A first date, a nude date to be exact.


A first date, a nude date to be exact.I’d been living in Portland for a few months, doing some contract work and living in a nice week-to-week rental downtown. I was meeting women from time to time while out and about but nothing really transpired as far as sexual flings and the such SO I decided to try out some dating sites and settled on match.com based on friends recommendations. Well, I’d had a few dates, some better than others but overall it wasn’t going great. Some of the hotter women seemed to have issues, not really my type or if I was interested they didn’t really seem to be. I tried different strategies after reading an article online that were supposed to increase my odds of finding the type of woman I was seeking and trying different things out. At the same time I discovered a sauna/soak place in NE Portland that was amazing. It was clothing option and coed and based on my two visits, most of the clients opted for full nude. With new strategy in hand, I added the name of this joint as a fav and also added naturism to my profile. I began to search women in my target range, age, etc. and ended up finding a few. Usually, at least with myself, I’ll begin a dialog through the site, trade emails for a while then move to texting and/or phone calls. This goes on for days or weeks but never more than a month or so. One particular woman, Beth, had me quite interested and things seemed to be going somewhere. Beth was 32, divorced a year prior and no c***dren. She was a southern California transplant like myself, very active and athletic, also like myself and had used the term naturism in her description of herself. I broached this subject while texting her one evening and she asked my to call her for the first time. I found this quite exciting and became quite optimistic at the possibilities. Our first conversation was great kadıköy escort and it seemed like we had even more in common than we’d thought. At one point she asked “so you’re also a naturist?” Seems that she’d had a long history of nude beach visits while living in California and also quite a few beaches in France and sections of Spain recently. We shared stories since I’d been to a famous nude resort, Cap ‘d Agde twice before and also a resort in southern Spain previously. In this conversation or the next I mentioned my experience at the soak/sauna place and surprisingly Beth had never heard of it but was quite interested. She’d spent a lot of time in hot tubs during her southern California years and also loved the sauna experience because of the health benefits. This establishment also offered massage of all types in addition to the the****utic water. Half k**ding, I asked her if she’d be into a first date here and without missing a beat she agreed. Holy fucking shit I remember thinking, this is gonna be perfect!We agreed on a Monday morning, 11:00, for our date. I remember shaving my pubic area that morning and also shaving my legs which I normally do anyway. We’d agreed to meet in the lobby area that morning but an hour or so before I get a text from Beth – “I’m getting a massage first so I’ll meet you in the spa area instead, 11ish”. I remember thinking no big deal, it’ll make things more interesting.I had a fairly good idea about what Beth looked like from her match.com pics I’d previously seen. As mentioned, she’s 32, dark blondish hair, medium length, usually pulled back in ponytail, tomboyish you could say. Her height was about 5’7” and I’m guessing weight was 115-120 so yes, she’s the slender type. That’s really all I knew about üsküdar escort her appearance, I had no idea what to expect in the “breasts and ass” department. I got to the place right at 11:00, checked in, paid my $21 for the hour and went to the changing area. The area is very low key and informal, no lockers just cubes that you put your stuff in and an option of locking up your valuables. There was only about eight cars in the parking lot at that time of the morning so I didn’t expect loads of people the spoil the moment. As I’m undressing I hear some chatting and two young women appear, one of them I recognize as the one who checked me in at the front desk. She says hello, we chat and I find out that she’s taking her roommate there as a guest. I tell her that I’m meeting somewhere there who just had a massage and she says, “is it Beth? she’s a doll!” Just then, standing there nude with a towel in my hand, my cock slightly rises although the girls didn’t notice. Before the girls undress so not to appear like I wanted to watch, I made my way to the shower area, sprayed off then right to the soaking pool. The pool was about 10×15 ft. plenty large for a handful of people, surrounded by ferns, open to the elements with soft mystic music piped in. There’s another guy in the tub and a couple in the tub when I arrive. I find a quiet corner and slump into the embrace of the warm water.A few minutes pass and I hear soft chatter from the shower area which I’m sitting quite close to. One of the voices I recognize as Beth and the other, the front desk girl. Beth tells her how great the massage was, etc. the I hear the front desk tell Beth, “yea he’s here and he’s hot”. Once again my cock slightly rises with anticipation and what to expect but telling myself, “it’s only a first date, no big deal, tuzla escort not the end of the world if you don’t like each other”. Not exactly positive affirmation but not expecting failure either;)Well, moments later the time arrives and all three gals, Beth in front walk over towards me, all smiling and all completely nude holding their towels. Beth is striking. Her skin still glistens from the massage and she is totally shaved, and yes, she is a gorgeous woman. The two others are also quite striking, both right around twenty, in college and the down to earth types, comfortable being nude and also tight bodies. Being the gentleman, I get out of the tub as Beth walks over and hangs up her towel. The two other girls are already in the water on the opposite side and have their eyes glued on me, probably just interested in what’ll happen as I greet Beth. As I approach Beth she turns around and gives me the up and down look, all the while smiling. Her eyes say a lot and her first word was “wow, I didn’t quite expect this!” We do a little hug, not full on, kinda a sideways thing, but equally hot. I tell her that I didn’t know what to expect either but that I was quite pleased with what I saw. We both blushed.The rest of our “date” went great. We spent time in the tub chatting then made our way to the sauna, cold showers, back a forth a couple times before our hour was over. One of the highlights was walking behind her on our way to the sauna. My eyes were transfixed on her ass, I don’t recall ever seeing anything quite so tight and gorgeous, devoid of extra fat and slightly muscular, even a very slight gap. Her breasts were almost not there, A- at best but she did have eraser nipples that got hard when we did the cold shower. Our conversation went from subject to subject, nothing too intense or heavy, we teased each other, flirted and it was obvious that we were attracted to each other, mentally and physically. Beth had a meeting at work at 1:00 so she had not extra time to hang out. We showered again, changed together, changed, said our goodbyes and had a great hug and kiss. We made plans for another date later that week, but not sure where and if it would include full nudity;)

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