A Mom’s Story


My name is Vera M. and this is a love story; A story about the utterly unconditional love of two people who are family. I am my son’s mother. I’m a black woman of Asian extraction. I’m short, with a small waist, a fat ass, large breasts, and am light-skinned with long curly black hair. My lips are thick and full, my light-brown eyes are large and sexy and my nose is petite; all set on a pretty, heart-shaped face. I’m nasty and I love to fuck. But being a lonely widow of a rich man I have responsibilities to my dead husband, myself and my son. It takes up much of my time to handle his business. And I craved relief from the stress in the only way I knew how. I fucked myself several times a day the way I did when my husband was alive (you see, we met and fell in love in a brothel, so I’m horny all the time). Then I went home to dote on my young son. Holding him in my arms and taking care of his needs also relieved stress for me.

At age 18 my son, Danny, was already eight inches taller than me and he was horny as hell. He masturbated constantly. I masturbated too. A lot. And when I did I thought of him (“Ooohh, Danny. That feels so gooood.”).

One weekend afternoon, something snapped within me and I subconsciously but boldly let him catch me rubbing one out on his bed while watching an incest porno on my computer (“Um. . . Mom? Wha. . .”).

I knew he was home but pretended I didn’t (“Oh my god! Danny! Where did you come from?” Of course, the obvious answer was–my pussy). I looked guilty while he stared wordlessly at me for an indescribably long time. Then he opened his fly and showed me his cock. Oh my god! It was bigger than I imagined! My pussy drooled at the sight of it. I let the movie play as I sat up and spread my legs. My fingers were already wet as I licked them to touch myself again (“Do you ever do this, Danny?”).

His precum spilled over as he stroked his cock (“Yes.”). He then shyly whispered that he loved me.

I swooned with open arms (“Oh, baby,”). Soon we were having amazing sex! I came all over his virgin cock after only a few minutes (“I was born to get fucked in the pussy, son,”).

Then Danny came inside me (Uhn! Mommmmyyyyy! Uhn! Uhn! Ahhh. . . . Uhnnnn!”).

After that we have never been the same. But we fuck almost everyday and are closer than ever (“I’m still your mother but I’m also your fuckin’ whore, son–you understand?”). Oh, how I loved to ride his cock!

Even at the age of 44 I loved to wear miniskirts at home and bend over to show my handsome and virile college-age teen son my thonged ass. It was round and firm and smooth and sweet to the taste. I rotated it round and round to mesmerize him (“Come here, baby. Mommy wants to give you some pussy.”).

His cock became his sole guide as he followed the natural urge to enter a woman’s wet cunt and tight asshole. My son was a dirty dirty boy and I loved him for it so much that I always dripped for him.

I plopped on the sofa and showed him my wetness. He sat then kneeled before me and stared at my fat cunt as I gladly played with myself. I pendik escort moaned out his name as I squeezed my tits and described all the filthy things I wanted us to do.

His fingers penetrated my hole and spread it apart ever wider. He played with his cock with a dazed look on his cute face. I moaned out his name again and pulled open my asshole as I pushed my knees further toward my head. My son leaned in and buried his nose inside my slightly hairy anus and inhaled deeply. He was loving me. Silvery precum spilled from his inflated cock-head and rolled down his fingers to drip from his gently trembling wrist. I wanted that taste on my tongue. I craved it. His cum. My young beautiful loving son’s cum. I wanted it in my mouth, pussy and ass. Just like always. Just like forever.

I pulled on my long thick sensitive nipples and held out my 36- DDs like taffy, swinging them around with grand abandon at the pleasure of erotic release with the light of my life and my love-mate; the man I made and raised (“Danny, sweetheart, I need you to fuck me nasty. Real nasty.”). That meant a hard fuck in my mouth (Mmmff!) before he pushes his cock up my ass (“Oh shit! Ohh shit! Aaaahh ooeee aaaagghhh!”). Then back in my mouth (Gag! Spit!) before he rams it up my cunt (“Yyyyyeeeeeessssssss!”) until I cum (“Fuck me! Fuck me! Please God, oh fuck me! I’m a deranged whore and I’m cumming like one. . .! Yes, here it cums. . . Mmmmmm ooohh eeeeEEE AAAAAAAAHHHHH gggg uuuuuuuuhhhh nnnnnnn ggggggurgle!”). Then I suck his cock like a fiend (Slobber! Spit!) until he sprays his cream all over my face (Plop! Plop! Plop!) and I lick off the remains (“Mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm. . .”). Then we French-kiss and lick each other’s sweaty assholes until we’re ready to fuck again.

I love to cum for him. I like to squirt out my juice in his face as he vibrates my swollen clit with his tongue and fingers my pussy. I squirm and I scream and I beg and beg for more. I call myself a cunt with a bottomless pit, an uninhibited whore, a dripping wet tramp, an ass-fuck queen, a needy degenerate, a horny little girl who loves her daddy. Those things are all true. I love sex! And I squeal with delight as my son spirals his big cock around in my ass in motions that leave the tip of his cock brown.

When he eventually pulls it out and makes me smell it I release a load of gushing fluid that rocks me to my core. Involuntarily my shoulders fall forward and my ass hikes up like some feral beast to spray the room with my scent as I pant like a dog. This brings out my son’s own animal instinct and he goes wild with his orgasmically moaning mother.

In my helplessness he does whatever he wishes. Drained, I am unable to resist in any physical way. That is when he often ties me up with whatever is available and proceeds to rape me for hours (“Pleeeaasseeee, nnoooo! Don’t hurt me! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll do as you want. Anything you say. Don’t slap me again! Plleease!”).

He can be quite cruel (“I said, Scream louder, bitch, or I’m gonna ram this bat up your ass!”). kartal escort But the fucking is out of this world! (I can’t believe I came seven times in one hour!) My son is a highly intelligent, well-behaved gentleman who respects women. To see him become someone so completely different as he forces me to serve all of his most base sexual desires is mind-blowing in ways I can not adequately describe.

We have no safe word between us. He experiments with me like a guinea pig–seeing how much intense pleasure I can take before completely losing my mind or passing out (“No. This is too much. I’ve had enough. I can’t take it anymore! Stop! Stop! STOP! Pleeaassee, no. I’m begging you! Pleeeeaaaassee! I’m your mother. Don’t do this to me. I can’t cum anymore. You’ve fucked it all out of me. I don’t have any more. Ohhh, noooo! Here I cum again. . .! AAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!”).

Sometimes he gives me enemas and then fucks me in the ass making dirty water fly out everywhere. He might see how far he can push his arm up my cunt. Oftentimes while fucking me hard for hours he will leisurely piss in my cunt and fill up my womb with his hot urine as he then continues to fuck me silly. Or with my arms and legs tied he will suck on my tits for hours making me beg fruitlessly to have my cunt touched and licked and fucked hard and long. The juice pours out of my hole in a copious stream and I am unable to affect any relief for my aching, throbbing fuck-hole.

I promise my son anything. I just need to have something touch my pussy. Something big and hard and juicy that fits perfectly inside of my palpitating vagina. I scream in throbbing aching sobs, sometimes for hours as the sucking of my nipples and squeezing of my titties and licking of my neck and body turns me on beyond reason. I lick my son’s balls with careful loving ministrations and tongue his pungent asshole as he sits on my face. My hips jerk in involuntary ecstasy at the powerful passion I feel for my rapist-son. I am his mother and his fuck-slut for life. I will never cease taking his cock up my cunt until the day I die. I love it too much.

One evening, after dinner, as I was sucking the last bits of semen out of my boy’s cock, the taste of his slime pleased me so much I climbed up and squirted a warm load down his throat as an after-dinner apertif (I want my son to experience the finer things in life). As he licked the water off my crotch I splashed his face with another gusher just because I loved him so much. My asshole tingled in joy and I directed him to finger it gently. We kissed as he fingered my pussy and ass to a few more orgasms before he was ready to fuck his ol’ horny mom again.

During the fuck he offered me his balls and asshole to lick and suck. As I did so as he fell into a slumber. I kept right on licking and sucking for the next two hours or so until my son awakened with a start and came in my face with thick gooey jets of tasty boy cream. I screamed in delighted excitement at the unexpected treasure of his seed in my mouth and on my body. I fingered my maltepe escort asshole as I swallowed his sweetness. Soon he recovered and was ready to fuck his mother again. We kissed and caressed and then fucked for hours until I passed out from exhaustion. I was both drained of cum and filled with cum at the same time. We snuggled together and vowed our endless love and slept peacefully all night long.

Now he is older and married. I have only tasted his wife’s pussy once–when he first introduced her to me at our home. We all fucked our asses off that joyous day. But then she decided she wanted the cream of his cock all to herself. I saw how she strained to swallow more and more of his loads like someone dying of thirst. It set off a huge family drama. Not being satisfied in the pussy and ass by the cock I gave birth to sent me into a tailspin. My whole life was about handling my deceased husband’s business affairs and taking our son’s cock into all my sex holes. Toys were a poor substitute for my son’s real meat. I needed to swap spit with him as I held him like a baby in my arms. I needed to hear him moan loudly in my ear as his pulsing cock exploded inside me. My son. My love. My life.

But he was not gone for long. His fat cock was trained to fuck ME. He still felt most comfortable when penetrating my private orifices. He made it clear to his new bride that he would not abandon his mother. It would be the wrong thing to do. As his mother I would always be a part of his life. Eventually he was able to work out a schedule that would give us ample opportunity for visits that I looked forward to so much. During his lunch hour he would drop over to the office to pump a load up my pussy or down my throat (to give me energy for the day, if I needed it). After work, before going home, he visits me for a couple of hours to lick and finger my pussy and drink my cum. He saves his load for his wife. Sundays are reserved to help me with housework and to stretch out my asshole with his cock.

I tried to become used to less and found other ways to occupy my time. I tried the dating scene and found other men to be gross and crass and bad in bed. I found sucking their cocks to be distasteful because their dicks don’t taste like Danny’s. I sold the business for stock shares and two guaranteed lifetime annual annuities for Danny and me. I now do webcam shows and have developed a large fan base. I’m so proud of myself. I think my success is because of the erotic tales I weave as I wantonly masturbate myself for the camera. Stories that make my fans cum and come back. Stories just . . . like . . . this one.

But in the interim something happened and now I’m carrying Danny’s baby inside me. I haven’t told him yet but I think he suspects. In many ways he and I are one. We can almost read each other’s mind. I haven’t decided on whether to abort the fetus or carry it to term. I miss my Danny so much and would love to have another baby, his baby, to love. But what would this do to his marriage? Maybe it would bring him back home to be with his real family. The family we make together as we fuck and fuck and fuck. But soon, to my lasting chagrin, I discovered his wife was also pregnant. What a revoltin’ development! Maybe we can all live together and continue to bear my son’s children and be his horny wives, like perverted Mormons. I guess I’ll know soon enough.


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