497 oh Ian how things have changed


497 oh Ian how things have changed497 Oh Ian how things have changed Pt3.In the bedroom there was no obvious camera, the cctv one covered the bed, so Ian felt it might be a bit much for the boy and might frighten him off. So in the same vein he simply took his seat as he had when his wife had been misused. She noticed and nodded her approval of the move, standing as the door closed and taking the boys hand. “Now young man, remember where we were last weekend?” he blushed shot Ian a glance, then said, “I had been lucky enough to have gone as far as your waist May!” She grinned then stood for him to undress her upper works, which he did, the top, and the bra were soon gone and the lovely breasts fully in view, he had learnt well!They kissed, a long and deep kiss, that soon had them ignoring Ian totally and concentrating on one another, her hands caressed his head, they kissed, his hands undid the button and the zip of the skirt. It dropped away leaving her in knickers alone, blue pale and cut high at the hip. Her hands had him kneeling, his eyes soon fixed on her panties hands on hips sliding the garment slowly and steadily downwards. Into his view came hair, pubic, soft, and lush, the panties dropping to her ankles, like a fawn she stepped from the damp cloth and her slippers in two graceful movements. As she raised each leg to step out, she gave a very brief glimpse of the slot of life. The world retracted to background for this lad, his eyes fixed staring at the now naked area he had so little experience of.She turned away from him and bent over the bed, it presented him with a view of both entrances to her body. they knew now it would be up to his instinct, her patient face waiting for him to enjoy her, praying he would do more than just look.A wavering voice asked, if he could touch, she nodded, then whispered “please, oh yes please!” then felt his tentative fingers gently, oh so very gently touching her soft lips. A shudder ran through her body, he opened the lips, eyes like organ stops, lasers, boring into, to him a maze of soft pink lips, the soft folds, damp now, velvety to the touch.He found the hole, the biggest body entrance, and the clitorise, in its upturned hood, collecting her ooze, as it slithered from that big tunnel, he found the urethra, touching it smelling it, finding out… He had looked it up midweek, got all the real names, even remembered some, perenium, that was next, his fingers found that seamless area twix anal area and the rest, that anal puckered ring, nerves aplenty, his own twitching and squeezing in time with hers as his fingers explored her tight ring, to her surprise it must be said.It was not unwelcome, her memory returning to that big black tool that had taken her in one single thrusts, just those few weeks back. She groaned, his mind telling his finger it was a signal of desire, so it slid itself up into the orifice, right up to the knuckle, in one single thrust. Her body twitched, the finger started to jerk back and forth, her groans went up an octave, she began to gasp Yessss and from the chair, Ian`s voice, disjointed distant, urging him on, telling him to, “smack her arse, enjoy her, hurt her, please , please… oh yes…” he was enjoying the feeling, the voice urging him to, “use two fingers…three,” she was not complaining, it was an idea, Ian`s idea… he withdrew then inserted two fingers, then three, her cry`s louder now, gasping, but not telling him to stop, her movement pushing back against him, Ian still urging the lad on, his thin hand slithering into her now, the kocaeli escort smaller fourth finger squeezed into the stretched orifice her cry`s with every push of ‘Yessss’… right up to his thumb now .She was coming screaming her pain and her joy, all rolled into one, the sound echoing round the bedroom, Ian tool in hand, spewing seed over his knuckles, Jim overcome with the moment, his seed spitting onto her bare leg. It was not the outcome she had hoped, but it was a seriously high climax. They lay on the bed, the climax over, Ian still in his chair, slowly regaining their own selves, enjoying the high they had all had. She asked him why he had chosen her backside, his answer that, “he didn’t think she wanted him in the other way!” had her smiling, and Ian suggesting he should, “perhaps instruct, or demonstrate next time!”Jim regarded her seriously then asked, “was it possible to get a whole hand up into there, or at the front, or had he overdone it?” he looked worried, but she smiled and said that, “I`ve never experienced anything as big up the back before, but it was Ian`s idea, and so exciting though it is still painful now, but it did the business…for us all… and up the front, well babies come down that shute, so I suspect a hand would be easy enough to handle, though I suspect it maybe, better to do that after you have tried to enjoy it with your own tool or it might get a bit loose…” The lad asked her to describe being had from the back, but she grinned and said, “ some bits of the body are the same on men as women, the bum is one, so why don’t you ask Ian to use you that way, but use some lube as it may be uncomfortable otherwise.The lad glanced at Ian, who seemed keen enough, then nodded and said, “well ok, but be gentle with me please…and can I kiss you while he`s doing it please?” she quickly agreed, stood and fetched the lube from her bedside locker, applied some to the boys backside, slipping a forefinger into the tight aperture and telling the lad to “relax!” Passing the tube to Ian who was now stood eagerly awaiting the lads readiness, she had the lad bend over the bedside, she lay beside him, took hold of his stiff tool and whispering “ready” as she began to kiss him. His nod had Ian carefully lining himself up then throwing his arms round the lad, easing his tool-head into the tight sphincter.The lad tensed up but was told to “relax it won`t hurt as much,” by May. Slowly oh so slowly Ian pushed himself deeper into the lads bowel, the pain almost overcoming the recipient, though May`s lips and her grip on his manhood distracted him to an extent, his eyes widened a bit and his muffled cries were sad to hear. Fully home now Ian paused for the lad to come to terms with the invader, then slowly oh so slowly as the lad became more settled, he began his ride, like a well-oiled piston he moved in and out, till May broke off the kiss and whispered, “understand what it`s like now?” he nodded smiled and said “Oh yes, yessss, yes.” She smiled then whispered, “ready for the best bit?” his eyes sparkling he nodded, and Ian hammered his tool into the lad hard and fast for the last few strokes, finally spewing his hot seed up into the boy`s body with a groan. She felt the lads tool jerk in her hand and his seed jet from the stiff young member hot and hard, her own juices dampening her sex and her nipples as erect as she had known. They collapsed on the bed, the men`s bodies trapping May`s arm, and the embedded tool shrinking with every heartbeat. It took five long minutes to separate the collapsed pile, and kocaeli escort bayan another few before the three set off individually to the bathroom and the kitchen. A little stunned they all sat to the kitchen table, saying little, each in his or her own way amazed at the turn of events the episode had taken. It was May that finally broke the spell, “Well lad, do you understand the feelings of getting back scuttled now?” she smiled, as he nodded, apparently a little bemused, then in a daze he muttered, “I wanted to screw my mum, I have done for some years, and I thought…” he suddenly realised what he was confessing to, and blushing looked at her saying… “that’s not to say I didn’t fancy you May, I really do, but in honesty that’s what it`s all about I suppose , fancying mum, and I chickened out and I even let Ian have my arse… oh May I am sorry…” he tailed off, but she grinned, “look Dopey, do you think if I didn’t understand that I would have let you near me, yes I want you to learn, and yes Ian has had you, but the days not over yet, and if you still want to learn, I am happy to teach you, and properly and if that includes Ian, well, it does …OK?”The lad brightened a bit, and Ian put in his two pennyworth, “ I didn’t know I was that way lad, I`ve had May like that before and for me it was no different, I enjoyed it and I hope you did too, and if May wants you to have her well I`m happy with that. But tell me more about your mum, I have seen her in the village, and I can understand your fancying her, perhaps we could help in your quest… we shall have to see wont we!”The lad told him chapter and verse about his mum, how she had brought him up, in fact nearly single handed, and how she loved her work, and about his spying on her, or at least trying too, and what she wears, and, and… he was obviously fixated!Now Ian had seen Mum about the village, about the same height as May, always well turned out, attractive and he understood the boys fixation, as he himself had imagined a game with her when he had sat a few weeks back, waiting for May, people watching outside the supermarket one afternoon, at that time not realising she was his paper-lads mother! All sorts of possibilities wandered into his mind now, starting with befriending her.They returned to reality, and food, May, rustling up beans on toast then they sat all three still naked at the table, the boys eyes rarely off Mays chest as they ate. Ian suggested to May that perhaps they should help the lad in his quest to bed his mother, asking her name of the lad. Her name he found was Wendy, Wendy Anne Richards, and she had not seen his dad, Joe now for over a year, he working on a tanker out of Rio, the lad saying that, “Dad left, going back to sea when he was ten, and only came home every year or two, and that the marriage was a total sham, only perpetuated for his father`s British citizenship, and by mutual agreement not to divorce till the only son was 18!” “And has she boy-friends, or even girl-friends?” May asked, the lad grinned, then said, not that he knew about, but some of these escort duties could be a cover, though he had no proof.May said it was, “food for thought!” she then said to her husband, had he recovered, to which he laughed and said, “Just!” to which she laughed and exclaimed, “well he is half your age, so he should be raring to go again, lads recover much quicker than you old boys… oh and going on the way he`s not taken his eyes off my tits all the meal, I think he wants to start again soon!” the lad stammered an apology and then izmit escort nodded, saying that, “he would be ready whenever she was…” she laughed that silvery laugh of hers then said, come on then, I want that stiff and vibrant young cock of yours right up me this afternoon, as so far I haven’t come properly yet!” They returned to the bedroom, Ian knowing that this was to be their time and at best he would be a spectator remaing to wash up before joining them!At the bedside they kissed, his hands on her nipples before she could say “boo!” laughing their bodies hit the bed, lips apparently welded together his rampant tool finding her damp spot, as if by instinct and sinking into her rapidly like an old hand, together they began the ride, it was to be brief hard and satisfying, both participant`s having waited for this, and in both needed of relief. Ian arrived just as she was raising her hips to meet his final thrust his seed discharging itself into her body, her nails raking his shoulders, his back arched and his head thrown back in a long drawn out cry of release.They lay still coupled, collapsed him on her, lips back in the long kiss of lovers who were satisfied but knew it would never be enough…Ian took his seat, quietly watching the couple enjoying the moment. Slowly he became aware of the lads hips moving once again, realising the youth`s recovery time was amazing, and becoming aware that the probability was this lad had lost very little, if any of his stiffness, and that he was going to use his beloved wife once more. It was awesome, May had never experienced this ‘high on a high use,’ even with Rufus or his brother, they had needed to recover… it was different it was amazing, and she was loving every second of it. Slowly the pace picked up, May, collapsed on the mattress like a rag doll his weight on his elbows his hands on her soft breasts, nipples just grasped between his thumbs and forefingers, gently holding her nubs tenderly as with each thrust of his pelvis his shaft, thin and not overly huge, pushed into her belly with enthusiasm. Each thrust caused her to moan with obvious pleasure, her lips desperately trying to form words, begging him not to spare her, pleading with him to use her hard, abuse her if he wished, hurt her, she was his this afternoon, his, did he understand…The thumbs tightened their grip, exquisite pain ran from the abused nubs adding to the massive orgasm she knew was building, his hips were no longer thrusting they were hammering at her in a way only a young lad could, harder and harder, her breasts numb now the exquisite pain of being taken into this other world beyond her wildest dreams, her breathing shortening to panting gasps her back arching, this feeling overcoming her, darkness closing in the youth still hammering away at her… Ian watching spellbound as she drifted off, the lad still hammering at her, regardless, like a machine, his hips banging into Mays pelvis in a way that said he was never going to ease up… she came back to the world, his grip on her nipples still painfully tight as could be, her head shaking on its neck eyeballs rattling, as he hammered on, oblivious of her continuously rolling climaxes, as she rose to yet another crest, and then another before the darkness closed around her again just as he grunted his warning of his own thunderous climax, and the ordeal ceased. He rolled off, lay at her side, her nipples throbbing, her sex sloppy with their combined juices, they lay barely aware of their surroundings. It had been beyond their imagining`s. Ian sat stunned, too stunned to have even taken himself in hand though the sight of his wife in such a state of euphoria had had his balls discharging themselves across the carpet in such a jet as he hadn’t managed in a very long time.

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