A Sleepless Night


Keri suddenly awoke in the dead of night, her heart pounding and soaked in sweat. She wondered what her nightie was doing up around her neck before realizing she had three fingers in her pussy and was pinching her right nipple with the other hand. Keri knew from how deep her hand was inside her, and how wet her pussy was, that she’d been fucking herself hard.

Earlier that night she had watched a video called 100 European Blow Jobs; and seeing all that cocksucking had sent her over the edge. She had fingered herself several times watching it, and then got out her dildo for some serious self fucking. The Europeans know how to choose big cocks, and that film had some huge ones plus lots of creamy cum. Yet in spite of all her masturbating, Keri was absolutely on fire with lust. Maybe a shower will help, she thought — but it didn’t. Possibly some tea – but no. Keri simply couldn’t get those images of sucking cock and swallowing cum out of her head; her pussy was throbbing too intensely from wanting a thick, hard cock in her mouth.

Finally she decided to go for a drive, maybe the night air would help. Keri snatched a couple of bananas and some chocolate for the road, but as she opened the door to go out she remembered the cold spell they’d been having and so grabbed her husband’s jacket and hat that hung there by the door. Bundled up nice and warm in Jim’s clothes she headed out of town thinking how nice the desert would be this time of night – except she never quite made it.

As she sat at a stoplight a few blocks from her house, she glanced over and noticed how busy the adult book store there was. The parking lot was full of cars, and men were incessantly going in and out of the store. She remembered what a friend had told her once, that sometimes a man will sit in his car in the back of the lot, and that’s a signal to other men that they can come up to his window for a blowjob. And sure enough, as she pulled away from the stoplight, she could just see someone back there standing in front of a car window! Although she didn’t witness anything explicit, her mind raced with what she knew was going on.

Several blocks away Keri’s heart started pounding again, but this time because of what she was thinking. That old habit of jumping into something out of lust, without considering the consequences, had her by the throat again. She wanted to suck cock, and she knew where to get it. But Keri also knew it wouldn’t be safe if she went to the bookstore; men can get rough with a woman. As a man, however, they’d just want their cocks sucked, and she just might get away with it dressed in Jim’s clothes. Turning her car around, Keri’s pussy dripped in anticipation.

She pulled slowly into the bookstore parking lot and headed for the ankara2010.com back. By coincidence, the car that had been parked there before was just pulling out. Keri parked in his place. She tucked her hair up under Jim’s hat, buttoned his coat up to her throat, and then sat there shaking from fear and excitement. Better make sure my doors are locked, she thought. Put in a CD, it will help hide my voice. Turn the heater up a notch . . .

There were only a few cars in that back lot, employees mostly, so Keri sat there alone. She could see the front lot though, and hear the people coming and going. Her lonely vigil was terrifying, she trembled uncontrollably as she waited and watched. Suddenly panic overtook her as she thought, “what the hell am I doing????????” She released the emergency brake, and was about to put her car in gear when she saw a figure standing at the corner of the bookstore. He seemed to be looking her way. He stood there for a while, just staring; Keri froze with anxious exhilaration – the moment of decision was upon her. Keri knew she should get out of there now, yet instead her hand moved to the window switch.

As the man began walking slowly towards her, she lowered the window more and more until he arrived, and the window reached bottom at the same time. The man stood there for a few seconds, finally leaning forward a little on her door so that his crotch was inside her window a bit. Still fearful and thinking she should get out of there fast, Keri sat unable to move. Without warning the man unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock; then he reached inside his jeans again and pulled his swollen balls out so they rested on top of his pants.

Once she smelled the musky man odor drifting from between his legs, Keri had to touch him. She squeezed him, pulled it, and then started firmly stroking his growing dick. Excited now, Keri got on her knees in the car seat and faced the window; as she did, she noticed someone else at the corner of the bookstore, apparently watching them. Keri sucked on her friend’s cock and in a few seconds was swallowing a load of sticky cum; the man walked off quickly and the person watching them started strolling towards her. Hurriedly, she took down her own pants, stuck one of her bananas deep into her cunt, and then pulled her pants back up.

When she turned to her new friend at the window, she saw he was just a college boy! Before she could ask what he thought he was doing, the boy exposed himself. His prick wasn’t much, but Keri figured she might as well give him the thrill of being sucked off. Soon his sweet young cum was flowing down her throat, lots of it too, and then away he ran.

When Keri looked up next she saw three grown men walking towards the car, each squeezing his crotch as he walked. In the distance several more men had gathered in the rear of the building, seemingly waiting their turns. And so during the next hour Keri took many cocks into her mouth, expertly sucking out spurts of hot cum, and swallowing all of it except for what dribbled down her chin; and all the while she used her seat to push the banana in and out of her dripping pussy.

It was 4 AM, all the cars but one were gone, and nobody had come around for half an hour. Keri didn’t need to be fucked to cum, she could get off sucking cock, and she had cum many times already (the banana helped). She still felt nasty, but now her jaws were sore, she was suffering a bit of stomach pain from all the cum she’d swallowed, it was late, and she was supposed to run errands the next day. GO HOME!! her common sense told her.

As she was about to pack it up, she saw someone. Unlike the others, he didn’t come around from the front, but emerged from the back door. He stopped suddenly when he saw her car, and just stared, although glaring might be more descriptive of his behavior. All of a sudden he started walking towards her very fast. He almost ran to her car and then stopped, bent over, and screamed in her face, “what the fuck are you doing here faggot????????” Keri had just met the store’s owner. Keri hadn’t encountered that sort of violence for years, and so started crying. He interpreted her tears as panic and guilt at first, but then his heart softened.

“You’re new at this aren’t you?”


“Listen son, this is no place for you. A lot of twisted motherfuckers hang out here, and there is nothing they would rather do than fuck a sweet young boy.”

“Thank you sir for your concern,” Keri said, “but I came here to have a little fun for one night. I don’t plan on making this a hobby.”

Clearly this aroused him. “So,” he said, ” did you have fun?”

Keri answered, “Yes, a lot of fun.”

Her openness made him hotter — he was used to half-dead perverts. As his dick rose close to its full potential he said, ” Well, did you get all you hoped for?”

“Mostly, ” Keri answered.

With that the man pulled out his meaty cock and stuck it in her window. It was HUGE, nine inches long and so thick she couldn’t get her hands around it.

“What do you want me to do with this,” Keri asked.

“What do you want to do?” he said.

At that moment the night’s lust and intensity all came together to send Keri into the nastiest and most lustful condition she’d ever felt. That is what made her say in her lowest, most manly voice, “Mmmmmmm, I’d love that big prick stuck up my ass.”

Clearly she’d hit a nerve because the cock that had been nine thick inches became ten thicker inches. “Turn around,” he said, ” and stick your ass up to the window boy.”

Keri pulled down her pants, took out the banana unnoticed, and then put her beautiful ass out the window. Immediately she felt the pressure of an enormous cock pressing on her soft asshole. He kept pushing, humping, and forcing until her brown, soft asshole opened up and that massive cock slide right in.

The next half hour is hard to describe. Keri’s ass was fucked like a dog would fuck anything that moved. When he was about to come, she turned around and grabbed his shaft with both hands, stroking and jacking and sucking with all her might; it made her feel extra-nasty to decadently savor the taste of her own asshole on his prick.

God she wanted his cum, and he didn’t disappoint because abruptly cum spewed out of that little hole at the tip of his rod. Keri sucked, licked, and swallowed the best she could, but could not keep up with the flow of his cum. Her mouth would fill, and as she gulped another shot would splatter on her lips; she wrapped her mouth around the head and sucked like a baby on a nipple, swallowing again. She pulled her head back and opened wide to catch another wet spurt on her tongue, but it ran out her mouth so that gummy cum was hanging off her chin in long, dangling gobs. And he wasn’t done yet.

“Jack it off, do it hard boy,” the man said.

Now Keri stroked that immense shaft with all her strength, jacking the middle with one hand and sliding her hand back and forth quickly over the slippery tip. His cock flopped around like a big piece of ripe meat at times, dripping cum that Keri caught on her tongue when it fell. All of a sudden he groaned deeply as his swollen red prick erupted again shooting hot cum all over Keri’s face.

As fast as he arrived, he departed. Keri sat there, soaked and dripping with a dozen men’s cum — in her hair and eyebrows and lashes, on her nose, cheeks and chin, even in her ear. The taste and smell were overwhelming, and it made her cunt throb nasty all over again. Not caring about anything at that moment, Keri pulled off her pants and scooted over to the passenger seat. She retrieved a flashlight from the glove compartment, propped her legs up on the dashboard, and stuck the end of it in her starved pussy. With all her strength she fucked her soaked cunt, stretching and pounding that sweaty hole like a giant horse cock would. She came so hard she lost control, pissing all over herself and the car seat. Mmmmmmm, she thought as she sucked on the end of the flashlight, I taste good.

The next morning, a minute before noon really, Keri stumbled into the kitchen for coffee. Jim took one look at her and said, ” Jesus, Keri, what is wrong with you?”

Tossing Tums down her throat (cum indigestion), Keri replied, “Not one thing Jim, not one fucking thing.”

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