A Night in the Cabin, Some Wine and Our New Friend


A Night in the Cabin, Some Wine and Our New FriendRecently my wife Sue and I enjoyed a short vacation in a lovely lake front home secluded in the woods. Earlier in the year some friends had booked the home through a rental agency however due to one of their parent’s health issues they asked if we would consider taking their week as they could not make it. After looking at pictures of the quaint home we agreed and the agency had no problems with the arrangement considering the circumstances.We also thought this would be a great opportunity for Sue to enjoy an encounter with another woman since she is bisexual. Early in our marriage she had told me in confidence she enjoyed an occasional meeting with females for sexual fulfillment. At first this caught me off guard but I have been willing to go along with this arrangement as she will also have me involved as a threesome if her female partner agrees. Since both of us come from very conservative families we have kept this little secret between her and I for our 30 plus years of our marriage. That being the case we typically arrange these meetings at distant locations and with complete strangers. In recent years the internet has made it much easier for her to find female partners for these encounters.Early on we searched the internet for ladies in the area that she could meet in that area. Unfortunately the remoteness of the vacation spot made it difficult to find a suitable partner for such an encounter. Sue is in her early 50’s but still has a great body even after giving birth to our c***dren. She is a 5’7” blonde weighing around 130 and I have tried to keep fit as well at 6’1” 190 pounds.Once we got to the cabin she was disappointed a meeting did not work out as it had a king sized bed in a rustic private setting. For the first few days we enjoyed the beach time and shopping. While there we spotted a quaint restaurant several miles from our location which was located on the same lake as our rental house. In asking the locals about where to eat this particular place was mentioned several times. We decided to visit the eatery for a late dinner and most of the dinner crowd was already leaving when we arrived. The hostess seated us in the back corner of the dining room which was fine as we liked the privacy. In a few minutes our waitress appeared and I was taken back as she was one of the cutest ladies I had seen in some time. She was a brunette with short hair, beautiful eyes and gorgeous tanned legs. Our waitress took our drink order and I commented to my wife about the lady’s eyes. Sue quickly picked up on it and she also found her extremely attractive. At that point it was clear we needed to explore any possibilities of meeting this gal who was in her 30’s by our guess.When she returned with our drinks I commented on her beautiful eyes and said her husband must be a lucky fellow. The waitress thanked me for the compliment but said she was not married. As she replied she looked at my wife and there seemed to be an “unsaid” indication that our waitress was attracted to women. As she took our entrée order she (who we will call Heather from this point forward due to confidentiality reasons) stood close to Sue to the point her hip was touching my wife’s shoulder. Sue immediately took the hint and caressed the back of Heather’s legs as no one could see this from where we were seated. Heather then took my order and within a short time we had our meals. As the evening progressed it was obvious our waitress might be a candidate for a meeting at our vacation spot.Heather brought our check and I paid for the food and drinks. My wife handed Heather a $100 tip along with her cell phone number. Sue asked Heather what time she got off work and said we were going to open up some wine at our bingöl escort cabin down the road if she wanted to join us. Heather said her shift was over at 9:00 that evening and she was free later to meet us. She said she would call us after work to get our address but she was familiar with many of the area vacation homes.Shortly after 9:00 Sue’s phone rang and it was Heather calling to see exactly what our address was and we told her we would have the house lights on as we were up a long wooded stone drive. Heather said she was returning to her home and “freshen up” and it may be 10:00 before she arrived. My wife and I both decided to freshen up ourselves. Sue jumped in the shower and prepped by reshaving her pubic hair area in anticipation while I chilled the wine for us and our evening guest. I likewise showered and put on my robe. She also got her suitcase and retrieved her vibrator which she had brought along and I located a condom in my shaving kit for such an occasion. As we peered out the window shades we saw headlights coming down the drive shortly after 10:00 and saw Heather step out of her car. She didn’t even have to ring the doorbell as we opened the door and welcomed her in. Heather looked even more stunning in her black dress and open toed high heels as we greeted our guest. We jokingly said she didn’t have to dress up for us but she said she had not worn it for a while but that outfit alone was already creating an erection under my robe.Sue invited her to the living area where we already had the lights dimmed with soft music playing in the background. I excused myself to the kitchen so my wife and Heather could get to know each other a little better. While in the kitchen I overheard the small talk that Heather was not from the area but lived there for the summer working as a waitress for the tourist traffic in the area. She said the tips were great and she enjoyed getting away for the summer. Heather was going to school part-time to become a nurse and had started school later than most as she spend a number of years caring for her elderly aunt.I cleared my throat as I walked towards the living area but I could see that my wife and Heather were starting to get to know each other in an intimate way. They were just beginning to explore one another as my Sue’s robe was opened showing off her panties and bra while Heather’s black dress was pulled up enough to reveal her gorgeous tanned legs. They each took the glass of wine I had prepared for them and I mentioned to Heather we had purchased it from a local winery. Using one hand to hold the wine glass they continued to caress one another in anticipation of the evening’s events to come.At that point I suggested the ladies may want to move into the bedroom and I would bring in their wine for refills. As I walked out of the living room I could hear them giggling like a couple of school girls as they made their way to the awaiting bed. I quickly walked to the kitchen for the wine bottle as not to miss the activities about to take place in the bedroom. Like the living area the bedroom was dimly lit but my eyes were adjusted to enjoy the two ladies fondling one another. I was able to make it in with bottle before the ladies laid down so I eagerly assisted my wife with removing her robe and bra. Heather eagerly clasped my Sue’s erect nipples with her lips while I moved behind to unzip her dress. As her garment slid to the floor I beheld her gorgeous body clad in black nylon bra and black thong panties. I complimented her on her attire and she said I knew you would enjoy it as she continued to tease my wife’s nipples with her tongue. Heather and Sue then laid down on the bed and my wife quickly slid off her panties and spread her legs. Heather bitlis escort took the cue and slowly moved her tongue via the path of my wife’s navel on down to her clean shaven pussy. Heather’s tongue began to move into action and soon it was lightly tickling my wife’s clitoris. My wife hips moved up towards Heather’s mouth almost begging for more tongue and deeper action. I was getting overcome with passionate excitement at that point and moved around to the back of Heather as she continued to orally work Sue’s pussy. I used my finger to push the string aside on Heather’s thong panties to get a better view of her ass and pussy, which was also cleanly shaved like my wife’s.At that point I wanted to become a participant in the action and not just the wine stewart for the ladies. I reached over to the nightstand to grab the condom in anticipation of covering my manhood for a journey down Heather’s now very wet vagina. Unfortunately she seemed to have eyes in the back of her head, like my school teachers from my younger days, and signaled it was not going to happen. She gave me the sign by moving her hand between her legs and shaking her finger indicating male visitors were not part of her game plan. At that point it was clear she was there that evening for Sue’s pleasure and I would only participate when allowed.I sat back and enjoyed some more wine as Sue and Heather continued the action. Eventually the gals would exchange positions and I would be able to join in the fun. My wife moved to the side of the bed and indicated to Heather she wanted to change roles. As Heather stood up alongside the bed my wife slid her wet panties down around her ankles.The ladies then reversed positons with Heather now on the bottom and my wife’s hips straddled Heather’s head in the “69” position. Sue purposely pointed her head to the front of the bed so I could have access to her from the other end. My wife eagerly returned Heather’s favor by working her tongue into her partner’s now very wet pussy. Heather definitely was skilled at pleasing other ladies as I could tell by my wife’s moans she was getting closer to an orgasm. As Heather sucked by wife’s clit I moved in to position to copulate my wife doggy style. Using pillows the three of us made it possible for my wife to enjoy a “two way” while she continued to please her partner as well.Between my cock thrusts from the rear, and Heather’s manipulation of Sue’s clitoris from the bottom, eventually my wife started screaming in ecstasy from multiple orgasms made possible by her two lovers. Sue, almost in another world, started to moan “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, thinking she was making too much noise. I chuckled realizing we were probably ½ mile from the closet cabin and her screams of pleasure could only be heard by Heather and myself.My wife moved off Heather and allowed her to move to one side of the bed. Sue knew I was about to deliver my package and didn’t want Heather to be the receiver of her husband’s semen dripping out of her pussy. Sue moved onto her back and spread her legs where I assumed the position and continued to pound her pussy with my throbbing cock. Heather sat back and took a breather as daddy delivered the goods. As I came I thrust my cock in fully to make sure the cum was properly delivered. As I finished my task we both glanced over at Heather and she was enjoying some more wine while cooling off from the action. My wife motioned for her to return to the bed as our session was only at halftime. Heather said she would be right back and she exited the room but soon returned with a small bag she had carried in to the house earlier. The contents included a vibrating dildo and some additional lubricants for the occasion. I was concerned that my wife was escort bayan exhausted at that point but having an attractive female partner brought out the youth in her and she wanted to satisfy Heather’s desires as well. Sue stepped out of the room for a few minutes to freshen up again and void the semen. In the meantime Heather had got back on the bed and my wife returned where they continued to kiss and embrace. While my wife sucked her partner’s left nipple I was hoping Heather would not mind if I joined in. Going for the right nipple Heather rubbed my back and I knew this was her gesture for allowing me to continue.After a few minutes I stepped back and grabbed the dildo and applied the necessary lubricants needed. I placed it in Heather’s hand and she slowly inserted the pulsing device into a comfortable position. Eventually my wife returned to her partner’s hotspot with her tongue while Heather moved the dildo as needed. I returned to kissing and sucking Heather’s nipples while my wife serviced her clitoris with tongue and finger action.Heather was getting close to an orgasm as I could feel her body start to tense up and her moans of pleasure were becoming more rapid and high pitched. Her beautiful nylon clad legs pointed straight to the ceiling while she arched her back. Heather started to tell my wife to slow down but we knew she was getting close and we needed to continue to fulfill our mission. Our guest tried to get my wife to stop but I pulled her arms back and forcibly held her as Sue continued to probe her with the vibrating dildo. Heather’s clit was now fully exposed and had the appearance of a man’s small cock. Sue continued to suck the tip which brought Heather to the point of multiple orgasms. As Heather continued to scream “stop, stop…” it drove my wife to do just the opposite knowing Heather was in complete ecstasy. I slowly released my grip on Heather’s arms as I could feel her body begin to relax. My wife hovered over Heather and lightly kissed her on the lips as it to assure her everything was fine. It was now after midnight and my wife softly asked our guest if she would stay the night with us. Heather said she lived alone in a small apartment for the summer so it would be fine.Opening the window in the bedroom I could feel the cool summer night’s breeze entering the room and with the silence of the woods the three of us soon fell asleep in the large bed. The next morning I woke up and saw my wife beside me in bed but Heather was gone and was hoping she had not left without saying goodbye. As I threw on my robe and could smell coffee and eggs coming from the kitchen and heading in that direction I spotted Heather cooking. I laughed and said “our waitress looks to be a pretty good cook too.” We both laughed and I noticed she was wearing one of my wife’s swim covers. Heather said she hoped that was OK and I said she wouldn’t mind.My wife appeared within a few minutes and the three of us enjoyed breakfast on the outdoor patio. As Heather made the breakfast Sue and myself cleaned up the dishes and asked our guest if she could stay with us for the day. Heather said that she was free to early afternoon but she had to go home then and get ready for her shift at the restaurant for that evening.I took the two ladies out on a pontoon boat cruise around the lake during the morning and they enjoyed sunbathing on the deck. As it was the middle of the week the lake had no other boats on it so I picked a remote spot and the gals tanned in the nude while I, the captain, kept watch for them. As part of the deal I was also assigned the task of applying suntan lotion as needed on their ENTIRE bodies and keeping their drinks ready and chilled.Eventually we cruised back to our dock and sadly we bid Heather goodbye. As we both live some distance from each other we hope to meet her again as she and my wife exchanged contact information. Whether that happens remains to be seen, but for rest of the summer we will remember our night in the cabin, some local wine and our new friend, Heather.

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