A College Education Pt. 04


“Oh, this is going to be so much fun. I’m glad we decided on this trip. You know, it was four years ago we fantasized about coming here on spring break.”

“Yeah, we had neither the time or the money. Remember, that’s when we went with your friend and her boyfriend down to the beach? That was an interesting trip.”

“I’ll say. We fucked while they watched and later we watched them. You know, Barb was hoping to do some swapping, she had the hots for you. But I told her your cock was just for me.

“Well, I know you guys go back a long way. There’s something about watching two girls eating each other that’s a big turn-on for me.”

“Yeah, I could tell. Of course she and I and my sister were doing it long before I met you. And when I joined you and Mandy, you had two pussies to play with. Oh, here we are.”

We arrived at the small hotel on the Praia Do Pinho beach. This area is a popular Brazilian naturalist area. Once we check in clothes are prohibited. What a great opportunity for us show off our sexy bodies. Now that we were here, however, we both had cold feet.

“Nervous?” I asked.

“Uh, huh. Terrified.”

“Just remember no one knows us, and we will never see these people again. Get our towels and we can hold them in front.”

Holding hands, we made our way out of the hotel without seeing anyone. Now on the beach we became two of many.

“You doing ok?” I asked Cathy. “I guess. Am I blushing?”

“Yeah. Let’s just keep walking. Oh, here are some beach chairs out of the way.”

Cathy started giggling as we sat down. “What?”

“I was just thinking, what if you get an erection? Do you think you might?”

“I’m way too uptight right now to have to worry about that. Maybe later?”

Towels over our laps we settled in the chairs to watch others on the beach.

“Are these chairs taken? My name is Isabel and this is my husband Jorge. We are from Buenos Aires.”

“You are welcome to them,” I managed to responded to the very attractive (and nude) girl standing in front of us. I was eye-level with her pussy and forced my eyes to her face. Getting my brain in gear, I responded “My wife, Cathy, and I’m Bobby.”

“We are on our honeymoon,” Cathy added.

“Wow, that’s great! How did you ever pick a place like Praia Do Pinho? I mean it’s a long way to come for you and it is a nudist resort.”

“When we were in college we talked about coming here for spring break, but that wasn’t realistic. As you say, it’s a long way and we certainly didn’t have the money either,” Cathy explained. “So when we were deciding on a honeymoon, the idea came up again. Not what most newlyweds might choose but we have always been a bit unconventional.”

For a moment I realized how ludicrous this rather normal conversation was. Here we were, Cathy and me nude, talking with two equally nude and very attractive people.

“Is this your first time here?” I asked.

“No, our third time. We just love the place, so free of normal constraints, no single guys on the prowl and lots of interesting people like yourselves. Jorge is a plastic surgeon and I’m a model.”

“Cathy just finished her residency, and has been accepted at St. John’s. I’m a technology engineer.”

“Well, certainly nice to meet you both,” Jorge spoke for the first time.

Cathy turned to the game in front of us. “I’ve never seen nude volleyball before. Certainly is a sight!”

“Yeah, the participants get to show off their lean, athletic bodies. Jorge watches those perky boobs bounce around and I get to admire those flopping cocks. Cathy, did you notice the guy over there, the one on the left? Damn, he’s got a long one!”

“Oh, yeah, I noticed.” Cathy looked at me and blushed. The game continued for some minutes.

“It’s nearly noon, how about us going to lunch?” Isabel asked. “The Bloody Mary’s are to die for.”

“Maybe a bit early for us but we’re ready to get something to eat. How’s the food?”

“Everything is first class, and of course you’re paying top prices for Brazil. Lucky for you the dollar is so strong right now. Our peso is worth 20% less than last year so this trip is costing us almost $400 more.”


“So are both of you from Buenos Aires?” Cathy asked.

“Yes, our families are well established in the community. I went to school with Jorge’s sister, Camila. That’s how we met.” She giggled and looked at her husband.

“I guess I better explain. Camila and I had a sexual relationship. It was one of those schoolgirl things. Anyway one day she and I were in my room when Jorge quietly opened the door. We knew he was there but I didn’t mind since I already had a crush on him. Anyway a few minutes later my virgin pussy was filled with his big cock. A year later we married.”

“How exciting! So what about you and his sister?”

“Oh, we still got together many times, sometimes just the two of us, other times Jorge would join us. In case you are wondering, no, he didn’t fuck his sister. I go to University part time and am also a model Bycasino and TV personality.”

“Really? You are simply beautiful and have a great body,” I gushed.

“Thank you. My parents own several TV stations, including the biggest one in Buenos Aires. So I’m doing some on-screen work and hope to do more after I finish my degree. Jorge works in his family’s business. He’s 31 and I’m twenty-three.

“We came to Praia Do Pinho in the hope of meeting up with a couple that was interested in playing around. You know, swapping. Our first time here we hooked up with a young couple from Rio de Janeiro. We had a good time together. She liked to eat pussy and he had a big cock. Last year, our second time, we met another couple and had sex together. And this year we met you guys. Is that something you would be interested in doing?”

“I’m curious, Isabel, as to why you would think we might do that?”

“Please don’t be offended. You look like a very loving couple. But we thought it unusual that you would choose a nudist resort for your honeymoon. Most newlyweds are looking for private romance. So we thought maybe you were interested in adventure.”

“I wanted to show off my handsome husband with his big cock,” Cathy responded. “And I see how guys check me out. So we saw this as an adventure, but only an innocent type. I’ve only had two guys ever, Bobby and that other guy, which I now regret.”

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

“Way back when I was young, my sister and I fooled around. Then we added my best friend. We ate each other’s pussy all the time. Then when college started I met Bobby’s girlfriend, Mandy. I was a homesick freshman and she helped me through a difficult time. I was all stressed out about boys and sex and she became my confidant and then lover. Bobby took my virginity and for the next year the three of us were inseparable.”

“Then what happened?”

“That next summer I met a guy and we had sex. When school started back up I introduced him to Bobby and Mandy and the four of us became involved. So I was having sex with Mandy and being fucked by both guys. The four of us had lots of fun in bed but eventually I decided Bobby was the guy for me and broke it off with the other guy. So we became a threesome again. His girlfriend later split and then it was just Bobby and me. Later I reconnected with my best friend from way back.”

“So Bobby doesn’t have any problem with girl-girl fun?”

“Oh, no. It’s a big turn-on for him. He likes to watch and then join in.”

“It must be obvious that we would like to have sex with you and Bobby.”

“Yes, I figured that out this morning. I just don’t know, Isabel. I mean, having sex with you would be exciting, I’m sure. But then I just don’t know about your husband. I’ve only been fucked by Bobby and that other guy years ago. Your husband is very sexy but I don’t want to screw up our marriage.”

“These days here can be a fun time and then it’s over. No relationships, just some hot sex. Then you and your new husband go back home with exciting memories.”


“Honey, Isabel and I talked some more while you guys went to get the drinks. She really put the moves on me, wants to have sex with me.”

“Yeah, I’m not surprised, seeing how she has been eying you ever since we met. I’ll bet she’s quite a number in bed, don’t you think?”

“Most likely. Anyway she turns me on and I’d like to do it. Would that be ok?”

“Sounds like you are really interested. You miss Barb, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do. Going clear back to my younger days with her and my sister, eating each other was a blast.”

“Just the two of you? What about Jorge and me?”

“I suppose you guys could watch. But Isabel said her husband thinks I’m really hot and would like to fuck me. Bobby, remember our wedding night?”

“Of course, how could I forget.”

“You, me, and Barb. A bit unusual for just getting married, wouldn’t you say? You fucked us both.”

“I was expecting to just watch you two. I liked her pussy and she seemed to get off on my cock.”

“She sure did, something to keep in mind for the future. Isabel is a really sexy girl, don’t you think?”

“God, yes. Long legs clear up to her pussy, perky tits, very classy girl. I’ll bet she’s a very successful model.”

“I agree. And her husband is quite the stud. You know, here we are, thousands of miles away from home. Maybe we should loosen up. I know, I know, I’ve said it before that I didn’t want any other cocks in me and didn’t want you to fuck others. I guess our wedding night with Barb sort of blew that out.”

“Cathy, I don’t want us to do anything that screws up our marriage. Would I fuck her under certain circumstances? Sure. And if it happened that you and Jorge fucked, I could deal with that. Just sex. I guess it’s the chance that a relationship could result that makes me hesitant.

“Yes, just sex. We could have fun and take just memories back home. We will Bycasino giriş never see them again.”



We bumped into our new friends later that afternoon. “Bobby and I have been talking about yesterday. I think it would be fun for us to get together.”

“That’s great! Cathy, you will be in for a real treat. You and I will have so much fun. Jorge has bedded lots of women and really knows how to satisfy. And Bobby, I’m looking forward to feeling that big cock inside me. How about we head back to our room.”

Jorge and I sat near the bed to let the girls go first. Cathy’s legs were spread wide as Isabel licked and sucked, her luscious butt in the air. She had a model’s figure, lean and toned. Her pussy was visible between her legs and I would love to shove in my cock, it was already rock hard in anticipation. Cathy was now lifting her hips with each thrust of Isabel’s tongue.

“Oh, baby, you really know how to eat pussy. So good, so good. Oh, want it to last forever.”

Moments later she was in the midst of a climax, pulling Isabel’s face tight to her pussy. Then Isabel moved up and gave my wife deep kisses, sharing her pussy taste.

“OK, Jorge, come over her and fuck her. She’s ready for your big cock.”

I had expected that Cathy would eat Isabel next but that apparently wasn’t the plan.

She stared at his hard cock. “I’ve never had an uncircumcised cock. Is that common?”

“Actually most guys in Argentina are cut but for some reason it was never done to me. Does it bother you?”

“Oh, no, I suppose it will feel just the same in my pussy, just looks different. I like how big it is, maybe even a bit bigger than my husband. Are you bigger than most Argentinians?”

“Yes, much, just like your husband is bigger than most. Last year here the guy was more average. His girlfriend wasn’t sure she could take all of me but of course she did. I’m proud of my cock.”

Cathy turned onto her tummy and spread her legs.

“Come over here by me, Bobby, and we can watch together. He’s had lots of girls and is very skillful. It turns me on even when I watch him fuck someone else. See, he’s using his fingers to caress her pussy, now he’s penetrating but just to the first knuckle. Now some more caresses, now going in to the second knuckle. Slowly, a step at a time.”

Isabel took hold of his cock and guided it to her pussy and rubbed the head up and down the slit.” Now he’s going to use the head of his cock to stimulate her vagina.”

Cathy’s pussy was dripping with anticipation as he barely penetrated.

“Now watch. Your wife expects him to push deeper, but he doesn’t. See, he’s rubbing his cock between her labia, up and down, going right past her pussy. A few more times and his cock head will again enter. Now she thinks he’s going to push, but again he doesn’t. Each time she reaches a higher sensual level.

“He’s good, isn’t he? Now she’s ready to be penetrated, but ever so slowly. Part way in, now back out, teasing, teasing. Now deeper, now back out, withdrawing completely. Her pussy wants his cock, she wants to be filled and yet he withdraws. This time I expect he will fill her completely.”

Then Jorge pushed and half his length entered in one stroke. In spite of my earlier willingness I felt a twinge of jealousy as my wife’s pussy was penetrated by another cock, a big one.

Cathy sharply inhaled. “Damn, your cock feels even bigger than it looks. Oh, wow!”

“She expects him to begin thrusting but he doesn’t, staying deeply embedded. Just as she settles down he now begins to move, small movements, staying deep. And now she’s ready to be fucked with long strokes. Jorge is able to sense just when to back off and then resume.

“See what I mean? Just about the time Cathy is to the edge of an orgasm he momentarily stops moving. When the peak passes he is ready to go again. Each time she reaches a new high but just short of orgasm. Give them a few more minutes and she will explode. I suspect your wife is going to have high expectations for you after Jorge is finished. Now it’s our turn. Fuck me, baby, I want your big cock. How do you want to do it?”

“Like them,” nodding to my wife and Jorge next to us. “But I thought Cathy was going to eat your pussy first.”

“That was the plan but I really need to be fucked and don’t want to wait any more. I’ll ask her to eat me after we finish.”

I felt terribly intimidated by the sexual skill of her husband. I have always been able to bring Cathy to orgasm but certainly not with his finesse. God, they have been fucking for at least fifteen minutes. Cathy was making those funny little squeaky noises when she’s really excited. I guess I have some things to learn.

“Remember, you have to do lots of foreplay. Guys don’t understand how important that is. Do it right and my pussy will be yearning for your cock. Now do like Jorge. Use your fingers to lightly play with my pussy. Yes, that’s the way. Now use the head of your cock. Here, I’ll show you.”

She Bycasino deneme bonusu pulled my cock to her pussy and moved the head up and down between her pussy lips.

“Don’t press, just touch me lightly with the head. Now you do it. Don’t be in a hurry, we have all day. Feel how my pussy is starting to lubricate?”

A few minutes later my cock was fully embedded in her tight pussy.

“Remember, Bobby, you want to bring me close to climax and then stop. I’ll tell you when, so you can get an idea as to how my body is responding.”

“Stop. I’m really close. Now stay still, don’t move your cock, let me come down a bit. Even a slight movement might set me off …. OK, now you can move in and out a little, no big strokes yet … Good, very good. Can you sense how my body has responded?”

This was much harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to thrust deep and fast, and was forcing myself to make little movements.

“Now you can fuck me some more. Long strokes, but gentle. No hard thrusts, and be ready to stop. It won’t take me as long to get excited again.”

When she did, I stopped my movements and waited until she told me to proceed. I was starting to get the hang of this, but it was not easy. Finally she told me she wanted to cum. I began long, deep thrusts, hitting her cervix each time I bottomed out.

“Oh, you’re touching my cervix. Most guys can’t get deep enough. I love the feeling, makes my toes tingle.”

My cock head was also tingling, I was close, and I sensed she was too.

“I’m coming,” I shouted.

“Do it, now. Fill me with you ….. Oh …. Oh.”

I grabbed her hips and held my cock deep as she thrust her hips back against me. We exploded together. We stayed coupled for a minute before I pulled out and rolled to her side, totally exhausted. That was the best fuck I had ever had.

Isabel turned and kissed me. “That was wonderful, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, Bobby, that was awesome to watch,” Cathy said as she idly fondled Jorge’s limp cock. Isabel got up from the bed so she could move next to me and placed her hand on my equally flaccid cock.

“Poor things, totally worn out. I hope we can get them going pretty soon, I want us to do more.”


Back in our room, we compared notes. Cathy was bubbling over with excitement.

“Wow, that was a mind-blowing experience. I hope you liked it too. That girl really knows how to turn me on. You guys can learn a thing or two about a girl’s erotic places on her body. Isabel started with my earlobes and behind the ear, worked slowly down my body, and simply devoured my pussy. One of my best climaxes ever.

“And Jorge was masterful, unbelievable. I wondered how his uncircumcised cock would feel. It was kind of neat how the foreskin pulled back when his cock got hard. Once it was in my pussy it didn’t feel any different. He would bring me to point where I’m tingling all over. Another minute and I would have exploded but then he backed off. After I settled down a bit he started again. Again when I reached that tingling point he backed off. I guess he did that three or four times. By this point I was almost out of my mind.

“Just about the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore, he really went at it. His cock became a thrusting machine, pounding into me. Moments later I began to climax. It went on and on, unlike anything I had ever experienced.”

She looked at me, suddenly embarrassed. “Sorry, I got carried away. How was Isabel?”

“Definitely an enthusiastic lover. I tried to emulate what Jorge was doing you. The second time I backed off I didn’t stop soon enough and came. Fortunately, my cock stayed hard long enough that she also climaxed a minute or so later.”

“I liked eating her after you filled her pussy,” Cathy continued. “Her lithe body was made for sex, no doubt about it. She practically smothered me, mashing my face to her pussy when she came. And she came in bucketful’s, a real squirter.

“Isabel told me that the couple last year were rather inexperienced and she and Jorge enjoyed educating them on the finer points of sex. She said we are less reserved and have great potential. If we want, they will work with us the remaining days of our trip.”

“I guess that means lots of sex, you and Jorge, me and Isabel? I have to admit, watching the two of you was a little disconcerting, especially when he first put it in. And once he got started I realized he is really talented. Isabel said the guy last year felt the same way and wasn’t nearly as good as me. And by the end of the trip he was much more skillful. So I guess I’m willing to swallow my pride and learn how to fuck.”

“Honey, don’t feel bad. You are a really good lover. It’s just that Jorge has some techniques that brought me to higher and higher levels. And I also have a lot to learn from Isabel.”

We cleaned up and meet them for dinner.

“Jorge, you really know how to satisfy a woman. How did you become so skillful?” Cathy asked.

“When I was old enough, my father introduced me to a young prostitute. She took my virginity and taught me how to make love. God, I was so naïve and afterwards even told her I loved her. She laughed and kissed me on the cheek and said she loved me too. We were together several times, learning how to make love.”

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