A Baker’s Dozen Ch. 08


Before Ray and I got together, Ray was involved with another woman and they had an open life style that in the end broke them up. Even though Ray has always been firm in say he never wants me to ever go outside our marriage, I knew he has fantasy about me and other men. I knew he worries that I will be freaked out about it…but they are only fantasy…so I wrote this story and added an incest twist to poke a little fun at him and to get him to lighten up…it helped… So here is the next story of my baker’s dozen.

I hope you enjoy them…if not, oh well…can’t make everyone happy. Can only make myself happy and I’m trying.

Drop me an email…if you like…

Wet and waiting Carrie


Now on to the story;

My wife, Carrie, has been having an affair, and she’s lets her lovers fuck her in the bed I share with her. Yes, I’m one of those guys that have no real problem with the ideal of his wife being with other men. Those men like myself that enjoy see their wife’s in a state of passionate embrace with another man understand the sweet thrill of jerking off as you watch her moan and groan and climax on another man hard cock. Those men that are too jealousy or insecure to allow the wife’s to be pleasured by another man will never understand. This story is not for them any way…

Her lovers have no idea that I knew what is going on, if they didn’t, I’m betting they wouldn’t be fucking their mom. That’s right my wife has been over the last three years taken our sons to the bed she shares with me to fuck and been fucked silly by her own sons.

I’ve watched her and our sons ever since I figured out she was suck off our oldest. And I plan to continue to watch. Carrie is only in her late forties and sure doesn’t look like she has three grown boys. Sure, I was freaked out the first time I saw Carrie with Micheal, our oldest. But I’ve also blown my load a hundred times as I watched her fucking our boys.

It was three years ago when I discovered that she was having an incestuous affair. I had suspected halkalı escort that something was going on between Carrie and Micheal and decided to have a secret camera installed to spy on her. With the camera I could see any and all the action that when on in our bedroom.

It all began when Micheal turned eighteen and I guess Carrie had decided he deserved a very, very special birthday present. Carrie loves sucking cock and Micheal didn’t seem to mind that it was his mom that was sucking on his cock. The camera was set up perfectly so that I could I could see her lips smacking on her son’s cock. I could see her salvia glisten all over the full length of his shaft.

After I got over my shock, I stroked off, matching her stroke for stroke and even exploded as I watched Micheal grab hold of his mother head to hold her still as he fed her his cum. It was quite a sight to see her tongue snake out from between her lips and wipe the cum from the corners of her mouth. To know that she licking up her son’s cum kept me hard as a rock even after I had blown my load. That night I demanded a blowjob and made her kneel in the spot she knelt while sucking off her son. I even held her head too. Though she bitched at me for cumming in her mouth, I so felt like saying, “But I’m only doing the same thing she had let our son do.”

All in all, I never felt that Micheal betrayed me with his mom. All that ever happened between them, or at least all that I saw, was that she would blow him. Honestly, there are very few men I knew that would turn down a beautiful woman offering to wrap her sexy lips around his cock. Since that first time I saw Micheal and Carrie, I seen him receive dozens and dozens of blow jobs from his mother and seen him blow his load on her tits, on her face and down her throat. I even count a record of six blow jobs in one day once. I bet she sucked at least a gallon of cum out that boy’s balls.

Then six months later Travis, my middle son, turned eighteen and joined in on the fun. I knew, taksim escort you just read that and are saying that my f-ing math has to be off. It’s not. Micheal is my son from my first marriage and Travis is Carrie’s son from her first marriage. Then we have Steve, our third child that is both of ours.

Now I feel Travis did betray me because he would stuffed his cock in any and all of his mother’s hole and of course, this was true incest. Not like Micheal and her, even if Micheal acts like Carrie is his true mom. Not that I blame Travis for wanted to stuff his mom holes, if you’re going to comment incest you might as well go for it all. Travis is truly his mother son, like Carrie that boy loves oral. So they spent an inordinate amount of time with their heads stuff between each other’s legs. More often than not they spent their time locked in a sixty nine position, lapping and licking each other silly. But I seen Travis mounted his mother like the bitch she is and fuck her till she was squirming and wiggling all over the place.

Travis was also enamored with his mom’s ass, and I got to see some great butt-fucking thanks to my camera. Seeing Carrie on her hands and knees taking it up the ass, her whoppers quaking from the impact of her son slamming his cock up her ass has gotten me off more times than I can count. I have to admit I am envious of him being able to get his mom to bend over and spread her ass cheeks for him so willingly.

The few times, before I knew about Travis, that I got my cock up my wife’s ass I just about had to rape her to make her take it that way. The whole time I’m in her, she’d cry about it hurting and wanting me to take it out. I always felt bad about it even as her tight ass would squeezing the cum out of my balls.

Since I knew how willing she is to let Travis fuck her ass, I no longer feel bad about blow a load in her bowels when I manage to get her pin down to the bed long enough to stuff my cock up her ass.

As I said this has been going on for three years now and şişli escort now that Steve is eighteen, Carrie let Steve have some fun too. I blow my load while watching Steve straddle his mother’s whopper, cover his cock with her tit flesh and fuck his cock through that soft flesh, and in and out of her most talented mouth. Honestly Carrie really does give great head, and it takes Steve precious little time to soak her globes with his sticky goo, covering those huge things with his milky white jizz. Steve only seem to want to messes around with his mother about once a week and the way he cums and how much he shot I bet he is save ever drop for her.

After he sperms all over her tits, he slithers south, and lies between her legs and eats her pussy, while she thrashes from side to side while she screams and climaxes all over the place. Then he’ll mount her and as he jams his tool up into his mother’s cunt. His face pressed into her cum covered tits. The boy is messy but like I said before if you’re going to comment incest you might as well be as kinky as you want to be.

Even though Carrie does the boys on different day of the week, I’m sure that they all knew they’re getting action from their mother and all the boys think I’m in the dark about all this. But Carrie knows I’m not.

That new winkle has been added recently. Carrie found the camera and of course she freaked. She came to my office to bitch and yell at me. But one click of my mouse and seeing herself on her knees blowing Micheal shut her up. It was very satisfying to wrap my fingers in her hair to hold her still as I climaxed in her mouth as she knelt in my office. I told her that I wouldn’t divorce her if she would just do as I say. That night she actual acted hot and bother to take my cock in her ass while watching Travis mount and fuck her ass on the TV.

I know she tried to wipe the files off both my computers at home and work and even broke in to my safe at home to destroy hard copies but I have plenty of back ups. As it gets close to our anniversary I plan to have her give me a special present I want her to have a four-somes with the boys. I can’t wait to see all her holes stuffed full at once. Yeah, I knew I’m a sick puppy for watch and enjoying my wife being fucked by our boys but I’m no more sick then she is, I guess, really we are a perfect match.

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