A Piece of Cake


(author’s Note: This story is entirely fictional and the sexual activity is between two adult individuals.)

Rachael just can’t hold in a laugh as Dad hurriedly brought his chair over next to her, when she spotted his swinging penis through the flaps of his bathrobe. The two paused to look up to see if Mom noticed the sound of the heavy chair on the hardwood floor. But the running water at the sink probably helped them as her back stayed to them as she washed her plates and utensils.

“First, where is it?” she demanded to know.

Dad raised the fat envelope up from out his robe’s side-pocket and then back down.

“Satisfied now?” he smiled, wasting no time in parting his robe to expose his hairy self to her.

“Now…shall we get things going then?!” he shook his leg with wild festivity.

She shook her head at his impatience over it all and slowly reached her arm out. He hunched over her texts and notebook on the table with pretend interest in helping with her studies, while he hardened quickly to her very gentle yanks.

At about this time, Mom turned off the water and started toweling dry her stuff.

“Honey, is she giving you a hard time with that homework again?” she asked, her back half-turned to them as she now returned items to the drying rack.

Rachael took this crazed opportunity to have a little humor.

“Am I really giving you a HARD time, Daddy?” she grinned shrewdly at him, feeling his full boner break the light ring formed by her thumb and index finger.

Marvin, istanbul escort though, wasn’t really all there when his daughter turned to him. She was surprised to see him all glassy-eyed and sweaty on the face. His legs had shot out and clasped themselves together before him. He sat back in his chair as his hard, squeaking grip upon its corners told her of his forthcoming.

Luckily, Mom wasn’t really into it for a response and just excused herself off down the hallway for her usual morning shower.

“Don’t hold your poor Dad up too long now, alright Sweetie?”

Rachael promised Mom she wouldn’t and she immediately did just that. She instantly let go her grip on him, remembering well the arrangement between them.

“Damn it, Honey…I nearly thought you were going to short-change your old man for sure!”

He took himself off his chair, got the envelope out onto the table and slid it towards her. “Oh yeah, come on now…let’s drop that top and let Dad see you!”

With one hand bringing her shoulder straps down, she used the other to spread out and count the pile of twenty-dollar bills in it. She could hardly remember the last time she had such a sum of money beautifully fanned out in front of her like this.

“Isn’t Mom going to be on your back about it though?” Rachael asked, tucking the five-hundred dollars into her burgundy book bag across the table.

She sneezed before he could reply. With her tank top pooled around avcılar escort her waist, her nipples were hardening to the breeze in the air-conditioned room.

Marvin reached his hand down to skittishly fondle her perky pair of lemons. “I’ll figure something out later, no big deal really!”

He smiled very affably upon her before shutting his eyes and began working his softening cock back up again.

“I really fuckin’ appreciate your open attitude about all this, you know?!”

She looked on a bit nervously as she reached for the last half of the Twinkies in the opened package sitting atop her mathematics book.

“Hey no problem, man!” she said, digging out the cream filling with her pinky and sucking it into her mouth. “Life’s too short not to be adventurous and stuff!”

His growing moans and his hurried, tight yanks told her he was close. Timing couldn’t be more tight, as she heard Mom disengage the shower with that known hard twist to the lever.

She held the cake up, capping it about his tip at an angle to avoid leakage of his sacred juice. She wondered how long it has been since he last came because she worried the pit she made may not be enough.

With one ardent gasp, Marvin fed himself into the snack.

“Yeah…that’s it, Baby!” he cried over and over.

She kept an eye out for signs of Mom as he was getting a bit loud.

He pushed his skin down and hard against his enlarged knob repeatedly as he grunted and shook victoriously.


Rachael şirinevler escort couldn’t believe her eyes as he finished up and started pulling himself away. She knew not whether it had something to do with his diet of primarily junk and fast foods or whatever, but this glistening stringy length of his wad followed him along as one end was still encased by his lips.

It was simply amazing that she had to snap it free from him and coil it back into the cake. She knew it would surely get the title of ‘Oddest Looking Ejaculate’ or something in the Guinness Records if that was possible.

As she chomped away while he looked eagerly on, she understood then that this was not such a sweet deal after all. The moist, gooey and chunky mess in her mouth both reeked and tasted horrendous. This was far from being cute and sexy like he had gotten her into believing it to be after day upon day of haggling.

Marvin stepped up to wipe his tip clean on her chest and kissed down on her forehead.

“Well I got to say, Baby…you’re such a damn good sport!!” he grinned, gently tilting her head back with a finger to her chin.

“Hey, anytime you’re strapped for cash…you just let me fuckin’ know, ok Sexy?”

With her hands flapping and knees bouncing wildly, she twisted her neck to one side as she fought to gulp the foulness down her throat. She fought even harder to come back to produce a big, appreciative smile up at him as he tied up his bathrobe and then hurried off.

Waiting not a second longer, she sprinted for the kitchen and got herself a copious amount of water straight from the tap.

She rolled onto her back as the faucet ran and stood against the counter to finally catch her breath. And that was when she found herself blown totally away by the stinging wetness of tears that were bunching up in her eyes…

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