A Vision of Pure Beauty Pt 2


A Vision of Pure Beauty Pt 2It’s Friday night and I receive a call, theres been an emergency meeting and it is being held in Scotland, I’m all the way in London but its important that I be there. So, I have to catch a late flight to Glasgow and find a hotel. I start to pack my overnight luggage at the same time, I’m calling for a taxi on my blackberry I finally get through to the airport and taxi service and make the arrangements. It’s the final flight out and their was a last minute cancellation, was it luck, or was it destiny. I’ve reached the airport I checked in my luggage and boarded the plane. The plane touches down at the airport, its pouring down with rain. The wind is blowing in my face, theirs a taxi waiting for me which I had booked in advance. On the way to the hotel the taxi driver strikes up light conversation, you know the usual thing. ‘How was your flight?’,Have you been here before?, Are you here on business or for pleasure?’ I replied to the last question ‘business and hopefully pleasure.’ We arrive at the hotel, I’m tired because its late and I haven’t slept since the night before, some how I’m suppose to get a few hours sleep and be fresh-faced for the meeting in the morning. I pay the taxi driver, book Into the hotel and go to my room, door #3169. I enter the room turn on the lights and put down my luggage, I then throw my coat over the arm chair situated in the corner of the room.I turn on the TV pick-up the remote and switch to the porn channel. I sit back open up the mini bar grab a bottle of brandy and pour it into a glass with some ice along with a bottle of coka cola which I had purchased in one of the many shops at the airport. I take the first sip then the second it taste good. I hold up the glass in front of the television, I can see the movement and silhouette of a big breasted full bodied woman, the image reflects onto my shirt. I throw back my head and with one gulp finish the rest of my brandy and coke.Gently my eyes begin to close. DING! DING! DING!,DING! DING! DING!, My alarm goes off. I look at my watch, Shit, its 5am already!I rush to the bathroom with my toothbrush, toothpaste and razor. Turn on the shower and begin too brush my teeth and shave at the same time. I step underneath the warm istanbul escort water and start to shower. Steam begins to rise as I soap up my body. First my chest then my stomach, as I begin to soap up my thigh my dick begins to stiffen as the soap suds run down my firm chest and over my cock. I realise Its been a while since I last had sex, before you know it I’m fully erected. I put both hands on the shower glass and say to myself I don’t have time for this and turn on the cold tap.I get out the shower put on my clothes and head to the meeting. I get to the meeting place on time everything goes well.Now that the meeting is over I have some spare time on my hands, so, I decide too see the sights of this fine city. As I am walking down the street It begins too rain again, everybody starts running to try and find some shelter. I cover my head with my hood and look for somewhere dry. I find shelter underneath an empty bus stop. As I am removing the hood from off my head I see two beautiful feet in a pair of open top shoes. As my eyes move up the most gorgeous pair of legs, then hips appear the kind that makes a person look twice whatever their gender may be. My eyes come to a complete stop at the sight of a beautiful white cleavage. The woman they belong to is soaked through, her nipples are hard and can be seen through her wet t-shirt. Our eyes meet, she blushes, I say hello, what’s your name? You replied ‘Lucy’, That’s a nice name I said, ‘Thank you.’ Are you busy? You said ‘No, I am on my way home, but I have a few minutes too spare’ fancy a drink? you said ‘OK.’ We head back to my hotel. You asked me where are you from? I said ‘London I’m up here on business.’ You pause, I asked you what’s wrong You said ‘nothing’ We reached the hotel restaurant. We wait to be seated but its taking too long. I suggest going to my room and ordering room service. You agreed ‘Ok, great lets go.’ We reached my room and went in. You take off the jacket you are wearing. I give you a towel so you can dry off. I poured you a brandy from the mini bar and ordered some food from the menu by the telephone. As we wait on the food I asked you too tell me about yourself. As you begin to talk avcılar escort I can’t help but admire your full figure. You’re so beautiful your voice sound so sweet with that Scottish accent. I am totally mesmerized. You cross your legs I catch a glimpse of your white knickers. You apologise and smile ‘I’m sorry.’ I said that’s OK. You pull your mini skirt down, it stops five inches away from your knees. As you lean forwards your breasts begin to show. The sight of those big milky white breast made my cock begin too harden. You notice the bulge on one side of my pants. With the tip of one of your finger in your mouth You smile. Are you attracted to me I said yes, most definitely. I hold your hand and lead you to the bed. I move closer and put my hand on one of your knees moving my hand I start too rub your soft smooth thigh. Our eyes begin to close as we move our faces closer to each other. Our mouths connect your lips our so soft and tender your breath smells so fresh and your teeth our white as snow. Knock! Knock! Someone is at the door, ‘Room service!’ Say the porter. I let in the porter take the food give him a tip and lead him back out of the room.It seems we have lost our appetite, as I turned around their you are in your full glory, absolutely naked. You have the most voluptuous body I could every imagine or what an artiste could every conceive to paint/sculpt. You walk slowly towards me. With every step you take your breast bounces with perfection up and down. OMG, I want you so badly! ‘I don’t normally do this’ you say. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t think any less of you if you did.I grab your waist we begin to kiss passionately spining around Knocking over the table lamp. The room is in complete darkness. I’m removing my clothes at the same time. We fall on the bed I land on top of you. I waste no time and move down towards your pussy. I open your legs. I start to kiss both sides of your inner thigh going slowly towards your moist cunt, I begin to lick your clit. I can hear the wind blowing,theirs thunder, then flashes of lightning: it illuminates the room because it hasn’t stop raining outside. I begin to move my tongue down over your clit and pussy lips. Your cunt is so wet and taste so sweet. şirinevler escort I try to stick my tongue as far as it can go inside your wet pussy. You grab the back of my head and push my face deeper into your cunt. I begin to move my head in a figure 8 motion. Your squeezing your beautiful white breast and pulling on your pink nipples. You scream in pleasure. ‘Don’t stop!, Lick me!, Lick me!, Yes!Yes!’You pull my head up towards your beautiful face. You tell me how much you want to taste your own pussy. I grab your arms and place them behind your head. You lick your pussy juices from of my lips. We begin to French kiss. You raise up your legs indicating that you’re ready for my hard cock. I grab the back of your knees and put them upon my shoulders. I slide my cock into your tight wet pussy you gasp louder with every inch of dick. Like a raging bull I start ramming you Faster! Harder! Deeper! Your moving your waist backwards and forwards as I’m fucking you. You grit your teeth as my long thick black cock slightly touches your cervix. I can feel the contractions of your pussy muscles around my dick… ‘Slow down!, Slow down!’ you say with both hands on my firm chest, But It’s too late and with a loud scream you cum all over my cock. Thick white pussy juice begins to flow out of your wet cunt with every thrust. I start to grind on you balls deep full strokes. I can feel the sensation building up as I am ready to cum. In and out! in and out! Harder and faster!. I begin to feel hot, and sweat begins to run down my face. Arghhhh! I pull out and cum all over your shaved smooth pussy. I look deep into your hazel eyes and kiss your sweet lips. I want to see you again. You reply “how, you live all the way in London?” I know, but we can make it work. I am prepared to do what ever it takes to be in a relationship with you, I want you! You reply by saying ‘I don’t know, I have too think about it.’ We get underneath the covers and drift off to sleep. It’s about 4am I’m fast asleep but you’ve got work in the morning. You quietly get up from underneath the covers and put your clothes on. You think about what I said, it goes against every rule you’ve promised to keep but you can’t help but think about the night of passion you’ve just experienced. You pick up one of my post-it note paper and write your phone number, with two words and 4 symbols underlined, it reads: Call Me! xxx. You Leave the note on the side table next to my keys. You take a photo of me sleeping with your mobile phone. You smile, then quietly leave the room. To be continued…

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