A Slave to Socks Ch. 08


The hardest part about making her way to the class for her Biology exam was not the usual things one would have expected. The notions of psyching yourself up in order to believe you were prepared, the last-minute review over some key definitions, that sort of thing. Truth be told, Lexi found herself wishing that she was in such a normal situation. No, the hardest part about walking from her car a good three minutes away from the doors to the science building wasn’t anything so normal, it was about how she was going to go about acting normal, when her life was anything but anymore.

It had taken the entire ride in the car to get Tasha to understand that the red striped knee highs couldn’t spend the entire day snug around her neck without causing unwanted attention, and it took just as long to convince them that she actually needed to focus on driving, unless they desired her to crash, unless of course Tasha could animate machines as well. Given the fact that Lexi wasn’t fucked while her Jeep Wrangler steered itself down the road, Lexi assumed that her new mistresses’ powers presided over clothing only. One bullet dodged.

There was a problem in this as well, of course: Everyone wore clothes, which meant there was more than enough ammunition for Tasha to work with. This brought Lexi back to the reason why this exam was fast becoming one of the hardest she had ever experienced.

The walk to the building was quiet. Surprisingly, Lexi’s clothing was behaving like normal clothing should, and though she was sure Tasha hated it, the pair of living knee highs were out of sight in the black backpack upon her back. This really didn’t calm things, however, as that young girl’s mind was racing with what might happen as the day progressed. Not all the ideas were bad ones, if she was honest with herself; a few even made her form a small smile in the process.

Lexi didn’t have time to doddle around, pushing her way through the front doors of the college’s science building, and she was already five minutes late. At one time, Lexi could think of nothing more embarrassing than walking in to a classroom late, especially on exam day, but then the whole realization of the situation she was in, the life she had given herself up to, came flooding back in. Suddenly being late barely made a ripple on the scale of embarrassment she could land herself in now.

The hallways were quiet, with barely a person seen roaming them all the way up until the third floor. Even as Lexi approached the door, she could see her Biology class all sitting with their heads fixed upon the desk with a sheet of paper before them. Just one sheet, all of the professor’s tests were like that, short and simple. 30 questions. 30 next to impossible, short answer questions. “Anyone can do multiple choice.” Professor Silverstone started the class with, when explaining her exams. “Hell, have a passing knowledge of the subject, and a working pencil, and you already have a good chance of filling in the right circle. In my class, I expect more. Explain yourself, show me you understood the subject, not just that you can shade in the right circle when told to.” It was a bit weird really, you expected that sort of reasoning from your middle-aged professor, dawdling on about how in their day, you couldn’t use a calculator on tests or the like. You certainly didn’t expect it from a woman in her mid-twenties.

The bursa escort first person that looked up from their sheet of paper when Lexi tried to sneak in un-noticed was Emily. It wasn’t the type of look a friend would hope for either, not one of ‘Hey! Glad you made it in time, I was worried about you!’ No, the gaze set upon Lexi by her friend was one mixed with both confusion and disappointment. She couldn’t blame Emily really, Lexi was never late for class. Never late for class, never missed an assignment, always maintained an above average GPA; Lexi was your typical school nerd in that sense. So showing up late to an exam, even if only by five minutes? Already Emily found herself staring at some stranger.

Lexi chose to ignore the look, and focus on the task at hand right now, walking up to the Professor’s desk and grabbing the exam sheet piled neatly at the end.

“Of all my students, didn’t expect you to be late, Miss Grace.” Lexi found that she couldn’t move after grabbing that paper, she knew that the Professor was likely going to say something about all this, but it didn’t help prepare her for it. Instead she froze, like a dear in headlights, waiting for the car to simply run in to her, or swerve to the side, weak attempt at a smile was made.

“Kind of a shocker, isn’t it? I don’t really have excuses to give.” A shrug offered, thinking about the real reason why she was late, causing her to bite her own lip before continuing. “I overslept.”

“Well. Let’s hope it doesn’t reflect on your test.” The professor leaned back in her chair, her own blue eyes locking with Lexi’s. “Few people get a perfect in my classes. Some get close, but few actually get there. You seem like the type that would be among those few.”

A blush. A complement was a complement, even if it was from a rather strict woman she knew little about. The complement was so much in fact, that Lexi didn’t even give the time to offer a ‘thanks’ or ‘I’ll try.’ She simply turned around and headed to the nearest available spot to start her exam. For that brief moment in time, Lexi had actually forgotten about what happened last night. About the spell that brought her sister’s red striped knee highs to life, about how they teased and toyed with her until eventually coming to fuck and claim her as their own. That moment of forgetfulness was swept away however, with the sudden and soft gentle brush at the sole of her feet.

“So this is college?” The familiar voice of those socks filling her mind again, not even allowing Lexi to take in the first question on the exam. Indeed, the girl had barely enough time to set her bag down on the floor beside her before she witnessed the zipper sliding open to reveal her poly-cotton owners from inside. The toes of the left sock lifted out to peer at the room, evidently liking what they were seeing. “We could have some fun here, darling, don’t you think?.”

Again Lexi blushed at the question, immediately ducking her head down low as to try to avoid any further gazes in her direction. She was going to look like the fool if she didn’t play this right, whispering silently to herself for next to no reason that any observer could see. Another brush could be felt over the soles of her feet, and Lexi immediately came to realize that her anklets were responsible, the soft gentle motions causing Lexi to try to stifle a giggle. “Not now, Mistress. Please. bursa escort bayan I only have…” A look to the clock in the classroom before down to her paper again. “…47 minutes to complete this exam.”

“Exam? Sounds boring as fuck, wouldn’t you agree girls?”

“Painfully boring.” A second voice was heard, and judging by how yet another ticklish brush over her feet came about after that comment, Lexi had to assume it was the voice of her own anklets, given life by the knee highs on a whim. The mere notion of that ability causing the poor girl to get even more nervous – or anxious? – about what they could do in a place like this? “To be honest, we can think of quite a few more places we’d rather be than on your feet.”

“So can I” Lexi responded to her owners, the last word erupting in a small giggle, causing more than a few heads – one of them being Mrs. Silverstone’s – to look in her direction. A moment of attempting to recompose herself was offered, presenting a façade for the rest of the classroom to see, accept, and go about their business, before Lexi continued. “But right now, I need to do this. So please…I’m begging you.”

“Oh please, darling, please beg.” Tasha laughed softly, the knee highs snaking out of the bag to rest up on her lap, so perfectly out of sight from prying eyes, but so easily able to play with their slave’s abdomen at the same time. “We think that would be a real sexy look for you.”

“I promise, I’ll do all the begging you like af-“

“What if we want it now, Lexi?” Tasha interrupted again, the firm press of the right sock against her covered pussy would have offered a soft purr of want if it wasn’t for those ankle socks continuing to brush against her feet, causing her to giggle once again.

“Something funny, Lexi?” The question coming from the young professor caused Lexi to straighten up a bit, even clear out her throat. Emily once again gazing upon her friend as if she didn’t know who the hell she was looking at anymore.

“No, of course not Professor. Was just reminded of a funny moment in a show I love.”

“Hmmm.” And then everything was silent again. Well, for everyone else, at least. Lexi took in a deep breath, then focused as be she could on the paper before her. At a cursory glance, Lexi found herself able to answer a good portion of the questions given, and did exactly that while attempting to ignore the tickling of those ankle socks, and the subtle but very prevalent presses against her cross from the knee highs.

Ten minutes had past, and seventeen questions answered, and Tasha had decided that enough was enough. Lexi stopped writing the answer to the eighteenth question upon hearing the copper zipper of her own jean shorts slide down, then the feel of that button at the waist release. A soft breath of a whisper came from Lexi as she found herself once again pleading “Mistress, please.”

“Shhhh, darling. Stop worrying! You have so little faith in us. We are completely in control here. No one is going to see anything we don’t want them to see.” Lexi tilted her head a bit, trying to ignore the feel of those soft white toes pressing against the fabric of her underwear long enough to understand what exactly Tasha meant by that. “Look at the girl in front of you, love.”

She couldn’t resist, those blue eyes looked away from her test long enough to find the woman directly escort bursa in front of her. Lexi didn’t know the girl in any specific fashion other than that she was a classmate. The girl’s clothing wasn’t even that much to talk about other than it was your typical college summer attire. T-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes…

“Rather cute pair of knee high socks, hmm?” Lexi could only nod to Tasha’s question. The only flaw was that they were not pulled up to the woman’s knees, hey were instead scrunched down around the top of the shoe. She never understood the point of that look, if she was honest with herself. Why would someone wear long socks, then not show them? The only exception to all this might have been the notion of slouch socks, which held a love all their own. “From what I can see of them, yes.”

“Let’s correct that.”

Lexi’s eyes widened just a bit, then smirked just a bit more at her mistress’s comment. “How? I can’t just go over there and take them off her feet, can I?”

“Hmmm…how adorable would that be? To see our little pet asked for the girl’s socks in front of the entire classroom.” A giggle was heard from those anklets still upon her feet, giving up on tickling the sensitive soles of those feet, and taking to massaging them instead, as if trying to help Tasha ease Lexi in to a mood she was already finding herself fall in to. “We vote for that route, Tasha. Call it a harsh lesson in obedience.”

“Hmm…it would be charming to see, but not really required, we think” Those white knee highs with the three red stripes said softly, continuing to press gently in to her ever-moistening pussy. Keeping focused on the test now was an effort in futility, the teen simply holding a pencil in her hand simply to feign such, rather than doing it. “All our pet really needs to understand, is just how much in control we actually are. Look at that girl again, love.”

Again, Lexi did what was asked of her, starting down at the feet were those adorable knee high socks were, trapped by the sneakers the woman wore and pressed down to just above the ankles. It was here that the teen half expected to see those socks start to shimmer to life, but that vision wasn’t discovered until those blue eyes started to roam further up. Just as Lexi gazed upon the midsection of the girl sitting in front of her, she heard a pencil drop. Those eyes snapped away from what they were looking at just long enough to notice that it was the very same girl that dropped the pencil, her hands instead clenched in fists, tensing every so often. Looking back down at her midsection revealed the reason as to why.

The girl was being fucked. Not teased, not played with, fucked by her own panties underneath those short jean shorts. At first, Lexi didn’t think it true, but the longer she starred at the subtle yet firm movements of her clothing, the more she realized the truth: The thin bit of clothing that stood as a barrier between the rough jean shorts, and her soft flesh was thrusting itself in and out of those tender lips. Lexi imagined the fucking couldn’t have been that deep, given that the panties were likely just enough to fit comfortably, but it was enough, and fast.

“It doesn’t take much, love.” Tasha whispered in Lexi’s mind again, giggling softly in the process. “That girl, your friend. Hell, we could have the guy in the front row’s socks slip right off his feet and rub his cock so hard he’d blow his load at least three times, while begging for more; and no one will notice a thing.”

There was silence from Lexi.

“Now. Be a good little pet, and ask those socks to come over and play, hmm?”

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