A Night of Passion


Where do I begin this time? Hmmmm? I think this time you get me all dressed up and take me out to a uptown restaurant. We eat lobster and crab legs by candlelight. We are all dolled up. You in a suit and tie and I in a low cut black dress. (with thigh high stockings) Black Sexy Heels. A sexy black choker…. and on and on it goes. Imagine me sitting across from you just like on Flashdance. Imagine me sucking the butter off the lobster as I am longingly staring into your eyes. Got them FME’s going on! As you watch me, the bulge in your crotch grows bigger. MMMMM! I slip my heel off of my foot and slip my foot onto your crotch. Oh what a feeling baby! You ask me “How’s the Lobster?” I say “it sucks” As I slip it in and out of my mouth” Your bulge continues to grow as you watch what I am doing to the lobster. It is so romantic. Dressed up and looking sexy for each other! MMMMM! What a fantasy Baby!

We leave the restaurant and to our amazement we have to take the elevator canlı bahis to get to our car in the garage. As the elevator door closes we wink in agreement that this will be our newly found love nest. We are completely turned on before we even leave our table. My black panties are soaking wet. We passionately kiss each other pushing one another from one side of the elevator to another. We are passionately ripping our clothes off. You rip my bra down and suck my nipple in your mouth. Your tongue feels wonderful on my aroused flesh. We are so horny! So much passion wrapped up in two people! It is amazing! How much two people could possibly want each other. But, we want each other even more every time we are together. It could not get any better Baby!

I kneel down in front of you yanking your zipper down and pulling your hard flesh outside of your boxers. MMMMM! Your hardness is so inviting! I cannot believe how much you want me! You are throbbing for my touch. bahis siteleri I bend down and trace the head of organ with my tongue. Slipping it under the sensitive ridge. Sucking the whole length of you deep inside my mouth. You are moaning totally lost in pure pleasure. Thinking how it cannot get any better then this. I move more forcefully as your pleasure is ready to peak. Your moans of desire are cluing me in that you are ready to take me hard and fast. I pull up my dress and slip my wet panties to the side. I bend over and you thrust hard inside me. A moan of satisfaction wells up in me. We are lost are pure bliss. You are pounding me hard and fast! Our moans can be heard outside in the garage. We could care less! We are so lost in the moment for it to matter now! My body shudders as my orgasm explodes. I moan as wave after wave of pleasure hits me with each contraction of my orgasm. OMG! You are not far behind. You push me against the elevator door as you thrust into bahis şirketleri me hard! Your pleasure climbs higher than you ever thought possible. My insides grab you as I climax a second time. That is all it takes and a moan escapes your lips as you release your hot seed inside me. We slump over in pure ecstasy. Not wanting to move. Our bodies spent but enjoying the moment. We some how find the willpower to dress, clean up and exit the elevator. We walk to our vehicle arm in arm. We are giggling at the naughtiness of our actions. But, agreeing that we both thoroughly enjoyed it. There is nothing like the feeling of pure passion and being able to rip off your clothes and do it where the feeling first strikes you!

We drive back to your condo and decide it is time for bed. We first take a shower and freshen up. We climb in bed and cuddle up to one another. Enjoying the silence and the sweet caresses. Your warm skin feel wonderful next to me! We are trying hard not to think of the morning and having to say goodbye yet again. But, we are happy. Knowing that we have found something special. Something that can help fill up the lonely times. Something to look forward to as our bond grows deeper

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