A Most Satisfying Physical


A Most Satisfying PhysicalI developed a taste for older women at a young age. Here’s how it happened.At the start of junior high I moved to a new school and the policy of this school was that all incoming new students were to be given a physical exam. After a couple of weeks in school I was given a letter stating that I was to report to the nurses office at 1 PM the following day for my exam. I didn’t think much of it, I’d had physicals before.So the time comes the next day and I go to the Nurse’s Office, which was off of the “health room” which was just a conference room. I walk through this room and into the Nurse’s Office and see a smiling woman in her 50’s sitting behind a desk. She had short permed hair and was kind of plump, much more so in the hips and ass. To me she was just another lady. We started chatting a little and I found out that she wasn’t the actual School Nurse, just someone that they had brought in because the actual nurse was out for medical istanbul escort reasons.After she fills out some papers she gets up and closes the door behind me and instructs me to take off my shirt and shoes. She measures my height and weight (having had any early growth spurt I was essentially the same size I am as an adult) and then tells me to go into the exam room and sit on the table. This room was adjacent to the office. I go in and sit down and she shortly follows and closes the door behind her. She then tells me to lay back on the table.I lay back and she reaches down and unbuttons my pants, unzips my fly and folds it open so that the bulge in my tighty whiteys was prominently displayed. Also, her hand brushed against it in the process. She reaches into my underwear and does the whole “turn your head and cough” thing. I was soon aware that I was becoming semi-erect while this was happening.She tells me to stand up and zonguldak escort positions a chair about a foot in front of me. “Pants around your ankles”, she says. So I drop my jeans around my ankles and stand there in front of her in my underwear. She grabs my underwear and pulls them all the way down so that they’re also around my ankles. She tells me that she just needs to make sure everything was okay down here. At this point I am obviously becoming aroused. She lifts my shaft up and rolls one of my testicles in her hand by the time she was done checking those I had become fully erect in her hand. “I…I’m sorry” I stammer.She assures me It’s a perfectly normal reaction while still holding my shaft in her hand. She runs her hand up and down the length of it a couple of times squeezing it. She then squeezes the head. This was just too much for me to handle. My cock starts to twitch and I have a premature orgasm right there in escort bayan front of her. It was throbbing and it shot 6 or 7 big loads in the course of a good ten plus seconds.I let out and satisfied little moan, but I was completely mortified by turn of events.Her eyes were on it the entire time and I realized that she was breathing kind of heavy and had a huge grin on her face. She enjoyed seeing me shoot that load all over. It mostly landed on the floor but one gob was on her bare leg. She assured me there was nothing to be embarrassed about and I just needed to release some pressure, her voice sounding a little huskier than before.”It probably felt really good”, she added.She grabbed a box of Kleenex and handed me some while she wiped up the floor first and the gob that was running down her leg last. Mind you I’m still standing there naked.After things are cleaned up she has me bend over to check for scoliosis and then spreads my butt checks open and looks at my butthole.Then I put my clothes back on and head back to class.The first orgasm I had with a woman was with a plump mature touching my penis. I fantasized about sleeping with her in that exam room for years after that. And I like to think that she got off to the show I gave her too.

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