A Husband’s Fantasy


… or was it?

It was after one of those long, exhausting evenings at the gym. The holidays had really had their effect on my once-trim(mer) waistline and I had gone back to working out with a vengeance. I had gotten into a regular routine and after a few short weeks had started to see results. I guess the cute co-eds in their tight-fitting gym clothes, stretched even tighter across their really tight bodies was somewhat of an attraction too. Many a time I found myself lost in carnal thoughts while pushing 220 on the leg extension machine and especially when winding down on the stationary bike, but when I got into the shower…well… that was a whole other story…and maybe that is what this story is all about.

Mary always marveled at my stamina after returning from the gym, always aroused and wanting one thing only.

“What goes on at that gym?” she would joke “The sexy co-eds flash you again?

Grinning, she would whisper naughty ideas in my ear while we were in the midst of foreplay “Maybe I should visit you one evening and see for myself”.

“You are always welcome, love” I said…not realizing that her joking tone had a touch of seriousness to it.

It was after one of those evening gym sessions, when still dripping wet with exertion, the adrenaline still pumping through my veins that I walked, limping slightly, to the locker room with My usual kit… The gym I go to has a large, well-stocked locker room. The shower stalls are spacious, equipped with shower gel/shampoo dispensers and have doors for privacy. Did I mention the warm towels? There is always a large supply and each shower stall is equipped with a warming towel rack. There’s nothing like getting out of a shower and wrapping yourself in a piping hot towel.

I got undressed, wrapped a towel around my waist and walked, dragging my feet…boy I was tired… to one of the stalls, noting absently that the locker room was empty. It was rather late, and I remembered that I had seen halkalı escort most people leaving much earlier. I opened the stall door, laid the towel on its warming rack, my toiletries on a little shelf and turned on the water. Turning the water dial to steamy hot, I got under the spray and began experimenting with the showerhead, moving it from a gentle mist to a hard pulsing jet. The hot water cascaded over my body, blazing hot needles, like molten lead, almost puncturing my flesh, reviving me. Steam filled the stall, swirling about like a twilight mist. I poured some shampoo from the dispenser into my cupped hand and applied it to my head. A heady, fruity fragrance filled the space and enveloped me with it’s bouquet.

“They must have changed shampoo here recently” I thought, “This doesn’t smell like their regular stuff. I’ll have to speak with Jenny at the reception desk on my way out”. It didn’t quite register at the time, but something nagged at the back of my head.

After about 15 minutes of pure bliss, my mind started drifting. I wondered off… lost in a far away fantasy. After a while (no idea how long, I totally lost track of time), I thought I heard noises coming from the locker room. Softer than I was used to. “Maybe I’m not the last one here after all” I thought. Looking back now, I seem to remember giggling, but I do not remember that registering at the time. Then I heard them (it definitely sounded like more than one person) enter the shower area. The door to the stalls next to mine opened and I heard the usual sounds of showers starting up.

After a minute or so I heard something that shocked me. They started talking! My god! Those were women’s voices!!…but what the devil were they doing in the men’s locker room? Then it dawned on me. I had walked into the women’s locker by mistake. I was so tired from my session that I didn’t notice at all.

“Now you’re in a pickle, taksim escort Jack” I thought… But what was I to do? What if word of this got out? “Better stay quiet and hope they get their business done quickly and then I’ll sneak out” I reasoned with myself.

Well, that was not to be…

As they talked and chattered I thought I recognized one of the voices. It was Jenny from the reception desk. “Oh no!” I thought, groaning silently “If she finds out, then she’ll tell management and they will kick me out…Shoot! What had I got myself into?”

I tried to figure out the name of the other woman, but she didn’t say much, and it was difficult to pick up clues, though it did have a familiar ring to it.

Then Jenny called out to her neighbor “Mary, would you do me a favor and soap my back?

“Mary?” I repeated to myself, a little confused…”what the…?” Then it hit me…that voice… I DID recognize it…it was Mary, my wife. “Oh shit, shit, shit…if she finds me here… I’m toast, burned toast…soggy, wet, burned…but still toast.” But what was she doing at the gym? Confused thoughts churned around in my head…

I didn’t hear them at first, but soon I could hear them giggling, then going quiet, then giggling again. “What were they doing there?” I thought. “It sure sounds like they are…up to something…” my thought was cut short by Jenny’s voice calling out. “Hey neighbor, would you like to join us?”

Without thinking I replied “you sure there’s room for one more in that stall”

A shocked silence… then giggling… then “Oh my god, it’s a guy!!”…then giggling, much louder this time , then silence…then muffled voices…then silence again.

I had my back to the door, and was just about to bash my head against the wall for being such an idiot, when I heard my stall door open and the two women stepped in “need a little help with that back, neighbor?” I heard my wife say… Too shocked to reply, I şişli escort just nodded, mutely.

Soon I felt two pairs of hands rubbing up and down my back…two pairs of lips pressed softly against My shoulders, two pairs of breasts pushed up against my back. Then I felt two hands reach around My waist and to my groin. Each had one hand soaping my back and another caressing me down there, one hand wrapped around my shaft and the other cupping my balls, squeezing lightly.

Shocked, but aroused…My body responded in ways I had never felt before. They were both still behind me, caressing My back. Their hands doing things to my privates that I had never experienced before. The thought that Mary was doing this to me was at once arousing and shocking. This was not like my Mary…naughty yes, sensual, creative…but I never thought she could do something like this… with a stranger in a shower stall.

I was, by now, beyond reason. My back still to them, my arms against the wall, supporting me… the two women caressing me, stroking me, whispering in my ear, coaxing me to finish. My shaft was now throbbing uncontrollably, my whole body straining for release. I felt one nipping my neck, the other kissing her way down my back to my bottom… I leaned forward slightly and rested my head on my arm against the wall, My face concealed. Just then I felt some movement then saw Mary kneel down in front of me and take My shaft in her mouth. I could not hold off any longer. With a violent shudder, I felt my balls contract the hand from behind cupping them, squeezing gently, I exploded in orgasm that rocked my whole body. Wave after wave, shaking me,

When my breathing returned to normal, I looked around…my senses still reeling, not believing what just happened. “was that a dream?” I wondered… I looked, but the women were no longer there. I peeked outside the stall, but they were nowhere to be seen. Drying off, wrapping the towel around my waist, I walked out to the locker room, dressed hurriedly and made my way to the exit.

“Goodnight Mr. Smith” I heard someone call out. Looking around I saw Jenny , at the receptionist desk waving to me. Smiling at me in a way I’d never seen her do before.

I’m almost sure I saw her wink.

Getting into the car, I wondered how I would tell Mary about this.

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