse still romancing her. I packed her bags. I packed her business suits for the conference, all her products and accessories. I didn’t however pack her any lingerie in the suit case. I couldn’t bear to dress her up again for that prick.

He arrived at 11am in his fancy car. On entering the house once again he displayed that arrogant swagger. My wife entered the hall with her bags which I proceeded to take from her and he flicked open the boot from the porch.

Rebecca stood in the hall for me to say our goodbyes. Her face was one of sympathy. She cradled my face and told me she loved me and would miss me. I was welling up.

Patrick butted in, “Why don’t you let your hubby say goodbye properly”, he was winking.

She nodded sorrowfully, “do you want to kiss my other cheek before we go? Its ok Patrick doesn’t mind”.

With that she turned from me and reached the hems of her skirt and pulled it up revealing her delicious derrière.

I dropped to my knees and clutched it like I would her face before an imminent kiss. I began to peck and worship her as that dick towered over me.

“Yeah”, he sneered ” kiss it, kiss your wife’s ass goodbye”.

With that he pulled her away and out the door. Gone. Off to Paris for work or as lovers?

I dropped to the floor, curled up into a ball and began to sob. Why do I deserve the life of a chastised cuckold?

Technology hasn’t really come that far in the last twenty years. Products have evolved rather than have been invented but I suppose the big thing was the level of sophistication of the entertainment unit.

All houses were now equipped with one device that did everything. You had a massive television that acted as TV, Internet, voice calls and then you had your small controller that acted as your mobile phone, money card and security system for your home. These two devices did pretty much everything and became essentials in the home. The quality of picture for video conferencing on your 50inch screen was incredible. It was like watching normal TV, had no delay and could be moved all over the house so you could start a conversation in the living room and easily move the conversation when you entered the kitchen.

Paris would show me bahis siteleri just how real the quality of that video conferencing was.

Rebecca and I had exchanged e messages over Thursday and Friday afternoon but it wasn’t until Friday evening her time that I could video her.

What happened next changed our lives forever.

I went to our bedroom TV to call her. When she answered she was on her hotel bed. Her hair looked messy and she was wearing a silky purple negligee. I didn’t pack that for her.

She was biting her lip and frankly she looked a bit scared.

“What’s wrong baby? Has Patrick done something to you?” Just then the dick appeared .

“Well hello there LITTLE man! Your wife has been very naughty. You see she didn’t come to Paris with many sexy clothes. All I found were cotton pants and cotton bras. So little Rebecca went over my knee and took a severe spanking. Isn’t that right little girl?”

Rebecca nodded.

“Not to worry hubby, we took her credit card to some real designer boutiques and bought her about €1000 worth of sexy gear…isn’t that right bitch?”

He grabbed her hair and asked her why. She looked away and tried to plead with her hands with him

“Why bitch,” he repeated.

“So I can dress like a whore for my big cocked stud”, she said under duress

“That’s right bitch, now hubby she’s all dresses up for some cock now don’t you agree?”

“Listen if you hurt her, I’ll …”

He interjected quickly, “Sit down pecker dick now or she’ll pay for any loose talk.”

He climbed onto the bed behind her. She lay facing the TV on her side. He was now in the spooning position rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Tell your husband what you want now”

She closed her eyes. She couldn’t look at me as he continued to rub her pussy whilst I sat there thousands a miles away behind a TV screen.

She looked to be fighting it but eventually succumbed, “I want you to pull my panties down and fuck me with your big massive cock whilst my little cocked husband watches on the TV.”

“Pull your own panties down,” He snorted. When she duly obliged, he started to grab her breasts and nipples extremely hard from behind. I would have tickled and soothingly rubbed them but he was manhandling my wife’s breasts.

I knew the moment his snakelike cock entered her as her eyes looked to be rolling in her head. Once he did he quickly established a rhythm bahis şirketleri and began to fuck her brains out.

I could do nothing. I couldn’t even masterbate to this type of porn as there on glorious HD picture my wife was getting the shag of her life with me not even in the same room. I missed nothing however and at one point I’m at the screen placing my fingers on the glass hoping I could touch her. All the while he is fucking her and belittling me and demanding my wife joins in.

“Tell little dick why you’re my whore now? Tell him why I own your ass? Oh little hubby your wife has got a real addiction.It’s called my cock. You’re going to have to get used to her wanting to keep you caged whilst she fucks real men like me”.

He grabbed her hair again just as she was at the point of orgasm.

Patrick pulled out but as usual he was still rock hard. “I’m not letting you cum all the time without bringing me off Rebecca. Thankfully I know what to do”.

With that he proceeds to lift Rebecca on all fours with her face looking directly at my screen. He grabs the tip of his cock and begins to rub it at the opening of her anus. Immediately she protests “no no no, it’s too big, you’ll hurt me too much, please Patrick no”. I can see genuine fear in her eyes.

“No Patrick”, I plead, “her beautiful ass is not for any man’s penis. It’s a thing of wonder and beauty. She has submitted her vagina willingly to you, don’t fuck her ass I plead with you!”

I was like a small country begging a big bully nation not to invade.

” What will you do for me little man if I spare her ass?”

“Anything” I pleaded.

He pulled out and could see the relief on Rebecca’s face.

“Fine, a package arrived today, you signed for it for Rebecca, go get it.”

How the hell did he know that I wondered. I went down the hall retrieved the package and returned.

“Open it and look inside. If you agree to wear what’s inside I’ll spare your brides butt for the foreseeable future. You are to be wearing that on our return on Sunday. Do we have a deal or is this bitch going to scream the night away?”

I looked inside the box defeated and nodded. I’d have done anything to save her ass being defiled by this pig including wearing that.

He took that as a sign of victory and proceeded to pump his cock in his hand. Rebecca was instructed to lay down underneath him so he could feed his balls into her mouth. What was he doing to my princess! He quickly started to moan and began to cum all over her.

The TV switched off and I was alone with my thoughts. Was she in danger, was she scared of him and would I really wear that on Sunday?”

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