A Woman Scorned Ch. 02


Tom and Judy kept each other at arms length for the next several weeks, but both were wrestling with their inner emotions, and Judy was wracked with guilt about her unfaithfulness.

Lynne had her suspicions that all was not right.

Judy had seemed distant, and in bed their relationship had stalled. It came to a head when Lynne found Judy crying one evening, and the story of her unfaithfulness came tumbling out.

It confirmed Lynne’s worst fears and she was angry, very angry.

Tom didn’t get any sense of this animosity at school, but had been warned by Judy to expect fallout.

It didn’t transpire; in fact Lynne was positively friendly towards him, and that week she invited Tom to her birthday party that weekend.

Tom was in two minds about accepting the invitation, but he eventually decided that it may smooth things over for Judy’s sake if he went. It was to be a decision he would come to regret.

Saturday came, and Tom was strangely nervous about the party.

He didn’t like going to parties alone, and it would be awkward with Judy there, although the atmosphere in the staffroom had been relaxed.

He wore an open necked light blue shirt, with navy chinos. He took a bottle of good quality Merlot, and went by taxi so that he could drink.

Lynne and Judy rented a large bungalow on the outskirts of a village about 10 miles from his place. It was surrounded by a large garden, which was quite wild and overgrown.

In the drive were two vans, one with deeply tinted windows, the other battered, with a large padlock securing the rear doors.

He rang the bell, but could already hear music percolating through the open window. It was getting towards dusk and the evening was warm. Lynne opened the door and her face lit up.

“You’re here! for some reason I thought you might not have come,” she said with heavy innuendo.

Tom nervously laughed, and replied, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” and handed her the bottle of wine, adding, “Happy Birthday.”

She stepped aside and beckoned him in. The hall was quite large, but dark, and Tom vaguely registered Lynne double locking the front door.

Perhaps he should have thought that odd, but quickly he was ushered into the large living room.

There were about ten people there, and Tom knew that there were likely to be some uniquely individual characters, because Judy had always said Lynne’s friends were fairly ‘alternative’.

Alternative was a good description.

Sitting with Judy on a leather Chesterfield was a Goth looking girl, with numerous rings through her nose, lips and ears. Next to them, perched, on the end of the sofa, was a black guy with shoulder length dreadlocks, and several gold rings on his fingers.

Standing by the window were three heavily tattooed guys, dressed in leather, and silver bars through their eyebrows.

Over by the fireplace were two gay guys talking quietly, and in the corner were two more black guys, who looked as though they had pumped iron for most of the last five years.

It struck Tom that the bias of guests was heavily male, but maybe the women were just late arriving.

Lynne gave Tom a large glass of red wine, and he wandered over to the Chesterfield where Lucy and the Goth girl were sitting. He thought he’d better make polite conversation, and besides, the Goth girl had the most lovely cleavage imaginable.

“Hello you two,” he said, “where are all the ladies?”

“Don’t ask,” was Judy’s reply, said in a sarcastic tone.

The Goth girl smiled at Tom and quietly stated, “we have our choice of the men!”

Tom took a long swallow of the wine and was surprised by the feeling of light headedness it gave him.

He slid down into the Chesterfield, and the room swirled around him. He didn’t remember slumping back unconscious.

His head hurt, he could hear, but he couldn’t see.

He couldn’t move.

What the hell had happened?

At first he thought he’d had a heart attack, or a stroke, but he quickly felt a breeze on his skin and realised in horror that he was naked.

Naked, blindfolded and tied, or strapped face down to something hard like a table.

He heard the sound of voices, male voices and smelt the aroma of cannabis in the air. He tried to move and muttered “what the fuck is going on?”

“Ah we’ve come round have we?” It was Lynne’s voice.

“So you’re wondering about your predicament? Well, let me explain!”

Her voice carried the underlying tone of a threat.

“You two decided in my absence to have your own fun. A weekend of fucking and god knows what! Well now you’re both going to pay for it. This little gathering is to celibrate your demise. There will be no mercy, there will be a lot of pain, a little pleasure, but mainly for us!”

With that his blindfold was removed, and after he had blinked in the dim light of the room, he shuddered inwardly at the scene before him.

He saw immediately, that he was indeed prostrate on a table, secured by leather cuffs around his wrists and Kartal Türbanlı Escort ankles. The furniture in the room had been pushed back against the walls, and in the centre of the room in front of him was a frame of wood in the shape of an X, sloping backwards at 45 degrees.

Strapped to it, totally naked, was Judy. Her arms were secured above her head, and her legs spread apart, with her ankles secured to the lower legs of the X.

Tom could see her breasts shaking as she sobbed, her pussy exposed, and open to all eyes in the room.

And yes the rest of the room!

Around Judy’s frame stood the three tattooed guys, and the two muscular black guys, and they were all naked.

Tom’s eyes were drawn to the sight of their genitals hanging between their legs which, even in their flaccid state, seemed extremely large.

The black guy with dreadlocks, and the two gay guys stood closer to Tom’s table, and to one side, and they were also naked.

Both gay guys had metal rings looped through the heads of their penis.

Behind him and rather difficult to see, was the Goth girl. She wasn’t naked, but dressed in thigh high leather boots, and a black basque with suspenders, fishnet stockings, and her ample breasts overflowing the top of the basque.

Lynne stood in the centre of the room between Judy on her cross and Tom on his table.

She too was dressed, but in a leather mini skirt, a cotton t-shirt with no bra underneath, and she too had on high heeled leather boots.

As Judy sobbed quietly on her cross, Lynne joyfully announced, “let the fun begin!”

Tom watched Lynne walk behind the cross and reappear with a large round headed vibrator.

Two of the tattooed guys started to suck each one of Judy’s nipples, as Lynne got down on her knees between Judy’s legs.

The vibrator began to buzz, and as Lynne pushed the head against Judy’s pussy, she cried out in a panic, “No! No! Noooooooo!”

Tom could see her face convulse, and her head shake from side to side, as she strained at her bindings.

Just as Tom was becoming focussed on Judy and her three provocateurs, he was aware of Goth girl moving behind him. He couldn’t see behind or under the table, but he knew his legs were anchored to each table leg, and therefore his cock and balls were hanging exposed.

Immediately he felt a hand close around his balls, and a mouth take his soft cock within.

Goth girl started to work her magic even though Tom was determined not to respond.

He battled with himself to bring random thoughts to the front of his mind.

He closed his eyes, but all that did was to heighten his other senses, and he became aware of Judy reaching orgasm. Her stifled cries caused him to open his eyes, and he saw her head thrown back with both men sucking her nipples hard, and Lynne using the vibrator against her clit.

His self control caved in, and his cock immediately hardened, as Goth girl ran the stud in her tongue along the head of his cock.

He still fought to resist, but just as he gathered himself again, he felt something else behind him.

One of the gay guys had produced his own vibrator, and was applying some oil to Tom’s ass.

Tom’s blood ran cold as he thought the gay guy was going to fuck him.

A guy fucking him was something that he hadn’t experienced before, let alone a gay guy.

But he relaxed, when he realised that it was a toy that was starting to probe his fundament.

The oil and his relaxation allowed the vibrator to enter.

Goth Girl was enjoying her task, and although Tom was doing his utmost to fight the inevitable, he knew it was a losing battle.

The vibrator slid all the way inside him and found his prostate.

As Goth girl took him deep into her throat, suddenly, the gay guy switched on the vibrator and the battle was lost.

With his prostate being massaged, Goth girl deepthroating his cock, and Judy reaching probably her third orgasm he exploded, and emptied his balls with spurts of semen flooding her mouth.

He heard himself groan, and he sagged onto the table, aware that his body was now covered in sweat and oil.

The room was filled with Judy and Tom’s heavy breathing, but the silence was broken by Lynne.

With almost a chuckle she announced, “right ladies and gentlemen, these two have had their pleasure, now we will have ours! It will be a long night. No mercy will be given. Those of you that haven’t brought your own instruments, feel free to use those in the trunk under the window. Judy and Tom you will never ever cross me again!”

Tom shuddered and caught Judy’s eye.

She looked at him imploringly, with a look that seemed to say, “do something, I don’t think I can get through this.”

Tom just looked back and tried to mouth, “be strong,” but they both knew that they were going to be subjected to some very painful and depraved things.

Goth girl appeared in front of him, and gave him a knowing look, a look that said, “I’ve had your cock, now you’re gonna Kartal Otele Gelen Escort feel pain for my pleasure”.

As she walked over to the trunk, Tom watched one of the tattooed guys attach a nipple clamp to each of Judy’s nipples.

She shrieked as each one gripped, and when he tugged the chain that they were attached to, she screamed a scream that pierced the night air.

Lynne was quick to react. She lifted a black ball gag out of the trunk, and stuffed it roughly into Judy’s mouth, and secured the straps at the back of her head.

Tears and mascara ran down Judy’s cheeks, as she fought for breath.

She strained at her bonds as one of the black guys asked “who’s going first?”

Meanwhile the room was buzzing with conversation. Laughter and the effects of cannabis and cocaine were taking hold.

Goth girl had returned with what looked like a riding crop in her hand, and Tom’s blood ran cold.

She disappeared behind him, as across the room the first black guy positioned himself between Judy’s legs, and pressed his cock against the lips of her pussy.

Tom saw Judy’s eyes widen, as she saw the size of his engorged member, and close tightly, as he shoved it it inside her.

At that moment a searing pain pulsed through Tom’s body, as the riding crop dug into his buttocks.

The pain seemed to start from the point of impact, and travel through the core of his body, up to the back of his throat.

He gasped, and when it was followed by another lash, he let out a stifled cry.

The third one he managed to absorb without a sound, but that seemed to annoy Goth girl, and the next one she aimed at the top of his thighs.

He had never felt pain like it.

Goth girl laughed, as he screamed in pain, and when the next landed on exactly the same spot he screamed louder, and then started to whimper.

Lynne again was quick to act, and shoved another ball gag into his mouth, and tied the straps.

Goth girl continued the beating, until Tom lost count.

Strangely, he began to adjust, as the endorphins in his blood started to take effect.

He tried to focus on something else, and watched as the men servicing Judy changed places.

She seemed in a trance, as Tom studied the thrusting buttocks between her thighs.

Occasionally, they would remove the nipple clamps, and when the blood supply had returned the clamps would go on again.

It was as though he was looking through a window.

He saw two of the guys cum, hearing them grunt, as they pumped their spunk into Judy’s cunt.

He watched, for what seemed like ages, until the pain he felt was like a cloak of broken glass around him.

Suddenly he snapped back into reality.

Goth girl had stopped, and someone was smoothing oil into the weals across his buttocks.

He suspected he was bleeding, but was unable to see.

A voice, one of the gay guys, spoke, and Tom realised it was he who was applying the oil.

“Your ass is a picture,” he was saying, “it needs to be treated gently before the next time!”

Tom could only grunt because of his gag. Saliva was dribbling out from the sides of his mouth.

“Pardon,” said the gay guy, as he moved around the side of the table.

Tom turned his head and just inches from his face was the guy’s shaved, circumcised cock, erect, with its head engorged, and displaying a gold ring through the frenellum.

Tom grunted, and the guy laughed moving out of sight again.

The oil and the massage had stopped, but Tom’s buttocks still felt on fire. He was trying to think about what would happen next when realisation dawned.

What he had feared earlier was about to happen.

He felt the cock press against his buttocks.

He tried to struggle, but he was tied too tightly. He shook his head frantically from side to side, and grunted in one continuous note.

He heard laughter and giggling behind him, and in a second the cock slid into him.

First just the head, and then deeper, until he felt the guys thighs against his ass.

So many thoughts flashed through his mind. This guy was gay, he was fucking him bareback. What if he’s hiv+?

Too late the guy started to cum.

He felt the guys cock twitch several times. He heard him groan, and then felt a warm sensation deep inside.

Tom sighed inwardly, and slumped again on the table.

When was all this going to be over?

Just as he felt there might be a brief respite, his hopes were dashed. A second cock entered him, and the other gay guy thrust against him. As he fucked him, he slapped his ass with his hand, onto the weals from his beating.

Lynne appeared in front of his face and smiled.

“Enjoying yourself?” she said with heavy irony.

She produced two nipple clamps and reaching under his chest attached them to each of his nipples.

He jumped, and tried to scream, but the pain was different. It was a unique pain, a pain that somehow aroused him. He felt his cock fill Kartal Ucuz Escort with blood.

Just as he began to perversely enjoy the clamps, he felt the cock that was fucking him ejaculate, and again the warm feeling of cum filling him up.

Lynne looked him closely in the eye, and reached under the table, and grabbed his semi hard cock.

She squeezed and rubbed, until it stiffened, and beckoned Goth girl to return to her duty.

Tom felt some respite as his cock was sucked, although the pain from the nipple clamps seemed to increase his erection.

Lynne stood up and went back to where one of the tattooed guys was in the throws of shooting his load into Judy’s cunt. As he stepped away, Tom saw white globs of semen dribbling from Judy’s pussy, and her inner thighs glazed with cum.

Both he, and she, had lost count of how many men had fucked her.

He did know that he was about to cum again. Gothgirl was good, but as he started to jerk into her mouth she reached up to the table and tugged the chain attached to the clamps.

The pain was bitter-sweet, as they released their grip, and tore at the soft flesh of his nipples, as he pumped his spunk down her throat.

Both Tom and Judy had lost track of time. They were exhausted. Judy had slumped on her X-frame just held in place by her wrist and ankle straps.

Tom was still flat out on the table unable to move.

Lynne stood up between them and posed the question, “if I remove your gags will you two be quieter?”

They both nodded in relief. Lynne quickly undid the gags, and their aching jaws were able to close once more.

The two gay guys put glasses of water to their lips, and they swallowed it with relish.

“Perhaps we ought to take a break,” said Lynne.

Tom looked around the room as far as he was able, and everyone was seated either smoking, or drinking, and laughing.

Tom looked across at Judy and muttered,”you ok?” which was totally inadequate.

“Yeah,” she replied in a weak voice.

Just then the bell rang at the front door.

Tom hoped it was the police, or someone who would bring this nightmare to an end.

It was a forlorn hope, in fact it was about to get worse.

Lynne disappeared, and loud voices were heard in the hall.

The door opened, and Lynne came back in, followed by four men.

Two were quite young, more or less teenagers, the other two were in their fifties.

They all seemed vaguely familiar, and Tom puzzled as to why.

Then the bombshell landed.

The boys were Mark Jones and Chris Simpson, ex pupils who had left school last July.

The men were staff from the local supermarket, where both Tom and Judy shopped.

“Hello Miss,” Mark said to Judy.

“Hello Sir” Chris said to Tom.

The whole situation was bizarre.

The slightly awkward situation was interrupted by Lynne who said, “let’s get the show back on the road!”

“Get yourselves a drink and feel free to indulge,” Lynne said with a wink.

The black guy with dreadlocks who had been smoking a joint sauntered over to Judy, and kissed her open mouthed, and thrust his hand between her legs.

His fingers slid inside her pussy and he frigged her roughly.

Judy let out a cry.

Lynne who was talking to the new guests, yelled, “if you’re gonna make a fuss, I’ll put that gag back on!”

Judy suppressed her discomfort, and just groaned, as the guy shoved his cock deep inside her , and began pumping.

The teenagers, Mark and Chris, watched open mouthed as their teacher was fucked by this huge black man. They couldn’t help but be aroused, and by the time he had emptied himself into Judy they were naked too with hard, erect cocks.

Chris was first to step between Judy’s open legs.

He looked down at her dripping pussy seeping semen from the black guy.

As he slid his young cock inside her he said quietly, ” I always wanted to do this Miss Dawson.”

Judy just sighed, and closed her eyes, so that she could not see this boys face, who just a few years before had been an eleven year old in her tutor group.

Chris saw her close her eyes, and took this to be a sign of pleasure, and thrust his cock deep inside her, and bucked his hips as fast as he could.

His inexperience showed, as quickly he started to cum. “Oh Miss Dawson,” he cried as he withdrew his cock and stepped back.

Mark stepped in to replace him, and again Judy closed her eyes, but Mark’s cock was, to put it mildly, a huge specimen. As he pressed it against her pussy lips and pushed the head inside, Judy suddenly opened her eyes wide, and said between gritted teeth, “oh my god, Mark Briggs!”

Mark chuckled, and shoved his huge cock all the way into Judy’s cunt.

Mark was a lot more experienced than Chris, and so with patience and expertise he set about his task.

Judy was confused.

The evening had been her worst nightmare. She had been fucked by so many men, and been filled with their spunk. She had been forced into orgasm by Lynne, and her vibrator.

It had been horrendous, but now this young boy, whom she had taught for half a dozen years, was doing things that no one else had come near to that evening.

As he thrust into her, and her cunt expanded to take him all, she fought to conceal her pleasure.

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