A night out with my BFF


A night out with my BFFA night out with my BFFMy Name Is Valentina, 25 years old, I happen to be a good looking, bisexual girl, wide open minded, coming from a wide open minded family that has endless freedom of about everything you may think of and more, being an attractive girl with a curvy, hot body, gave me all the chances to be as naughty as I am.Lisa is a close friend of mines, bisexual as well and a like minded girl, with like minded family as mines, Lisa lived with her parents, mom, dad and her brother, Mark, who is two years younger than Lisa.On a nice, warm weekend night, Lisa and I decided to have fun and get as naughty as we both were, we both got into real slutty dresses that were almost similar to each other, short, tight, light material dresses with low cut top, we both decided to skip the bras and panties under those dresses, which was super slutty and dangerous, especially that we had decided to go into a club for dancing, fun and drinking.As the part of being in the night club is not a major part of our present story, it will be summed by us getting drunk, Lisa was much more drunk than I was, she could barely walk straight when we decided to call it the end that night, as earlier planned, we both had a plan to spend the night together in Lisa’s room at her parents’ house.As we unlocked the door, by the drunken state Lisa was in, and I was trying to help her walk straight, I was drunk myself, but as mentioned earlier to a better state of control than Lisa, I guess we made noises going inside the house, I was almost dragging her in, our dresses were rising, we looked like a pair of sluts who were seminude.Entering the kitchen to get Lisa something to drink, I noticed her brother mark had his bedroom door cracked and he was standing behind it looking at us, he must have seen most of our private parts in the state we were in, then he closed his door as if he went to sleep.Coming out of the kitchen, making the same noises, her father was standing in the corridor, looking at us smiling and nodding, he must have also noticed and seen many things he was not supposed to see of her body, as her father, and of mines as my friend’s father, as we got closer to him, I Sid “Good evening uncle Jim”He smiled answering “Good evening Valentina, you guys seem to have had a lot to drink haven’t you? Especially Lisa”I nodded smiling and saying “sorry Uncle Jim for the way we look, coming back so late, I know we both look like a pair of…” I could not say it. Uncle Jim giggled saying “Oh God Girls, you don’t even have panties or bras on, everything is showing right there”I was embarrassed somehow, but he continued saying “It is ok baby, we all did it when we were young, besides, you both look gorgeous, and I bet the guys you met were so lucky tonight” Lisa hugged him saying very slowly “so daddy, were you looking at us?”He kissed her on the cheek, saying “well, I would be lying if I said No, who can ignore such precious bodies like yours k**s” he helped me walk Lisa to her bedroom, as we got inside, and he said “I hope you are staying with her tonight Valentina, are you?”I smiled saying “Yes Uncle Jim, I hope it is ok with you?”He came closer gave me a little hug and a small kiss on the cheek saying “honey, it is not only Ok, I would like you to stay, maybe you could take care of Lisa, you know, you are always welcome into our house anytime you like”I thanked him, returned the hug and kiss; he walked away to his room waving good night and went to their master bedroom, I have seen all of Lisa’s family members that night, except for her mom, Aunt Maggie who seemed to be asleep, I like her mother very much, she is a warm, loving person and she happens to be a big flirt as well, she is a real good looking woman for her age, who always takes care of her body looks and dresses nice and sexy most of the time, but I had never gotten the chance to know Lisa’s family well or close enough, we just met a few times while I am in and out of their house with Lisa.Lisa and I were both tired and drunk, all what we wanted to do was fall asleep to rest and relax after a long night of dancing and jumping around with boys and girls, we both took our dresses off and lay in her bed fully naked, and went to sleep, Lisa sounded deep sleeping in just a few minutes, but it took me longer to fall asleep.I think I had just canlı bahis dosed to sleep I can’t remember how long after going in, but I felt something soft brushing to my face and lips, when I woke up and opened my eyes, I was shocked to the scene of Lisa’s younger brother Mark’s hard cock, being rubbed to my face and lips, my lower jaw almost dropped to the floor, I was about to scream, when he placed his hand over my mouth hushing me up, pointing at his sleeping sister next to me.I calmed down, I nodded of keeping silent, he lifted his hand off of my mouth, and I smiled, lifted my head up, whispering “what the fuck do you think you are doing Mark?”He whispered back “You are so sexy Valentina, I could not help it, and I just had to have you one way or another”I pointed at his sister saying “your sister is sleeping, right here next to us, and are you out of your mind?”He smiled saying “it is ok, she won’t wake up, and I noticed how drunk she was”To be honest with myself, deep inside I wanted Mark so bad, he is young, handsome and a very hot young man, any woman would be more than happy to have him, but it was a real strange situation we were in, I just smiled, nodded, wrapped my fingers around is lovely cock, which was on the long side, but not so thick, I massaged it a little, then I passed my tongue over its length up and down, then I placed its head between my lips, wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on it real slow, giving him one hell of a blow job he hadn’t dreamed about, among my group of friends, I was considered one of the best cock suckers in town.Mark pulled his cock out of my mouth, got on bed on his knees, bent over and started kissing me passionately on my lips, while his hands were all over my body, rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples, then I felt his hand creeping down to my pussy, which was super wet by then.Then he positioned himself between my legs on his knees, got his head down and started licking my pussy, sucking on my hard clit and fingering me, it did not take me long to have my first orgasm, I had to put my hand over my mouth to prevent myself from screaming or moaning loud, afraid to wake his sister, Lisa up.Mark held his cock in hand, pointing its head towards my pussy, he rubbed its mushroom head to my pussy lips before they willingly parted, inviting his dick in, he pushed it slowly till it was gliding into my cunt, inch after another till he was balls deep in me.Mark was fucking me real hard and so deep till we both started breathing hard, I was trembling and shaking as I started having my second orgasm while fucked by my friend’s little brother, a couple of minutes later mark said he was cumming, he pulled out of my pussy, got closer to my mouth, I took his throbbing cock in my mouth and started milking it taking his cum one load after another trying to swallow as much as I could, but it was leaking through both sides of my mouth.Mark got up, ran to the bathroom attached to his sister’s room, got me a wet towel and helped me wipe all the leaking cum mess he had made over my body, he lowered his head kissed me passionately on the lips saying “thank you Lisa, I had so many dreams and fantasies about you and your body, finally I got to have you, thank you so much”I had nothing to say to him except smiled teasing him by saying “now you got what you wanted so get the fuck out and let me get some sleep” we both laughed as he walked out of the room.I tried to go back to sleep but I could not, all I had on my mind was the lovely fuck session, I had just had by that good looking boy, my friend’s brother, he was so good, I wanted him to fuck me again, I did not get enough of his dick, it was just a quickie in fact, I wanted him with me all night, thinking about Mark that way, made me so horny again, my pussy was so wet and shiny, I was on my back, fully nude of course, so was Lisa right next to me, I looked at her body which was the sexiest ever, I wanted to lick her pussy, but she was in deep sleep and it would not be fair to wake her up.During those moments of thinking, and it was less than an hour after mark’s leaving the room, I heard a little noise, someone was trying to open the door softly without making noises, I was hoping it was Mark again, in fact I was almost sure he was, I figured since I was thinking of him, he must have been thinking of bahis siteleri me and my pussy too, so maybe he wanted more of me, I was so happy and my whole body was electrified in anticipation to get another great fuck, so I acted as if I was asleep, covered my eyes with my hand and stayed the way I was, on my back, legs wide spread.I heard the room door open and close again, I was sure he came in, and it was all quite again, I figured he was enjoying the scene of me fully naked, wide spread for him so he could have me and fuck me again, but his sister was nude and sleeping the same way next to me, who cares, I said to myself, he could enjoy his sister’s assets as well if he wanted, I don’t mind sharing.Coming to think of it, I had never talked to Lisa about her and my private lives with our families, I did not know if she was into family sex with her family, I am in fact, I do have sex with my parents, with my brother and sister, but have never told Lisa about it, neither have I asked her about her family. I have noticed her father looking at her body as much as he was looking at mines earlier, and her brother came in, while we were both asleep, she was nude next to me as well, and she is a real gorgeous, sexy girl. Her brother, Mark, must have seen all of her assets as much as he had seen of mines, he also decided to fuck me right next to her, not being afraid of her waking up while he was fucking her best friend, right next to his sister and on her bed.I think Mark had taken so long admiring my naked body, and may be his sister’s, why didn’t he come to me again like last time, when he was rubbing his cock to my face and lips, this time it should be easier to him as he had already fucked me once, unless he was thinking to fuck his sister this time.I decided to look at him, so I removed my hand from my face, looked towards the door, I almost had a heart attack to find out it wasn’t Mark who was standing at the door, it was his father, Uncle Jim, Lisa’s father, oh God, I said “Uncle Jim, why are you here, is there anything wrong?”Uncle Jim seemed embarrassed, as he was standing in place with his eyes mesmerized on our naked bodies, and I noticed clearly he was having a boner, his cock was making a tent under the shorts he was wearing, with nothing else on, he tried to hide his boner, by placing his hand over it, and turning to the side while talking to me, but he was obviously unsuccessful ding that, I had seen it all.When I saw his hard on, I tried to cover myself up, placed a hand over my pussy, the other one over my tits when he cleared his throat, mumbling and trying to say something, but his tongue seemed tied up, he finally managed to say “No honey, everything is fine, I was just worried about you k**s and wanted to check on you making sure you are ok”Uncle Jim was so embarrassed, he was turning around, hiding his hard cock, he held the door to open it saying “I am leaving, you guys seem to be ok”I said “Please wait Uncle Jim, how long have you been there?”He did not want to lie, he must have felt I was awake and felt him when he walked in, so he was just mumbling unclear words to me, trying not to answer directly, but at that moment, I started feeling naughty and horny again, I was thinking about the second cock I could use and ride from Lisa’s family, so I let go of my hands, let my assets show to Uncle Jim’s hungry eyes.I smiled saying “come her Uncle Jim, you seem to have a boner, it is so obvious, and I just want to know, is it from looking at my naked body or at Lisa’s?”He felt a little relaxed when I said that, he smiled saying “well, she is my daughter, but both of you are gorgeous, forgive me, I could not help it, I just wanted to check on you guys, but seeing what I have seen just electrified me making me freeze and look, I admit I did look, at both of your young, gorgeous erotic bodies, will you forgive me Valentina?”By then Uncle Jim was fully relaxed around me, so was I, he was getting closer till he was standing next to the bed, right next to me, I placed my hand over his cock rubbed it a little over his shorts, it seemed to be big, and rock hard, I giggled saying “well, Uncle Jim, I would forgive you, but only if you show me your cock so I know how hard we made you?”Uncle Jim did not seem to need much convincing, he did hesitate by saying “are you sure?” but by bahis şirketleri then he had pushed his shorts down to his knees, his hard cock sprung out pointing at me, it was a hell of a nice cock, same length as his son’s cock, but much thicker, uncle Jim was a well hung man.I held his cock in my hand, massaged it a little looking him in the eyes smiling and saying “Yes I am very sure Uncle Jim” I did not wait for any answer from him, I just lowered my head towards his cock and started sucking it, giving him one of my special cock sucking expertise, he must have loved it, he was moaning while I was blowing his cock.Uncle Jim, pulled out of my mouth, he got on bed, started feeling my body, appraising it saying how nice and sexy my body is, he was rubbing my whole body inch by inch, then he was passing his tongue and lips over it, till he was over my pussy, he was one hell of a pussy eater, he ate me till I came, then he spread my legs, rubbed his cock head to my pussy lips and pushed it in between, right in my wet, slutty horny slit, he was fucking me like heaven on earth, although he was much older than his son, Mark, but I enjoyed his cock better as it was bigger, a filling, satisfying cock.Uncle Jim was braver than his son, he asked if he could cum in my pussy, I approved of it, he came in me, filled my cunt with his seeds, he came a lot in fact, as I felt his cock shrinking inside my pussy and fully drained, he pulled out of me, he put his shorts back on, he got up, kissed me on the lips saying “you can have your slut friend, Lisa lick your pussy clean when she wakes up, and walked out, closed the door behind him.Uncle Jim got me real confused by saying that, I did not know what he meant by that, did he mean, she is used to eating his cum? Or did he want to know if we were bisexual and lick each other? Or…or…, he really left me confused, I could not sleep for a long time, but I sure was so happy with the feel of his cock cream inside my pussy, I left it there, in me, I did not clean it or drain it, may be his daughter could lick it out of my pussy after all when she woke up.I seem to have fell asleep after all, I did not wake up till noon the second day, Lisa was already up, she took a shower and prepared coffee for us, when I opened my eyes, she came closer kissed me on the lips saying “did you have a good night sleep my sweet baby? You seem to have been dreaming about the guys we have fucked last night, why is your pussy so shiny this morning?”I looked her in the eyes smiled saying “not exactly my little whore, I wasn’t thinking about any one, I did not get a chance to think anyway, I was your family’s slut all night long, right next to you on this bed”Her mouth opened up, her lower jaw dropped; she said “what? Don’t tell me Mark came in and fucked you last night?”I nodded smiling and saying “yes he sure did, he fucked me like the real whore I am, right next to your sleeping, nude body, but he wasn’t the only one who fucked me of your family sweetie”She screamed “No, Don’t tell me Daddy fucked you too, did he?”I smiled naughtily and nodded pointing at my pussy and saying “he came in me, and guess what? I did not clean his cum off; he wanted me to have you lick it up out of my pussy”She laughed saying “Oh God, did he say that?”I nodded saying “how does he know we lick each other? Did you tell your family we have sex together?”Lisa Laughed saying “well, it is good daddy did not tell mom to cum and lick your pussy clean after he fucked you”I said “what? Does your mother know we are whores too?”She nodded saying “Cool down honey, yes they all know everything, I am sorry, I did not tell you that, but they know everything we do together, besides, Mark and daddy fuck me all the time, weren’t you surprised they fucked you next to me while I was naked?”I was damn shocked, not because she has sex with her family, I am fond of family sex i****t, and I do it all the time, but how come she did not tell me about it, so I asked her “what did your father mean by telling me to have you lick his cum out of my pussy?’She laughed saying “because he does it to me all the times, he fucks me and asks me to have mom lick it off, he also fucks mom and have me lick it off, besides, he knows you and I fuck and have sex together, so what is so strange about that?”From that day on, Lisa and I had stronger bond together, not only we became lovers, but we alternated spending nights with each other in my house and here’s we shared our families cocks and pussies as well.THE ENDWishing you all the bestDina PetroDina.petro25@gmail.com

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