A Winter Night

A Winter NightA Winter Night It was a cold dry winter’s evening when I settled into my private home stay accommodation in the country town in western Queensland. It was cold enough to be grateful that I wasn’t in my usual motel room. Here the house, though basic, was cosy and warm. Joyce, a solo parent slightly younger than myself, was my landlady assisted by her eighteen year old daughter Natalie. I was their only guest that night. Over dinner we three grew comfortable in each other’s company, helped by a shared bottle of wine. Both women supplemented the household income with other work, Joyce as a casual nurse at the town hospital and Natalie as a student teacher’s aide at the local primary school.Dishes done I readily accepted Joyce’s suggestion to shower, put on a nightie and curl up with them in the lounge warmed by an open fire to watch television. It was restful and pleasant. Then the phone rang. Joyce was called out to work for the night as another nurse had phoned in sick. Within half an hour she was dressed, and departed with an admonition to Natalie to take of me.Natalie saw her mother out the front door while I dreamily watched television. She awoke my curiosity when she returned to the lounge with a huge bundle of bed linen in her arms. On the carpet towards the fire Natalie spread out a large doona. She placed two stacks of pillows at the canlı bahis şirketleri end of the doona away from the fire. In response to my questioning look she told me there was nothing better than laying in front of the fire in winter, letting the heat soak into her bare skin. To prove her point Natalie lifted her nightie over her head and cast it onto a lounge chair. Like a cat she stretched out naked on the doona. “Why don’t you try it?” she asked patting the vacant half of the doona beside her. Why not I thought as I took off my nightie and lay on my back next to her two pillows under my head.The heat from the fire worked its way along my body until I felt completely warm. We talked in desultory fashion. But then the atmosphere changed with the conversation, with electric positive vibes flowing between us. Natalie remarked that she envied me having such nice big boobs. She was surprised that I envied her proportionate pert breasts and beautiful pink nipples that went with her long slim legs and gorgeous arse. Her complimentary comments on my smooth pussy made me feel good, and she was pleased that I liked the light brown down on her lower belly. I couldn’t help myself. I reached out my hand and stroked my fingers through her pubic hair to confirm its softness. Natalie wanted more, her legs and thighs involuntarily spreadeagled.My canlı kaçak iddaa fingers slid across her slit as I leaned over her body and sucked on her nipples. She gave a contented sigh. My mouth wandered over her breasts and along her belly. I moved, knelt between her slim thighs and feasted my eyes on the pink delicate flesh of her slit. Her body jolted as my tongue slid along her snatch. I was rewarded by the appearance of her small bud. My tongue circled it. I sucked it into my mouth. Her lower body rocked up at me. I stretched my hands up over her body and grasped her nipples between thumb and forefinger. She began to pant. My tongue stroked her clit, slid into her tight little cunt. Her lovely labia swelled. My mouth sucked. In a shuddering sign she came. Satisfied with my effort I lay back on the doona.Natalie moved between my thighs. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensations of her mouth and tongue as she delved into my hot box. Her touch on my clitoris lit the fire in my nerve endings. She slid two fingers into my cunt and gently massaged my vagina as she sucked my clit. I felt hot. The pleasure surged through my whole body. I had no control. My breasts, nipples, belly, thighs and pussy were burning. The climax shuddered through me. Juice flooded my cunt. Natalie laid along my body, between my thighs, her legs spread wide canlı kaçak bahis just inside mine. Her pubic hair touched the smooth skin of my lower belly. She moulded her pussy against my vulva. Natalie soft kissed me. I tasted my own cum on her lips. My tongue slid into her mouth. She sucked it. Her twat ground over cunt, my parted labia swollen, my clit erect, all massaged up and down by her open wet slit. Harder and harder she humped and rubbed her cunt over mine. Our tongues intertwined in passion. As I clutched her body to mine I felt the heat build in her body. Her muscles began to quiver. Her breath panted into my mouth. Natalie cried out as she orgasmed, mashed her cunt into my quivering gash. As she peaked her fuck became more frenetic. I sensed she wanted me to get there too, right now. My belly clenched and my body shook. The climax shivered through my body, from my nipples to my toes, centred on my hard sensitive abrased clitty. My body wrenched upwards under her. My hands grasped her buttocks and I pulled her tightly to me. Snatch ground against gash. Juice flooded over labia and drenched our pussies.We lay in each other’s embrace and slowly, ever so slowly relaxed. Natalie lifted her head and looked down at my face, a smile on her lips.“It’s not bad laying here in front of the fire on a cold winters night is it?” she asked. “I can’t think of a better way to spend the evening,” I contently and languidly replied. “Do you think your mum might have to work tomorrow night?” I questioned. “If she doesn’t she’ll probably want to join us,” Natalie informed me, “particularly if it’s this cold tomorrow night!”

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