A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 15


I walked into the cabin and smiled before looking back at Kiera and putting my finger over my lips. She nodded but looked confused until I stepped further into the room and she saw Master sleeping with Marta on the bed. Apparently, they had worn themselves out and had fallen asleep.

We had decided to come find them when Peter stopped by the courtyard to tell us that dinner was ready. I wasn’t worried, but I knew Master would not want to miss dinner. The looked so cute curled up together that I really did not want to disturb them, but I knew I had to.

Crawling up on the bed, I could clearly smell the sweet aroma of Marta’s earlier climaxes, but something was missing. Cocking my head and taking a deep breath, I realized what it was. I could not smell Master’s cum. We had arranged for them to have time alone so Master could take her virginity in a more romantic setting, but if she did not make sure Master was satisfied, I was going to be very upset with her.

I still wanted to wake Master up first though. It was a rare opportunity, as he was always up before I was. Crawling up on the other side of his body from Marta, I leaned in and ran my tongue from his chin all the way up to his forehead. I could taste traces of Marta’s juices around his mouth, but the lick did not wake him. I kept licking around his mouth, cleaning up the rest of Marta’s pussy juices until I felt his arm come up around me.

“Good afternoon little kitten,” Master said as he stroked my back. “I guess we got too comfortable and nodded off. Did we miss dinner?”

I shook my head and kissed him, then saw Marta blinking up at me sleepily. I fixed her with a hard look and let out a quiet but forceful ‘raow’ as I pointed at Master’s cock. She looked confused, but Master laughed as he continued to stroke my back.

“Is something wrong Master, she looks upset,” Marta said. “Did I not do a good enough job cleaning you up?”

“I think I know what she is worried about,” Master chuckled. “Marta, please tell my kitten what happened after we came back to the cabin.”

“Umm, okay,” Marta said as she looked up at me, her confusion clear in her eyes. “Master played with my breasts for a really long time until he made me climax a couple times. Then he licked me for a while to make sure I was ready before he took my virginity. He made me cum hard when he made love to me, but my pussy was really sore so he insisted on stopping. I felt bad because he did not get to cum though, so I tried to give him the best blowjob I could until he came in my mouth. We cuddled for a while and I guess we fell asleep. Did I forget to do something Master?”

“No my pet, you did everything perfectly,” Master said as he looked over at me. “I think she took very good care of me, don’t you kitten?”

I could feel the heat of my blush rising on my cheeks as I nodded. I gave Marta an apologetic smile before leaning over to kiss her. She still looked confused but accepted my kiss before looking up at Master.

“I still don’t understand Master,” she said, “but she seems happier now.”

“My kitten has a very keen sense of smell, and is especially attuned to the scent of my cum,” Master explained. “Because you finished me off with your mouth and swallowed all of it, she could not smell it, so she thought you had left me unsatisfied.”

“Little kitten, are you going to be able to trust that my other pets will take care of me on the rare occasions you are not with us,” he asked me. “I don’t want to have to punish you, because I really don’t enjoy it, but if you are going to be mean to the others I will. With Marta and Kiera coming home with us, I will have to get used to giving spankings on occasion.”

I heard a gasp behind me as I gulped and nodded. We had discussed the possibility of Master having to punish me in the first week I was with him. I was already addicted to the idea of being his kitten and the thought of being spanked did not bother me much. I knew he did not like to do it and would only spank me if I really deserved it.

How I had just treated Marta was uncalled for, and I knew he would let it slide, but I deserved to be spanked. She was his pet now, and it was rude of me to assume she would not take care of him properly. I felt entitled because I was his first pet, but it was still a bitchy thing to do and I knew I would do it again if I thought I could get away with it. With a heavy heart, I pulled out my teletype device.

“Master, you would not let one of your other pets get away with being mean to me, and you can’t allow me to get away with it either. I don’t really like the idea any more than you do, but I deserve to be punished,” I typed, looking right into his eyes. “I know we have to go to dinner now, but I want you to spank me tonight so your other pets know you won’t allow me to be a bitch to them just because I was your first pet.”

Master sighed as he reached over to stroke my cheek. “Very well my dear, but it won’t be tonight. As one of Julien’s pets, Marta bostancı escort needs to have her initial punishment, and I was planning to do it tomorrow after we got back from getting her birth control implant. I will give you your spanking at the same time.”

There was a quiet whimper as I nodded. Turning back, I saw Sonia standing in the doorway with a light of desire in her eyes. She saw me watching her and took a deep breath, shaking her head as she stepped into the room.

“I just wanted to see if everyone was ready for dinner and drop off my clothes. After barely wearing them all day, I decide I might as well just leave them here,” she said as she walked over and put her sarong back in the suitcase. “Even when I do put it back on, it never seems to stay on for long.”

Master laughed as he got off the bed and pulled his shorts back on. “As much as I agree with you, I do need to wear something. All the lust filled looks I get keep me at least partially aroused, and it’s a bit undignified to be bouncing around like that. Let’s go get dinner and we can all go back to being naked when we return to the cabin.”

I thought he looked pretty good walking around all hard and throbbing, but I knew his dignity was not the only reason he put his shorts back on for dinner. Sophia was likely to be having dinner with her sisters, and he would never chance exposing her to even a potentially sexual situation.

As we left the cabin, I pushed Marta and Kiera up with Master, slipping my arm around Sonia. I could tell she was a bit agitated about something, but did not want to talk about it in front of Alonso. A little support was all I could offer until we had a chance to talk in private.

“I am going to eat dinner with Scarlett tonight. I learned a couple things about myself today, and I need her advice,” she whispered as we walked. “I will tell you all about it later, but I got more than a little excited hearing him talk about giving spankings and hope he will be open to spanking me sometime.”

I smiled at her before leaning over to kiss her cheek. Apparently, her spanking with Julien had gone well, and she had discovered she enjoyed it. I doubted I would enjoy my spanking tomorrow, as my parents had no issues spanking me well into my teens, but I knew I deserved it. It was clear that Master favored me, but I can’t take advantage of that by being a bitch to his other pets.

Dinner was amazing. I was so wrapped up in the taste of the fresh caught yellow-fin tuna that I barely noticed Master slip away to talk to Julien for a minute. When he got back, I had finished mine, and crawled up in his lap to snitch pieces of his off his plate. Once we had finished his, I pouted a bit and he laughed, saying he would go get us some more. As he got up, Kiera held out her plate asking for more, so I knew it wasn’t just me. I probably ate more than I should have, but I figured I would burn off the extra calories later.

After we finished eating, Sonia came over with the twins, so Master got us all heading back to our cabin. When we got back to the cabin, he glanced at the bed then looked us all over and shook his head.

“We have a bit of a problem. As much as I would like to play with all of you together, the bed really is not big enough for that,” he told us. “Julien said we can use the empty cabin next door, but I don’t really want to kick anyone out.”

Realizing it would be a good opportunity to talk with Sonia and apologize to Marta, I tapped Master on the shoulder before sitting on the bed. “Master, you should stay and enjoy Hope and Faith. Sonia and I were hoping for a chance to get to know Kiera and Marta better, so we can go next door and have girl time while you play. Marta and Sonia are both a bit sore from their earlier activities, so it would be a good chance to recover and talk.”

I glanced up at Sonia, who nodded in understanding. “We have barely had a chance to talk with Kiera or Marta yet, and it would be good to get to know each other better if we are all going to be living together. I will take care of Kiera’s dressing and make sure she is well drained before we come back to crawl into bed.”

“It’s actually a good idea Master,” Faith added. “Hope and I had a hard time adjusting to living with Shelly when we came to the island because we barely knew her. The more time they spend bonding, the easier it will be for them when you get home. We will make sure you have a very good time while they have their girl time.”

“I have no doubts about that,” Master smirked. “I just hoped someone would stick around to keep me from being mauled by wild tigers.”

The twins giggled and preened in their tiger fur outfits as Master reached down to caress my cheek. “Go and enjoy your girl time little kitten. I am sure that Hope and Faith will wear me out, so if I am sleeping when you get back I will see you in the morning.”

I nuzzled into his palm and licked his wrist before getting up. Knowing we sancaktepe escort were not going far and I would not be able to crawl outside anyway, I took my teletype device in one hand and went over to take Marta’s hand in the other. She did not seem upset over my behavior earlier, but I still owed her an apology.

Master helped us out the door and kissed all of us before telling us what cabin we were going to. I glanced back as he was closing the door, seeing Hope and Faith had already removed their corsets and were laying on the bed waiting. After my time with the two of them, I knew Master was going to have a lot of fun sandwiched between their tight little bodies.

Entering the other cabin, I crawled up on the bed and pulled Marta with me. “I need to apologize for how I treated you earlier today. I was out of line assuming you had not taken care of Master, and I know he never would have accepted someone treating me like that. We are going to be his pets together, and I will try to do better for you and Kiera.”

“There is nothing to apologize for Felicia,” she said as she reached up and put her arm around me. “This is new for all of us, but I know we can learn to work together and keep Master happy. I don’t know our Master very well yet, but I am already happier than I expected I would be as a slave. Let’s just forget it happened, okay? I am more curious about what had Sonia so flustered earlier, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I know you wanted to talk with me about it,” I typed as I looked over at Sonia. “I just wasn’t sure if you would be comfortable talking with everyone here.”

Sonia took a deep breath and let it out slowly as her and Kiera sat down on the bed. “It’s probably better if they hear it, as what I need to talk about will affect all of us and I need to ask for their help with it. I do have a question for Kiera first though. You seemed afraid of being punished last night at dinner, when you thought you had disappointed Alonso, but Julien said you enjoyed being spanked. I wanted to hear from you how you felt about being spanked.”

Kiera’s blush spread all the way down her chest before she replied. “I…do enjoy light spanking for pleasure, but I was thinking of the kind of punishments I used to get in the Stables last night at dinner. They know I enjoy the kind of spanking you received earlier, and my punishments were far harsher.”

“There is nothing to be ashamed of sweetie,” Sonia told her. “That is one of the things I learned today. I was aroused by Julien giving me a spanking, and just as aroused by giving Hope a spanking. I was hoping you would allow me to spank you sometimes when we are playing together.”

“I think I would like that,” Kiera replied with a shy smile. “I rarely got to enjoy it at the Stables until recently, but I would be happy to let you spank me if my Master agrees.”

“I don’t think he will have a problem with it if he knows it’s something we both enjoy,” Sonia replied. “There are other things we need to discuss though. Once we return home, the four of us are going to be lovers as well as sharing Alonso and my husband. The three of you will also be sharing my father, but that is not the only thing that separates us and makes me feel like an outsider.”

I started to reach for my teletype device but she stopped me. “I know you are going to say we have shared freely, but I really haven’t. Please let me finish, because I need to get all of this out after what I felt today.”

“I have been holding myself apart from the group, and setting up the rules for my husband being allowed to play with you to benefit myself. Most of the time spent on our agreement was me changing my mind on what I wanted. Julien said something after spanking me that made think, and my experience with Hope solidified it,” she told us. “I found out I am both dominant and submissive depending on the situation. With my husband, I have always been the one in control. I think he has a more submissive personality, and I will be exploring that more once we get home, but with him I am the dominant one.”

“With Alonso, I want to submit to him and ask him to treat me like his pet. When Hope suggested me spanking her over my lap, I pictured myself in the same position with Alonso, with me over his knee as he spanked me,” she admitted. “Hope suggested I talk to Scarlett, who admitted that Alonso had spanked her occasionally and gave me some advice on how to convince him to spank me for fun.”

“When we get home, I am going to give my husband permission to enjoy the three of you with no restrictions, as long as you are willing,” she said looking at me. “Felicia, you are the only one I don’t know about. I know we talked some about you playing with my husband when I was not there, but it never actually happened. Master has already said that my restrictions were the only ones for Kiera and Marta, but he has always let you choose who you play with.”

I reached for my teletype device zeytinburnu escort with a grin. “I am willing to play with Bernardo as long as he asks me. Master is the only one allowed to command me. You do realize that you just called Alonso Master as well.”

“I have been fighting the urge to call him Master since the night he took my anal virginity,” Sonia sighed. “That is why I wanted to ask for your help. If I am right about my husband, I can be dominant with him and submissive with Master, but I may need your help to convince Master to accept me as his pet.”

I just shook my head as I started typing again. “You remember your first night with Master, how he kept asking if you were sure you wanted to go through with it? He wanted you to be sure, because he loves you and wants you to be happy. Tell him the truth about what you want and how you feel. He may waffle a bit at first, as he did when you first crawled into bed with him, but once he understands you really want it, he will agree to let you be his pet.”

I saw her eyes go wide in shock before she shook her head in denial. “I don’t think so sweetie. I mean, I know he loves me in a way, but it’s not like that. He is a very kind and caring lover, and we have a great relationship, but he isn’t in love with me.”

Burying my face in my hands, I shook my head again. I know Master was bad about telling people he loved them, but she was almost willfully blind. “Yes, he is in love with you. I know, because we spent half the day in bed talking about it after your first night with us. Master was worried about hurting my feelings if he showed you too much affection, but I already knew it would not diminish his love for me. The same way I know it will not diminish his love for us when he falls in love with Kiera and Marta, because I know he will eventually. Think about it this way, does your love for Master change your love for your husband?”

I saw the light coming back into her eyes as she licked her lips. “Are you sure? I know he cares about me, but he has never actually told me that he loves me. You are right that my love for him did not stop me from falling in love with my husband. As weird as it sounds, I love them both equally and could not imagine not having either to them as my lover.”

“Master has a hard time saying I love you, even to me, but I know that he does,” I typed out. “You know his history better than I do, so you know how badly he was hurt. He is slowly opening back up, but you need to give him time to realize we are not going anywhere.”

The tears were forming in her eyes as she threw herself into my arms. I held her and stroked her back as she cried, her fears and frustrations washed away by the joy she now felt. Our relationship was like sisters most of the time, but there was a trace of the same relationship I had with Marian as well. Having lost her mother at the beginning of her teenage years, she saw me as a surrogate, and I was happy to mother her when she needed it.

“Sorry,” she murmured when she stopped crying and pulled back a bit. “I was a little overwhelmed realizing he loved me. I have been in love with him for years, but I never thought he would love me in return. I am more sorry that you all had to see me like that though.”

Kiera and Marta moved in and wrapped their arms around us. “You shouldn’t be sorry,” Kiera said. “I have never had sisters, but I am finding I like the idea. I was a pony in the Stables for almost ten years, and I never had any close friends. It’s hard to let yourself get close to someone when you know they could be sold the next day and you would never see them again. I am hoping I can finally experience that kind of close bond with the three of you.”

“I grew up in a large family, but I was never really close to them,” Marta told us. “My parents are old school Roman Catholics and took the whole ‘be fruitful and multiply’ thing seriously. As the eldest child, I resented most of my interactions with my younger brothers and sisters because my parents needed me to help care for them and all I wanted to do was play my harp. I accepted Mater Julien’s offer mostly to get away from my family and focus on what I wanted at the time, my music. It was only in the past year, when I realized I would miss them, that I tried to get closer, but it was a case of too little too late. I know I will only be with you for a few years, but I want to do better this time.”

“I think we can all do better if we remember to talk to each other and be honest,” Sonia said. “If I had talked to my favorite kitten she may have been able to help me figure out what was bothering me before we came to the island. We need to make a pact between the four of us. If anything is bothering one of us, any questions, concerns or problems, we will talk to each other about it as soon as we can.”

Everyone agreed before Marta slumped back on the bed. “My only problem right now is that my pussy is still too sore to have any fun with my new sisters,” she complained. “Master was gentle with me, but it still feels like he split me open.”

“Your first time is always like that,” Sonia told her once she finished laughing. “My first time lasted less than a minute, and I was still sore afterwards. By the time you wake up tomorrow you will feel better, and probably be wanting more.”

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