A Big One

A Big OneI lead a pretty mundane life, or at least I did until last week when I had an experience that changed my life.I’m a digital photo editor and web designer, and for the last few years, I have worked in the adult industry, making web sites and taking/retouching photos for adult entertainment clients. Most of my friends bust my balls and ask questions about my work on a regular basis, “I bet you get laid all the time, taking pictures of naked chicks.” or “Does your dick get hard when taking pictures of chicks?” or “Do I get turned on when a guy pops a boner during a shoot?” etc. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.Last Monday, I kissed my wife, patted the k**s on the head, and went to work like every other day. I wasn’t even thinking about the shoot for that day, it was a single male model doing nude glamour poses. I see 10-12 models a week and they are fairly evenly mixed male and female.I got to the studio, and I was the only one there. Usually I have a light tech or one of the bosses there, but I was on my own this time. I went about setting up, and right on time, the model walked in. This guy did not have a particularly great body or particularly good looking, just very average guy. I wondered why the site owner was paying for this guy’s professional pictures; but then again it really is not my job to judge what other people like. I just line them up and try to take the best photos that I can.I introduced myself, we shook hands, and I pointed out the changing area in the corner. Steve walked over and quickly undressed. It immediately became apparent why he had been sent here. He was hung like I had never seen before. I mean, I see a lot of naked people, but I had never seen a cock that big before. It had to be ten inches and he was just hanging…not even slightly aroused. He also had the thickest patch of pubic hair surrounding the base of his shaft kaçak iddaa I had ever seen.The site owner had asked us to have him shave his pubic bush for the shoot, so I said over my shoulder, “They wanted you to trim your pubic hair for the shoot, Steve, and the clippers are in the top drawer.”After a few minutes, I hadn’t heard the clippers running, so I glanced over at him. He was standing there holding the clippers, looking at me with the proverbial deer caught in headlights look. “What’s up?” I asked.”I’ve never done this before…got any pointers?”I walked over. “Just attach this length guide and kind of drag it against the grain of your pubic hair. It does all the work”. He looked at me holding the clippers and the length guard, “Where does this go?” I took it from him and started to attach it to the business end of the clippers. “Listen”, he said, “Could you do this for me? I never did it before, and I’m afraid I’m going to butcher it.”I kneeled in front of him and my face just inches from the biggest cock I had ever seen. I’m not gay, I have never had any kind of sexual activity with a guy, but I have to say I was a little aroused being that close to that cock. I was also a little embarrassed that I had those feelings.I turned on the clippers and awkwardly ran them through the top of his pubes, and a little shower of hair fell between his legs. “I’m going to have to make a little contact here to do this right,” I stammered, “Just wanted to apologize in advance.”He smiled kind of sheepishly at me, “I guess it goes with the job, do whatever you have to do.”So here it was. The first time I had ever touched another man’s cock; I rubbed my hands together and blew into them to warm them up. “That’s mighty considerate of you”, Steve chuckled. I laughed, too and took his huge member in my left hand. I heard him suck a quick breath in as I made contact and felt kaçak bahis his cock stiffen ever so slightly as my fingers wrapped around the shaft. I pulled it down slightly to draw his skin taught and began to trim his pubic bush. The more hair I cut, the bigger his cock looked in my hand.I lifted his mammoth penis so I could trim the hair growing around his shaft. The buzz of the clippers against his cock, and my warm hand started to make his cock grow harder and longer. I couldn’t believe how big it was getting.”Damn, Steve. Not for nothing, but that’s gotta be the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.” He was blushing, “Sorry it’s getting hard…what you’re doing down there feels pretty damn good.” “I’m sorry”, I said, “I’ll try and make it go as quickly as possible.””Please take your time because you are handling precious cargo.”So I did. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was enjoying it at least as much as he was. I had never felt someone else’s cock get hard in my hand before and mine started to get hard as well.I held his cock tighter and ran the buzzing clippers over his balls. I heard him moan and his huge cock was reaching its full potential in my hand.”Did you use one of those pumps? Or do some kind of exercises to get this so big?” I asked.He laughed, “Looking to increase your size?” I looked up at him and nodded.He leaned back against the dressing table, “maybe that saying, you are what you eat is true…couldn’t hurt to try, huh?” We both laughed.I was done trimming him and I set down the clippers, but I still had his cock in my hand. I started to rub the loose hairs off the shaft and a little bubble of pre-cum oozed from the tip. That cock had to be 13” long if it was an inch. I smoothed the pre-cum around the head and I could feel his huge shaft throbbing in my hand.I was still trying in vain to maintain the pretense of cleaning the trimmings off his crotch, güvenilir bahis but he had thrown caution to the wind, was leaning back and really enjoying having his cock stroked.As recently as 20 minutes earlier, I had never touched another man’s cock before, and here I was, actually considering putting the biggest one I had ever seen in my mouth. I gently blew the last couple of stray hairs off the head of his cock. He gasped. His cock was throbbing in my hand. “Dude will you please help me out, please” he stammered.I slowly started to really stroke his shaft in earnest. He placed one of his hands on top of my head and started to gently pull my face towards his cock head. It was put up or shut up time. I wrapped both hands around his shaft and licked the head of his cock. “Oh shit!” I heard him gasp. I had never even thought how I would suck a cock before. I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head. I began sucking on it, stroking his shaft, like I was milking it into my mouth. My saliva made his shaft glisten and get slippery. My hand was pumping fast. I loved the taste of his pre-cum in my mouth. I was sucking the head of his cock like a rib bone at a barbecue.I felt him tense, but I didn’t realize what was happening until I felt his first blast shoot between my lips. I was surprised and gagged a little; because I was sucking so zealously that his load was spurting right down my throat. I must have liked it because I kept sucking while putting about three more inches of his huge softening cock in my mouth and squeezed it trying to get every last drop of cum from his shaft.I couldn’t believe the amount of cum he produced or how much I like it. He finally pulled his cock from my mouth and seemed a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry, man. I’m not like gay or anything.” “Me neither”, I replied, “I’ve never done anything like that before. We still have to do the shoot, you know, you better go get cleaned up, huh?”He went into the bathroom. I licked some cum juice off my hand and started checking my digital camera, not even pausing to clean up the load I had creamed in my pants.

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