A Summer to Remember Ch. 02


Dawn began to spread it’s gold and rose coloured rays across the once darkened horizon, each golden drop spilling into the house and being filtered by gauzy black drapes so that a deep maroon light shone in through the master bedroom’s windows and fell upon two sleeping figures, both tangled in a mess of crimson sheets. Jezebel’s hot breath against his neck made Grenne smile, his eyes closed and his muscles stretching as his back arches and he let out a pleasant grunt. He felt magnificent, as if everything was wonderful in life, a small ache in his belly called to him, letting him know that he’d need some type of nourishment after the night he’d had. Last night began to drift lazily back into his mind, at first only flashes of sweet rose petal lips, soft mountainous breasts and perfect white skin. Her body shifted next to him, her breasts no longer covered by the thin cotton, but very visible and leading up to the face of his sweet little girl, a dried bit of cum on her bottom lip. The memories of last night rushed forward with a force that nearly knocked him off the bed.

He remembered how he’d called her in to speak of the book he found in her room. The nightgown flying up and revealing her gorgeous pussy to him. Then the way they had sex and she’d sucked him off at the very end. Various clips sped through his head; his mouth on her cunt, her breasts heaving as she moaned and called him daddy. Vaulting off the bed and to the wall, he stared at the bed. Cum stained sheets and his step-daughters wonderful body laying asleep in it. He barely even remembered bringing her to his room, then recalled fucking her down the hallway and stumbling onto the bed, oh how she begged him to lick her naughty little cunt. But no, it couldn’t be, this was his little girl!

Two options stared him in the eye. One, he wakes her up and hopes to the gods that she doesn’t go to the police. Two…he puts her back into her own bed and hopes she doesn’t remember and if she does he goes back to option one. He’d take his chances with option two and scooped Jezebel into his arms. She stirred slightly, then seemed to go back to sleep. Leaving her like that was one of the hardest things he had ever had to do, it was as if she were no longer just his little girl but his lover…maybe even his true love? He shook his head at the idea and made his way back to the master bedroom.

Drop after drop of hot water hit his back, working out the tough knots that worry has brought on him. Grenne closed his ice blue eyes and thought about her. Her curvacious body and sweet tasting skin seemed to materialize out of the steam, the memories coming together to create her inside of his head. The way her lips were firm yet gave way to whatever he wanted her to do with them. The long slender fingers that sent erotic waves down his spine and straight into his balls. ~Fucking hell~, he thought, ~how am I supposed to resist that!?~ Even as he struggled to wake from his sensual daydream, he felt his knees buckle as his hips thrust forward, spurt after spurt of his hot cum landing on the cool gray tile of the shower. Stepping to the side, he let the warm water pound away the evidence of his lust then he left the steamy room to his own and pulled on a pair of red flannel pajama pants. In an hour or so he’d have to face hell, either at the hands of his beloved step-daughter or by his own guilt, but in the meantime, he decided that starting breakfast would be one way to get his mind off of Jezebel.

An hour or so later, back upstairs:

Crackling oil woke Jezebel from the most wonderfully sinful erotic dream that she’d ever had. Her step-father was fucking her, and not just on the sheets of his bed, but in a classroom. Somehow she’d conjured up the perfect schoolgirl fetish and had been dreaming of him dressed up as a priest teaching religion at a catholic school. Oh! It had been wonderful, he looked so handsome, like a mysterious sexy, dangerous man, dressed as a priest to escape the police! He’d held her after class and seduced her then forced her to suck his cock and then do all sorts of naughty things to him. She licked her lips and tasted cum. How real it all seemed, yet she felt as if there was something more than a dream that she ought to be remembering, yet her mind drew a blank as she thought about last night, perhaps she’d fallen asleep again while masturbating and simply forgot the details. Nothing like a good orgasm to make you forget!

She stretched out then slipped on her nightgown and grabbed a sexy pair of white lace boy short style panties, a white lace bra, a black oversized t-shirt with the batman logo on it and a pair of short black shorts then headed off to the bathroom for a quick shower. The hot water felt good against her breasts and back which were sore from some odd reason which she assumed was the wrong sleeping position. Rubbing a cream coloured wash cloth over her pussy she gasped as it turned slightly pink. Biting her lip, she poked and prodded around the area of her sex, istanbul escort trying to find the reason for the blood. Inside she found nothing and her fingers came out clean. Finally, she realized what had just happened. She must have broken it while masturbating, probably pushed in too deep, too hard and too fast.

Examining herself in the mirror, she wondered if the breaking of her hymen really did change her. Her breasts looked fuller and her hips narrower. Spinning around, she curiously noted the claw marks on her ass and back. She reached back and tried to see how she could have made them and shook her head, ~at least now I know why I was so sore when I woke up, trying to scratch myself like this must’ve been the reason…right?~ and yet there was a doubt in her mind, the spacing of the marks was wider than she could have ever made, but reason changed her mind making sense of it all when there really was none. She slipped on the panties and clasped her bra and watched herself dress in the mirror. Perhaps it was narcissism, but Jezebel was pretty damned sure that if she had a twin, she’d screw herself.

As she descended the staircase she ran to her step-dad and gave him a big hug, “Guess who?”

He turned and smiled down at her and hugged her close, “My, aren’t we in a good mood this morning?” There was a silent accusation in his voice, an uneasiness to the way he spoke.

“Well, I just had a really good night’s sleep, must’ve crashed early after the party last night, sorry if I left you alone watching a movie or something…” She skipped to the fridge and spun with the grace of a ballerina to pour a large cup of white grape juice.

“What? You mean that you forgot what you did last night?” A curious eyebrow rose above his blue eyes, and Grenne hoped he wasn’t being too blunt.

“Mm, not really, you know how it is when I’m tired, I can barely remember what my name is.” She smiled and sat down at the old scratched kitchen table and played with the fruit in a terracotta bowl as the center piece.

Grenne smiled and sighed happily. ~So, she really didn’t remember? Oh thank the gods!~ Yet somehow he kind of wished that when she’d put her arms around him that she’d slip that cool hand down into his pajama pants and… No! He forced himself to tear the image from his mind and continued dunking little O’s of dough into the oil and then drizzling a bit of powdered sugar based icing over them.

“Donuts?” Jezebel’s eyes lit up as she smiled. “Are they normal donuts or the special kind?”

Grenne grunted as he held up a creamy white substance in a mixing bowl along with strawberry jam. Jezebel clapped her hands in glee and smiled brightly. When she was a child, she’d watched in amazement as her step-father had made fresh donuts and then she suggested they make them into pastries. The idea, at first, sounded silly, but to humor her, Grenne had mixed up some sugar and cream cheese, filled the holes, baked them until the creamy mixture was hardened slightly and then dabbed on various different jellies. It was her favorite ever since, coming to a close second behind scrambled eggs and syrup. ~Sometimes~, he thought, ~she is a really odd girl, but I’ll be damned if I don’t love her anyway!~ It only took a few more minutes for him to finish up the doughnuts, and he started coffee as he waited for them to bake.

“So, you haven’t told me yet, did you get any responses back from those colleges you applied for?” He hated to bring it up, but he knew that he couldn’t keep her at home forever unless he chained and shackled her… He mentally smacked himself for even entertaining that idea, even if she might enjoy being his little sex slave. He winced as another imaginary hand connected with the back of his head.

“Yeah, but I’d really like to take a year off to try and get everything sorted out…mom’s funeral really messed me up and I’m not ready to be away from home yet, you’re my only family now and well, I’d really miss you…” She looked away, the familiar look in her eyes that said she might cry. Grenne pulled her to her feet and held her tightly, wanting to protect and love her as much as he could. How stupid he’d been, thinking of her in such a crude way before. She was a delicate flower, easily hurt and yet so beautiful and eager to make everyone else happy.

He kissed her forehead and sighed. “Hush now baby-doll, I’ll always be here for you, my home is your home and even if you move to China for fifteen years, I’ll still be here waiting for you with open arms.” His words spoke volumes to her, and they were each subtly aware that there was something more than a father and a daughter in a sweet loving embrace.

The scent of sugary pastries wafted through the kitchen and Grenne quickly finished the delicacies and smiled proudly at what a fine cook he’d become ever since finding Jezebel and her mother. “Well, we have all summer, so, what do you want to do first, avcılar escort Jezzy?”

Him using her old nickname like that tugged at her heartstrings and she smiled as she bit into the doughnut. “Hmm, I do need a new swimsuit…we could go shopping today, maybe see a movie?”

He nodded and thought about seeing her in a sexy black string bikini and his mouth watered. “Sure, anything you want to go see?”

Jezebel slouched in her chair and grumbled slightly. “There really aren’t any good ones out now, how about we just stay home and rent one?”

Grenne nodded as he took the dishes away and shooed her away to go get herself ready. As she walked away, Grenne made a mental note of the fading red scratches on the insides of her thighs. Chastising himself for marking her in such a grotesque way, he angrily scrubbed the dishes then quickly got dressed for their day out.

At the mall:

Jezebel dragged Grenne into various lingerie stores in search of a high priced sexy swim suit to show off all her curves in. Usually, Grenne would have stone walled and not let her have anything more revealing than a 1950’s bather, yet he somewhat liked the idea of seeing his little girl all dressed up and wet while washing the car or swimming in the pool.

The next store she dragged him into was called Mitternacht, a lingerie store for especially curvy women. The store was small compared to most others and had deep blue sparkling fabric draped over the walls and ceiling, making the store look like a twilight wonderland. Jezebel slowed and admired a sexy black teddy until Grenne groaned and pushed her towards the back of the store where the bathing suits were.

A tall blonde saleswoman rushed towards them and smiled brightly, a wide gap showing between her two bleach white front teeth, “Hello, welcome to Mitternacht, the store with a thousand and one fantasies all to make your midnight dreams come true.” The woman, Elsa, as her name tag identified her, spoke in a rough German accent that was more than likely quite fake.

Elsa ushered Jezebel over to a display of corsets and bodices, the cup sizes starting at DD as the smallest. Jezebel blushed as she looked back at her step father which only encouraged Elsa to wink and shake a finger at Grenne as if he were a naughty older man with a younger play thing.

“This, this is perfect for you!” Elsa held up a faux leather corset with half cups so that the wearer’s breasts would be pushed up nearly to her chin while still displaying the nipples. Grenne coughed as he saw it and put a protective hand on Jezebel’s shoulder.

“Hell no. No daughter of mine is going to ever wear that…” Grenne glared down at both Elsa and Jezebel while still managing to check the prince tag out of the corner of his eye. Without a shadow of a doubt, he’d be back and he certainly hoped it would be for Jezebel.

“But Daddy…” Her eyes were wide and her lip pouting. “This is the only store that sells my size in a two piece.” She turned to Elsa to explain what she was looking for. “A simple, elegant two piece, or maybe a one piece that acts like a two piece, you know, like the European styles? I don’t want it to look too slutty though!”

Grenne rolled his eyes, knowing that she’d thrown in the last part just to please her over-protective father. Elsa nodded and showed them over to the swimsuits, many were overly slutty, yet Jezebel finally settled on one she thought was perfect. A two piece that had a black curved bust that cinched in the middle to make the breasts look even bigger with crimson double straps that would add a touch of sexiness. When she tried it on, the look was amazing. The bottoms were boy short style with the sides cut out and replaced by two crimson strings that tied just like the two strings that tied the top around the neck. Even more titillating was the fact that Grenne could see the white lace through the straps and had to bite his lip so the pain would distract him from wanting to imagine her on his bed. How sweet she’d look there, her legs up and bent at the knee. Her panties down around her ankles, obscuring the sight of her tight sweet… He bit harder and tasted the faint metallic taste of blood.

Jezebel pouted and looked at Grenne with her great big puppy dog eyes and two minutes later, Jezebel was dressed and they were leaving the store with a navy blue bag that was sprinkling glitter on the hard tiles of the floor. They stopped at a small shop and bought two sandwiches and iced teas and ate in the food court while watching the other shoppers walk around the mall, making small talk and looking for the next big sale. Grenne dusted off his hands and left to throw away their napkins and empty cups then to buy one of the large cookies at the artificial bakery that claimed to sell home made cookies for the cheapest price.

“Hey Darlin’, what’s a sweet piece of cherry pie doing here?” A boy, around twenty two was standing beside her, his dishwater blonde şirinevler escort hair spiked with hair gel and a thin line of facial hair along his jaw. He was thin and looking straight at Jezebel’s chest.

His friend, a chunky brunette with more than a few pimples held up the sparkling blue bag. “Looks like you were shopping for something special for your guy? Well sweety, there’s only one thing any guy would want to see on you, and maybe if you come out to Josh’s car, I’ll tell you between licks” The creep made rude slurping gestures as his chunky friend, Josh, laughed.

“Hey, asshole..” Grenne dug his index finger and thumb into the space along the muscles of his neck and the jerk stiffened up.

“Shit dude. Jake, fucking punch him.” Jake tried to spin out of Grenne’s grip on his neck but fell to his knees soon as Grenne’s fist connected with his stomach. Grenne arched an eyebrow at Josh who hightailed it out of there as fast as his chunky legs would allow.

Grenne knelt on the ground and whispered so that Jezebel couldn’t hear. “Listen punk, I ever see you looking at my little girl again and I will fuck you up so bad that your face will be little more than bird shit on the sidewalk. Oh, and I do look forward to seeing her in that bathing suit…” Grenne stood and kicked the kid in the side then escorted Jezebel to the car.

On the drive home:

“I’m sorry…” Jezebel was staring down at her lap, her curly hair pulled back into a loose bun that made her seem so beautiful without trying.

“For what?” Grenne turned the radio down and glanced over at his step-daughter. The song playing was some soft rock ballad by another band that sounded exactly like all the others that were so popular these days.

“Well, just, in the past two days I’ve caused a lot of trouble with guys… I don’t mean to…do you think that I dress like a slut?” She looked at him, wide eyes in concern.

Grenne debated on how to answer then finally sighed and said, “Listen up sugar, you don’t dress or act like a slut, but you’re beautiful and have a gorgeous body, any guy who sees you probably thinks the same, its not your fault, its theirs. Those assholes need to learn to keep it in their pants otherwise overprotective Daddies such as myself will chop their wimpy little cocks off.”

She smiled and blushed and murmured something he couldn’t hear. “Huh?”

She looked out the window and sighed, “I doubt every guy does, what about men like you?”

He could tell she was fishing but said to hell with it. “Yes, even men like me want you…”

After a few moments of silence he turned up the music again, this time a hard rock came on about bisexual strippers and sex, one of the many crucial elements to rock ‘n’ roll. Jezebel stared out the window the rest of the way home and he couldn’t help feel that there was something bothering her, something more than she was saying.

The whole ride back to the house, Jezebel was mentally kicking herself for the comment she made about men like her finding her attractive. But he did say that he did want her, well, that men like him wanted her, but men like him include him, right? She didn’t know, and though she really really wanted to find out if he did really like her as more than a daughter, she knew that it could end up ruining their relationship and she didn’t want that. Maybe she just needed advice…maybe she could find someone on the internet? Of course, she vowed that when she got home later she’d search the inter-webs for advice.

Back at the house:

Jezebel smiled at Grenne. “I’ve got an idea for something, start looking for a movie then get popcorn started, I shouldn’t be more than a few minutes!”

She rushed up the stairs to her bedroom and clicked in her password and started searching through various websites, looking for anything on relationships between fathers and daughters. Page after page of smut came up, and as she clicked onto a website with short stories she was about to give up, and then she spotted a bit of a story and bit her lip and clicked on to it. She read the entire short story in under five minutes and smiled. It was damn near close to what happened recently with her and her step-father.

“Hey, Jezzy, you coming down or not?” Grenne called up and she gasped. She didn’t have much time.

“Yeah, be right down, just a minute, I promise!” Jezebel shut the door with her foot and clicked on the name of the author.

~Dear LoveBlossoming,

I read your story and feel like it’s almost exactly what has happened to my step-father and me. Well, almost… You see, I feel sexual tension there and I don’t know how to find out if he does want me or not… Could you please please PLEASE respond with your idea on how I could find out the truth?

With hope,


She felt so clever about that screen name as she hit the send button. And yet, she felt like this was a huge step that she might not be ready for, but as she descended the stairs and saw her father laying out on the couch already dressed for bed in a pair of blue pajama pants, his shirt off and his chest broad and muscular, she knew that she’d made the best choice in the world. Sitting beside him, smelling his cologne mixed with the musky scent of his skin, she nearly swooned.

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