A Chance Encounter with Efya


A Chance Encounter with EfyaI met Efya(pronounced “F+YA) on a Saturday while I was drinking at a bar. So there I was drinking a cold beer and all of a sudden, I had a sudden urge to turn around. Lo and behold, there she stood looking absolutely gorgeous. She stood directly at the entrance of the bar surveying the patrons obviously looking for someone. If I had been sober, I probably would never have had the nerve to raise my arm and beckon her over to me. When she saw me, she gave a sigh of relief which clued me in on a few things. Firstly, she was on a blind date. Secondly, she probably had been stood up or her date had yet to arrive. She sauntered over to me like a model; catwalking the hell out of the floor. It was breathtaking to witness. When she sat next to me at the bar, my eyes refused to meet her eyes and continued to stare at her beautiful long legs which were clad in tight blue jeans. My eyes travelled from her legs to her enormous breasts which were struggling to burst free out of her white tank top. She had on a black leather jacket with gold metal studs on the cufffs.While I dreamt of kissing her full brown lips I heard her say “sorry I’m late.I almost didn’t want to come. I’m Efya by the way but you obviously know that already.” I nodded emphatically but I was actually thinking of what to say to her, particularly my name. If I gave her a wrong name, she’d instantly know that I was a fake. So I did what any normal guy would do in the face of a questioning lady. I said “you’re beautiful! Our mutual friend said as much but I didn’t really believe it until now.””Thank you. Tony said you were quite handsome, seems he exaggerated as always. I’d give you a,” she paused for a while and continued “3 out of 10.”My mouth hung opened as I thought of something hurtful to say back to her but I could think of nothing as I looked at her. She was the embodiment of beauty. She suddenly burst into a laugh, chortling and giggling. “You should have seen your face. It almost looked like you were about to cry.” I laughed along with her and said “I’ll get you back for this. I promise.” I gestured to the bartender to get her a drink and guided her to the back of the bar where an empty Booth sat unoccupied. We sat facing each other while I slid her drink to her. She took a long swig from it which drained half the bottle. We spoke of little things barely scr****g each other’s personal lives. We chatted well into the night, drinking our troubles away. She let slip that she had recently gotten out of a long relationship and was not ready to get back into the dating scene too quickly. I sympathized with her and let her know that I once was in a similar predicament.”I’m not really looking for a relationship,” she slurred.”What are you looking for?” I asked.She reached over the table between us, bringing her head inches from mine.I could feel her hot breath wafting on my face. It smelled mostly of alcohol with hints of strawberry and some other fruity flavour,probably from the gloss on her lips.”You tell me.” She whispered as she brushed my lips with hers; just a touch not lingering more than a few seconds.It was one of the most sensual feelings I’ve ever felt. She sat back down, never breaking eye contact with me. At that moment, I wanted to claw my way over to her and ravage her with hot kisses. My cock was as hard as it had ever been twitching uncontrollably in my pants. maltepe escort To my credit, my voice sounded calm as I heard myself saying ” let’s get out of here.” I eased myself out of the booth without waiting for Efya for I knew she’d be following me. I quickened my pace and in no time was sitting in my car. I saw her swaying lightly from her drunkenness. Her drunken stupor should have made her look awkward but Efya actually made being intoxicated something to behold. She glided beautifully into the front seat of the car. Our eyes met and the spark was aflame once more. It took all of my fledgling control not to seize her and take her right there. Barely clinging to amodicum of strength, I drove as quickly as I could to my apartment. We stood inches apart in the elevator as we rode to the fifth floor to my place. We kept stealing glances at each other continuously building the tension between us. [Ding]The moment the elevator sprung open, I clasped the arm of Efya and tugged her behind me. Holding her hand was doing things to me; a tingly sensation shot through my hand and tickled my manhood. I could hear my heart beating rapidly through my chest. “Thump thump, thump thump,thump thump”. What little control I had suddenly evaporated into thin air. I whirled around and lunged at her, lips leading. Her soft lips tasted divine. I couldn’t get enough of her. Our tongues wrestled for control as we slowly backed against my apartment door. It galled me that the door was locked. I broke off the kiss and unlocked the door. Efya was pressed behind me,her big bouncy breasts massaging my back. The tingling sensation returned in fold. I could only imagine what it would feel like for her to be pressed against me naked. The door finally gave way and Efya and I stumbled into the apartment, tangled together like knots. I kicked the door closed with my foot and found myself being straddled by Efya on the carpeted floor. My arms circled her waist and gently pressed her to my chest. Our tongues resumed the battle of kissing. In no time, I had disrobed my shirt and hers in addition to her bra. Our naked bodies pressed together amplified the already sensual feeling I was experiencing so much so that my cock grew and stretched through my pants to rest on her sex through her jeans. My hands slowly caressed her back eliciting small moans from Efya. My hands trailed from the nape of her neck to the small of her back, slowly squeezing her butt through her jeans. I slipped my hand from the waist of her jeans to grab her butt. I squeezed gently, and let my index finger wriggle into her ass. She pushed against my finger and moaned into my mouth. We rolled across the floor to bring me atop her. I extricated myself from her to feast my eyes on her exquisite body. her breasts glistened with sweat like glitter. Her stomach heaved up and down like she had ran a marathon. As I looked into her eyes, she raised her bottom off the floor and I pulled her jeans off in one swoop. I jumped to my feet and discarded the rest of my clothing haphazardly. I carried her to the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. I kissed her lips, sucking on the lower lip like a lollipop. All the while my left hand caressed the left side of her face moving from her shoulder to the underside of her breasts without actually touching them. I kissed and bit her ears and let my tongue into her ear holes licking slowly escort maltepe and sensuously. I trailed kisses on her cheeks and moved back to her lips. My antics were rewarded with soft moans and writhing beneath my body. Her hands grabbed the back of my neck and our kiss deepened fully. I trailed kisses from her lips down to her throat and moved down to her shoulder blades, slowly kissing her breasts. I flicked the left areola of her breast with my tongue and did the same to her right.Her hands forcefully guided my head to her areolas again. I made slurping noises as I vigorously licked and bit her nipples. She moaned and groaned telling me to “stick it in already”. Truth be told, I wanted nothing more than to fuck her but I wanted to give my best, as I did in every aspect of my life. I slowly squeezed her breasts, alternating kisses between the left breast and the right. I moved from her breasts planting light kisses on her stomach up to her belly button. I inserted my tongue into her belly button and stimulated it with my tongue. My hands did not remain idle while I did this. They moved up her body to caress her breasts, pinching her nipples between my thumbs and index finger. I reached down and grabbed her legs placing them on my shoulders as I breathed in her sweet nectar of her temple. In anticipation of what was about to ensue in her nether region quickened her breathing and it came out in ragged puffs. I blew on her cunt and she shivered like she was freezing. Instead of diving right into her temple to worship, I decided to take a detour in the insides of her smooth thighs. I planted kisses there mere inches from her forbidden queendom but not actually crossing the borders to greet the “queen” herself. The proximity to her pussy glistening with her juices beckoned to me like a siren song. Slowly but surely, my face inched closer to it. My nostrils was filled with her scent. I tasted her sweet nectar with a flick of my tongue like dipping my toes in a hot bath. One lick and I was eager for more. I licked her pussy with wild abandon and was rewarded with guttural moans and groans. The middle finger of my right hand burrowed into her followed by the index finger. I maneuvered my fingers into her slowly looking for the hotspot. I found it by bending the knuckles of my fingers upward to find a spongy surface. I began to rub my fingers in circles. My mouth lapped up her juices, my tongue flicked her clit and my fingers worked inside her pussy repeatedly like a well oiled piston engine. Her moans became louder and her hands clutched tightly on my head pressing my face deeper into her. Her juices flowed faster than I could lap it up. Breathing became a little difficult as I found it impossible to pull away from her pussy. She arched her back and screamed,her body twitched and spasmed as she came. Her pussy flooded my face with more juice than I could drink. I broke out of her pool of cum and took a deep breath. My lips found hers and she reacted to me by locking her legs around my waist giving me no choice but to place my dick on her already wet pussy. My dick tickled her pussy and she squirmed under me wriggling to get more of me inside. As my throbbing manhood slowly sank deep into her,she gave a soundless scream and unlocked her legs from around my waist and spread them as wide as she could. My dick pulsed rhythmically in her. As quickly as I maltepe escort bayan bottomed in her, I pulled out of her and left gaping hole in her pussy trickling with her juices. I repeated this action a few more times driving her insane with frustration, need and anger. I soothed her and repeated the process.”Pleeeaaasee!” She begged but I ignored her and rubbed my dick on her clit further stimulating and driving her arousal to a state of epic proportion. My cock was sticky with cum trickling allover my balls. Her next words stuck in her throat as I plunged inside her with the fury and passion and the unquenchable desire she had aroused in me the whole evening. My fat cock battered her pussy continuously never letting up. She widened her legs further as I rammed into her. Each thrust was greeted with a groan and a****listic screams. She taunted me, cajoling me into increasing my pace. My heart was beating faster and faster like I was running a sprint. I took hold of her legs and placed them on each of my shoulders and continued to punish her pussy. Her moans deepened and she started speaking gibberish. “Nnggghhyaaa, yaaa, I loooove you, yes Paul, fuucck meee!” The mention of the name Paul almost interrupted the perfect tempo I had built up. But I breezed through unrelenting in my attack on her pussy. I was starting to get tired in that position so I lay back down and she quickly straddled me enveloping a few inches of my cock with her warm cunt. She wasted no time and started gyrating her hips in slow circular motions giving me desire beyond my wildest dreams. Yet it was not enough, I wanted all of me inside her. I bucked up my ass to meet her and she danced away smoothly, her pussy caressing just the tip of my cock. I tried everything to get my full length inside her short of physically forcing her on me. I gave up and decided to enjoy it. In no time, I was the one moaning and groaning. She glided down the full length of my cock and bounced on it a couple of times getting me hard and ready but would suddenly glide away when I tried to get a few thrust upwards. She smiled mischievously at me and I smiled back and let her take charge. She began to grind hard on me, slowly and then faster. Then quickly changed from grinding to bouncing up and down on me. I reached out and plucked her breasts and squeezed gently while pinching hard on her nipples. She retaliated by clenching her pussy muscles comfortably clenching my cock like a vice. The soles of my feet were tingling with intense pleasure which was gently travelling through my legs and into my cock making it harder than ever. I suddenly thrust upwards meeting her in the middle. The only sound in the room were our moans and the slapping and squishing noises of our nether regions colliding in a wondrous fucking. She flopped onto my chest and ground a few more times and screamed, her body vibrating as she came hard and long. Her pussy clenched and flooded my dick with so much cum that my own ejaculation was lost in her juices. My body was shuddering in concert with hers. “Thank you,” she whispered.” It was my pleasure” I responded and drifted off to sleep with a beautiful woman in my arms. A few hours later I woke up to realize I was all alone in bed. Then I heard whispering from the living room. I smiled as Efya walked on groggy feet back into the bedroom and looked at me with something of fear and a ton of anger in her eyes. I looked at the phone clutched tightly in her hands and felt trepidation at what was about to happen. Somehow, I knew the gig was up. She had found out the truth.” WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? she screamed at me.END OF PART ONE.

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