A tease too far, found on net


A tease too far, found on netA Tease Too FarJoel paused for a moment, wiping the sweat from his brow. They had finally reached the shade of the trees on their woodland walk and he was glad of the break from the sun’s rays. His wife, Kelly, looked back but didn’t stop.”Come on, slow coach,” she called back.She looked beautiful. Even without making an effort she still managed to look sexy. Her dirty blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, the white strappy top clung to her slim frame and her shorts perfectly outlined her fine arse. Joel stared at it as she walked away. It was firm but had just enough wobble to it to drive him crazy.In their late 20s, they had been married for less than a year and were enjoying their first holiday since the honeymoon. A week in the wilderness had sounded great but they’d spent most of that time in their hotel room. Finally they had escaped the lure of the bed and booked a guided tour of the local woodlands.They had been expecting a huge group, a coach trip traipsing around. Instead they had Daryl as a guide and his younger brother Scott as the only other walker. Daryl was younger than them, maybe mid 20s. He was average height and build but had an air of confidence that put them at ease that he knew what he was doing. Scott, on the other hand, was awkward and nervous. They had learnt he was visiting his brother after being dumped by his girlfriend. As a gangly, pale-faced 18 year-old, Joel wasn’t surprised he’d been dumped.”Are you coming or not?” Kelly shouted back.As Joel caught up with the waiting group, he noticed Scott staring at Kelly’s arse. “He was looking again,” he whispered to her.”Oh, let him look. What harm can it do?””You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”Kelly didn’t answer. She shook her head with a smile and continued on.Further into the forest, they reached a small hill which they needed to climb up. Daryl went first to show the correct path.”Do you want to go between me and Daryl or me and Joel?”Kelly smirked at Scott’s question. “There’s an interesting choice,” she teased.Scott was horrified when he realised what he’d said. “Sorry, I meant…””She know what you meant,” Joel interrupted. “You go next.”Scott was halfway up when he got stuck, unsure where to put his hand.”It’s this hold here,” Daryl pointed.”I can’t reach,” Scott answered.”I’ll give you a push,” Kelly offered from beneath him.From the bottom, Joel could see that Scott was able to see right down Kelly’s top. She had a strapless bra on that barely clung on to her ample breasts. Scott nearly slipped at the sight.She didn’t wait for a reply. She reached up and placed a hand on his thigh, sliding it up to his arse and then shoved him upwards. He clambered up and then reached back to pull Kelly to the top.”Thanks,” she said.”I’m better at going down,” Scott said.”That’ll make you popular,” Kelly teased.Joel reached the top and made sure he was with Kelly out of earshot of the others for a moment.”Cut it out.””Cut what out?””The teasing.””He’s the one saying things,” Kelly protested. “Jeez, lighten up.”She made a point of walking off ahead of Joel, deliberately close to Scott.About an hour later, deep into the forest, Joel was walking alongside Daryl, with Kelly and Scott behind them. They had been getting on well, discussing Joel’s work and comparing it to what it was like to like in a remote community. Daryl made it clear that the single life wasn’t as lonely in that area as it may appear.”Get a lot of ladies coming this way then?” Joel asked.”Between you and me, these guided walks are normally gold. There’s normally groups of girls looking for adventure.””And you provide it?”They both laughed.”You must be disappointed today then,” Joel said.”I wasn’t until I saw the ring,” he joked.Joel wasn’t too sure how to take it so just smiled.”Can I ask you something?” Daryl glanced back to where Scott and Kelly walked behind them.”Sure.””Is your wife always this…flirty? I mean, it’s not a problem for me it’s just Scott’s going through a difficult patch.””Well, she’s…””Have I said something wrong? Look I’m sorry if…””No, no. It’s just she’s not normally like this. I think it’s being away from people she knows. I’ll try and have a word with her.””Cheers, I’d appreciate that.”Joel dropped back so that Kelly and Scott caught up with him. He made sure to manoeuvre himself between them.”How are you guys getting on?””Fine, thanks,” Scott stammered.”Good, we’re just talking about how nice it is to be in a remote place.””Oh, I think Daryl wanted to ask you something,” Joel told Scott.”OK, thanks,” he said and went off to his brother.”What was that all about?” Kelly asked.”Nothing.””Nothing? You’re being weird.””Daryl’s noticed it too,” Joel looked at her as though she should understand.”What?””The teasing. He’s just worried about Scott bilecik escort after his break-up.””Bollocks. He’s probably jealous more like.””He’s not jealous.””Oh really? Watch this then. Guys!” she called out to Daryl and Scott, “can you wait a moment, I’ve got something in my shoe.”Kelly leaned down and untied her shoe. Then she turned away from them to tip the imaginary stone away. Bending over, she took a long time to retie her laces.”Well?” she said to Joel as she stood.He sighed. “Both of them were looking.””Told you.””That’s not the point, you’re my wife so you shouldn’t be teasing other men,” Joel protested but it fell on deaf ears.The hike continued and so did the teasing. Kelly seemed to be doing it at every opportunity, becoming more overt with it in defiance of her husband’s protests. She had bent over in front of them to examine bugs, given them views down her top each time her laces had mysteriously come undone again, as well as needing help from them both over every tiny obstacle. Despite his earlier requests, Daryl had been just as willing to lend a helping hand as Scott had been. If anything, he was flirting back with her as though Joel wasn’t there.”Shall we stop for a rest over there?” Daryl asked, pointing to a glade.They all agreed and walked over to the clearing. Joel dropped his bag on the grass and sat down next to it. Kelly was about to sit down alongside him when Daryl made a suggestion.”There’s a few rocks over here, if you’d prefer. All depends on whether you’d rather sit on something soft or hard.” He spoke as though it were an innocent phrase.”What girl can resist something hard?” Kelly giggled.Joel rolled his eyes and Scott tried to hide his embarrassment as he sat on a fallen tree. Daryl took a seat on one of the rocks near Kelly.”It’s such a nice feeling to be this far away from civilisation,” Daryl said.”Aren’t you ever worried about getting into trouble?” Kelly asked.”Don’t worry, you’ve got three men to take care of you,” he teased.”Only three of you?”Kelly walked from her rock over to Joel, bending down to reach into the bag. Joel watched the men as they stared at his wife’s arse.”This is my last warning,” Joel said. “Pack it in or there’ll be trouble and I won’t help you.”Kelly lifted the water bottle from the bag, peering over her shoulder to see the men eyeing her up.”I don’t need your help. You just look after the bag. Let me worry about handling them.”She walked back to sit next to Daryl on the rock. She took a sip of water and then leaned her head back, tipping the water over her face.”That’s so refreshing,” she said.Joel could see what she’d done, they all could. The water had doused her top making it almost see-through. Her cold nipples were poking through the material.Daryl slipped his t-shirt over his head to reveal his almost hairless chest. There were hints of muscles there but it wasn’t the toned body Joel had expected. It didn’t seem to bother Kelly though.”You guys are lucky. When you get hot you can just take off your shirt.””So can you. Joel’s seen it before and I can assure you that Scott and I don’t mind.”Joel shook his head at Kelly but she took little notice.”I don’t think that would be appropriate. I’m a married woman after all.”She shifted uneasily where she sat.”That hasn’t stopped you before,” Daryl said in a firmer tone.”Excuse me?””Joel, you saw what she was doing. All that bending over, teasing us.””Well yes…” Joel confirmed.”Why did you do that?” Daryl questioned Kelly.”It was just a bit of fun,” Kelly replied as she moved further away from him. “Tell them Joel.””Hey, I warned you about it before.””Were you doing it to turn us on, was that it? Thought you could get us hard and then leave us without a woman to satisfy us?”Kelly stood and barely took two steps towards Joel before Daryl grabbed her upper arms, pulling them behind her.”You feel that? That’s what you’ve done to me with all your teasing.”He pressed himself into her so that the bulge in his shorts pushed against her lower back.”I think it’s time you showed us those tits of yours.””Fuck off,” she shouted. “Joel…”Daryl had linked his left arm through hers, allowing his right hand to clamp over her mouth. He nodded to Scott, who glanced at Joel. Joel looked at his wife, anger in his eyes, and did nothing to stop the teenager.Scott moved closer but Kelly kicked out. Daryl hooked his legs around hers until she was unable to fight back. Scott’s hands shook almost as much as Kelly as he reached up and slipped the straps over her shoulders. He pulled them down, the wet material rolling over her skin to reveal her breasts as they rose and fell rapidly with her breathing.”Undo the bra,” Daryl ordered his brother.Scott reached around and fumbled with the clasp. He felt her bolu escort shallow breaths on his chest as he finally undid it. Pulling it free, he dropped it to the floor as her tits swung free in the air.For a few minutes, Scott played with her tits. He was an unskilled lover, pawing at them, tweaking the nipples. All the while Kelly struggled and Joel simply watched.”Now for that arse of yours,” Daryl said, spinning her around and forcing her down.Her face was pressed to the ground, hands still held behind her back. She was on her knees so that her arse stuck into the air. Scott knelt behind her, pulling at her shorts but not managing to get them to move.”Undo the buttons,” Joel said over the screams of his wife.Scott found the button fly and popped them open, one by one. He then hauled the shorts until they rested on her thighs. Her arse was still partially covered by her knickers. Joel saw that she had worn a pair with a lace frill, maybe intending for the two of them to sneak off together.Scott’s fingers slipped under the waistband of her knickers. Slowly he peeled them down, relishing every moment as her arse and pussy were exposed. He stared at it, shaved and smooth, a straight line waiting to be parted.”Lick it,” Daryl told him.Scott leaned down and Joel saw his tongue extend to lick his wife’s pussy. At first it gently traced the lips but with each passing of his tongue it delved deeper into the folds.”No…stop…please…no..”Kelly’s protests were ignored by them. Scott’s tongue continued it’s licking. Circling her clit as it hardened, slipping in and out of her pussy, rising up to tease her arsehole before returning to the wetness beneath,”No…fuck…no…please…””She likes it,” Daryl said.”No…I…don’t…stop him…”Round and round her clit. In and out of her pussy. Round and round her arse.”Your wife’s about to cum.”Joel watched, a mixture of emotions. The anger inside him wanted her to suffer. The husband wanted her released but the growing feeling in his cock wanted her to cum.”Stop..please..oh..fuckk..nooo..mmmmmhhhhhmmmmmm.”She shuddered as the orgasm raced through her body. Her limbs went limp for a few moments and it allowed her tormentors to take control of her. She was knelt upright, Joel behind her holding her arms. In front of her stood Daryl and Scott, their cocks exposed and hard, pushing at her face.”No..fuck off.””Suck their cocks, you fucking tease,” Joel commanded.”No..” she twisted her head away from Scott’s dick, “Noommffhhh,” and straight into Daryl’s.He pushed his hard cock between her lips until he reached her tongue. Holding her head, he began fucking her mouth. Kelly resisted, making no attempt to move her tongue, instead pushing back against his hands. For a brief moment her mouth was empty but only as her head was forcibly turned. Scott’s cock soon found it’s way inside. He was gentler, slower.”She’s licking me,” he stammered.”Let’s feel that tongue,” Daryl said as he pulled her head back to face him.His cock slipped into her mouth with less resistance.”Oh yeah, that’s it. Lick the head.”One cock replaced another. Scott, Daryl, Scott, Daryl. The longer it went on, the more Joel could see his wife’s tongue becoming more eager. Her cheeks showed that she was sucking.”Lick the shaft,” Daryl ordered her as he held his cock out of her mouth.Her tongue ran up the length to the head and back down around his balls.”Now Scott’s.”She did the same with the teenager’s dick. Joel had placed his hand on her head to guide her, allowing Daryl to grope her tits as she sucked them. Scott’s cock was in her mouth as Daryl pushed the head of his dick alongside it. She was made to take them both into her mouth at once, stretching wide and lapping at them with her tongue.Daryl pulled his cock free and Scott copied his older brother. Daryl reached down and stuck his fingers into her pussy. He looked up at Joel.”Your wife’s ready to fuck.””No, please,” Kelly protested.”On the rock,” Joel said as he lifted her to her feet.”Please, not that. I’ll suck you again.”She was bent over the rock, Scott pressing down on her shoulders to keep her in place.”Please, no. Joel, don’t let them fuck me. I’ll make them cum any other way.”Joel leaned down so that his mouth was next to her ear but he spoke loud enough for the others to hear.”I warned you about your teasing and you didn’t care. You didn’t give a shit how it made me feel. You didn’t care how it made them feel. I warned you there would be consequences so you’ll have to pay the price.””No, pleasmmffhh.”Scott had shoved his cock into her mouth. He held her head with one hand and her shoulder with another. Joel held the other shoulder and watched as Daryl kicked his shorts away and stood behind her. His dick was rock hard and he stared aydın escort down at her pussy. Joel reached back with his left hand and pulled on her arse cheek, spreading her open.”For all her protesting, this bitch is dripping wet.”He positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed her hips forwards.”ooohhhhhmmmmmmffffhh”Slowly, Daryl withdrew. Joel saw his wife’s pussy juices all over his cock.”You like that?” Joel asked her.”mmmmffffffhhh,” she moaned onto Scott’s dick.”Oh, she likes it,” Daryl assured him.His movements were slow at first but soon picked up pace. Scott began to ease the grip on her head as she was pushed up and down on his cock with each of thrusts. Joel released his grip as he felt his wife’s resistance wane. It gave him a chance to remove his own clothes. As he cast them to the floor, he took a good look at his wife. Daryl’s cock was slamming in and out of her wet pussy. Her mouth now welcomed Scott’s dick, her tongue licking the shaft and head as she tried to take it in.Her moans got louder and louder. Scott’s cock fell from her mouth as she turned her head slightly.”I’m…I’m gonna..oh fuckkk..I’m gonna cummmmmm…oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.””Fuck, her pussy’s twitching on my cock. I’m gonna shoot my load in her.””Noommmmm…please not in.my……pussssssmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooohhh”Daryl grunted as he shoved his hips as far forwards as he could. After five or six moans, he slowly withdrew from her.Joel saw a drop of cum appear at her pussy and begin to slowly trickle down her leg. His view was obscured when Scott moved into place. His cock was smaller than his brother’s but he made up for that in enthusiasm. He plunged it into Kelly’s pussy and hammered in and out of her. Joel moved to his wife’s head and presented her with his cock. To his annoyance, she seemed reluctant to take it in her mouth. He grabbed her jaw and shoved his cock inside.”Suck it, you fucking slut. Suck my dick while he fucks you.”Scott continued to pound away at her pussy while Daryl watched them.”Yeah, you’re a real slut, aren’t you,” Daryl taunted her. “Getting all the guys hard with your teasing. Well this is what happens to prick teases. Eventually they get fucked like the sluts they are. You’ll be full of cum by the time we finish with you.”Scott’s groans indicated she was about to get some more cum. Joel moved round to watch the end of the young man filling her pussy with his load. Scott’s buttocks squeezed together as he got every last drop from his cock.He pulled out and a stream of cum was added to the trail down Kelly’s leg. Joel immediately lined his cock up for her well-fucked hole.”I’m gonna fuck you like the slut you really are.”He slammed his dick into her sopping wet hole as hard as he could. He fucked her with real anger. His fingers pushed into the flesh on her arse as he rammed his dick in and out of her. As he fucked her, Daryl continued his insults, “slut,” “slag,” “whore,” “cum-slave.” Joel was so turned on he barely lasted a few minutes.”I’m gonna cum in you, you fucking tease.”His moans of orgasm were matched by Kelly’s as he added his cum to the rest. Four or five jets shot into her pussy before he finally slipped out, his cock followed by more cum.Joel collapsed back onto the grass and he watched Daryl help Kelly down from the rock. Scott was sat alongside him and he turned s he heard the familiar sounds of a hand on a cock. Scott was hard again.Daryl guided Kelly to where Scott was seated, turned her to face away and lowered her down. Joel saw the teen’s dick disappear inside his wife once more. As she was leaned back against Scott, her pussy continued to open. Cum oozed down Scott’s dick. Daryl reached down and began pushing his fingers into her pussy alongside Scott’s cock. There was no resistance from Kelly. Joel saw nothing in her eyes but lust.Satisfied, Daryl removed his fingers. He knelt between his brother’s legs, coating his cock in the cum from her pussy. Joel watched, stroking his own dick, as Daryl pushed his cock into her pussy. The feeling of two dicks in her pussy at the same time must have been incredibly intense for Kelly.”Ohh…mmmm…yeeeaaaaahhh…mmmmmm…..ooohhhhh.”Scott began moaning too. Joel could see Kelly’s pussy spasm around their dicks. She started to cum hard and it almost drowned out Scott’s own moans. His second climax shot more cum into her pussy. Daryl didn’t stop fucking her. Scott’s softening dick slipped out and cum poured down from her pussy onto his balls. Daryl’s violent thrusts into Kelly’s gaping pussy made the cum froth around her lips as she cried out in an almost endless climax.Joel’s hand furiously stroked his cock as he watched his wife fucked like she never had been before. As Daryl pulled out to shoot his final load of cum over Kelly’s belly, Joel’s cock erupted, sending streams of cum onto his own chest and stomach.It took Kelly a long while to gain the strength to walk back. The others aided her all the way but they talked about her, not too her. Joel looked back at the incident with regret – but only that it hadn’t lasted longer.

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