A Different Relationship Ch. 04


Chapter 4: There’s someone else in my bed

“To be honest honey, I really thought you would say you want another nipple piercing. You kind of surprised me with the navel. However, my mind was made up so I decided to go through with it. I hope you’re not mad at me?”

“No never. I was just… surprised that’s all. And the navel piercing looks kind of girly don’t you think?” In truth I was a bit worried about this new piercing.

“Well yes. But that’s only because it sparkles purple and because I removed all your hair. Don’t worry too much about it. I am sure you’ll get used to it and under your shirt. Not many people will see it anyway.”

“You’re right. When can I see the tattoo?”

“I thought about that and decided that I will tend to it and show it to you after one week when it’s no longer necessary to wear a bandage. Do you promise me not to peek until then?”

“Okay. It’s alright, I guess. What do you feel like doing today?” I asked.

“Well after lunch I’m having coffee with a friend but I shouldn’t be out too long and in the evening I am going out again. But I promise you I won’t stay out as late as yesterday. Did you like your good-night kiss yesterday?”

I blushed bright red and looked down at the boardwalk, ashamed.

“Yes I did actually. It tasted… different but not bad.”

“That’s good. Maybe I’ll get you something similar today. We’ll see.”

While we were walking all I could think of was Linda blowing another guy and then feeding me the guy’s load. Something had changed. I didn’t know why but I really was hoping that she would do something similar tonight. I thought perhaps I might be bisexual but it wasn’t a concern. As long as Linda was happy I was happy.

At home we had a quick lunch and then she left to meet her friend.

She came back home around four pm and hugged me when she came in.

“I’m really starting to like your new piercings honey. They really suit you, even the navel. I met Lisa for coffee and she invited us over for dinner next week. I told her what we were up to and she wouldn’t let me go so I flashed her my nipple piercing quickly. I don’t think anyone saw but it was exciting nonetheless. Then she asked if you had anything done and I told her that you got two piercings and a tattoo done.”

Now I was getting nervous. It is one thing to do these things privately but involving and telling other people about it is something entirely different.

“Don’t worry honey I didn’t tell her anything else.”

I was relieved.

“I told her we’ll show her next week when we come over and I decided that it will be the great revealing of your new tattoo as well. Are you happy?”

No I was not. I couldn’t tell her that… But she’s in charge so I can only urla escort bayan do her bidding or lose her forever.

“Yes. I am excited to see the ink. I am just a little nervous.”

“Don’t worry about Lisa and Tom. I told you we were all really close in high school. You can trust them, they won’t tell anyone.”

‘Okay, I trust you.”

“Great. Now I need to start getting ready. I have a dinner date at six and I don’t want to be late. You’re okay with waiting at home for me aren’t you honey?”

“I am alright. Just enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about me.”

“Don’t be silly honey I don’t. I just want you to be comfortable. Oh… And I want you to sleep on the couch tonight. I might not be alone when I come home tonight. I don’t want you to make a scene, that’s why I am telling you now. Just be yourself. Stay quiet and keep on the couch. I’ll tell you if everything comes up.”

That was like a punch in the stomach but I started to realize what I was in for so I just agreed. I got the feeling that it would be a long time before I was allowed to sleep with her again.

She went out shortly before six pm and I was alone. I was about to go to bed at half past eleven when I heard the key turn in the lock. I didn’t know what to do so I just sat down on the couch and kept watching television. I suddenly realised that I was butt naked but I didn’t dare to put anything on because I didn’t want to upset Linda.

She wasn’t alone. I heard the door open and close and then all I could hear was clothes shuffling and kissing sounds. They came into the living room and she led him by the hand past me into the bedroom. He gave me a quick glance and smiled. He pushed the door closed but it didn’t go all the way so a small crack was left open.

Now I could hear more clothes shuffling. In between I could hear kissing sounds and soft moans. Then I heard him moan and I could only imagine what was going on. I didn’t move and just kept listening. My dick was throbbing in its cage trying to get hard but it was no use. I was getting used to the pain. More shuffling from the bed and suddenly a scream.

“Oh my aaah!”

I know when Linda’s horny and how she sounds but I could only imagine that she must have been beyond happy. Then the pumping and screaming started. Every push was followed by her screaming “Yes” and “Oh…” and “Ah…”. In between I could hear him moan as well.

The screams were getting louder and I think she must have had a very large orgasm. The thumping sounds also increased and suddenly I heard the guy cumming as well. Silence. The only thing noticeable was exhausted breathing of my girlfriend and her lover.

“Honey come in.”

I stood up and reached for the door and entered the escort urla room. Their clothes were covering the floor as well as a blanket and a pillow. The whole room smelt of sex and sweat. I so wanted to fuck her right then and there. She was sitting on him in the reverse cowgirl position with his dick still inside of her.

I suddenly realised that again the guy didn’t wear a condom.

“Honey this is Bill. I am going to slip off of him now and I want you to kneel between our feet and immediately put your face on my pussy and be careful not to spill anything. When you’re done with me I want you to take care of Bill. Now get going.’

I crawled onto the bed on my knees and I realised that there was a lot of precum oozing out of my chastity cage. Damn that whole thing made me so hot I couldn’t believe it. I went down between their feet and in one quick motion she moved backwards a little bit and shortly before his dick plopped out I put my lips on her pussy.

Damn was she wet and swollen. From what I could tell Bill must have been about double my size in diameter and I think he also had a good two to three inches on me in length. That must have been one hell of a fucking.

I greedily started to lick her pussy savoring the smell and taste. There was quite a lot of cum inside of her and I eagerly lapped it out of her. Not before long I could feel her pressing herself against my face and a few minutes afterwards she had another orgasm. When she calmed down she signaled me that she was satisfied for now.

Now that was it. This was going to be my first time licking and sucking a dick. I was excited and scared at the same time. Between my feet the sheets got wet from all the precum leaking out of my locked dick. I was so hot and couldn’t wait.

His dick was now flaccid but still even in this stage still bigger and especially thicker than mine when it is hard. First I took the tip in and started to lick around the head with my tongue making sure to get all of their juices into my mouth. Damn that tasted good. I struggled however with the size of it and couldn’t get it in all the way. I think I got about four inches in but that was it. Then I started gagging. I licked the shaft clean and then just continued blowing him.

I didn’t know when to stop and I suddenly felt him growing again in my mouth. He even started moaning and they started to kiss. From the corner of my eye I could see him fumbling at her and caressing her ass. His finger was on her asshole but she stopped him.

“Not today. You can fuck me again the other way but not there.”

“That’s too bad I love a nice, tight asshole. Usually I never fuck a girl in the same whole twice in one night. And since your sissy here is already blowing me urla escort there is only one hole left that needs exploring.

She kept giggling and they started kissing again. he was now really getting hard again and was already at his full potential I guess. I just kept satisfying his cockhead with my lips and tongue.

“Damn it why not.”

He said moving her aside and sat up.

“Turn around you little faggot.”

I didn’t know what to do. I looked at Linda and then did what he asked and lied down on my back. I was scared and kept looking for Linda’s eyes to calm me down.

“I like your purple piercing princess, it’s good that you are locked up. Doesn’t give you any stupid ideas. Now raise your legs and spread them.”

He commanded it so I did it. He went behind me and yanked the buttplug out in one quick motion. The sudden feeling of emptiness was strange but I was afraid that it wouldn’t last long.

“Good thing you had this in. Have you ever had your ass fucked?”

“Only with a dildo…” I stammered.

“Well then you’re in for a treat. Get me some lube Linda. “

Linda stood up and got some lube and started generously spreading it on his hard cock. Linda moved closer to me and placed my head into her lap. He positioned himself and I could suddenly feel the tip of his cock at my entrance.

He started to push and I gave in and relaxed to make it as painless as possible. It took a few seconds but suddenly the head popped in. That’s usually the moment when a buttplug would get slimmer but the real thing was different. I had the feeling of being split in half as he was pushing inch by inch into me. My hole was so stuffed I thought I would burst.

Ten seconds later I felt his balls on my ass and knew he was all the way in.

“Now comes the fun part.”

That was all he said as he started relentlessly hammering in and out of me. He was gentle with the first thrust but this was different. He pounded my ass as if it was just some random girl’s pussy and all I could do was moan and scream a little bit. It did hurt a little at first but it was a mixture of pleasure and discomfort that I felt. His thrusts even increased further in speed and suddenly he started groaning and I could feel his dick twitch inside of me.

He reached for the buttplug and in one motion slipped out of me and put the buttplug back in place. I couldn’t even feel it. It seemed insignificant compared to the huge monster that was just inside of me.

“If you won’t give me your ass you can clean your sissy’s from my dick. Now get licking.”

Linda looked at him a little bit shocked but crawled over to him and started to lick his dick clean. When she was done he just stood up and started dressing.

“I enjoyed the evening immensely. Maybe I’ll call you tomorrow. Goodnight Linda and sissy boy.’

With that he left. Linda stood up to lock the door and then crawled back into bed with me and we both fell asleep seconds later with the events of the evening still rummaging through our heads.

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