30 Days as a Sex Slave – Day 02

Chloe Amour

Gaylee and Jarold were awakened early by Hans who had prepared a nice breakfast for them consisting of eggs, sausage, toast, and coffee.

“We must keep our strength up Gaylee. There will be a lot of fucking going on today.”

Gaylee had resigned herself to staying in the bed with Jarold who for the moment had quieted down being limp in the cock cage and was able to sleep on his back. Gaylee had also resigned herself to being nude and being ogled by Hans who without warning came over to Gaylee at the kitchen table, stuck two fingers into her shaved pussy, and stuck his other free hand in the cleavage of her breast feeling the sides of both 32DD’s.

She thought he wouldn’t want to fuck them again as he had just done so a few hours ago.

“I understand Gaylee that you’re producing milk and fertile right now.”

“You don’t produce milk until after the baby is born,” she said.

“Not true,” said Hans.

Hans left for a couple of minutes going outside to his car. He returned with a breast pump, a rather nice one of commercial grade.

“What is this?” he asked. “Why are you lying to me?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said.

Hans walked over to the corner and grabbed the bamboo switch again.

“You didn’t learn from yesterday Gaylee. You have such a beautiful fuckable body. Don’t make me damage it.

“If you hurt her,” Jarold said. “I’ll hunt you down and kill you.”

“Show me that beautiful ass of yours now.”

As she turned over the pink ass cheeks were still there and Hans thrashed her two more times making them even pinker. As she winced in pain he stopped.

“This is your second warning,” Hans sternly said. “If there is a third-time Gaylee we’re going to play a game of darts and the target will be those big tits you have. If I hit the nipples I get extra points. I will also fuck you in the ass many times. Don’t make me do that to you.”

“Yes, master. I will do your bidding and not lie to you anymore,” she said.

“Tell me about the pump Gaylee, please.”

“I am producing milk right now with suckling and the pump.”

“Excellent dear. I’m glad to hear it. What else do you want to tell me?”

“I’m taking hormones and I’m very fertile now. I want to have a baby.”

“I think we can arrange that to happen to. Thank you for sharing with me.”

Maureen came into the room sleepy but waking up fast as she looked at Gaylee and Jarold with lust in her eyes.

“Hans?” she asked. “Why don’t you take that cock cage off Jarold and let me fuck him properly in front of his wife.”

“For now the torture will be for him to see his beautiful wife being fucked like a whore. But at the proper time dear I’ll let you have your fuck toy.”

Maureen walked over to Gaylee who was sitting on the bed and pushed her large breasts in her face, holding them up for her. She sighed as Gaylee sucked on them coating the nipples with saliva. As her hand found her pussy Gaylee pushed the fingers in and squirmed for her. She couldn’t believe she was horny…


A couple of hours went by and the sun was beating down on the cabin as it faced east. It was going to be a warm day in Flagstaff perhaps 80° today. A knock on the door answered by Hans who greeted two strapping young lads in their 20’s.

“So glad that you could come so quickly, Klaus and Adolph.” Gaylee these are two very good friends of mine who need attention and will help you with your problem.”

Both whistled under their breath staring at her lush naked body.

“Let me tell you what I have in mind and we’ll get started. I want to do an MMMF combo. Pussy, titties, and mouth. Since we’re young and virile we can rotate so she’ll get pussy pounded, titty squirted, and mouth fucked three times.”

“We’re ready Hans whenever you are,” Klaus said while Adolph nodded.

Gaylee was lying on the bed as the three men stripped off their clothes and joined her. Pulling her to the edge Hans who was already aroused by the thought of fucking her slid his huge cock into her vagina and put his 8″ all the way in. Gaylee groaned in delight at the penetration squeezing her pussy. Gaylee was a good fuck having gotten lots of practice ankara escort bayan from her days as a swinger.

Klaus straddled her tummy and slid his big cock in her marvelous cleavage between her 32DD titties. She spits on his cock for lube and with her hand stroked him while he continued to slide, a dual massaging. The head became sensitive right away. With her other free hand, she gripped his balls pushing the semen from them up his cock shaft.

Adolph got on the other of Gaylee’s head and slid his cock into her waiting mouth. She wrapped her lips around the thick cock and used her tongue, poking the cock head in her cheek. Adolph’s cock grew as she slid it back and forth in her immoral mouth.

While Hans couldn’t find her ‘g’ spot he was rubbing on her clit very nicely arousing her making the juices flow. They were beginning to flow out of her leaving a damp spot on the bed.

Klaus continued his fucking of her tanned globes which were so big they covered his cock. She continued squeezing his semen filled balls and stroked his rod with her hand as it slid up and down. Klaus had his hands on her hand warmers pulling on her nipples, sending nerve ending signals to her clit.

Adolph was getting larger, Gaylee taking him in deeper down her throat. She didn’t gag the pro she was but took it down to the end of his shaft with his balls resting on her face.

Gaylee was now wired for eroticism in most of her pores as her sexual desires are being filled with lusty behavior. She was no longer afraid of the three men but was glad she was part of the scheme that Hans put together.

Maureen and Jarold had found each other again and Jarold was finding her floppy but big tits to be quite the thing for him a sucking delight with nipples that got oh so hard, a melt in his mouth experience. Maureen was playing with herself stroking her cock moistening the pussy, preparing it to come over and over again.

Klaus found out that his nipple pulling and breast squeezing was paying off in dividends for him as the breast filled hooters began to leak milk, slowly but a steady stream started cumming out which Klaus suckled down like a baby.

“Taste my milk. Take all of my milk. Drain those sacs which are full for you, both of them. I need to empty them so I can produce more.”

Her sacs were flowing and both Hans and Adolph stopped to enjoy the milk she was so freely producing. The hours of sucking that Jarold had done with and without a breast pump were paying off. Her mama side was coming out in her and she encouraged Maureen and her husband to milk her dry so she could fill the sacs up again.

Young Adolph was yearning for more cocksucking and Gaylee slurped the hardened cock down again riding it like she was doing a cowgirl on Hans finding the sensitive spots and making them want to cum.

Gaylee was at the height of her womanhood right now. She was fertile, likely carrying a child, her pussy full of Hans’ cock that had filled it up. Her beautiful titties were being cared for by Klaus whose hands and cock were in breast heaven fucking and kneading away preparing for an eruption all over her naked tits which she was begging for. She was like a vampire craving for the life-giving fluid cum instead of blood. The hot sticky goo had to cover her throat, face, neck, breast, and nipples.

Hans was in a celestial orbit fucking the soaked pussy until Gaylee gave in and let go of his huge cock, climaxing for him coating his cock with her fluids. What an incredible fuck she was. He could only imagine what she was like 20 years ago when she was so tight he would have had a hard time getting into her cunt. The days of taking two cocks at once and huge oversized man poles had stretched her out.

Not true in the cock sucking department where she was so good that men paid her for her services time and time again. Just watching her bob her head up and down without the friction from her hot mouth was enough to let any man ejaculate. This was the case with young Adolph who thrust deep into her throat and let go with spurts of cum coating her windpipe over and over again, which Gaylee swallowed like a fruit drink. She gobbled the fluid up and was ready for more. There could have ankara bayan escort been two more waiting and it wouldn’t have mattered to her. She would have taken on all of them!

Klaus was the last holdout. He was so taken with the beauty of the 32DD conical pleasures he waited and waited. Gaylee knew the power that her titties had. She had men who just looked at them and came with a slight wiggle of her breasts and do you want to fuck them for me. Cover them with spunk. How much longer could he hold out with Gaylee lovingly stroking his rod while Klaus was pumping back and forth, sliding in and out of her mysterious valley?

Her nipples were like little pebbles so hard and firm. They were raisin size begging to be sucked on like chocolate candy. It took little effort for Klaus to stop pumping and bend his head down sticking the nipples in his mouth, swirling them around with his tongue and then biting them over and over again until she screamed out another climax. They were so sensitive now any touching would set her off.

While Klaus wanted to suckle more taking the milk out of the udders he spent the remainder of the time kneading the flesh, feeling the softness and the beauty. No wonder she walked around naked. She wanted men and women to stare at her nude body. She was proud of it and flaunted her figure whenever she got the chance.

Klaus couldn’t hold back anymore and hold onto his big cock pumped his fluid on her face first covering up her eyes, painting her mouth with white lipstick, depositing the fluid on her cheeks, forehead, and even her hair.

Then he concentrated on her beautiful firm round tits that of a 20-year-old virgin they looked so hot. She had men who begged her for pictures who would stare at them and finally ejaculate all over them covering her breasts and face. These were the men who weren’t lucky enough to fuck her in person because she loved to fuck men and eat women sometimes one after another in the same bed.

He came well he was so horny, covering her nipples and tops of her breasts icing the cake so well.

When he was done he looked at the sex slave. Her mouth was covered in cum and she was licking it off. She was swirling her fingers on her breasts using the cum lotion to keep her soft and moisturized. Her tits looked so young and she wanted to keep herself looking that way.

Her pussy had leaked fluid from the huge load that Hans had deposited into her. Baby making batter as she was so fertile. It was kind of her last chance to have a baby and she wanted a child whoever the father might be.

Oh, the fucking she got. She wanted more and more. It was in the cards that she would get it and not just three men but a whole lot more. Bring them on to me! 100 wouldn’t be too many.


Gaylee, who was now ready for more, had to wait as Hans, Adolph, Klaus, were joined by Eric who had new things in mind for Gaylee starting with cleaning her up in a bath.

“Welcome my friend,” Hans said, “This is a new sex slave Gaylee who will do our bidding for us for a month. I see you already have things in mind for her.”

Eric had already dropped his pants and shorts, exposing a 10+ inch cock which was already beginning to get hard as he picked Gaylee up and set her into the bubble bath hot water.

“What a fucking whore you have here my friend,” Eric said as he filled his hands with her magnificent breasts still swollen from giving the milk and the sucking she had just gotten.

Eric was also a tit man and wasted no time in the kneading process of her titties getting to know every square inch of the firm well-toned flesh which was beginning to make Gaylee stir in her pussy again. As he washed the cum off he looked at how her breasts were now floating on the surface shiny nipples waiting for more sucking which of course he couldn’t resist doing.

“Get in the tub with me Eric and show me a good time,” Gaylee purred in anticipation of more fucking coming and eyeing his big cock.

“Take pictures of her for me, Hans. Give me lots of pictures of her high quality for my friends. We can do tribute photos of her on a web page in addition to other things.”

“Fuck me with that big cock baby, please,” Gaylee ankara escort bayanlar cried, as she pushed her pussy out of the water and spread her lips apart.

Eric got in the water and sat down on her ramming the 10+ inch cock into her shoving it into her cunt letting her feel the entire thing. He watched as she winced but also her eyes rolling back in rapture at the pleasure she was getting. She couldn’t believe it but was ready to cum again.

Eric pulled his cock out and finished washing off her body going so far as shaving her legs and washing her feet using his cock as a sponge which seemed to excite her even more. After rinsing off her face he pulled her up and out of the water.

“Clean yourself up for me bitch and lots of photos,” he said, as he walked away from her whistling at the MILF body she had.

As Gaylee dried herself off she also stopped to pose for Hans as he took a series of photos of her cleaning up her pussy, legs, breasts, feet, and the rest of her. She wanted to pretty herself for her latest toy Eric who she had a great deal of interest in with a 10″ cock.

“She’s a fuck machine Klaus and Adolph?”

“I don’t think she ever gets enough,” Klaus said stroking his cock.

“Well I haven’t had any in a few days and I’m going to get a mouth, pussy, and titty fucking from her, not necessarily in that order.”

Gaylee was laying on the bed looking at her husband Jarold who was looking at his beautiful wife spread out nude on the bed waiting for Eric. If they would free him up for just a minute from the cock cage he would fuck her but he knew nothing was going to happen. Maureen seemed to be satisfied for now and lay next to him snoring peacefully.

Hans came over, sat down on her and put his cock between her perfect tits squeezing them together like testing ripe melons at the store. He loved fucking them and would over and over as time went on. For now, he stopped and as she opened her mouth wide per his instructions he shoved his cock into her mouth, sitting on her titties, the best pillows in town.

Gaylee gulped it down slurping with her tongue and shoving it down her throat sliding it back and forth like a sucker. She may have liked getting fucked with a 10″ rod but the smaller 8″ (not really) cock that Hans had was perfect for cock sucking and she loved the taste of her juices on him.

“Give it to me baby. Make me cum again sex slave. Fill your mouth with my white semen,” said Hans.

Klaus was licking her pussy lips and clit while this was going on while Adolph and Eric were waiting for their turn with her. Jarold watched with despair as Maureen yawned waking up ready for more probably.

Hans couldn’t hold back anymore from this pro cock sucker and slid back and forth three more times before grunting and letting go with a load filling her mouth with semen which leaked out of the side of her mouth. She exposed her front teeth which were covered with the life-giving fluid and Gaylee swirled it around like a rinse before swallowing it. She took the rope on her face as it hit her nose.

As Hans got up Klaus immediately took his place shoving his cock in her pussy and grabbing onto the firm mounds like railings squeezing them hard to her delight. With her pussy juices, his cock slid with ease back and forth, both of them horny for each other. Klaus didn’t last long and filled her womb full of baby-making fluid mixing it with her love juices, as it seeped from her body.

Adolph was next and he turned Gaylee over and was going to give her some anal sex which Gaylee pleaded no to.

“I’m still sore guys. But I’ll be ready soon for you,” she said.

Adolph shrugged his shoulders and thought about it anyway but turned her back over and began to fuck her titties with a sense of urgency. He didn’t last very long and shot ropes of cum all over her beauties covering the tops of her breasts with hot white sticky goo.

Eric was last and he began by letting Gaylee lube his massive cock with her saliva sliding back and forth slurping on it. To prime the pump so to speak he shoved it between her gorgeous mounds of flesh squeezing them to make a tight tunnel. His cock head became more sensitive and when he shoved it in her waiting pussy she gasped taking all of it in her pussy bucking back and forth going crazy to get all of it.

She screamed over and over when Eric exploded his juices into her. Was this the baby maker time? Time would tell her. For now, she was satisfied.

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