A Tale of Twin Tails Ch. 09


*** Author’s note: This chapter occurs simultaneously with Chapter 8. ***

After Kat and Katie headed out for their trip, Brent and Becky got the house ready for the night’s events. He put fresh beer and hard lemonade in the fridge in case Becky needed to “steal” any later. Becky strategically placed a few toys around her room, but decided to keep the more extreme stuff out of play for tonight. While Brent double checked his camera feeds, he went over a rough sketch of how he would approach the evening’s events.

Brent knew he would be in real danger of getting the cops called on him if things went south. When he told Becky as much, she simply shrugged and told him that she had faith in him. Brent was not so sure of himself. However, over the last few weeks, the risks he had taken had become almost more arousing to him than the sex itself. If he succeeded tonight, in blackmailing a relative stranger, a probable lesbian no less, into sex with him, Brent knew there would be nothing he could not do. He had to make this work so he could turn his eyes upon his final conquest, his natural daughter, Danielle. He had been thinking of her more and more as his exploits with Becky progressed. Fucking an adopted daughter was one thing, but his own goddess of a daughter was something else entirely. Just the idea of how taboo it was got him hard every time he thought about it. Shaking the thought from his head, he finished up at home and ushered Becky off to school before heading to work.

At school Becky casually confirmed with Jessica that she was still coming over. Becky invited Tina to sleep over as well, even though she knew that Tina already had plans with her boyfriend. She felt that doing so in front of Jessie would dissuade her of any lingering suspicions, not that it really mattered. Jessie had been practically floating around campus all week, clearly thinking of little else besides her new admirer’s promise to reveal herself next week. Becky was pretty sure she could convince Jessica to fuck her right now in the bathroom with little more than a “please”. Jessica was the perfect blend of sexual frustration and low self esteem. Becky knew it would not take much to bag her horny, love struck friend.

As they wrapped up lunch, Tina politely declined, saying she needed a dose of dick tonight. Becky smiled, planning to give Jessie a similar dose of medicine. Shrugging off Tina’s expected answer, Becky gave Jessie a hug and told her that she would see her around six. They all parted ways for class, each of their pussies tingling for different reasons.

Brent grabbed sushi for him and the girls on his way home from work. He felt it would be appropriate to get Jessie used to snacking on raw fish before he let Becky feed her her own fish taco tonight. Once home, he put the food in the fridge and went to his office to check on Katie and Kat.

Brent activated his computer and set up his displays so that he could watch the hotel room feed and Becky’s bedroom feeds at the same time. While the fish eye lenses were not the greatest, the vase camera was working perfectly and had decent audio. It appeared that the girls were just coming beck from dinner and were preparing for an evening in. Becky, he saw on the other feed, was coming out of her bathroom, just about finished with primping for tonight when the doorbell rang.

“Showtime,” Brent said and headed to greet their guest at the door. His half hard cock led the way.

When Brent opened the door, Jessica stood before him, looking somehow adorable, depressed, and slightly goth all at the same time. Her shoulder length, black hair had just a faint highlight of dark purple flowing through it. It was nothing gaudy, merely her version of rebellion. Even so, her parents had given her strict guidelines on exactly how far she could go with her “follicular extremism”, as they called it. Her drab, baggy, almost frumpy, clothing hid her slender yet curvy figure. Jessie’s skin, what little Brent could see under all of those dark clothes, was alabaster white and unblemished with any of the typical teenage maladies like acne. She wore almost no makeup other than a little dark mascara, but Brent caught the very pleasant aroma of some unknown scent of perfume wafting lightly toward him. It reminded him of being inside of a flower shop on a warm Spring day.

“Hello, Jessica,” said Brent cheerily. “Mm, your perfume smells lovely. Come on in.”

“Thanks, Mr. J.” Jessica mumbled quietly. Even more softly, she added, “Um, my mom and dad are in the driveway and would like to talk to you and Mrs. Johnson.”

Brent smiled, shaking his head in commiseration. “Almost twenty and they didn’t even let you drive yourself? No problem, Jessie,” he said while ushering her in. “Don’t worry, all teenagers are ashamed of their parents. Some parents seem to thrive on it. I’ll go see what they want and be right back. Becky is in her room. Tell her I will be in to embarrass her shortly.”

Brent put on his best salesman’s face and headed out kadıköy escort to meet them. Right away, he decided to lie about Kat being out of town. He had never paid attention before, but now that he thought back, every time Jessie had stayed over, her parents went over a series of rules face to face with Kat. She grumbled about it every time as soon as they left, usually getting a “yes dear” from him. He recalled that one of the rules was that there were no boys allowed. He imagined they would not go along with him being the lone chaperone, even if they had no idea of the things he had planned.

True to form, as soon as he walked up to their car, Jessie’s mom, a narrow, severe looking woman, peered past him, almost through him, and said, “Good afternoon, Mr. Johnson. Where is Mrs. Johnson?”

“Please just call me Brent,” he said with a disarming smile. “She had to run to the grocery store to stock up on ice cream, chips, and snacks for the evening. I think she was grabbing some take out for dinner too. She should be back within the hour.”

As he had hoped, the mention of junk food immediately steered the conversation away from his wife’s whereabouts.

“Ice cream and chips? I do not think so. Jessica will break out in a rash. Mr. Johnson, please do not let Jessica eat more than one serving of dinner, and limit her dairy. She may have one sweet snack after dinner. Other than that, she can have fruit or a small yogurt later, but nothing past nine tonight,” intoned Jessica’s mom as if she were reciting a litany.

“No problem,” said Brent, not even bothering to ask her name. The husband, who looked like an old, dry potato, sat dully in the passenger seat saying nothing as he stared at his hands. Years of unceasing nagging like what Brent was sampling had clearly broken his spirit.

Continuing on as if Brent had not spoken, she said, “Have Mrs. Johnson make sure Jessica brushes her teeth and that she is showered and in bed with her retainer in place by eleven at the very latest. I know this goes without saying, but there are to be no boys over, no alcohol usage, and I would like you to keep Jessica’s phone in the kitchen or living room at all times. She is not to take it back to Rebecca’s bedroom. She will need to call me to check in before she goes to bed.”

She prattled on for several more minutes, seemingly without taking a breath, before she finally shut up and handed Brent a slip of paper with her phone number on it. “You will call me immediately if anything untoward should happen.” It was not a request.

“Yes ma’am. We will shoot for a ten o’clock bedtime,” Brent said with what he hoped looked like an authentic expression of parental concern. “I take disciplining my daughters very seriously. I could not imagine allowing Jessica to do anything to disobey or embarrass you, but if she does, I will certainly let you know right away.”

Even though she was seated below him, Jessica’s mother somehow managed to look down her nose at him as she replied, “Yes, I should hope so. Good evening, Mr. Johnson.”

She was already backing out before Brent could reply so he simply smiled and waved goodbye while cursing her under his breath. “What a bitch,” he said without moving his lips too much. Once they were gone, he headed back inside and locked the door for the night. He pulled the sushi out of the fridge and set everything up on the table for the ladies. While he worked, he could not stop thinking of Jessie’s shitty parents. If what he had just sampled was any indication of what she dealt with every day, Brent would have to write them a thank you note. They were practically pulling their daughter’s panties down for him.

Brent headed back to his office to check his cams before calling the girls to dinner. He did not want to spoil anything if Becky had gotten to work already. Kat’s cam showed her and Katie sharing a drink and chatting. It looked like Katie was about to head for a shower. Switching to Becky, he saw they were settling Jessie’s things over near Katie’s bed. He turned the volume up on their feed.

Becky was saying, “… made her go out of town with her to visit a college so you can take her bed. She said a volleyball recruiter wanted to meet to talk about a possible scholarship. They just got the word today I guess. That’s why we never saw her at lunch. I didn’t even know til I got home and dad told me.”

“That sucks that she’s not here, but pretty cool if she gets free college.”

Becky shrugged, never wanting to give Katie too much credit, even in a lie. “Yeah, but I doubt she will make the cut. She isn’t cut throat enough.”

“Damn! No faith in your own family? I thought my folks had the market cornered on that.” Jessica said in only half mock exasperation. With no one around, she was much less self conscious than she had been in front of Brent. Even so, most of her commentary began or ended with self deprecation.

“She’s alright. üsküdar escort Really sweet actually. Maybe she will surprise me,” said Becky before shrugging off thoughts of what her sister was doing with their mom. “Anyway, with Tina addicted to dick tonight, I guess it’s just you and me…and my dad.”

“Your dad is nice. He seems to get that my parents are dicks. You’re lucky.”

“Yeah, he’s usually OK. Speaking of dick… what’s the word on your new friend? Want to see if he wants to sneak over tonight? I can cover for you if you need to get some…” Becky said conspiratorially.

“No way!” Jessie cut in too harshly.

“You guys have to hook up eventually. You are too fuckable to go without dick for so long.”

Jessica threw a pillow across the room. “Shut up,” she snorted. “It’s not like that anyway.”

“Oh you prefer a girly man? Maybe a manly girl? I bet you like the taste of fish.

That’s good because we’re eating sushi for dinner,” Becky said, intentionally hitting her friend close to the mark. She stood and offered her hand to her friend. “Let’s get munching, loser.”

“Ug. You know how to kill an appetite. I think I’ll just have a spring roll.”

“Your boyfriend has one in his pants. That’s why he won’t meet you.”

Jessie laughed as they headed to the door. “If so, you can have him. I heard you liked small meals.”

They bantered back and forth out the door and down the hall until they got to the kitchen and saw the small, but ornate looking spread Brent had laid out for them. Brent came out of his office to the sounds of quiet oohs and ahs as the girls looked over the delicate dishes of rice and fish with all of the accompaniments. Brent served them up their plates, acting as host while he sipped a beer he had grabbed from the fridge. Then he made a plate for himself and headed back to his office.

“I’ll be hanging out in here to save you girls the embarrassment of my company. Let me know if you need anything,” he called over his shoulder. Before he shut the door, he added, “Oh Jessica, your mom said you need to check in around ten. Make sure you call her, but other than that, I’m not too worried about all of her rules, except no boys allowed. That goes for you too, Becky.”

“Jeez, dad. We think about other stuff besides boys. Goodnight,” called Becky.

Brent watched both feeds while he ate. Kat had disappeared into the bathroom while Katie was showering. All Brent could see was wafts of steam. He could tell they were talking but it was too muffled to hear. Pissed that he had not gotten video of the bathroom, he focused on Becky. The girls sat at adjoining edges of the square table engaged in quiet conversation as they shared various dishes with each other. Becky refilled Jessie’s glass, fed her the occasional bite with her own chopsticks, and even touched Jessie’s purple highlights while she complimented her fragile friend’s new look. To a casual observer, one could easily believe that the girls were out on a date.

Not wanting to get too full, Becky ate sparingly. Instead, she focused on conversing with her friend. She hung on Jessie’s every word, touched her lightly on the shoulder and hand when they laughed together, and generally played the part of someone who could be either friend or admirer. When Becky saw Jessie was winding down on her meal, she pushed her own plate away and gave an exaggerated stretch that poked her breasts up and out.

“That was good. If you’re done, we can watch a movie or something… in my room… if you want to.” Becky was unable to keep from sounding a little nervous.

“Sure. I’m up for anything,” Jessie replied. “Let’s clean up first.”

Becky waved her off, saying, “My dad will handle it.”

“We need to put the sushi away at least. Nothing worse than the house smelling like warm fish,” said Jessica.

“I guess you better shower then, stinky,” giggled Becky.

“Shut up, or I’ll poke a bitch,” said Jessie while playfully lunging with a chop stick.

They packed up the food and put it in the refrigerator. With the door still open, Becky looked toward her dad’s office. Seeing it was all clear, she grabbed two hard lemonades and handed them to her friend with a wink.

“No way,” Jessie said.

“Way. I’m drinking one whether you do or not.”

“My parents will freak if I get busted!”

“Keep talking that loud and they’ll hear you from here. Jeez.” Becky grabbed a third bottle and shut the door. “Let’s go, Captain Stealth,” she whispered and ran down the hall.

Jessica followed her friend to her room and they shut the door, panting hard. Becky patted her friend on the back with a laugh and walked over to her bed. She popped off the lid and took a sip from her bottle.

“Mm. It’s the stealing that makes it taste so good. Try it,” Becky offered, holding out her bottle to share.

“No way. Why are you always such a troublemaker?” asked Jessica. She set her bottles on Becky’s nightstand and tuzla escort stepped back like they could explode at any second.

“Because it’s fun.” Becky stepped toward her friend, who stepped back just as fast. Becky kept advancing until Jessie was against the door. She held the bottle out again, “I won’t tell and, if you can manage not to announce it to the world, no one is gonna know or care that you sipped a fruit flavored beer when you were nineteen.”

Jessie shook her head again, refusing to risk getting busted by her parents. Her eyes dropped to the floor and her head dipped in the sad realization that she really was pitifully and totally overshadowed by the fear of her parents. Every choice she made happened with them in mind. She saw Becky shrug and take another drink as she turned and headed to her bed.

Every time except when I’m texting my new friend, she corrected herself. Never in a million years had she thought she would send a dirty picture of herself, and yet she had. How can I ever meet my girlfriend, if I can’t even sneak a beer, she thought in self admonition. Because you’re a worthless piece of chicken shit, she answered herself. Fucking worthless.

She saw that Becky had plopped down on her bed and was enjoying another swig of her ill gotten booty. Becky was wearing a simple purple t-shirt and blue fleece pants. She was barefoot. Her hair hung long and loose around her shoulders, ending just below the swell of her full, round breasts. She looked more than confident sipping away at her drink. Jessie caught herself staring and realized that she was admiring Becky’s breasts more than her look of confidence.

She shook the thought from her head and shuffled to the foot of Becky’s bed. Jessie turned and sat down, collapsing into her usual slouch before sinking further into an all out slump. Fucking worthless, she thought again with a hitching sigh. She heard Becky’s bottle clink as she set it down. Soon her friend’s arms were around her shoulders, hugging her tight from behind. Jessie sighed again and leaned back into her friend’s embrace.

With a sob, she said aloud, “I’m fucking worthless.”

“Shh. Shh,” comforted Becky, lightly rocking her friend. “No you’re not. I don’t make friends with worthless people. Shh. Only the finest girls on earth are my B.F.F.s, bitch. Shh.”

Jessica snorted a tearful laugh and let Becky hold her in the quiet room. Becky’s breath was warm on her shoulder. Her arms felt surprisingly strong as they squeezed her in a friendly hug that Jessie hoped would never end. Her breath hitched a few more times before she fell silent and let her head rest against her friend’s so that they were ear to ear.

Becky finally broke the silence. She gave her friend another squeeze and said, “I’m sorry for trying to force that on you. I just like to get my way. Sorry, Jessie.”

“No, you were just having fun and I’m a stick in the mud,” whispered Jessie.

“You are not, well, mostly not. You are always sad though and I wish you weren’t. You seem to have so much on your mind. It’s like you are always having some deep conversation going on inside your pretty little head and I never get to hear it.” Becky kissed her friend’s head above her ear. “I just wanted you to break loose a little. You need something to help you relax or you are going to pop.” She gave her friend one last squeeze and let her go. “I really don’t want you to pop, especially on my bed. What a mess.”

“Shut up, whore.”

“Make me, bitch.”

Jessica stood up and wiped her eyes. “I wouldn’t want to get herpes. Now I’m going to wash off your nasty cooties” she laughed, rubbing away the last of her tears.

She grabbed her overnight bag and headed to the bathroom to wash her face and change. After setting her bag on the toilet Jessie came back into the bedroom, surprising Becky who had just picked up her drink. Jessie took the open bottle from her and took a sip. Now that she had done it, Jessie laughed at how absurd she had been to obsess over such a little thing. She took a full swallow and smiled down at Becky.

“Now I need to brush my teeth too,” chuckled and handed the bottle back.

“Yeah, get that fish smell off your lips,” laughed Becky. “Your mom will wonder what you been eating!”

“You wish…” Jessie started to say. Her eyes went wide and she cut herself off with a laugh. She took another sip of Becky’s bottle, gave it back again, and headed off to change into her sleep clothes.

While Jessie changed, Becky checked her phone. Mom had just sent her a picture of Katie posing in underwear. She was making good progress, but Becky had other things on her mind. So she just sent a quick reply before texting her dad.

– Mom checked in. Doing good. We are about to watch a movie on my laptop.

– I’m watching her and I’ll be watching you. You watching porn?

– No. She’s not like that.

– I bet she is.

– Nope. She likes sad movies. They cheer her up because the characters’ lives are worse than hers.

– Sounds boring.

– Patience. I’m trying to make her my girlfriend, not my slut. That’s your job. Don’t fuck this up. I kind of like her. Why don’t you just stay in there and let me have her?

– What about me?

– You have video of both of your daughters fucking two other girls. Rub it out.

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