A night of firsts…part 1


A night of firsts…part 1this is a true story, date is off a bit, and the names, but its trueIt was 1980, and my wife Carol and I were living in California. We had taken advantage of VHS and the ability to rent porn, and even on occasion make a tape of ourselves. We had often talked about a lot of fantasies, such as groups, or threesomes, but they pretty much remained the stuff of our fantasies. Till one particular evening.We had a small gathering of friends at our place and we were just listening to music, getting high and having a few drinks. it was getting late so little by little everyone started leaving, till the last one was my friend Rick. Rick was a good guy, we played softball together and hung out, but that was it. Well Rick was pretty buzzed and asked if he could stay on our sofa, so we said he could stay, but he could use our guest room. We headed to ours and Rick into the guest room, which was down the hall from ours. Carol and I were in bed and we started playing around a bit and she grabbed my cock and started stroking it while I kissed and licked her nipples. She was definitely not a quiet sex partner. All of a sudden we heard a noise in the hall, it was Rick going to the bathroom, which was past our room.It kinda startled us as we forgot he was there.After a couple giggles, she asked me if he heard us, and I said if canlı bahis he did hes probably gonna go back to bed and jerk off. When I said that Carol got this gleam in her eye, and said that the thought of someone listening to us have sex and masturbating was pretty hot. I put my finger in her pussy and she was a lot wetter than she was a minute or so before, and to be honest I felt something also. All of a sudden I think both of us at the same time thought that it would be even hotter if he was in the room with us. Well, we’d seen the movies, and figured why not. I told her I’d go see if he was awake, and try to approach him about it. Remember, that kind of thing had never come up with him before. So here I am , walking down the hall in my shorts, trying to figure out what to say. As I get to his room, the was open a bit and icould see with the little light there was that he was doing exactly what I told Carol, only it was just a cock, it was a good 9-10 inches. I waited a sec, then knocked lightly and said” Hey Rick, you awake”.He anwered and said yeah, give me a sec…I waited a sec and went in, he had this kinda sheepish look and was a bit red faced. I said listen, Im sorry, I hope we didnt wake you with any noises. He said, well, I could hear you a bit, so I left the door open to hear better. I was kinda surprised, but since bahis siteleri the conversation was going where I wanted it to I just came out and askedc if he would like a better spot to listen from, and watch, and maybe more.He jumped on it,lol, and we headed back to my bedroom. Carol had put on some hot negligee thing with fishnet stockings, and had this whole hot sexy slut thing going on. She had dancers legs, a great ass, long wavy dark hair, and 38C breasts. She was hot without all that, Iwas surprised and Ricks jaw just dropped. He said hed sit on a chair and watch if it was ok, and thats how we started.So now I’m playing with her nipples, shes stroking me again, and Rick takes his shorts off and hes got this huge thick cock in his hands and I see her eyes keep going to it.She proceeded to go down on me and take my cock into her mouth. I looked over at Rick and he was definitely enjoying the show. I looked down at Carol and she was really getting into it and I caught her eye and motioned for her to look over at rick again….she was loving being the show, and looked back up at me, and i mouthed the words “do you want Rick to come over”…she looked at me to see if she could tell how I felt, I said do it if you want. Ilooked over to Rick and told him to come over, that we had something for him. He came over and sat on the bed and bahis şirketleri Carol started stroking him, while sucking me….I knew she wanted his cock in her mouth so I grabbed my cock and told her to go ahead….I though Rick was gonna die,lol. She moved over to him and started licking up and down his shaft, caressing his cock with her lips until she finally covered the head with her mouth and started taking it in, inch by inch. I was watching her, and Rick, and realized at that moment that it was all about a few people just having a good time. Rick moved back onto the bed, and Carol climbed up on fours to suck his cock. I was amazed, it was one of the hottest things id seen as yet. I moved around to watch her from the front and Rick looked me and said, I can never thank you enough for this. I told him to thank her, it was her mouth,lol. She looked up at me and said, you know, this is big enough for two mouths you know. I said yeah, but I wasnt ready to suck my friends cock. But something inside told me different, it said get down there, suck that cock with your wife, and I did. She looked at me as if to say are you sure? I said what the hell, if you can do it, so can I, and i slowly put my mouth closer and closer till she made room for me. We were both licking, sucking, and kissing each other, and Rick, he was loving life. It tasted good, and I had his cock in my mouth and felt him moving up and down as i did the same. I knew that there was no turning back from this, for the foreseeable future, it was pussy, and cock.this night goes on in part 2

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