A Life-Changing Experience, Part 3

A Life-Changing Experience, Part 3A Life-Changing Experience, Part ThreeI exited the bathroom and looked down the hallway toward the office, but did not see Kerry. I walked toward the office and turned in. There he was, a sight to behold, perched on the desk, legs crossed. Kerry wore a black industrial fishnet bodystocking with wide halter top neckline. On top, underneath the bodystocking, he had a lace bra, holding in what appeared to be breast forms. Flowing from his shoulders was a sheer black wrap of some sort. He was also wearing black stretch thong panties, barely containing what was obviously a substantial cock. To finish off the outfit, Kerry effortlessly wore black 4-inch stiletto pumps with silver heels. I also noticed that there was not a hair on Kerry’s body below his ears – from what I could see, he was completely shaven. Now, I shave my cock and balls and keep the rest of my body trimmed, but I had never seen another man fully smooth. Finally, I noticed Kerry wore a stunning shoulder length brunette wig and bright red lipstick. “Holy shit,” is what I thought, and what I am sure my face betrayed. “Hello again, for the first time, Andrew,” Kerry said softly, demurely. “You look amazing.” I felt myself blush, his compliment quite obviously genuine. “You – you look . . . incredible!” I exclaimed, revealing canlı kaçak iddaa perhaps a bit too much excitement. “Come here and let me get a better look at you,” Kerry beckoned. I obeyed, trying to be as calm and collected as the circumstances would allow. I stopped in the middle of the room, facing Kerry. “Turn around,” Kerry said, somewhere between an order and a request. I did as I was told, again trying to be as smooth as possible. My eyes locked on Kerry’s as I turned back toward him, catching him clearly having scanned me down and back up. “Again,” he stated. I obeyed again, this time a little more fluidly and with a little bit more of a “runway” flourish. “Very nice,” Kerry intoned, “veeeerrrry nice.” I stopped my pirouette and looked at him for my next instruction. But Kerry was in no hurry, just leaning against the desk, his legs crossed in all his sensuousness. Meanwhile, my head was in the clouds like I was on a heavy dose of nitrous oxide. Eventually, Kerry stood up and strode directly toward me, gazing deeply into my eyes. I notice how naturally, how confidently he walked in those killer heels. As he approached me, I noticed how he towered over me with his slight height advantage and the added four inches from his heels. He began to circle me closely the fabric of his wrap touching me on occasion. canlı kaçak bahis And, when he passed behind me, I was quite certain I felt the hint of his fingertips brushing my nylon-clad ass cheeks. He paraded around me twice, three times, now a fourth time. Then Kerry stopped directly in front of me, locked on my eyes and then said, “But I think we need to also outfit you in some slutty shoes. Come.” Kerry led me back to the closet I had stumbled upon and opened the door. But now I saw that, on the floor, there were two rows of women’s shoes and boots that I had not noticed before because they were obscured by the other clothing in the closet. My eyes got wide as I scanned an alluring collection of high-heeled pumps, platform wedges and heeled sandals. “I think,” Kerry said as he bent down to retrieve a pair of cherry red closed toe slingbacks with a 3-inch heel, “you are the same size as me. But there’s only one way to find out.” Kneeling down now, Kerry turned toward me and offered one of the shoes to my right foot. I lifted my foot a few inches off the floor, and Kerry took it in his hands. He ran his fingers over the length of my insole, making my cock stiffen even more. He then effortlessly slipped the shoe on me, but it felt as if he was caressing my whole foot the entire time it was happening. bahis siteleri canlı He then extended the left one to me, and I put my right foot down. I did my best to balance, but had to reach out to the wall to steady myself. Again, I felt a gentle but purposeful touch from Kerry’s graceful hands as he placed the second shoe on my left foot. I had never worn any shoes with a heel higher than wingtips, and I felt intoxicated as I replaced my left foot on the floor, now appreciating the full effect of how both elevated heels enveloped my lowest extremities. I also became acutely aware that Kerry, still kneeling in front of me, had his head no more than a foot from my groin, but his attention was clearly directed at my feet. He continued staring at them while I managed a, “You like?” My voice drew Kerry’s gaze from my feet, but very slowly, all the way up my legs, pausing at my cock, up my basque-clad chest and to my eyes. “Very much so,” he responded. I now could feel his warm breath on my cock, and I instinctively moved forward. However, I felt myself losing my balance and I started to lurch forward. Sensing my distress, Kerry quickly stood up and caught me, one of his hands on my shoulder, the other on my chest where the top of the lingerie met my flesh. “Clumsy,” I half-whispered. But Kerry shook his head ever so slightly while looking at me deep in my eyes. He then took his index finger and placed it vertically over both my top and bottom lips and uttered a barely perceptible, “Shhh.”What happened next I will never forget for the rest of my life.To be continued . . .

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