A Truly Happy New Year Celebration


I have known DJ since we were 4 years old and have been best friends since, DJ married a classmate of my wife and I, her name is Jen. My wife, Joey, and I hung out with them all the time.

Jen is a tall thin dancer with a bit of an exhibitionist side with small perky tits topped by tiny pink nipples, DJ is a short stocky guy built like a pit bull. Joey is shorter and sexy with a nice round ass and a full C-cup with larger nipples. I am 6 ft tall with a dad bod and a thick average length dick.

DJ & Jen invited us to their place to celebrate new year’s so of course we accepted. We showed up around 5:00 pm with a dish to snack on and some drinks. We all hugged and talked about how good it was to see everyone again. Soon we were all drinking and playing cards, we’ve all known each other so long that anything goes and no topic is off limits.

Drinks were flowing and sexual tension was in the air, without warning Jen said “whew it’s hot in here!” And took off her shirt exposing her braless breasts, I have seen them before but of course it’s still exciting to see tits, not to be outdone Joey said “yes it is” and pulled her shirt off. DJ and I just sat there smiling thinking about how lucky we were to have such sexy wives that weren’t afraid to show off a bit. We continued to play cards but it was hard to concentrate with two sets of very different but very beautiful tits at the table. Thinking back they probably did this on purpose so they could win.

It was getting close to midnight and I suggested we head to the living room to watch maltepe escort the ball drop on TV. They sat on the couch and we sat in a large chair with Joey on my lap.

We were in the chair playing a little grab ass while watching TV and we heard a whimper from the couch, we looked over and saw DJ with his face buried in Jen’s tits, she caught us looking and winked. I followed suit and started sucking Joey’s nipples while she ground her ass into my now rock hard cock still in my jeans. Pulling my face out of Joey’s cleavage I look over and see Jen stripping her pants off showing off a tie dyed thong tucked in her tight little dancer’s ass. Joey took this as her hint and stood up to take her pants off, bending at the waist making a point to push her sexy round ass their way exposing her black lace panties , they both obviously liked what they saw. I stood up to get my pants off before my stiff cock ripped them, I dropped my pants and underwear in one motion showing my 6-1/2″ thick cock and large balls, DJ did the same, his cock was smaller , about 5″ and average thickness, but both ladies smiled and seemed to appreciate them. Each couple continued to make out with lots of heavy breathing all while keeping one eye on the other couple, at some point the girls both lost their underwear and everyone was naked and horny.

DJ went down on Jen and we could see her nice exposed tits while her fingers were buried in DJ’s hair guiding him in his oral performance, Joey slid down my lap onto her knees and started sucking my cock with her bare ass escort maltepe and pussy pointing straight at Jen. Jen and I made eye contact and smiled while we both enjoyed our partners servicing us orally. I was getting close to cumming so I pulled Joey up and gave her a deep kiss and slid down to spend some time licking her succulent pussy. Her hands were on my head guiding me but her eyes were on them, she was watching live action porn while getting her pussy eaten. The room was filled with moaning, heavy breathing and smelled of sex, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening and I was part of it. We stopped for a few minutes and stood around drinking and catching our breath completely naked, it was incredibly hot!

DJ & Jen decided to retire to their bedroom and let us crash in the living room. It wasn’t long before we heard the tell tale sounds of sex coming from their room, (Jen is a moaner). This got us going again, I laid down right in the middle of the living room on the hardwood floor and told Joey to straddle my face. She walked over and stood over my face exposing her wet pussy and instead of squatting so I could lick it, she started masturbating and I had the best view! She spread her lips and started rubbing her clit in small circles, her pussy was so wet and was opening up begging for a cock. This was probably the sexiest thing I had ever seen, I was mesmerized! I could tell she was close to orgasm by her breathing, but was not prepared for what happened next! Before either of us knew what was happening I was covered in hot, maltepe escort bayan sticky squirt! We’re still not sure if it was the alcohol or the extreme sexual energy going on, or a combination of both, but she had never squirted before and this was a very pleasant surprise, at first we didn’t know what happened, we had heard of it but had never seen or experienced it in person.

I was covered, my face, chest, stomach and the floor around me was soaked . Her legs went weak and she had to sit down, she came so hard she was nearly in tears. I tasted it and it was delicious, kind of salty kind of sweet and I wanted more, I tried to lick her pussy but she was too sensitive and wouldn’t let me go down on her. At this point I could hear Jen cumming hard in the next room and my cock was so hard I needed to release. Joey grabbed my dick and started sucking for all she was worth. In just a few minutes I was ready to cum. I pulled back and sprayed my cum all over her big firm tits. We both just sat there in the middle of the floor covered in each other’s cum, out of breath, and completely spent. “That was intense” Joey said. I got up and went to the bathroom to find a towel, this was more than paper towels were going to handle.

After some clean up we curled up on the couch and went to sleep.

In the morning Jen emerged wearing a barely there night shirt and asked how the rest of our night went with a knowing smirk on her face. We told her it was great and that it sounded like theirs went well too. We had breakfast and went home. But not before making plans to get together again soon, turns out this was the first of many sexcapades we’d have in the years to come.

Unfortunately DJ and Jen are now divorced and have each moved on, but we still have some great memories together.

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